How would you improve BlackBerry World?

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jun 2013 03:07 pm EDT

This week our Talk Mobile discussion is all about mobile apps, and what better place for us to start than with BlackBerry World?

Since April 1, 2009, BlackBerry World (or BlackBerry App World as it was then) has been dishing up applications to BlackBerry users across the globe. We've seen more than a few incarnations of BlackBerry World over the years, most recently with BlackBerry 10. In the past users were only able to download apps and games through the BlackBerry World store but now, BB World integrates both a video store and music store making for a one-stop shopping experience on BlackBerry.

While BB World certainly does a great job at listing top apps, trending items, top movies and albums - there are still some things that could be improved to make it even better. The content grows bigger and bigger every day, making it harder and harder to find the really great apps. To aid in the search there are a few improvements we'd like to see to help make the BlackBerry World experience the best it can be.

A few of the top suggestions we have to improve BlackBerry World.

  • Better Search - Often times the search functions within the store aren't the greatest. With BlackBerry World you need to be super specific to find just what your looking for. Make a one letter error and you're lost - there is no "were you trying to find" suggestion or smart correction. Something that could be improved on down the road. Even a "real time" search that suggested apps as you type would be awesome.
  • Better Filtering - One of my biggest gripes lately is the amount of mapping apps I've seen in BB World. Where we used to have a problem with e-books clogging up the pipeline, it seems that there is an endless supply of mapping apps recently that only get in the way when trying to find the goods. Perhaps filter options for searches or more refined categories would help this problem. 
  • App Suggestions - I constantly find myself looking for new apps and games. I open BB World at least twice a day to look for new items and I'd love a "we thought you might like" type of feature. Much like iOS, suggestions based on previous items I've download. Sometimes it's a chore to look through all the available items to find something that interests me. 
  • More Details/Images - It seems that right now it's not a requirement to have screenshots in place for listing and item in BB World. This kills me because I can honesty say I've never downloaded an app or game that didn't have screenshots in the listing. Why it's not a requirement I have no idea. Also, some of the descriptions are pretty bad - there should definitely be requirements on that end as well along with more details for each app. 

We obviously like to use the CrackBerry App Gallery for comparison. There you can view top apps and just how many people have recommended them. There are specific search features, plenty of screen shots and full item details - right down to the development platform. It's ideally what we'd like to see BlackBerry World turn into at some point, just an amazing discovery experience.

How would YOU improve BlackBerry World?

So what we want to know is how you would like to see BlackBerry World improve. Better discoverability? Coupon codes? Filters? Let your voice be heard and sound off in the comments.

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How would you improve BlackBerry World?



To make Devs can't erase review we made. Recently I wrote a review on an app I tried and didn't like because it has ads that making it hard to navigate without accidentally clicking the ads. I found out the next day that my review was removed. And it's not from small dev,but app from one of major newspaper in my country. The biggest newspaper in my country. Making a free app which has annoying ad in it. And they removed my review about the app. I'm ashamed.

Posted via CB10

Better apps and REAL APPS, blackberry is going to lose me as a customer if they don't shape up

Posted via CB10

LOL you do realise that apps have nothing to do with Blackberry ie its up to the developers to bring their apps over to the BB10 platform. There isnt much Blackberry can do other than to try and convince these developers to bring their apps fact they have made it easy with the amount of tools available to devs ie porting etc.
Wish people would stop blaming Blackberry for all the worlds troubles, it really annoys me. If you dont see an app you want on BB then get in touch with the dev and ask them why...simples.

Yes, I couldn't agree more, but the average user doesn't care who's fault it is that Netflix or Hulu isn't on the BB10 platform. All the average user sees is BB10 doesn't have Netflix or Hulu or Instagram etc., and that's all that matters. And quite frankly, I don't think it matters who's fault it is either, the fact of the matter is, it's not on the platform and that kills it for the majority of people out there.

So basically....what you're saying is that it's ok for people to be ignorant to the reasoning as to why the apps they would like to see aren't on the platform?! We should just all be blind to the fact that if Hulu and Netflix as an organization, do not care to code an app even an existing android port, we should immediately fire off and set the blame on BlackBerry.

Hmm.....ya that some sound sounds logical!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

I do blame BlackBerry. Jim Balsiliie claimed "You don't need an app for the web." And with a 6% marketshare (Jim and Mike's fault they sank that low), why would developers bother with developing apps for BB10?

Developers aren't making apps because they don't believe in the company as it was brought to the ground by the former CEO's.

Some dumb quotes by them:

On new technologies: "Cameraphones will be rejected by corporate users." – Mike Lazaridis, 2003.

On the threat from the iPhone: "[Apple and the iPhone is] kind of one more entrant into an already very busy space with lots of choice for consumers … But in terms of a sort of a sea-change for BlackBerry, I would think that's overstating it."– Balsillie, February 2007.

On the iPhone (again): "Again, I have said this before and I will say it again; Apple has done the industry an enormous favour because they basically told the world to expect a media player [the iPod] as a software feature on a good smartphone. As the leading smartphone appliance company and platform company, we could not buy that kind of validation for $100m."– Balsillie, April 2007.

On the iPhone: "As nice as the Apple iPhone is, it poses a real challenge to its users. Try typing a web key on a touchscreen on an Apple iPhone, that's a real challenge. You cannot see what you type." – Balsillie, November 2007.

Key things to take out your statement are that those were the decisions and worss of the former CEO(s) and management team at blackberry, who are no longer in control. Apples osx didn't always have software support and still doesn't for everything today.

Ancient CEO, new OS, new hardware, new outlook.
But speaking of history, how about the fact that Blackberry basically started this whole smart phone revolution. Sure they got complacent, but where would we be today without the original Blackberries? Would there even be an Iphone, or a Samsung Galaxy?

Who cares if BB started the smartphone revolution. Palm started the handheld device revolution. Where are they today? In this business, you eat what you kill. And if BB can't get their sh!t together soon, they will forever be in single digit market share. Assuming they last that long.

Solution: Thorsten, get off your wallet and do what it takes to bring more developers of top apps on board. Pay them if you have to. Give them more of a percentage of sales of apps. Throw money at these guys and they will develop.

I refer you to the CB article "How to run almost any Android app...". it's really not that hard and most apps work just fine. If you really want Netflix or Instagram , you can easily have them. I do. BlackBerry's new Android player supporting Jelly Bean will make that functionality even better.

Posted via CB10

@Mister Sir --

They have a program that pays developers $10,000. If you are going to make suggestions why not try suggesting something they already aren't doing?


Maybe you should learn to read...this is for a limited time and there is no guarantee of $10,000.

For a limited time, apps that have attained a Built for BlackBerry designation are eligible for a top-up to $10k. Just create a BlackBerry 10 app and get it approved through the Built for BlackBerry program. If you earn² $1,000 USD on your app over 12 months and you comply with the 10k Developer Commitment Terms and Conditions, RIM will pay the difference between your earnings and $10,000 USD for that app¹. Eligible apps that exceed $10,000 USD will not be eligible for a payout.

My exact thoughts. Never understand why people blame blackberry for not having there "Netflix app" when its up to Netflix to create that app for there customers, as blackberry as created a phone for there's.

Yes all true but when folks can't have the apps that they want ( and yes I have emailed ) and move on its BlackBerry that will suffer. I'm using my Z10 to write this and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon because it will take time but is frustrating to hear how many apps BlackBerry has and i go look and it's nothing really that I want. I even purchased one that I don't use yet because I have to leave it open.

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BlackBerry definitely can do a lot of thing to encourage developers to make apps for bb10... the problem is why BlackBerry don't want to do it? that's thw question BlackBerry should ask themselves: why app developers cook apps for other platforms instead of bb10? There was an very good example from google on how to get developers to code apps for a brand new platform a few years agon it seem working very well, why just borrow the idea and apply it to promote bb10!!

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Devs build apps for other platforms based in volume..once blackberry can prove it as a user base the apps will roll in...until that point why would a dev waste millions of dollars updating and changing the app if only 10 million are going to use it...they number needs to be around 30-50 million and once that happens you should start to see some apps roll in.

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because im atheist and i dont believe in god when you said directly "amen" which is actually a reference to god himself

Posted via CB10

You are certainly polite. And really I didn't even mean it that way and shouldn't use it so willy nilly. I do believe in God and you have shown me more courtesy than I have shown to God

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It's like a hipster trend. It's like being vegetarian, you just HAVE to advertise it. Such a sad world we live in.


All the cool kids hang out down the street smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and taking the Lords name in vain!

Exactly. Why if BlackBerry lost half the folks that threaten to leave the stock would have plummeted and their share of have........Oh yeah never mind.

Winers and guys keep yapping about ancient history. Today BlackBerry has two top notch phones and the stock had doubled in recent history. Large sector users (not the "I want Netflix" crowd) are in test mode which could potentially result in significant sales down the road. If you want a toy, go get yourself an Iphone. For more serious users, the BlackBerry phones will survive.

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Stock drops from over 100 down to 8. But it nearly doubles to 15 in a year. So all is good? Where do you get your investment advice?

NEVER confuse product with company fundamentals tor stock

It is 100% Blackberry's fault if we dont get the top Apps. App developers decide if they want to develop for BB10, but it's Blackberry's job to convince them. Just look at Windows Phone. They have a lower market share than BB, but they stil manage to get big name devs on the platform.

Windows phone actually has a bigger market share but there app selection is not as good as BlackBerry especially when we all know we can easily sideload most Android apps very easily. You want Netflix or Instagram on don't need much knowledge to get it.

Posted via CB10

Definitely better search and filtering functions. That's all I can think of right now, apart from more premium/highly-anticipated apps being available.

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They should really release albums as soon as they are out. I wait for so long for an album and I have to wait even longer for BlackBerry World. When other music stores have them out already.

Posted via CB10 on my naked Z10 ;)

Filtering of reviews, marking reviews as helpful, device and app version number, a clearer rule on trials purchasing and returns. Probably a lot more.

Especially filtering reviews by language.

Every reviews page I've seen has been useless to me, since virtually none of them are in english. Perhaps filter reviews by region?

I agree. But only as an option. I prefer reading English reviews, they're usually more in depth than Spanish ones. Most power-users review in English even if it us not their first language. I hate the forced filter on Google Play.

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Blackberry world on the phone is good, however, the online PC experience is terrible. Blackberry wants to be a 'mobile first' company, but they need to understand, having a good Blackberry world to browse while not on the phone is imperative. Just take a look at Google play - and compare it to Blackberry world (PC web) and it is obvious that they have work to do here.

Blackberry needs to start paying developers and make sure they get the top 100 apps onto Blackberry 10. Microsoft is reportedly paying $100,000 for some apps to be available on WP. Realistically that is all that it takes to build a fully featured mobile app. You need 3 developers and 6 months and you get a very good app built. 100K x 100 = 10 Million. This 10 Million will go a longer way to promote Blackberry 10 than any kind of advertising. The buzz that each app release will create will in itself promotes the platform and also push other devs to consider BB10 as they see big names moving to BB10.

I bought NFS for my Z10 when it came out. Recently I wiped my phone and went to re-download the app. Surprise, surprise - EA removed the app without notice from BB World - and hence my account and my ability to re-download. If it were not for my persistence, a week's worth of effort and whole helluva allot of trouble I would not have a refund.
BB did not know it was removed. No way to request refund from BBWorld or the phone. EA's contact developer link on BBWorld spits out a basic e-mail which takes you to their website. Their website is a disaster.

In a nutshell that is almost everything that's wrong with BBRY and BB World. Poor attention to detail, poor customer service, poor control over how 3rd parties interact with BB users.

So, how would I improve it? They could start by taking some responsibility for what's there, and making developers take responsibility for the apps they post there, and make requesting a refund for non-working apps easier. Oh - and once someone has purchased an application (license), it should be stored in a cloud and the developer should never be allowed to simply go in and say those who have purchased the app may no longer have license to re-download it.

Ohh - and all the BS reviews. Developers buying the apps for different accounts and posting a dozen BS reviews - seriously - they need to go as well.

It's ridiculous that anyone can put anything on BlackBerry World, regardless of if it works or not. It's almost like a tickbox system: if they say it works no one questions them.

And those dodgy permissions have to be justified by developers before they can be posted to the site, since when do games need access to my entire address book to work? If I want to share my high score I will, from my email/sms, if I don't then the game should work regardless. Developers should not have carte blanch to mine my info, if they can't justify the reasons behind the permissions it should be denied and sent back for tweaking.

There should be a 24 hr refunds policy on paid items: if it's deleted off the handset within 24 hrs I get a refund, no hassles, no arguments, if I keep it longer THEN I should have to justify my refund. I test everything after I instal it, if it works it stays if not, it's history.

A lot of BlackBerry 10 advertised apps don't work on the Q10, to be advertised for BlackBerry 10, it should be tested on all available handsets running BlackBerry 10 not just one (Z10), the Q10 is being treated like the red-headed step child, and it shouldn't be!

These are my big sticking points but I have a laundry list as long as my arm...

Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

Remove regional restrictions
It's bad enough not having enough apps
Now because of regional restrictions, those apps thin out more, and as if it's not enough, regional restrictions also do not give you the freedom to buy music and/videos/movies this is somewhat of a slap in the face as these are available on apple etc, so it is possible .

Posted via CB10

And this is exactly the attitude that could break BlackBerry
"it's not BlackBerry it's the studio "
This is horse crap if apple can do it so can BlackBerry just a matter of making the right deals and paying the necessarily fee's
On a side note people keep hammering about instagram Jeeez what's wrong with you guys, I've been using the side loaded version for about a month now and it works perfectly, just go side load it and be happy

Posted via CB10

Blackberry doesnt have the funds to just go out and pay all these developers to make their app available for bb10. Apple can do it because they have tens of billions of dollars compared to BB's $3b in cash

Eventually they will have to step it up
it sucks that I pay way more for my Z10 than some other guy but he gets more content than I do just because of his zip code
And while you can sit there and argue it's not BlackBerry ' s fault, its not mine either, yet I am the one paying, so in the end the consumer gets the shaft
You can sugar coat it as much as you like, but the fact is, in that sense I am getting shafted

Posted via CB10

Other than the fact we need higher quality apps more frequently, I would say that they should integrate a recommended page based on app usage and download history. Wouldn't be too hard or require too many segmentations, just ongoing maintenance.

Require all apps to clearly identify what permissions they require; provide a means to easily return apps and obtain a refund when they don't work; provide a means to roll back apps to the protection version when an update doesn't work; allow users to sort apps in BBE by name, user rating, date added to BBW, developer.

Ability to swipe between screenshots, instead of having to open, close, open, close, etc.

Better search results layout. Currently, it looks like the search results layout is divided into sections for app results, game results, music, etc. App results only shows the first 3 results or so, and puts the rest in an overflow. In cases where there are no results in the other categories, their sections just remain as empty space, instead of more app results filling them.

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filter between Cascades, Android and HTML apps, would be awesome for advanced search.
Better quality screenshots (in app and webstore), they ask us to submit full res screenshots when publishing an app but only use shitty compressed images WTF?, and make screens mandatory for the sakes of all users.

If it showed me hardware requirements first -- does it use my camera, Microphone, nfc? Can i search for apps that use NFC?

Also, is it an android app? They're cool, but I'd like to know before I try / buy it. And if so, will it be Android 2.x or 4.x?

Posted via CB10

Include the in-app items for sale. With apple, I know what I might be in for when it comes to spending more money, but BlackBerry only mentions there are additional in-app purchases. Kind of annoying.

Posted via CB10 w/ the Z10

It would be nice to get rid of all the faulty/crappy apps to make room for better and improved ones.

Posted via CB10

Add new releases sections for everything (music new releases would be great IMO).

More movies and TV shows...I travel for work and always buy DVD's of shows like SOA, Californication, etc. Since getting my Z10 I have started downloading stuff instead but I do find the selection lacking in comparison to other content providers.

Make it easy for me to download content to both my PC and my mobile device. Sometimes on the road I may have wiped something from phone and decide I want to watch it. When I go out for dinner I have my mobile device with me but if I could leave my PC back at the hotel and download the content to my PC that would be just spanky! (Spanky is a good thing by the way).

Your article points out most of my main concerns.
Some type of support would be nice. I have a problem with an app that continually shows an update is available, but yet the app is current. The developer says once I update to 10.1 the problem will be fixed (even suggested installing a leak). BB says it's a developer issue. So no one will take ownership of the problem.

Hey here's a novel thought. Push OS updates directly from BlackBerry World and bypass these carriers, especially US carriers that are obviously biased and incapable of doing anything efficiently.

*From a Z10 customer that is sick and tired of waiting on AT&T to release an OS update.

Yes I agree! Forget netflix, Blackberry world should have its own subscription base And let us use blackberry world on the PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

This is a great idea, would be happy to get rid of Netflix and pay BlackBerry. Like the idea of updates being pushed through bbw also (maybe not radio specific updates)

Posted via CB10


I'd happily pay even $25 a month for premium access to movies and and TV episodes. ESPECIALLY tv episodes. To heck with Netflix. Their content was pretty stale anyways.

Do it BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

1. bbworld reviews should list the date and app version of each review so that you know if reviews are stale or fresh.

2. I only get a notification in the hub of the availability of an app update when I open that app in BlackBerry world. At that point it's too late, I already know there is an update because I'm now looking at it. It should notify as in OS7.

3. Ability to pull up a record of your own reviews in app world

4. Videos of apps as well as pictures like Google Play

5. "email developer" should autofill OS version etc as it did on OS7. This gives the developer more information.

Posted via CB10

Agree about reviews: Should have visible date and if newer version uploaded should be clear where reviews are for previous version(s).

In apps need to delineate types between full native build, ported apps and the V1 types and it should be possible to filter select. I would obviously pay more for a native app than a port than a V1 generated.

Posted via CB10

A 3 tier pricing structure, no android ports and an incentive package for app developers to actually make the applications.. the app world really let's down BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

We are not talking about the number of apps, yet about BlackBerry World as application, as market store. It needs better graphics: it is all black, like the sad and dark Google Play, I would like more colors and more "special effects" as App Store (more confusing but much more enjoyable).

Better way to try apps - Either make developers create trials, or give us a 1 hour trial period with an easy cancel option.

Filters - We now have review counts, allow us to organize apps by the # of reviewers not just the ratings.

What is popular in each category - Show us how many times an app has been downloaded, and allow us to organize apps by that number.

Apps - Apps - Apps
Maybe give us a place to suggest apps from another platform that we would like to see come to BB. With enough votes, maybe BB could contact them or even offer to port the apps.

App count is important to BB... but I'd love to see them "police" that apps that are out there a little. Books, Web-Short Cuts, RSS Feeds... do we really need these?

A native app and android app, filter or indicator. I mean some android apps are good but I'd like to know if they're native or a port when it comes to games or apps with no screenshots.

Posted via CB10

Get rid of the millions of map apps that could just be grouped into one app.

Quality over quantity! BlackBerry seem to be doing the opposite at the moment.

Posted via CB10

Not listing apps as tending, top paid etc when there is an app update.

I can usually see apps in those types of categories that have a recent update.

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10

Also, probably mentioned before...a download count.

They need to vet apps more, or make the process a little more thorough. I have seen rip offs of other people's apps etc. Feels like people are ripping apps from Google Play and submitting to BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10

I would want books to have their own section, because they are not apps, they are BOOKS.
I would also want images to be easily scrollable. For example when I go to an apps page I can't scroll the pictures without the whole screen moving up and down for no reason.
My last suggestion would be quality apps and quality pictures for apps as well. The main pictures that apps use are not as nice as they could be (compared to IOS and Android apps).

Posted from Q10 and CB10.

Carrier Billing from SaskTel and BlackBerry (as well as every other carrier). BlackBerry World gift cards right beside the iTunes cards in every denomination fromn 5 to 100 dollars, available at every place where gift cards can be purchased.

The gift cards are instant revenue for BlackBerry - please Keep Moving towards this goal.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

How about a user test panel of 100 testers to approve apps BEFORE they're allowed to post on BBW. Minimum score of 3 stars required and dev has opportunity to fine tune and address issues before final rating. Could lead to the end of glitchy or crappy apps.

I will volunteer for that panel!!


In lieu of immediate implementation of the above fantastic idea - wipe the prior ratings of the apps each time a new edition is introduced. Especially when it moves from a free to a paid app. People are much more forgiving with free stuff.

I quite like the current functionality of BlackBerry World, aside from a few bugs, but bugs are normal.

Have an ability to delete and redo application reviews. It could benefit from a section detailing your BBM contacts favorite games in a "your friends favorite games" tab or section.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

I'd like it if it were easier to scroll through screenshots. Instead of having to manually select each individual one.

Posted via CB10

Make it like Google play. Showing versions in reviews, show permissions, how many downloads, when it was updated and when it was first released. Also, how many reviews at each rating 5stars, 4 stars...

That would be insane!

Posted via CB10

Keep up the great work. I love how BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry World are shaping up. It's eons ahead of App World and keeps getting more and more awesome content. SO good.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

*Automatic app updates
*Coupon codes (both in the form of discounts for any bbid and in the form of 100% off for a given bbid)
*Carrier billing without Bango

Also, having it mandatory to have screen shots, saying if it's an android port, allowing p2p and finally, notifying us of an update at least daily. (some automatic check or something)

Posted via CB10

Quality over quantity please. And then whatever posters are saying.
But dor a love of God - QUALITY OVER QUANTITY .

Posted via CB10

I guess incorporate "Games" with BlackBerry World and BBM for a more robust experience, like other gaming platforms with chat and game video sharing. Once "Games" is more action packed and "headless", I think there will be some seriously cool functionality between BBM, BBWorld, and BBGames apps.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

I don't get it.
Every day I see ads from companies (Banks, retail stores, car services ...) that promote their Apple and Google apps for free download.
I have never seen a company say they have an app on Blackberry appWorld.

What is the back story behind this?
How do Apple and Google get the companies that hire app devs to have apps written and promoted?
Blackberry should follow that model.

On the other hand, for all the good stuff said about many of the corporate apps, these companies also have mobile based websites that work great on the BB browser (for example Citibank).

This too they need to have BlackBerry World mentioned with the other app stores if their app is in our store

Posted via CB10

Ability to filter reviews by rating.
Date/Time stamps on reviews to get a general idea of which release the review is referencing. I've all to often read reviews harping on problems that have been fixed in newer releases of the app.
Separate Android ports from native apps.

Tabs for listing "Update History" and "Dependencies", with the latter including required permissions, used frameworks and the Android Runtime, (EDIT: ...also cloud/server/account ties and microtransactions), all of which should also be available for filtering. (EDIT2: ...and the list should have fields where the devloper can optionally enter motivation for each dependency.).

EDIT3: In addition to a per-app auto-update option, as some have said, one should be able to roll back to any previous version (...with warnings, if one try to go from a recent version to an older one, if data formats have changed between versions) -- these could all be contained in a single pop-up selection list.

EDIT4: ...Oh and "try before you buy" of course - that's a given. :7

Again, BlackBerry World Gift Cards. Every single digital content provider should consider gift cards by default. Pretty sure that's why other digital content providers sell those, hmmm... could this be instant revenue? yep, they're super cheap to manufacture - in fact, I'm sure nearly every provider gets the same cards, just different brands labeled.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Better search results. When you search for some things, you get nothing. BlackBerry needs to talk to developers / to get the older apps in line. Getting tired of the 'not available on this device ' garbage. Other than that - overall leaps and bounds. I'm guessing in 2014 the integration and app availability will be better as, no one is looking at BlackBerry as going bankrupt. If BBM is going to make its rounds -$$$$

Posted via CB10

+1 for better searching and filtering,
All of the apps created with the BB App generator should be clearly marked *and* free,
I would like a wishlist function, it's hard enough to find stuff but if I want to come back for it? Forget it!
Lastly, I want BlackBerry to stop allowing devs to publish apps for playbook os10! If you can't confirm if the os will be available or not, surely it is daft to let people release something that no-one can buy!

Screen shots should be mandatory. And don't reuse screen shots from BBOS or Android
And enough with vague descriptions of what the app does
And ya what i might like section would be nice.

Posted via CB10

I have temple run 2 and subway surf (Miami edition) running on my 10.1. The new method of side loading is the bomb

More app and be better the apple store they have 500,000 why we can have too? My bbpin friend etc added me : 24F084CC NJ and NY area


As I'm scrolling through lists I'd like BB World to show "installed" instead of a price or free for apps that I already have.

But, my big one would be, similar to Android, to see app requested permissions before downloading!

I would like to see more high end games and apps provide demo's so you can get a first hand taste of the product before you buy it. Not a great experience buying and then finding out it is no good. Just a thought out loud.

Posted via CB10

Refunds, refunds, refunds.

Oh and when I click a preview image I should be able to scroll to the next preview image without stepping back.

Posted using my O2 UK BB Z10

Wish list or remember for later and the ability to share those lists.
Open music and video store for more regions.

Gift card codes and more colors more enjoyable experience on BlackBerry World and not just all plain black and real time search

Get apps. Not have to side load every app out there. Paying for every app. That won't last much longer

Posted via CB10

Bring back gifting! I used to gift friends, colleagues and my kids often. I thought it was really cool and so did they. :)

Via Zeppelin 10

I'm sure I could come up with more. These are in no particular order - just the order they popped into my head. Do you like my list? Think any of my ideas are stupid? Let me know.

1) They should have the search bar embedded on the home/main screen.
2) Apps that I already have installed should NOT be in the "Recommended" section - that's unnecessary and reduces the number of new apps I could see. Right now I already have 4 of the 8 Recommended apps on my home/main screen.
3) Move "Trending Apps & Games" above Music and Movies.
4) I could do with dual home screens - one for apps (the default), with a secondary tab for media (movies/music).
5) All 8 app icons in each section should switch every 3-5 seconds (would be cool if each changed like a flip board) - that way I have a greater chance of seeing some of the non-top-8 Recommended/Top/Trending apps in each section. If not this, I should be able to slide in another set of 8 app icons by pressing & swiping right-to-left. Clicking the arrow in the corner and seeing a long list is annoying, not visually pleasing, and I RARELY ever do it.
6) If on the expanded menu there is a spark on My World, indicating I have an update to an app, when I go into My World the apps that I have updates for should be listed below My Apps & Games, My Video and My Music - there's a lot of unused space that could be put to good use, reducing the number of taps to update an app.
[edit - added below]
7) Make a setting to "Hide apps not downloaded in: " w/options for... the last week, the last month, the last 3 months, the last year; with an option to turn it off and see all apps regardless of the last time they were downloaded (downloading an update counts as last downloaded). That way I can really limit the results I see when doing a search, because if no one has downloaded an app in the last month it's probably not an app I'm interested in unless I'm looking for a very specific/niche app in which case I can turn off the "Hide apps not downloaded in" filter. BB would probably have to code a threshold number of downloads to qualify, or devs of crappy apps would find ways to bump them back into your search results.

BB World works well enough for me -- almost all my app recommendations come from CD articles, blogs or member recommendations.

What I would like is a main page link to take me directly to my apps in "My World". It's a PITA to drill through a couple of layers to get there.

BlackBerry should be able to generically see what apps are used the most and how long. To show most used apps. I also like the idea that if 80% of my friends have some apps and I don't, let me know about those apps.

Rocking my Z10

I guess on of the important things to add will be re-installing the build-in software like BBM, adobe....etc

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App world is pretty darn good, Imo. Simple, clean, and even a first time user can tell right away that 90 percent of the apps are useless. That's precision and efficiency! So selection and quality of the apps aside, I like it way better than iOS store and marketplace. Filter for reviews will be a good place to start.

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by first adding all those apps which r in android n apple...n by not allowing bbm to go cross platforms...n the most pushing updates soon...

Posted via CB10

I miss one thing from one of the other app stores and that thing is when I have a list of apps that I'm viewing and already have one installed. I would like it to be greyed out or tell me it's already installed. Sometimes I forget which version or if I have already used one.

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the icons look terrible, at least Apple has a design guideline to encourage good design. BB = no attention to design details.

BlackBerry needs to contact the developers of Instagram, Vine, Google Voice, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Path. Blackberry has the perfect phone, if they want to be the next company up their with Samsung and HTC, they need more APPS, that is their killer!!

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It's the worse app store compare to other platforms, from the actual apps themselves - heard of curating? to the music collection and even the layout - there wasn't much of a thought on it.

Require exact app permission to be listed (wasted lots of money I wouldn't have otherwise spent)

Require developers to better tag/metadata their apps so we can actually find what we are looking for. This goes hand in hand with better search.

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I would like to see the filtering go just a little further and have a way to select US vs. France or Japan or any other region rather than wade through a list of apps that are not in English or will not work due to country restrictions. Every technology source I have used for over 20 years has a method to separate the market by region.

For me, I would like to have the ability to save app links I have a possible interest in but am unwilling to buy at the time. That way I don't need to try to remember the name and search through 125,000 apps to try and find that app I looked at a week ago. You would go to the "favorite " folder you put it in and make a decision about buying or wait longer.

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I want to be able to bookmark apps. Some times they are to expensive at the time or i just don't have time to download the large file size while I'm out and not on wifi. Bookmarks would be Great!

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Filtering by preset keywords. Some examples: native, android, NFC, cross-platform, multi player, music, gps, camera, photos, etc...

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So many comments saying that's not Blackberry fault on this or on that.
Sorry, but yes, it's Blackberry fault for not having a better App Store.

App Quality: It's Blackberry that makes the "rules" (conditions) for publishing Apps on Blackberry World.
Store Quality: A more friendly and eye-catching store is what they need to do quickly.

I really wish that BB succeed, but they need to do a lot of work if they want to expand their devices and platform to the general public.

+1000 on the app quality thing!

I don't want to download an app that crashes immediately upon opening, or is a PlayBook port that doesn't work the z10 or q10 screen properly. Or an app that is written by a dev SO lazy, that they don't even update the description to remove references to Android or the playbook.

I understand they need to have a big app count number to satisfy the media, and stock holders, but it ends up being a pain in the *** for us loyal users.

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All excellent suggestions in the article. This is definitely one area that bbery world is deficient.

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Scan a Barcode should be a Button on the main screen, really it's a lil bit annoying to have to scroll down for it. Deleting an app should be easier in the store. Not a bunch of menus. People like quick instant.
Id honestly like to see definite descriptions of what the app does and a Minimum of 7 pictures to preview what the app does. Voice search would be neat too. And where's the Viki app?

It's not up to BlackBerry to add third party apps. All they can do is bend over backwards to encourage third party devs to write or port for BlackBerry.

Beyond that (and ruling out holding third party devs at gun point until they code for BlackBerry) , there is nothing they can do.

Note: I'm not saying this applies to you at all: but it still shocks me how many people still believe that BlackBerry codes every single app in BlackBerry world!

It's like believing that every single website on the Internet was coded by the Firefox team since you view the web pages through the Firefox browser!

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A way to buy things on the world without a credit card. I don't own any plastic all paper money. Personal reasons as to why

Posted via CB10

Does PayPal require a credit card? I have one set up with PayPal, but can't recall if it was mandatory.

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Finally someone is raising their voice! Screenshots and better description is a must! some apps are using the name of the app as the description. thats absolutely pathetic! send out an email to all developers telling them to update their app, give them 2 weeks to do so (it doesn't take long to attach a few screenshots and a nice description) and if they fail to do so, remove their app because clearly they don't care and have abandoned their app. Extremely poor quality apps such as the ones made with the app generator thing are not even maintained by the developers. you can download alot of them and their newest post would be over a month ago. half of the library is filled with these pathetic apps and I wish BlackBerry will start cleaning up their library. all the good apps are being buried underneath this junk!

Well most of the points I wanted to write about are already taken.
One thing that they HaVE to put is "report developer" or the refund option.
There has to be some sort of ease for us blackberry users, not all the time we enjoy the apps we buy, sometimes we want a refund because the app simply didn't work.

Also, I know this point has been repeated a few to mes in this threat; description on the apps and pictures!!!!!! Why would anyone download an app that doesn't tell you what it does and much less of it doesn't even have a picture?!?! There have been many apps that have that issue and I completely ignored them.
Imagine how would someone who's moving from Android or iPhone, how would they feel or what would they think when they notice that some apps don't have any description??

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

A section where developers can state why permissions are needed so when my app needs to install a database (Files permission) I don't get stupid feedback asking why do I need access to contacts and other personal information.

I hate when I search for a song I want and I get 50 generic versions of it and the actual version isn't even there. Thankfully there's an app for that.

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Let users check a box, to store a list of apps they might buy in th future. For example, if you read about one that might be more interesting once headless apps are available, then you wouldn't have to look for it or remember to look for it. The list could automatically notify you if they go on sale or an update with new features that might entice you to buy....

I would like to know which apps are android ports, because I want to support developers who put in work to create a built for blackberry app. I would like to see an android logo on ports, and a blackberry logo on built for blackberry like we are seeing now.

I would like the ability to search by developer and to be notified when developers of my choosing have a new app available for download. This should include the ability to turn this on and off, of course. All other suggestions I have are posted above.

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There are some great suggestions here, such as trial runs for apps that charge a fee. I would also like to see a section where you can put aside apps that interest you but you don't want right now or don't have space for yet but may download in the future.

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Totally agree with an improved SEARCH and filter function. The search function is currently so archaic that it is laughable. This is BB10 and 2013 and BB should do better than this. Regards those two co founders , well they should fade into the sunset .. obviously their misinformed cockiness got us in this mess

More apps.. not just bloody games.... so they need to hit banks so they make banking apps ectra

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Better update finding, same as ios. One click I can see all the updates.

Better update warning also.

No more reboots. I love my Z10 again.

Screen shots should be mandatory. I mean even Asphalt 7 is missing screen shots and that's from a major developer!

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1. When traveling overseas, BB World automatically changes to that country's BB World to include that country's monetary system (Dollars to Euro). This should be a user option and not automatic. When I'm visiting Germany I don't want to buy an app in Euros. I want to buy American based apps still at American prices.

2. Why can't we have pre-paid app cards to be purchased on-line or at establishments that sell other pre-paid cards for restaurants, books, and other brand's apps (iTunes).

3. monitor the free stuff. A lot of the free apps are loaded with spam and advertizing to the point of being useless.

The ability to filter for free apps only, and a suggestion tab would be nice too.

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1. Gifting
2. Port vs. Native app
3. Searching for apps based on their category (free and paid isn't enough)
4. Easier updating

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The ability to "Bookmark" an app that I'm considering for purchase. That way I don't have to go searching for it again when I decide to buy it.

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I would also add that it should be mandatory to explain WHY each permission is required so I can determine if it sounds suspicious or if the app seems to legitimately require the permission for core functionality.

Some people slag an app for requiring access to contacts and then complain that the app can't add "Favorite stores / restaurants " etc... to their contacts.

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Gifting -cards, codes, etc
Refunds - like Google play policy of having a 15 minute window for full money back
Filters - especially those reviews based on version numbers. If an app has been updated should sort reviews by the old number
Search - improvements such as if I type in the name of the app exactly i don't get 20+ similar ones with the one I want pages down

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Dated reviews with the app version so you can see if it is up to date.

Ability to scroll through the images while they are zoomed.

What's new in the app, when you upgrade you can't see what's been updated after updating.

Turning off the 50Mb download limit over 3G, I've an unlimited data plan so don't require this restriction.

Auto updating over wifi.



For example, I downloaded? NOVA 3 and it loads very fast given the heavy graphics, but there are still old reviews referencing an old version that loaded much slower.

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Like apple did and grab some blackberry techniques and ideas I like blackberry world to have more android apps like suway surfers, temple run and specially social apps specially like viber and truecaller. But most importantly plz fix BBM issues coz I can't change my dp or my PM. Waiting for it soon :)

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Updating apps is a little bit of a chore. Shouldn't have to navigate through a few pages to do so.

Posted via CB10

I also have notifications in the hub, but I'm sure you've noticed these notifications to be laggy and inconsistent. When browsing blackberry world it should be easy to find updates.

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Two items.

Since 7digital provides the content for both BlackBerry World and the playbook app, why can't the two accounts be consolidated into one. Not just for a one time transfer but for ongoing synchronization.

More info on the permissions for each app and an option to force the app to prompt when it needs to access a resource. If it needs a folder to use then show the folder needed and not request access to the entire file system including deleting files.

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Though I could easily say more free apps, the only thing I could think of is that Apple's App Store is magnificent, and that BlackBerry World should definitely take notes. That said, all of that is worthless if BlackBerry's app selection is pathetically slim in comparison to the others and if apps that would be free on iOS cost money in BlackBerry World.

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The ability to know what you already have installed without clicking into the app.

Ability to know of an app is an android port or native.

The ability to swipe through app screen shots like a gallery.

Ability to upload videos of apps

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Eliminate buying applications twice. BlackBerry should subsidise this. Apps I have on my Playbook I have to buy again on my z10. Nonsense.

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Let us flip through screenshots
Let us see apps which are not available on our device (same OS though)
I want to see trending free apps, not a mix of paid and free.

I really like BlackBerry World itself. Maybe it could be improved with a performance update? It tends to 'hang' oh-so-slightly when opening.

Speaking of apps (which is an entirely different conversation, may I add), I would like to see more apps released by TAT. They have shown so many great examples of things to do with the UI. Why can they not implement that??

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