How to use Snap on BlackBerry 10 to install Android APK files

By Bla1ze on 28 Jan 2014 03:14 pm EST

Now that BlackBerry 10.2.1 has arrived for most folks, the ability to install Android APK files with no need for file conversion is going to be one of the biggest highlights. It opens the doors to a lot of apps that otherwise might not be available thanks to the included Android runtime on BlackBerry 10. With that though comes the problem of where to get APK files. 

There's really a lot of way to go about it but to make things a bit easier on folks, the native BlackBerry 10 application Snap was created. Snap is essentially a front end for the Google Play Store so you know APK files downloaded from there are safe and secure as they can be. The apps have passed Google Play's approval process and through the use of Snap, it's no different really than downloading from the Google Play Store directly.

The only problem with Snap is that it is a bit of an advanced method in the fact that the app itself, being a native BlackBerry 10 app, needs to be sideloaded. The great thing about it though is that once it's set up there's no real need to set up anything else because as long as Snap is maintained by the developer, there is very little work you as a end-user of the app need to do in order to keep on installing APK files onto your BlackBerry 10.2.1 device.

If you're looking to sideload Snap in order to gain the ability to download Android APK files directly onto your BlackBerry smartphone, we've put together a guide for you that not only shows you how to sideload the Snap app itself but also how to install APK files directly onto your BlackBerry 10 smartphone using the app. 


Sideloading Snap

Snap Dev Mode

  • Download and install Google Chrome.
  • Once Google Chrome is installed, open it up and install this extension for Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Download the latest Snap .BAR file to your computer, place it somewhere you'll remember.
  • Enable development mode on your BlackBerry - Go to Settings>Security and Privacy>Development Mode. Turn the switch to the ON position. Note the IP address it lists as well, it's most commonly set to but if different, make note of it. Also, it may ask you to create a password. If so, make one and do not forget it.
  • Grab your micro-USB cable and plug it into your device, then plug your device into your computer.
  • Open Google Chrome and visit If your IP found in development was different, replace with the IP found there.
  • If you get an SSL error page or it says this sites security certificate is not trusted, that's fine. It's not causing any harm. Just accept and proceed. If you get a different sort of error though, like this page cannot be found or this webpage is not available, try reconnecting your device or try a different USB port.
  • Also, you may need to go to the Google Chrome extension settings and enter the correct IP address there. Generally, it auto detects it but if not you'll need to add it manually. Additionally, if you're still unable to connect, make sure your anti-virus is disabled or the app is allowed to run. This often times causes a lot of connection issues especially for Windows users.
  • Once you have the page loaded up, enter in your device password that you created to approve access. You will then see a list of what's already installed on your device.
  • From there, you can go to the top right hand corner where it says 'Install Apps' and click on that. That will open a file explorer window for your computer, in which case you want to browse to wherever it is that you downloaded the Snap BAR file and select it.
  • Once selected, the Snap file will begin installing and you can view the progress in Chrome. When done, you will see 'result::success' indicating that all went well and the file sideloaded properly.
  • You can now disconnect your device from your computer and we'll look at setting up Snap.

Note that this process is applicable for any app that you wish to sideload, not just Snap. If there is other BAR files you wish to install, it can be done the exact same way.


That's all too hard?

If this all a bit too complicated for you, you can make life easier and download Sachesi for your respective computer. Once downloaded, plug in your device, run the Sachesi app and go to the "Install" tab. From there, drag the Snap bar into Sachesi and it will load it. I will note though, DO NOT go messing with anything else in the Sachesi app if you're not aware of what it does.


Setting Up Snap

Snap Sign In

With Snap now properly sideloaded, the rest is really easy. Once you open up the app, it will ask you for your Google login because again, it's basically acting as a front end for the Google Play Store. That of course, implies you must have a Google account of some type, so if you don't have one of those you'll need to sign up for something Google but I'm sure most of you already have that.

In any case, I'm not going to tell you what to do here. If you're not comfortable with handing over such info, you can swipe from the top in the app to view the privacy policy put forth by the developer of Snap. If it meets your standards, you can proceed, if not quit the app and never look back.

I'm going to assume you want to proceed for the rest of this and rather than writing out the steps for downloading and installing apps using Snap, you can go ahead and click play on the video for a bit of a walkthrough on how it's all done and what to expect when installing apps.

Reader comments

How to use Snap on BlackBerry 10 to install Android APK files



I use only google search to install apk file..even manage to install crack file without rooting the phone..just type the name of and download,,I just use z10 itself to download and work so smooth and easy...

I just used Sachesi and it was fast and easy. Just put the bar file onto the desktop, open Sachesi, hit 'Install' as above, drag and drop the file into the open menu and it loads itself. It's the easiest method I've seen.

I presume you mean uninstalling apps that you donwloaded from Snap. If so, go to Settings --> App Manager --> Device Monitor --> Storage. Then click on the app you want to delete from the list and then click Delete at the bottom of the page.

Orrrr just delete like you would any other app. Then go to your downloads folder and delete the apk.

All this side loading stuff and apk is no more clear now than when i got the phone. For those who have no idea and a definite place to download apps outside of BlackBerry world

Z!0, Nothing Compares

Honestly, that's why this particular guide was made. Because a lot of people simply do not understand how to do it. I laid it out as simple as possible, using the simplest of terms and even telling specific places of where to download things. It's not meant to be an easy process, it's meant for advance users. If you cannot make it through this guide, then honestly I'm at a loss for telling you how to do it aside from coming to your house and showing you.

Couldn't you do a PowerPoint presentation with graphs and pictures and stuff? You could also have done your video with a kindergarten teacher's voice...that would have worked well too! ;)
Can't wait for 10.2.2 when everything installs and works automatically with absolutely no user input! :p

Honestly, no clue why you replied to that guy - this guide is made for parrots and monkeys.
faith in humanity - lost.

I had never done this before and it worked great. One I have to leave my device in Developer Mode after SNAP is installed or can I turn that off?

not sure if you mentioned 2 step verification as i need to create an app specific password and once you install Snap you can switch out of Dev mode - i think you forgot to mention that. Other than that all good thanks Blaze.

Thank you for creating the guide - it looks really clear and easy to follow (I'll probably have a go at the weekend)

Hi, Im not tech savvy and is only trying to use SNAP to download viber on my Z10. Have followed your simple steps (even if they didn't seem very simple to me) but is still unable to download the app. I am stuck on the screen where it asks me to enter my device password and when I do, it would say its trying to retrieve list of installed apps but goes back to asking my device password over and over again. Please help.

Just want to make sure, you did enable developer mode? as it is going to be the password entered there, or rather a PIN in most cases, you would need to enter in your sideloading software.

I'm with you. I have not been able to download snap using the simple instructions either. I have tried on 3 different computers only to get the same error. Can't open the file because it is not recognized. I have not been able to find a solution either. I guess I'm not as computer savvy as I was a few years ago.

The process hasnt changed in terms of how to get apps. BBW is the only BB wants you to get the apps from. Android Devs still have to re package APK to BAR and submit them to BBW for approval to make sure the android app works perfectly. They have to do since not API's work with BB world google play services is one like in app purchases and so on. So they have to make sure its fully compatible before giving it to the public. Imagine the negativity if people install APK's with BB approval and they dont work properly or lag....LOL BB doesnt need that right now.

hello Anthony,
please help me dude, im facing problem while installing .apk file in My BB Z10, i have updated it through OTA to BB 10.2.1, its showing only proccessing window nothing else than that, and i have already selected "allow apps from other sources to be installed" in app manager. but its not installing apk file. SHOWING ONLY "PROCESSING" WINDOW.
please send reply dude and on email id too "" please please please.

HI, I am having the same issue. Installed and logged in successfully, but somehow its not installing apps from snap, when I click download, its stuck on "Preparing download" I have a Z30 STL100-5. Can you email me at and let me know what I can do to get this fixed? Thanks.

I'M having the same problem just seeing the processing screen when trying to install. My pin 2b4efe44. Help please :-)

hi anthony
please im begging you give me a hand my phone is stuck on processing when i try to install any app please add me on bbm and tell me what i can do thnks; 24c1e17f

hey anthony, im having the same problem on my z10 and was hoping youd be able to help.2BAD7219

Hi Anthony,

I tried sideloading SNAP on my Q10 for several times but once I download an app like Instagram and click open installer, it will only give me a window that says "PROCESSING". And it's stuck up there. I have the latest OS version Please help. my BBM PIN is 2AF2CE28

Thanks in advance and looking forward to chatting with you. :)

Hello Anthony,
I'm having the same issue, can1t install android apps, even the android related apps from BBW (e.g. Skype or SoundCloud). I've tried everything - reloading the OS, wipe and so on. Pls help me! "Allow apps from Other Sources to be Installed - On". I've also trid to sideload the .apks (after converting them to .bar) , but just as I try to open them, they disappear.

Thanks for the tip. I tried downloading Snap and it only downloaded a Bar file. I figured something was wrong when it did not allow me to open the file once download. I see now that I have to sideload

Posted via CB10

This was super easy! Did it this morning in a few minutes using the Playbook App Manager in chrome.

Snap should post an apk for those who don't want to sideload.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Duh? Sorry we aren't all as bright as you. Regards

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Thank you!! Like saying DUH is rude you are assuming people know between APK and BAR and native this and that....thanks for that Ricktrout :) and bad bad bad boy blackmoe.....BAD!!! LOL

Snap is working good. When I use chrome I get this erro 'unfortunately Google play is....'

Secondly do I need to update snap. Man that process to side load....grrr
Anyway pls reply. Thanks your positive approach and helping others out.

come on Snap charge $1.99 even $2.99 and make it easy for us we do not sideload heck...BlackGram ripped me off $2.99 so I am willing to pay or donate tick tick tick @!!!

Not a question of charging... but probably more around getting it approved on BlackBerry World... BlackBerry has a tight approval process !!! Who knows we might see it in the future !

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Sideloaded the app, but when I input my login details, says either password or username is wrong - both are right. I have two factor security setting on the Gmail account being used, could that be the culprit?

Posted via CB10 on STL100-2/

Thanks umbrau44! setting an application specific password worked for me (since i too have 2-factor security)

Hi umbaru44. Call me an idiot, but how do you set an app specific password?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

You need to go to your Google account settings. When you're logged into gmail, click on your picture, then Account, where you should see a tab for security. This should take you to this web page:

This screen has link for app passsword settings. Once you click on it, you will have to enter your password again. This is the screen where you can create an app specific password which bypasses the two-factor authentication.

Please note that you only need to create an app password if you have two-factor authentication turned on. Otherwise, you should be able to use your regular google password.

Wow, thanks for the quick response. And yes, I do have two factor authentication turned on. But, POW worked like a charm!

I am NOT using 2-step security and can't get past the login screen. User/pass work in browser though. Gave up after trying for two hours.

UPDATE: I changed my password to alphanumeric and it now works. For some reason, it wouldn't work when I had a symbol in the password.

Been using it a month and it is an awesome combo with BlackBerry World and android play apps.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30

Wow I was surprised to see the new is update on my screen I thought I would be a person that had to wait before getting it

Posted via CB10

When I try to Acces the Google Chrome page with my ip it says error 404 and say can't be displayed
Is it maybe cause I'm with Vista?

Posted via CB10

All my vista machines had google chrome on it, you are simply installing a browser so there shouldn't be any problems

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

Happen to me as well.
Check the IP address that you put in and, I messed up the 0 and 1 or what ever the address is in the Development Mode IP is.
And having a BIG Problem with AVG had to disable it to get it to work..............

I just worked with someone who had added entered the IP address into the Chrome plugin as "" (because that is what is displayed in the BB settings) and kept getting 404.

Remove the "/30" in the Chrome plugin settings, click Save and go to again.

Our 404 problem was solved and we were able to view and install new apps.

Bought the Z10 to get less Google, the last thing I'm going to do is install chrome. If I need an app BB World doesn't have I'll go Amazon.

You can also install DDPB to side load. It's it's own application. Google it (lol).

Posted via CB10

Lol and

I prefer the DDPB method, takes about 30 seconds. For anyone worried, it seems hard when you look at the steps but it's really easy.

I prefer snap over amazon or 1 mobile. It's fast smooth and best of all no annoying notifications.

Posted via CB10

Nick, agreed on both points. DDPB is the easiest way to side load apps and Snap is by far the better of the options to download APKs.

I'm actually surprised Google doesn't want to get in on this directly (maybe they do.) Cash is cash, advertising is advertising.

Sachesi exists for a reason, and doesn't require development mode or all of that Google Chrome extension crap.

Not sure why this guide still suggests that extension...

Posted via CB10

Is it only good for free apps still or can we purchase apps yet? - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

How about apps we've already purchased through Google Play? That could be a make or break for me. I've bought quite a few apps since I started using Android but I'm very tempted to get back on BB

I'd agree. I have a pile of paid Android apps that I wish I could download from Snap/Play Store. It was kind of heartbreaking to see them locked away.

I'd love to see that as the next option in Snap. Heck, I'd pay for access to my paid apps.

I've got a ton of apps that I had previously purchased on Google Play, and I've been able to use about 80% of them on my Z10 using Snap. It's awesome!

honestly is this thing safe ?
Every app needs all permissions ,without giving the option to disable anything.
Is this safe for our devices ?
Does blackberry os prevent something going wrong on our devices when installing apks .

Welcome to Android. Even in the Play Store on our devices you have to accept all permissions when installing. There's no picking and choosing, either you let the app run as is or you don't install it.

ok thank you .
I understand that and i know what happens on google playstore on android devices .
Blackberry devices are meant to be secure , doing this is stopping security.
I think its not a good idea for our devices …
Am i wrong ?
Thank you

Snap is great. I know how to sideload bar files but why is a native BB10 app a sideloaded when it could be in BlackBerry World? It is more difficult to load this native BB10 app than it is to load Android apps!

What is keeping Snap out of BlackBerry World?

Posted via CB10

Making snap official means developers will loose the limited interest they have in developing native BlackBerry apps

Posted via CB10

The reason why SNAP is not in BlackBerry World is because SNAP is an application designed to download apps from Google Play. Google has not granted permission to any of BlackBerry's hardware to subscribe to Google Play services, which are required by some .apk files (e.g. Google Maps) to run properly..BlackBerry is not in a position to validate the installation or use of untested applications From Google Play, even though we know the vast majority of these apps will run without any issues. So in a nutshell, it's business.

But nothing stops Android developers to port for BB10 and go through the process to publish their apps on BBW. Since the apps is the developers intellectual property it makes sense to have developers go this route. This way it can be BBW certified, and we will have less hassles and better quality apps.

Great guide for what might be the best current method of downloading .apk files for BB10. I've tried a few android app stores and this one rocks.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

Have been strugglin on gettin snap, the page keeps showing unavailable, I have tried it on all the ports but still same, any idea pls?

Posted via CB10

Why do we always get the message that 'this app will not run without Google play services'?? Any idea?? And any solution?

Posted via CB10

The answer is in the question. You keep trying to install apps that need Google Play Services which aren't available.

I love this app great installer, u can log into Google, and it let's u know about updates

Posted via CB10

Why isn't Snap on BB World, then you wouldn't need to sideload it? Seems like that would take a small amount of effort? I'm sure there's something I'm missing, but seems odd.

Because then Siri would find out and get jealous and cut BB's PP off. If that were to happen, your phone would explode and probably cause severe burning to the side of your skull. Burning skull is bad for you and the SNAP devs know this. They are keeping it backdoor for the time-being until either our skulls become flame-retardant or the Z50 comes out which will feature an automatic, appropriately rated head extinguisher.

Posted via CB10

I just got 1Mobile and it was super easy,just scan the bar code and ,Voila!!Many people recommended it and I guess I know why now.I was surprised to see many updates for apps I already have.

hey. have you tried downloading plants vs zombies 2 or other games. How can you make it work. is said you need to have a google play account. thnks

but 1Mobile is awfully slow though & i installed instagram &snapchat those are the old updates. I don't know why but that's how it shows up on my z10

Is there a way to install Snap without having to install Chrome? I do not want Chrome on my machine.

Z10 with OS

There are several methods to sideload bar files going all the way back to the BlackBerryGraphicalAid software that was originally for the Playbook but works fine with phones. So Chrome is only one of several methods including command line tools published by BBBRY but command line methods are not everybody's cup of tea.

Download DDPB, (small program).
Download bar snap bar file(search CB)
On your phone turn on development mode
Then go to "about" any get your wifi ip address
Enter it on the DDPB program
Enter your device password on DDPB
Connect, install snap
Wait 30 seconds, complete
Turn off development mode, (I like to)
And your good to go and with 10.2.1 should not have to do this again.

This also works through a USB cable

Posted via CB10

Thanks Nick. This is exactly how I did it and find it is much easier than the instructions from Blaze.
Strongly recommend using DDPB.

Snap gets on my device fine, but once I click open installer after downloading an app it gets stuck at the processing screen? Any ideas!?

Posted via CB10

Thanks so much Bla1ze ! Now this is the first time I use Snap after getting the official Very excited to see how android app will show up in BlackBerry device :-)

Just wondering as I have only side loaded on my Playbook and it has been a while, does my Z10 need to stay in development mode if I side load Snap? I I've it better not having to sign in all the time. Just wondering.

Posted via CB10

Step 1: Settings >> App Manager >> Installing Apps >> Allow apps from other sources

Step 2: Setting >> Security & Privacy >> Application Permissions >> Snap >> Allow all.

Posted via CB10

Anybody have issues l opening the installer once the download has been completed. Tried three different apps now and same result. No leak ever installed on my z10 tx!

Posted via CB10

Really thank you for this tutorial. It works for me perfectly and it was super easy. And the app is really great. It is nice to have  BlackBerry native app for Android apps. :-)

Posted by my Z10

First time side loading and followed the instructions. I missed adding the IP address into the Chrome extension Window. I think there should be a note about that.

Posted via CB10

Why some apps are still not working like plants vs zombies 2. It says you need to have an account on Google play. Anyone?

Posted via CB10

Hi from Germany! Thank you so much for the guide. It worked!
One question: How will I be informed about updates for the Android apps I downloaded?

Hi, you'll have to check manually, when you open the app and go into My Apps menu, the updates will show up, if there are any.

Posted via CB10

Sideload Snap and other apps via Sachesi is much easier then the described way via Chrome. No need to install another browser only for sideloading. Sachesi works fine without any installation!

Posted via CB10

Every time I try to use my Gmail account to log into snap it tells me that it's the wrong email or pw, anyone has this problem?

Posted via CB10

Snap only works with, and will not work with, which is what I've been given. Dissaponted, because the app works fine until after downloading the app, when you click install and nothing happens

Posted via CB10

Type m-y-v-e-r (without the dashes) into a note and watch the magic unfold before your very eyes.

Posted via CB10

Hey Alexgirto, I've installed snap on my BB Z10 STL100-1 version and works perfectly find. It must be something you're doing wrong.

I installed snap but the apps stuck in the processing screen for eternity :(
all my android apps stop working and i can no longer do shift+enter to move to the line below.

any suggestion?

I love CB, and am a number 1 fan, however, and no offence to Blaize, the instructions aren't exactly clear cut. If you go on one of the rival BB websites (I won't mention the name here out of respect), they show you how to side load complete with screenshots, step by step. It was a 'snap' to install (pun intended). While I was at it, I side loaded the Snap2Chat bar file as well. Having said that, I deleted my 1mobile and Amazon accounts. Snap is the best, hands down.

Errr... Would be great if you skipped the überpoliteness to CB and Blaize and just told us where you're finding clearer instructions... I'm lost and have wasted enough time with this already.. and I'm obviously not the only one! ;)

Some apps don't work all that well (Snapchat won't allow you to type a space when entering a comment, Talking Tom won't load says network error, candy crush won't allow you to connect through facebook) at least these are the issues I am finding on my Z10

I just downloaded Candy Crush via Snap and CC crashes every time I try to open it. Does it now require Google Play Services? And how do we find this out?

Does snap require developmentment mode to be on once it is installed? My company IT policy forces development mode off. I get one chance when I activate the device but before I enroll with corporate to sideload whatever I need. If dev mode will forever forward be inaccessible, is there any use in installing it?

I had no problem installing SNAP. Now when I open it and download. Then when I hit open installer all it says is Processing for a long time and does nothing

I did what you said enabling other app sources in app manager and I still have the same issue. Also my other side loaded apps I had like instagram and Snapchat stopped working. I click the icon and it opens for half a second then closes right away with no error

As others have reported the second I enter the search using Google Chrome bang page not found I've tried this instructions like over 12 times same error every time. Help!

Posted via CB10

Open the extension up in the right hand corner then put the ip address in. I frigged with it for half an hour before realizing that. Don't click on the ip address link in the article...

Posted via CB10

Should mention to input the ip address in the extension program you download and install in Chrome. I'm sure there are a few other people than me that didn't realize that right away.... well I hope there is

Posted via CB10


I successfully loaded snap on my phone. I can download an app, but when I click on the "Open Installer" nothing happens. I have a z30 and just downloaded 10.2.1 today. Any thoughts?

I am stuck trying to point chrome at

I keep getting the error 404 not found even though I have tried all of the ports and my computer and blackberry link say my Z10 is connected.

I am not a tech guy like many of you but I think I followed all of the steps laid out in this post.

Any ideas? Be nice :-)

Posted via CB10

If you get stuck at processing after clicking open installer, go in application permissions of your phone and grant the app the permissions it wants. This will solve your problem. Happy downloading! :)

Posted via CB10

Even after granting SNAP all it's permissions, AS WELL as turning "ON" installing apps from other sources, I to am stuck on "processing". I've rebooted my phone a few times and no luck...

I'm in the same boat. Even did a device wipe and a fresh load of 10.2.1 since I had some betas at some points on the device. No luck.

Been using snap for a while it is amazing first time ever donating to developers. Can't wait for paid apps

Posted via CB10

I updated to 10.2.1 today on my Z10. All of the previously working side loaded apps stopped working. My email accounts stopped working and had to be re-added (gmail still not working).
I did side load Snap as a bar file and it runs.

When I try to install an apk file the Z10 gets hung up on a black screen that just says 'Processing'. Then nothing happens. I have seen a few other posts with similar experiences.

When I download the app on Snap, and then i click Open Installer, nothing happens. The Open Installer button just dims. Please help.

Try going to: Settings --> App Manager --> Installing Apps, and then turning "Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed" to "ON".

I just downloaded Snap and tried it for the first time.
I can find and download the apps I want, but when it comes to installation, it just show "Processing" and the progress circle.
Any idea how to solve this?
Thanks in advance.

I just downloaded Snap and tried it for the first time.
I can find and download the apps I want, but when it comes to installation, it just show "Processing" and the progress circle.
Any idea how to solve this?
Thanks in advance.

Try going to: Settings --> App Manager --> Installing Apps, and then turning "Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed" to "ON".

Worked beautifully Thanks

But just need to point out something here, maybe it will help someone.

For users who are still not able to connect to even after enabling the development mode from chrome they can also try their wifi IP address e.g in my case as it worked for me

Thanks for the help

Hi all, everything went well with the sideloading. Just want to know. When I download an app and it says 'open installer' it stays on 'processing' for a very long time is that right? Or should I try and reinstall it.

Posted via CB10

Anyone know how to get by this in progress screen when installing apps. I have permissions set, and allowed third party aps... same thing no matter where or how I get my apk please

Posted via CB10

As half-expected, I'm getting nowhere with the instructions here and have wasted more time with this whole android app-porting BS... So much easier with the new OS update? Sure.

No matter what I do, when I try to visit, I get the same error message in Chrome:

404 Not Found

This item has not been found
[my phone's name]:443

When I click on "[my phone's name]:443" anyway, I get this message from the browser:

No data received.

Have shut my antivirus and firewall software off, as well as all the other suggestions given in the instructions to avoid error messages at this point.

Love my new BlackBerry, but, like I already said, this whole porting thing is like my last relationship: a time-wasting, frustrating experience with no rewards ... still :(

Exactly the same here, but the message I get is "Oops, Google Chrome could not find ****443".
Was all going so well until this point. Now I'm lost...

I got SNAP and Amazon App Stores installed, very excited. Now - what Android Apps do I need?? I'm looking at the list and can't find anything I don't get from Blackberry Apps or the BB10 Browser? Any advice?

I can't get passed step 1 lol. It won't let me download Google Chrome when I click on the download link. Help?

Posted via CB10

Hi, Free apps work and install fine with me, but the ones i have already paid for on Google Play i cannot even download. All i see is the price and the download button is greened (greyed) out. Any ideas?

Not finding my device after changing to dev mode. Changed ports and IP for my phone with no luck.

SNAP is the BEST!.. take the time to install it and then the sideloading of individual .APK files afterwards will all be essentially eliminated.

I did sideload using chrome. Success. But after I downloaded the apps I clicked on open installer. Then nothing happens.

Posted via CB10

I need help! I've been trying to connect the IP address ( and my phone is connected to my mac but the webpage is not available. I checked my 'Development Mode' and it is turned ON. However it's different than my friends page. Mines sayings expires in 10 days and 'Debug Token' is no installed.. I have no clue what this means. SOMEONE HELP

I had the same issue as you till I figured it out. I had to click on the bb10/playbook app manager and add my IPv4. To get your IPv4, you go Settings>About>Network>Wi-Fi>IPv4. You type it in the box and click save. After you clicked save, there should be a "manage your device" on the bottom with the IPv4 you have just entered. You click it and type in your password. Then it should work.

I really love the selection and the user friendly basis of Snap! It's incredible! One question for everyone though.. has anyone noticed since side loading Snap, that their battery is draining quicker?

My Z10 battery used to last over a day, I sideloaded snap earlier and a couple new apps and my battery is already at 46% on about 6.5 hrs from full... I was also at work and was barely able to use it, so I don't know why it would start draining so quick.

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after installing an app it takes forever to load and then shut the app down. Is this happening to anyone else? How does a person fix this so the apps that are downloaded run properly?

I have side loaded Snap. I can download free apps from the Google Play store. However, I cannot get the apps to install using the File Manager. It tells me these files cannot be opened. Instead, I have copied the apk file to my hard drive, used a converter website to convert to a bar file and sideloaded the bar file just like I did the Snap file. Seems to work. I have just installed app. Frustrated though that I was not able to realize the promise of native install of apk files on the Blackberry Q10.

BlackBerry need to approve this for BBW. I sideloaded and it's great but the average non techy guy is still going to be missing out on the best feature of 10.2.1 until they allow this. 1Market and Amazon I didn't like.

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i want to download frontline commando d-day but it download only apk not full data in z10 .. in android play store it was like 322mb file....

So I'm going to be the annoying guy here. I feel like such a failure. I'm generally pretty competent with tech stuff but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to sideload bar files. When I saw this post a couple of days ago I saw it as a blessing. I thought: "Finally, I'll actually be able to get Snap installed." Lo and behold, I'm starting to think someone did voodoo on my Blackberry. The issue I'm getting is the same as what a few people posted above. In fact, I've copied and pasted the following from a poster above:

No matter what I do, when I try to visit the (I can't put the official link here because it marks it as spam and won't let me post...), I get the same error message in Chrome:

404 Not Found

Have shut my antivirus and firewall software off, as well as all the other suggestions given in the instructions to avoid error messages at this point.

OK, back to my own writing now. To be extra sure, I've tried this on two different computers and I'm still at the same error message.

Is there hope for me or am I just helplessly doomed?


I've got Snap sideloaded, signed in with my Google account and downloaded several apps which show up in the download section of my profile. Yet when I click "open installer" nothing happens. I have 9 apps waiting to get installed but it wont go further then the "start installer" option and from there nothing. What to do?

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I've tried the method, I got as far as starting the developer mode, but after I put in the IP in the location bar I get a not found error as its looking for 'index.html" below it has my device's name and everything....