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How to view, sort, share and save attachments in the Hub on OS 10.2.1

By Alicia Erlich on 5 Mar 2014 07:28 am EST

Now that BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 has landed we have been going over the new features and changes that makes your day-to-day usage easier and more productive. One of the items that has been around since the last iteration but deserves a closer look is the attachment view capability in the Hub. Not only can you view all of the files sent to you but filter and sort by name, date, name, sender, and type. Users may also utilize the search option to find exactly what they are looking for.

One of the great things about this is that for power users who juggle multiple email accounts and receive plenty of attachments - whether it be an important document for work, a photograph sent by a family member, or even a travel itinerary - attachment view lets you view them directly without searching for and opening up the original email.

Viewing attachments in the BlackBerry Hub

  • To see all of the files that you received as attachments, tap The Attachments icon.
  • To see all attachments from a conversation, tap a conversation. Tap The Attachments icon.
  • To see all attachments for a specific email account, tap the hub icon in the bottom left, select your account, and then tap the Attachments icon

Once you press the attachments icon, there are additional options available at the bottom. Users may tap on the Search icon to locate a specific one by file name only. They may also tap on the Grid or List icon to toggle between the two views which displays file names and the name of the individual who sent the message.

After you go through the list of items and locate the file you want, simply tap on an attachment to download, preview, or share. For items that are downloaded a small green checkmark appears in the upper right of the attachment icon.

Sorting Attachments in the BlackBerry Hub

After you select this feature in the Hub, users are able to sort by date, sender, name, type, and the order (ascending or descending).

  • From the BlackBerry Hub, tap the Attachments icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap the three dots (more/overflow icon) and select Sort
  • Using the drop down lists at the top of the screen you can choose the option(s) you wish to sort and order your list by
  • This action can also be performed through individual accounts as well

Sharing and Saving Attachments in the BlackBerry Hub

  • From the BlackBerry Hub, tap the Attachments icon at the bottom
  • Press and hold on the file you wish to share or save:
    • Images - Select from Save, Share, or Set As. You can also tap on the image to bring up the preview and choose these same actions from that screen
    • Files - Select the Download icon. Once the download is complete, press and hold on the attachment and choose from among the following options: Save, Share, or Open in File Manager
    • Multiple files – Press and hold on an attachment and from the side action menu, tap the Select More icon. If two files are selected, users may tap the share or save icon. If more than two are selected, only the download option is available.

This certainly a convenient feature for managing your inbox and accessing attachments quicker.  

For more BlackBerry 10 tips and ticks, be sure to check out our help guides or stop by the forums



On 10.2.1 I heard that you could check emails older than the ones synced to the phone. How would I do that?

Posted via CB10


Tap the top bar. Search for a folder. Or tap search icon at bottom, search for what you want. If it can't find, it will say "remote search".


Thanks, but it doesn't drop down on Comcast email accounts.


Comcast has a simplistic email system, it uses the old POP protocol. There is no such thing as remote search for a POP account. You will have to use their webmail.

Also, Remote Search is for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync connected accounts only on BB10. There are ways with some email clients to search an IMAP account but IMAP does not implement this in a universal and efficient way so BB10 does not support that at this time.


Unbelievable how this OS continues to give! I fumbled with attachments all weekend by scrolling through endless email strings looking for the right attachments. No longer!! This is just remarkable.

Posted via CB10


So convenient!

Posted via CB10


Showed a professional alien iphone user ( LOL ) who has not seen or even used a BlackBerry or BB10. I won't embarrass him here since he is a good friend but let me tell you he sends 2 to 3 emails to send 3 attachments to the same person, takes screen shots of an attachment sent to him and he saves it because his file manager app is not efficient ... you get my point ...Showed him the Power user Email & Email Attachment with Hub Attachment etc... on the Z30/Q10 and he said this " why is BlackBerry not promoting this ??? "


Can we have a device. That is water and dust resistant? The new Samsung S5 has it. Why not BB?

Posted via CB10


Wow wow wow wow........... how

Posted via CB10


I had just found this last night, though with some limited understanding. Now I log in at work and check my usual news sites and voilà! Here's the bits that I didn't understand! Thanks Crackberry staff!


Great feature BlackBerry. Sooner or later others will hopefully wise up and see the superior abilities of BB10 and phones. Bring on Z50 :-)

Don Diego endorses the Zed.


That is super useful and I can't believe I didn't pick up on that sooner! Awesome feature!

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

Thanks ,I love the update and my Z10 isn't at all the same phone as when I bought it,really amazing how far it has come.Gonna love my next BB even more!!


I've been on 10.2.1 since it leaked and did not know about this. Thank you...



Other platforms can eat their hearts out :D

ॐ BBM channeling at C003910CB (Tiger Daddy)


I didn't know about this until now. Thanks for opening my eyes to another bit of awesome BlackBerry goodness.

Posted via CB10


Can't believe I didn't know about this until now... thanks! Extremely useful

Posted via CB10


This is really very handy & productive...thanks to the BlackBerry team

Posted via CB10

james pisano

Thanks for the info. Very useful.

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10


Haha...amazing what happens if you just push a button sometimes.

Posted via CB10


Be careful with this! Others hubs have completely deleted , to include server emails

Posted via CB10


People continue to bash BlackBerry but they just don't understand how productive and robust this new os is n what's it about...I love my BlackBerry n in 2 weeks hopefully I would be getting my z30 :)

Posted via CB10


Just hoping BlackBerry do more advertising stint on these awesome features. How can people not on BB know its full capabilities if there's no marketing...

Posted via CB10


The BB "Tutorial app" has a lot of fantastic stuff in it. Try using it when you encounter difficulties and you'd be pleasantly surprised. Highly recommended.

TX Jedi

Seeing this made me realize how much more efficient BB10 is than my Outlook program. If only everyone knew this.


I have five email accounts and receive many attachments everyday. MS Outlook doesn't sort email by attachments nor does it list the file names. I will use this Hub feature first before trying to find something in Outlook. Thanks for the article Alicia.


So where do attachments sit before you opt to save them? Is it some temp folder?

 Q1O


They are on your email server.


Thanks! So when I click an atachment in an email message and see the blue progress bar, it's downloading the attachment or just opening it from a remote location?

 Q1O

Winston Loh

Thanks for the great tip ! I never knew about


Thank you BlackBerry for having the feature, and to Alicia at Crackberry for reminding me that it exists. So many new features / options to remember them all. Keep up the good work!! :D

Posted via CB10


Nice post, I'm sure many people will find good info here.

Uncle Sky

Thank you, much appreciated and I will put it to use

C004682C1 .... shot from my z10


How about some 10.1 tips since that's what we have now!!

Posted via CB10


Agree. By the time we get 10.2 I will forget all these great tips!!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10


The Attachment functionality is brilliant and I use it everyday - it's especially useful as I often do NOT want to forward the emails that the attachments were originally attached to

Prem WatsApp

Great. Tested today.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Prem WatsApp

On as well as

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


Doesn't help. Still have 10.1.

Posted via CB10


Still waiting for 10.2.1 for Q10 on Verizon! What is taking so long...

Posted via CB10


The waiting is killing me,why is Verizon doing this?

Posted via CB10


Actually there's a problem with attachments.
BlackBerry 10 downlands every attachment. Even if I don't want to download it.
It uses my data and my storage unnecessarily

Posted via CB10


When will Verizon update the BlackBerry q10? Please somebody help me please! I need to know!!

Posted via CB10


I have a Z10 and a Z30 :D

I updated our Z30 with 10.2.1 but have not been able to update our Z10. Is this update not applicable to Z10, I ran it thru the device, BlackBerry Link and PC desk top (BlackBerry. com) and thru all three modes it tells me I have the lates update installed already on my device (Z10). Any suggestions? Note: Z10 has 10.1 Installed; t-mobil.

Posted from myZ30 via CB10 app

Aza Rudee

BB10 Malaysia, early this year update on yesterday just get latest version what's new here?

Posted via CB10