How to use Story Maker on the BlackBerry Z30

By James Richardson on 5 Oct 2013 06:31 am EDT

Story Maker is just one of the built in applications that you will find on the BlackBerry Z30 if you purchase it. The application has been present since the launch of BlackBerry 10 and it's a fantastic way of piecing all your photographs together, with background music, in a collection of styles. 

I decided that the easiest way to demonstrate this would be by a video, so if you are not able to watch it right now I'd recommend coming back when you can. As you will see, Story Maker is so easy to use and the results can be fantastic. 

Creating a new project is simply done by launching the app, selecting 'Create New Story' and then it's just a case of choosing the photos/images you want included. You can scroll through all your photos on the Z30 or jump into your albums if you prefer. Once you have made your selection you can choose a music track to go along with it. There are some default ones with the app, but you can also use any track you have on your BlackBerry - which is awesome. 

As you are making a story you can amend the titles and credits which will appear at the start and end of the final product. Once this is done you will be presented with the Story Maker project and you have a choice of six different styles. Each style presents the images differently - either using them full screen, combining two or three images in one frame, plus zooming differences. 

At the base of the display (or by jumping into the settings) you can alter the arrangement of the photos and also there you will find the save tab. Once you are happy, the project can be saved and you can then either access it via the Story Maker app itself or by jumping into the videos folder on your Z30. You can then share or upload to YouTube/DropBox etc.

Story Maker really is a great application that's all part of the BB10 experience and as you would have seen - how to use it is a piece of cake. 

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How to use Story Maker on the BlackBerry Z30


Thanks for showing us this James, I've been curious about Story Maker bit didn't dive into it for whatever reason.

Z10 with OS

If you don't have one doesn't mean that no one else has one. I do and appreciate all posts about Z30

Posted via the stunning Z30!

the app works the same for the Z10 and the Z30, so since many people have a Z10, this article and this video are informative.

Thank you James !
(though the background music choice does not fit the pictures at all ROTFL)

Create spam traffic hence generate $$$ for Crackberry. All these posts about how apps works on Z30...they work exactly how they did on the Z10 and Q10 and Q5 since they are the very same app.

People Google this stuff so we need to cater for them. I'm sorry if you don't find the 'How To' posts productive but for new adopters of BB10 these posts will help them to love their BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

They don't need to be published though, keep them on the back end so google searches get directed to crackberry but that's it.

Don't forget we all have crackberry on Facebook, Twitter etc. So every "how to" gets jammed in our face over and over again. Would be nice of only the good stuff did.

You don't have to "have" a Z30...this article is useful to anybody who owns a BB10 device. Don’t be so closed minded.

Posted via CB10

Right near the end of the video, James mentions that when you have completed your story you have options for sharing it.
Thanks James, Oct 15 can't come soon enough here in Canada.

I do a story after every fishing trip, my kidlets birthdays and any other event I take a ton of pics for. Awesome feature for sure.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for this post. I have not yet used story maker but this will help when I do. I think Crackberry does a service in this area that is very useful.

Posted via CB10

Story maker is a great idea, reminds me of the days when Nokia has its Muvee application with similar functions and then it just disappeared :-( there are some other phones with a similar application out of the box, but not many of them. LG had it on the OG and I do believe HTC one has something like. Nevertheless keep it up blackberry ;-)

I think you are right because in this video I don't see the differences with the Z10 version.
Well it's still good at least.

It's a great app, used it on the z10.
For sharing, bbm won't allow the huge files that it creates, but YouTube or Dropbox works fine. Just lose some resolution with YouTube.

It's actually pretty intuitive app on its own, but you can also do quite a bit of editing with it too, in terms of video clips and how long each is displayed for.

Great native built in app, I'd rather use this than premier for a quick fun video

Posted via CB10

The best Story maker App vs any platform period and once again no Hype marketing from BlackBerry great work James as always your best line ..." Cheap as Chips " still sticks !!!

Seems like they'd do marketing campaigns strictly using the story maker mode and time shift. They could do high dolla add for TV and cheap fan made projects for the Web/youtube/social sites. I'm no marketing guy but I'm just saying it could be showcase better.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

Story Maker is a great app. It should have been featured in its own commercial, I think a lot of people would love this. Just have to add it to the list of great BlackBerry features never capitalized on...

Posted via CB10

It's one of these ridiculous apps which should not be provided by BB. Let devs offer something better.
This is like Powerpoint in the 90s, all presentations look the same. Same ridiculous zooming effects, transitions. Best way to create that cheesy "Why I love my dog" High School presentation I guess...

Mmmm. Cheese. :-D
Don't like it? Don't use it.
I love the ease of using it and the results.

Are developers prevented from putting out something more feature-filled?

Posted via CB10

A good thing devs can still offer better products, but why show off with all these TATs demo, when they only deliver average apps? They've bought the timeshift feature for the camera. They could have bought some awesome movie maker app and include that.

Thanks James. Keep up the good work. I have to say people have been in a down right awful mood around here. I understand why but if we could all just find a way to keep it positive then this site has a better chance of not scaring away new users and reminding everyone what a great resource Crackberry is to help get the most out of our devices which I appreciate so very much.

Posted via CB10

Do all these crazy negative people just hang around CrackBerry waiting to respond to an article and give their 2 cents ? James simply wrote a review. If you people hate BlackBerry so much then why are you even here? Go find another forum where you can complain about how your world is in turmoil and everything seems to be BlackBerry's fault.

BB10 IS the best!

I used SM a lot while on holiday in the UK. Attended a friends wedding near London and had a slide show of the affair posted on Facebook within hours (after getting approval from the bride of course). My Z10, Remote File Access and Story Maker were great tools to have on holiday.

I think movie maker is not as easy as it show in this youtube. You need to be creative to make the best movie you created.
Its more fun than playing game.

Posted via CB10

Story Maker is so good. One of BB10 features I love so much. I created short stories, documentary with it. Hope they add it to Z30. Is really great!!!!!!!!

While the 64 bit or quad core phone with million app can only post photo or terrible video to social media. The simple dual core BlackBerry 10 with less app can post awesome video. Thx to Story maker. :p

Posted via CB10

You can also add videos and edit what section you want of it on your 'story'.

Posted via CB10

Thank you James. After seeing this, I used story maker for the first time. It is simple to use and I enjoyed showing 'my tale' :)

On my chosen one... z10

Both loudspeakers of Z30 create effortlessly a stereophonic image; OK... But, have videos a better sound thanks to four microphones of Z30? Better than the sound of the videos of Z10?

I hate that you can't post your Storymaker on Facebook, if you're using copyrighted music. They remove it!

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