Howard Stern Goes Bold, Passes On Palm Pre!

By Bla1ze on 7 Apr 2009 09:58 am EDT
Stern Trades Up Palm For BlackBerry!

The shock jock of Sirius has become a BlackBerry convert. Long time Palm user Howard Stern is trading in all things Palm after getting himself a hands-on demo of the Pre last week. As an avid user of Lotus Notes only to be told that the Palm Pre would not be supporting the synch services directly, Stern seeked out a new passion for mobile devices and found that love within the BlackBerry Bold.

Now while all this is good and I'd really like to see Howard toting around a sexy BlackBerry Bold, the reasoning behind his choice has already been debunked by the good folks over Ya see, if Howard had asked all the right questions or if Palm had presented this option to him we may not have had such a massive smack in the face to Palm going on right now. Reason being as PreCentral points out, forthcoming software for the Pre WILL meet Howard's needs for synching with Lotus Notes. So the ball is in Palm's court I guess, maybe they should give Howard another demo once the Companion Link software is up and running. Though Palm had better hurry... once you go BlackBerry, you never go back! 

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Howard Stern Goes Bold, Passes On Palm Pre!


Artie has a Curve. Gary has (and has had a little while) the Bold, and Robin got one supposedly last night, once Howard made his decision.

Howard's been busting Artie for having the Curve..

That's good news for rim but now i guess old Howie was the first to have a blackberry "hoohooo i created the old robin"

He raves about it all the time now! He stopped playing chess to play with his Bold. Maybe he is snooping around CB... I have tried to call into his show everyday for the last 2 weeks to talk about his phone search and always, and I mean always "the circuits are busy" for about 2 hours straight while I am driving into NY Mon-Thurs!

Howard is way to cool to have a palm they are old news. palm is out of the market and shouldn't have bothered with a come back. Rim is the best now that Howard has the Bold there is no question in my mind that he wont go back. once you go blackberry you never go back

Hopefully Howard 100 gets in on this info that crackberry is covering it and is in much need of a SiriusXM application for the near future!!!!

Cool, maybe now RIM will get busy and finish the sirius/blackberry application so we can listen to Howard anytime - anyplace on our bb's

The better "shock Jock" from Sirius/XM Opie from the opie and anthony show has been a loyal blackberry owner for years. Howard is old and irrelevant.

Why would you guys be proud of someone like Howard Stern having his filthy, grimey, disgusting hands on a poor little BlackBerry?

his gernaphobe hands are cleaner than yours. either you haven't listened to his program or are an uptight conservative loser with no sense of humor.

MG: No one cares what "Opie" has, other than you. Only one place left for him/them to get fired from.

JG: If you're a BB fan, you should be happy for the publicity, whether you like Howard or not, despite the ridiculous statements (grimey hands), etc...

I luv Howie. I have not listened to him since he moved to sirius but I remember when he got his Treo and how he was so in luv with it. It's nice to know he movin up in the world.

I doubt Howard Stern gives away endorsements. He's one of media's all-time great marketers. I would bet money he's loyal to the products he endorses, but I would also bet that his endorsements are had for a price.

Whether you like Howard or not, (I do) I agree it is all good news for BB users. At least he didn't go with the Iphone.

I hope they do get an app to listen to sirius on my BB cause I would get that in a heart beat.

I am newly upgrage BB user, just got my Bold last week and I am loving every minute of it.

So, and irrelevant radio personality gets a Blackberry... I'm thinking RIM may have just jumped the shark then :/

Whether you like Howard's show or not, to call him "Irrelevant" is pure ignorance. He has kicked open more doors in the world of broadcasting than anyone. You think I'm wrong? Do some reading. They don't pay people one hundred million a year + bonuses for being "irrelevant".
The mere fact that it's news proves it. I'd be curious to see the numbers in Bold sales over the next few weeks. I'd bet they don't go down.

his show is terrible now its boring as hell just his staff kissing up to him robin set race relations back 150 years she's a living house negro. At least he has a great phone but he hasn't been worth that 550 million that sirius gave him

So much misinformation and hatred spread from ill-informed people. Crazy.

He's so irrelevant that his decision to use a BlackBerry was a "news" story in many more places than just on this site... oh well. Think what you like.

That's my favorite sound byte in a long time.. always makes me laugh. I need to put that on my BlackBerry, which Howard Stern now uses. :)

I listen to the show everyday as I work online for a living, and after Howard spent the weekend with a few devices, and finally decided on the Bold, the whole gang is getting in on the BB madness. Artie Lange is a Curve user already, and Robin was waiting to see what Howard would settle on, and has already picked up her very own Bold. Today they were all swapping their pin's and texting each other during the show. Fred even said he would consider getting in on the fun. I really think Palm is Howard-history. It's pretty cool hearing them get all excited about something that we're all so fond of, Although, Howard had nothing good to say about the Storm, stating that, "it's not happening.. The Bold is where it's at".

After listening to the show today it sounds as if he's already addicted. Robin also got one and said she couldn't put it down last night because it was so much fun. The "Crack" reference was made. lol A little bit later Howard and Artie were exchanging PINs for BBM. And so begins 2 more addictions! Grats Howard on a great choice.

On a side note he did say his stylist Ralph was dogging the Blackberry in favor of an iPhone and he blew it off. Then he told Robin not to worry about Apps as he would show her how easy it was to get them. HEY NOW!

Um $100million a year is a little off. Sirius pays $100million for the Howard Stern Show. Does anyone really think that Sal and Richard and the rest of the "support" staff get a Sirius paycheck. In studio people "might" get a Sirius paycheck but they all don't. Further more XM offered him a very similar deal but it was for only 4hours a day. Howard has 2 channels something XM was NOT offering.

Either way well worth the money. If you do not like it oh well don't listen.

He was talking it up on today's show as well. For those of you who listen to Stern, you know he obsesses about things... This is his latest obsession. He convinced Robin Quivers to get one as well.

Really great he chose BB right after a Pre demonstration (that has to really annoy Palm) and constant pressure from co-workers and friends to get an iPhone. NICE!

get an iphone if you want to learn what phone bliss is. howard only chose bb because his retarted ass couldn't grasp not feeling the letters. i use a bb 8330 for work and i hate it dearly because my personal iphone is so much better! all you bb losers haven't spent 5 min with an iphone. Mac is wise!

howard stern is one of the last people i'd ever want endorsing a product i use. i prefer decentcy in my media and he's definately not one to deliver that.

You really think "your" media is decent? All they do is lie and BS you, and you lap it up like a dog. What's indecent about Stern? Language? Oh no! Curses! Nudity? Oh no, a naked body you can't see! Please.

im happy to see so many stern fans on here!!!!!!

techno beaver = bold(for sometime now)
baby gorilla = curve
ms quivers = bold (about 2 days )
hook nose = bold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

join the revolution or get out of the way

lotus notes was not his only deciding factor. I think the Pre did not live up to the hype, and he did not like the slide out keyboard. The keyboard on the Bold is really what sold him.