How to watch the Super Bowl from your BlackBerry today!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Feb 2014 09:42 am EST

The Big Game. The Superb Owl. Super Bowl XLVIII. It's on, TODAY. And you can watch it from your BlackBerry.

If you plan to be out and about when the game kicks off, you can easily tune in right on your BlackBerry (or Android, iOS & Windows Phone) thanks to the NFL Mobile app. The only setback is that you'll have to cough up the $5 subscription fee, but that shouldn't be too much to ask if watching on your phone is the only option. 

Fox will also be streaming the game live at if you want to watch from your laptop. Who knows, the site may also fire up from the BlackBerry browser (if you try it out today and it works, be sure to let us know in the comments).

Now, the only question is... who's going to win this one? Broncos? Seahawks? Sound off in the comments and enjoy the game!

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The Bell Mobile app is the only place to watch it in Canada on the go. :/

Well... legal way anyway. :P

Kevin Michaluk

Fine. In that case... party at my house. Everybody to fly to Winnipeg!


I wish I could. Especially, now that I find out that you're a fellow member of the Colbert Nation.

Stupid job. Always making me work instead of paying me for nothing...

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i was watching on ctv website from my blackberry and the computers at work


Don't forget no live for Zed30 either. NFL Mobile said next year

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Yep. Doesn't work on the Z30.

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Fine by me, I have that app downloaded to my Z10. However, I have FibeTV at home so the 60" would be a much better watch.

Not to be stereo typical "eh" but enjoy the game "yall"! ;)

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Greetings from Uruguay: in the web for browser BB10 ; ; ; ; needs flash player.


The Superb Owl. Nice :p


he glommed that off the Colbert Show...


Ah I see. I missed that


Shoot...I am in Spain...anyone got any advice on how to watch?


Just start Googling it as soon as it airs, you'll find streams of it. I have no qualms in suggesting this because the black out rules and region lock ins and such for the event are insanely stupid. Watch a pirated stream.


I think two years ago, after googleing and missing the first quarter i found a great stream using some kind of adobe test server stream or something. The quality was unreal. Lately, googling for something like this is so fustrating beacause of so many bogus links filled with ads! I think i might set up a VPN and watch through


I am with you on this one so I will help you guys out, is a site that I know works and so is Both are VERY add heavy sites, be patient with the add count downs and have your AV software up to date because a slight mis click and you get an unwanted sight. I have been using both for a few years and never actually got a virus, (my IT background might help a little) just don't believe any of the pop ups that tell you to update your flash player. Good luck, hope this helps!

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There are other sites out there but the quality of the stream is horrible. Does anyone know of good HD stream sites?

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You can also watch at

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Christophe Piquemal

Si vives próximo de la frontera francesa, se ve en W9. Pienso que lo tienes también en España.


Try through sport lemon ;)

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Yes, but you'll have to grab a flight to Winnipeg - Kevin has invited everyone to his house ! :)



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Both teams have Canadian how do I pick? Lol

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The Broncos all the way, Manning for MVP!

Z10 with OS



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Brutal Efficiency

Like Australian Broncos?

I doubt CB would make an article about how to watch State Of Origin live.

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Prem WatsApp


Brissie, Queensland, ok, but it's Cowboys territory up here!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Broncos baby!

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Most likely it will be blocked for the UK and Europe, going with the Bronco's all I know there is player that lived in Toronto, so got to go with the hometown boy


Would like to see the Broncos win
For Peyton to come back from his surgery that was career ending and two seasons later a super bowl. WOW

Z 10 STL 100-4 /

jojo beaconsfield

How many times is Manning going to shout OMAHA? I say 36 times.,Broncos all the way.


Got my Bell Mobile TV subscription, hopefully the bus makes it past the border before kickoff. Gotta see if bus has HDMI connection to share...

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jojo beaconsfield

John Elway was the oldest to ever win at 38 Manning is 37.


This site works on the BlackBerry browser

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Go Blackhawks!

Android free since 1996.


Why would I want to watch the super bowel the scotland are playing Ireland

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Is "super bowel" the nickname for haggis?

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LOL! Good one.

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No, its named after the fact that the 2 participating teams are from the only cannabis legal states.


SeaHawks !
Jon Ryan

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Go Seahawks!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


If you go into the browser>settings >developer tools > desktop mode>on the second link will work just make sure you switch it back when you're done ;)

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I was going to mention that as well. Desktop Mode is AMAZING!

KEVIN you should add this to your post

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You just made me very happy with that tip!! Thanks so much for sharing it! I'm stuck here at work so I'll have to catch the first quarter of the game on my Q10.

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Thanks so much for the Tip! I was working during the game too! I never knew my Q10 could do that! And as far as I could tell you, I could not find anyone with an iPhone or Android with the same capabilities! YOU ROCK!!

Why isn't BlackBerry advertising this? It's such a great feature to have!


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Super bowel? So is crap gonna hit the fan in scotland lol

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The LOB (Legion of Boom) is gonna win! Geaux Sea Hawks!

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From my Vader Zed 10.2.1 and BBM

ggastaris works if you turn on desktop mode!

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Stephen Hollowood

It works in the browser just make sure you have desktop mode on :)

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Well the real question is, how do we watch it for free?

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I'm more excited for top gear hitting the telly again this evening.

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I hope Peyton drops 50 on the Seahawks!!! If they can't get in Peyton's face he will pick apart that secondary. Bring on baseball...GO YANKEES!!!

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Dat Gui

You can stream it in the browser you know since bb10 has flash


Forget that!!!

Channel 4 in the UK Programme starts 10.30 with less ' words from our sponsors.'

I'll be there Broncos have to be favourites.

I wonder if the Seahawks have had their triple expresso courtesy of Starbucks.

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In the battle of the weed cities Broncos win. Duh! Go Broncos!!!.

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Dj Teknision

No Z30 love from NFL mobile yet. Let's go Broncos!!!

Teknision(All mix No talk)podcast


You can download NFL Mobile app from 1 Mobile Market. That's what I did for my Z30.

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Dj Teknision

I have it downloaded on my phone it won't recognize my Verizon account.

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Broncos all the way.

Real Qwerty!


I dow loaded the app from snap since the one for BlackBerry doesn't support my device !!!!!spread the word!!!!



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A few options here:

BB10 desktop mode browser. It works, although not well scaled for the Q10/Q5.
Playbook browser plays ok but it lags sometimes.

If anybody has the Fox Sports Go apk (com.foxsports.videogo) and could post it here, we could give it a try.

If you have a Chromecast you can always stream from your Chrome browser.

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To me football (or any sport for that matter)is about as much fun as watching paint dry....yawn....
BUT-im gonna fire up just so I can try it out on the Zed 10. My wife is the football fan in the family, I know she'd get a kick out of watching the game on my phone.
Got the 10.2 update from verizon this week and now I can't seem to put my BlackBerry down. I can't get over the fact how truly amazing 10.2 is. Put this OS on a tablet please blackberry!

BlackBerry by choice, blackberry for life!

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My money is on denver broncos, hope they win

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Super bore, super snore. I'll read about how great the nfl thinks it is tomorrow morning.

Z10 on Telus


#LOB use desktop mode for the fox link

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Think I'll pass and watch it on my brand new Samsung 85" ultra hd TV with the boys tonight.

Looking forward to hd in 85" of TV goodness.

Come on Broncos, hate the Seahawks with a passion.

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You can stream fox in HD (and thus the superbowl) on your blackberry from a website called ustvnow. It isn't region locked either, it is working for me in Canada. They use a simple flash player so it works great on my z10. They have a 45 day free trial so it costs nothing. As a bonus, if you have an htpc running xbmc, there is a plug-in available for the site.

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Here's two ways of streaming it. It will be anywhere from 2 seconds to a minute or two behind.
I'm not saying it's legal, and I'm not condoning it, and I'll be watching on my tv. (in Toronto the fox site doesn't work.)
Enjoy everyone!

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Bruno Mars and the Seahawks will prevail.

nasi goreng

According to CTV. ca they will stream the game for free here:

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Superbawl is american football finals or something similar right?

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Both my Roughriders and Seahawks winning in same year would be a dream come true!!!

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james pisano

I'm sure I'm in the minority, but this app requires location to be enabled in order to let you watch any video and I can't see how this is necessary for the app to work so I've deleted it.

I just don't enable any access to features and data on my phone unless an app needs it. Heck, this is why I love Blackberry! Security.

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Superb Owl... LOL

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hawkessales sporting event on planet earth. BB10 browser with flash works great.

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"Superb Owl",,, Colbert ripoff???


The NFL app won't allow me to use the HDMI cable to watch on the big screen TV! I subscribed to Verizon's $5.00/Month for nothing! I'm super pissed!

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I predict a 22 - 0 Seattle drubbing I'm the first half. :)

Zee Z30 pozted thiz


So... does Tim Tebow kinda look like Kevin to anybody else? No? Yeah I thought I was going a little crazy there.


Great Super Bowl game!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Worst superbowl ever.ever.ever

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Masta Snack Cracka streamed just fine on my z30.

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Eh...guys the super bowl is over?


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This one is for all the Nay-sayers, and HAWKS HATERS: WE ALL BOUT THAT ACTION BOSS

Vienna's original  abuser


"They have to deal with us."