How to Wipe the OS on a BlackBerry PlayBook

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Apr 2011 08:07 pm EDT

PlayBook Video 101: How to Perform a Security Wipe (Return PlayBook to Factory Settings) on the PlayBook's BlackBerry Tablet OS

We've already covered a ton of BlackBerry PlayBook 101 topics here on CrackBerry, so on the eve of the PlayBook's official launch I'm doing up one more... this time, we're looking at wiping the operating system on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Doing a Security Wipe restores the PlayBook to its factory out of the box settings, removing all data, apps and media from the PlayBook itself.  

Wiping the OS on the PlayBook's BlackBerry Tablet OS is extremely simple - just go to Settings > Security > Security Wipe, type in blackberry, and tap the Wipe Data button. Unlike BlackBerry Smartphones, where this process of wiping the device can take for what feels like forever, the PlayBook whipped through the OS wipe in literally just a couple of minutes. Super fast. Super impressive. 

Check out the video above to see the wipe process in action. And don't mind my CrackBerry craziness in this one... I'm just excited. As I type this I'm 12 hours away from walking into the store to buy my own PlayBook. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!

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How to Wipe the OS on a BlackBerry PlayBook


Lol. does that mean you liked the duck noises I squeezed out of my cheeks???? :)

Seriously.. I was thinking I'd just cut all of that out of the video as it would take like 10 minutes, but then once it finished so fast I was like... doh, guess this is all staying in the video.  Nice and quick, that's for sure.

You know how kids growing up have bad habbits? sucking thumbs and picking noses and all that? Mine was making duck noises with my cheeks. I hope this video didn't re-kindle that into a habbit or else I'm screwed... GF will leave me in a week if I start doing that around the house.

So it asked you again during the setup process for your BBID and password right? It didn't just retain that info for app world after the wipe?

I know that app world keeps a list of purchased and installed apps but just verifying after the security wipe that setup or app world asked him to logon again in order to reinstall the apps he had tried/purchased in the past. I am sure he had to re-enter his BBID and password but just wanted to clarify that was the case since the PB setup was skipped in this video.

Love the wipe feature.
Can't wait to get mine tomorrow. I have been hearing staple advertise this all day long on the radio.
Sad to say ... Walmart had no 'coming soon' display in their store when I was there yesterday. The sales associate had no clue what a 'PlayBook' was. I guess they are not going to win 'sales team of the year award'.

I was at Costco tonight (in Canada) and while both they and their phone chain (Wireless to Go) knew about the PlayBook and had been trained, said they weren't going to have it for launch tomorrow and couldn't tell me the price they were going to sell it for. They didn't even know which models they'd be getting. Both reps said they were getting LOTS of enquiries on it and couldn't wait to get it because they'd sell "boatloads". I took that as a very good sign. I'm heading to FutureShop tomorrow am for 7am (for a 64 GB one). If Costco does end up with a decent deal on them, I'll return the FS one (unless they price match). Can't wait.

There will not be any deals on these things.
All sellers have agreed to sell them at the $499, $599, $699 price point.
The only suggestion that I have is to use a points card or whatever other 'store' benefits that you may have.
I heard that 'The Source' already received these last week.

I have also heard 'Don't know if it's a rumour or not', that pre orders were almost double then what was forcasted.

I'm pretty sure that with 20,000 retailers selling these things, there must be a retailer that you can find that will have some kicking arount. I'm going for the 32GB.

I don't think that I will be able to sleep tonight. Might pull an all nighter!

I held one tonight and played with it a bit. Very light! Fab for holding in your hand for a long time. It was great that I knew how everything worked because of crackberry and berry review. Thanks!!

As I'm waiting to get it tomorrow I'm holding my breath that it'll find my internet and hook up real easy. Haha that's old blackberry thinking I'm sure.

The guys at Best buy wouldn't tell me how many units they had, so I'll be there at 10 to get mine!

Again thanks for all the coverage guys it's nice to know so much right out of the box.

And keep the coverage coming will be nice to know what apps you think are best!

Nope. Not in Mexico yet. Cross the boarder when nobody is watching. Sneak it back via under ground tunnel !

After reading many reviews over the past few weeks, Mike and Jim wanted to thank BlackBerry users for their loyal support by giving them what they need most ! A wi-fi and Bridge tablet that is perfect for the BlackBerry user with NO additional internet contract required. Thanks you 2. I'm buying one.

All you non BlackBerry users ... suffer for a bit longer and wait for the 3G and 4G version to come out while WE get to experience the awesomeness FIRST !

yes I am here in Mexico, but I am asking if the playbook will be available in bestbuy el paso, which is texas, I'll buy Playbook and Blackberry smartphone.

"Thanks for choosing Blackberry Playbook."

What about security code?
I dislike security code for BB, i mean i don't like somebody stole my device and could reset user code so easy and sell to anyone before the company reports IMEI to blacklist, some people want something strong doesn`t matter we need support if we forgot security code.

is there any way that you can tell me how to security wipe it back to default. I have a black screen and wont load up anything. All i get is the red activation button the odd time flashing. I have had it charging for a day. when I connect to the desktop manager it won't connect to it. Pretty disappointing.

Can you email me if you have ideas to

Is there a way to wipe it without deleting the apps. I have sold my playbook and they want the apps, but I don't want them to have any of my info.

Please help me....!!
By mistake I've deleted all data, files and application by security Wipe...!! Only browser and setup is showing on my Tab nothing else....!!
Can anybody tell me how to regain or re-install all data files and application...!!
If any body knows any thing about this kindly do comment and guide me....!!
Waiting for reply....!!
my email-

I Got a new blackberry playbook model rdj21ww, 16 GB the problem is when turn on my tablet pc it ask for update and when i try to connect it to WiFi and it tries to update so suddenly it gives me an error " Could not connect to the update server.(3000)
Please try Changing your settings"
Meanwhile when i go to "Settings" There is Nothing related to updates. Its just showing me "Connect to WiFi" :S
Can Anybody have any solution for that?
Email Address