How to use Password Keeper on BlackBerry 10

Securely store all your passwords on your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone with Password Keeper

By James Richardson on 5 Feb 2013 11:21 am EST

Having a password keeper on a BlackBerry is nothing new. It has been a stock application on BlackBerry smartphones for a long time. My BlackBerry Z10 didn't come with it pre-installed, however I did find it in BlackBerry World and it is a native BlackBerry app, rather than a third party one. If you're not familiar with Password Keeper on BlackBerry, it's a password storage and password generation tool that works great. Looking to learn more about its uses or how to go about setting it up? You can jump below for the full guide.

Using the password keeper is extremely easy. Once you open the application for the first time you will have to enter a password which will allow you into the app in the future. Don't forget this one!


Once you have created the password it will be time to enter the information you wish to store. Press the 'Add' tab and you are presented with a selection of boxes which you can fill with text. These include a title, website, username, password and notes - perfect if you are prone to forgetting important information.

Password Info

A neat feature with the BlackBerry 10 password keeper is that if you want to create a new password you can just press the 'Generate Password' tab and you will be given a unique password to use.


When jumping back into the app to view your passwords you are given the option to copy the password - perfect if you need the password for an app or webpage you are viewing on your BlackBerry.

BlackBerry have done a great job with the password keeper. The user interface is neat and clean yet the app works perfectly. Nice work password keeper team!

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How to use Password Keeper on BlackBerry 10


I am really pleased to see this available. I have been using Password Keeper since my first BlackBerry (957) and had been looking at alternatives for use with the Z10 I have ordered thinking it won't be available for BB10. This will save me some time as well, I have quite a few passwords in Password Keeper. :)

Perhaps somebody can explain: why is BB-centric password management superior to using something like LastPass or 1Password? Why not use a scheme that works on mobile phones, tablets, and my laptop computer?

Agreed. I used to use Password Keeper, but wanted something compatible with all my devices/platforms too. KeepPass is my go to. Hope a BB10 version comes out.

I agree, for web site passwords, something like Lastpass would be better.

I myself use Password Keeper for things like Client Alarm Security Codes and things like Bank account info.

Just last week my truck was broken into and keys to some clients office's were stolen. With a couple of exceptions, it wasn't a big deal because the keys weren't marked with very identifiable names, but more importantly - the corresponding alarm codes were in my BB on my hip.

Both LastPass and 1Password have a secure notes facility. They not only work for web site passwords, but they are perfectly suited for your Client Alarm Security Codes and Bank account info. Since the same data file can be accessed virtually anywhere, I'm mystified why Password Keeper would be preferable...

If I install this on my Z10 (getting one in March), and then restore my Password Keeper backup from my 9930 will my previous passwords be there?

I've got the same question: I currently use password keeper on my blackberry, too.... hopefully it is an easy transfer to the new password keeper.

I have the same question... I have a whole wack of passwords, really hoping I can back up and restore to my new Z10... Hoping to snap one up today at bestbuy if I can shake some free time out of my schedule. James, maybe you can shed some light on restoring old data from our 9900's to our Z10's? Thanks buddy.

Thankfully, Password Keeper will give you the option to import your previous passwords on first set up. I previously had a Torch 9800 and was dreading having to copy across all of my old passwords or trying to find some arcane method of transferring between DTM and BlackBerry Link. Fortunately, you can copy everything across - I'm pretty sure it uses BBID to implement it.

A few questions about Password Keeper (I am a heavy PK user!):
1. Are there any options for categorizing passwords?
2. How does this work with BB Balance? Are there effectively 2 separate Password Keepers, or just 1 accessible from both sides?
3. (And probably most important:) Can data be migrated from BBOS7 to BB10 so that I don't have to re-enter all my passwords when I pick my shinny new mobile computing device?

The best way to gauge the trustworthiness of a product is from an independent third-party source. Computer security expert Steve Gibson explains why LastPass is indeed trustworthy and why it's a superior system for the generation and storage of passwords on his Security Now! podcast: .

Password Keeper may be a fine Blackberry-only solution, but I have yet to see anyone here explain how BB software does anything to help me manage my passwords for my laptop, tablet, or other devices.

Same question can you transfer passwords from BB7 to Z10 without retyping all of them? I sure hope so and bet there is a way. Thanks.

Yes....i was able to restore my passwords onto my Z10 from my Bold 9900. I used BlackBerry Protect in the 9900 to perform a backup first. Not sure if this has anything to do with it though. Then I started up the device switch wizard in the 9900 and saved my info on the media card. I stuck the media card into the Z10 and started up the device switch option in the settings menu. Follow on screen instructions. Make sure you download Password Keeper from app world first, followed by the importing of your data from your media card...good luck.

Whilst I do not have a Z10 now, the lastet version of BB Protect (if you are BIS users) do back up BB Passwords Keeper database so it should be transferred to Z10 if you have both BB Protect and BB Passwords Keeper installed there and log in BB ID.

If you are BES users, I am not sure if you should store personal stuff there in the 1st place unless you are the boss.

You can use BlackBerry Link to import your old Password Keeper entries.

I just went through the process going from my Torch 9800 to my new Z10 - complete painless.

Nice, but my paranoia won't allow me to use a password keeper of any kind... I have to ask...what do you do if your phone gets stolen, breaks, etc.?? If you forget the password to the password keeper are you essentially screwed? Do you end up going to every website to change your password?

If my phone gets stolen I log into BlackBerry Protect and wipe it. If it breaks, I have everything saved from my monthly back ups. If I forget the password to my password keeper then yes, I suppose I would have to go through and reset the passwords that I do not know by heart. In 13 years of owning a phone, I've never accidentally broken one, or had one stolen so I like my odds. My password keeper password isn't too difficult for me to remember (a friend's last name + my ex's favorite number), but you'd also have to get through my phone password that I change once a month. I too am pretty paranoid, but I've never had an issue or reason to worry.

My most missed app on BlackBerry since moving to the iPhone 5. I can't wait until March to purchase my Z10. I really like the generate password option.

I cant seem to find this app in that catalog.

And honestly, I have a hard time trusting password storage apps just because putting rather sensitive information in a cloud type setup seems like it would be fairly vulnerable. I trust RIM/Blackberry over some third party I've never heard of, and if it doesn't have cloud storage that's even better for me

I don't use password keeper, I might start using it since for one thing, firefox HAS screwed up before and I lost all of my passwords. Only once because I accidentally edited the preferences file in notepad on a drunken night. Lol

I'd like to use Password Keeper on my BB10, but I've just recently converted all my items from KeePass into BlackBerry Wallet - and I'd really like to avoid another manual data conversion exercise...

Is there a way to import data into Password Keeper? from keepass, BB wallet or even a flat file :S

I'd stick to KeePass, way better than PW Keeper. Sideload works great on my Z10 and Playbook (read only, but that's ok for now).

Something odd happened to a buddy of mine, he got the Z10 with a new sim card, and since he forgot his bb id password, he made a new one on the Z10, he then downloaded the password keeper and entered his password and all his passwords are there :o My question is where are the passwords stored, and what is it tied to? I was under the impression that it would be tied to bb id?
I use my password keeper extensively, and this caused me some concern.

So has the question been answered on whether or not your existing passwords populate to the Z10 when you sync? God, I hope so. It would be a real pain to have to go through this again.

It worked for me. Enter a new password on the Z10 then on Step 3/3 import your old ones by entering your old phone's main password.

If I use Blackberry Link to back up my Z10, does password keeper automatically back up also? How do I make sure I am backing up my password keeper? I used to back up my 9900 on Blackberry Protect but now it seems Blackberry Protect does not back up data for the Z10. Thanks for any help.

I love this application! I just got my z10 and was shocked, I say, that it wasn't a native application. I was so happy to be able to download it and install password keeper! Just one of the best apps!