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How to use NFC on BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

By James Richardson on 27 Feb 2014 12:06 pm EST

File sharing via NFC is nothing new for BlackBerry 10 users, although from my experience it's not used nearly as much as it should be. There isn't an easier way to share something with a friend - as long as they have a smartphone with NFC. Fortunately, all BlackBerry 10 devices have NFC - unlike a few competitors that still seem to be lagging behind on that front. 

I suppose one of the most common uses for it would be sharing pictures, but it doesn't have to stop there. There's a bunch of stuff you can use NFC for, such as video and music sharing, browser pages, adding a new BBM contact, exchanging contact cards and more. 

With NFC turned on and you finding the need to share something with a buddy all you need to do is tap the backs of the phone together. The recipient will get a pop up box asking if they wish to accept and that's it - simple. 

Switching on NFC: 

  • Open settings (swipe down from top bezel)
  • Select Network and Connections
  • Select NFC and then toggle on
  • Get tapping 

There you have it - sharing doesn't get much easier than that. Is NFC a feature that you tend to use regularly? Let us know in the comments?


Reader comments

How to use NFC on BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

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I started going to Timmy just because of this app! 2 times a day and my wife and I share the same account on our Z10's.

So sorry girls coffee for one when hanging out with me, or else Mt wife will figure out I have SOOOO many mistresses!

I also use my NFC for transferring files, pictures share links/apps and contacts with other BlackBerry 7 or 10 users and some Driod lovers.

I would like to program some of my own chips to have one at my home door and one in the car just to switch my phone from home to away mode and then to driving mode! It would nice

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 10

Thank god I found N4BB, they actually break news, unlike these posts, which are getting insane "how to do something so easy, that if you can't figure it out you won't be using it anyways"

Posted via CB10

Ummmm I'm glad there is just Burger King for me to get fast food from!

This is what his sharing makes think of his brilliant logic.

CB does an excellent job for bringing information to people who are not BlackBerry or technically inclined

I refer all my technically challenge (and some "advanced" people) to CB as the BEST resource for learning, how to and features of a BlackBerry device!

Every character typed on this site is worth is width in GOLD (IMO)

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 10

Wow, I'm so amazed by that. Definitely going into my memoirs.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

The article is informative though not to everyone. After reading this, I transferred photos between my Z10 and Galaxy S4 and the result was awesome

Posted via CB10

So if is better info on other sites why then come here & complain like a little baby???
Ever think that some are new users & just getting used to the features in BB10???
You clowns need to think before you write!!!
I would love to see a app that would txt your friends to slap you when you are about to post some self absorbed asinine verbal diarrhea.......

Posted via CB10

@RazielDark....from my experience as a recent (7 mths) BB10 user, it is nice that all this "obvious" info is easily available because is no fun to search through tons of data to find tips & tricks on how to be proficient with this device.
What these clowns fail to realize is that they were once in my place because they did not automatically gain all this knowledge the minute they put hands on their device.
They learned this also step by step from someone that was likely more knowledgeable but less arrogant than them.

Posted via CB10

Breaking News: Believe it or not, which I'm sure you don't, there are actually things that you don't know how to do. This site is for the masses not just one person, so if you know how to do something already, good for you. We don't need to hear about it either.

Brainy comment indeed mate...

Just assume for example that not all readers are so 'sophisticated' as you are to be using CB10 :). but simply visit the site for some useful articles...

As for me, more often than not I read the simple 'how to' pieces here mostly for the collective wisdom that sprinkles in the comments following the article! :)

 Q1O

I am sure that most of the users know how to share with NFC, that's why it is common! What about uncommon uses?

Posted via CB10

Smart Tags app on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone or Tag Writer(can't remember what it is called but I think that is it) app on BBOS10

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 10

Used on few occasions to share pics, used 3 times at Tin Hortons. I would like to get rags to automate various tasks. I would use this feature daily.

Posted via CB10

Been trying to use it since I got my z10 in July. Can share links and contacts with Mt girlfriends GS3 but can't send/receive pics. Works fine with my brothers note 2 though

Posted via CB10

I have introduced many to NFC. Most do not under stand the technology and so do not use it. I disagree with the posts that say it's old news. Unless you are a tech geek it is new... and the market for BlackBerry needs to grow beyond the few enlightened users.

Posted via CB10

The problem with growing the market beyond enlightened users is you end up with an applesque product. The problem with not doing it is you end up with insufficient customers. Boo.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

NFC doesn't use data. It transfers directly phone to phone. So far I don't think there is a size limit.

Proudly posted with a Z30 via CB10

NFC doesn't use data. It transfers directly phone to phone. So far I don't think there is a size limit.

Proudly posted with a Z30 via CB10

Here in Indonesia, we can use NFC to check the amount of money left in our rechargeable e-money cards. We can use these cards to pay for toll roads, buses, parking, gas, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. All I have to do is tap the card to the back of my Z10 and it will display the amount left and actually speak it out (very helpful when I'm driving and about to enter the toll road).

Can you share a link where I can get more info on this. Would like to expend on this option here in South Africa

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

The card's name is "Mandiri e-money". If you google it, the top results should be links to their site and their app on BlackBerry World. Hope that helps.

Are such articles really necessary, come on CB. Or is BB10 so complicated or the user base that stupid?

Posted via CB10

If you find the article so unnecessary why bother reading them? I don't read every post, just the ones I'm interested in. People who've come from an iPhone probably have no idea what NFC is, so helping them get the most out of their phones can only be a good thing.

Posted via CB10

Enjoy the BlackBerry community or get out. Your comment is not productive to the ones here looking for help.

Posted via CB10

bought a few cheap stickers and recorded macros with built in 'smart tags' app :) Call x, Connect to x etc....

Posted via CB10

You can add it to the quick settings drop down to save time too :)

Had to wait a year until anyone else I knew had a capable phone, NOW this feature is getting use.

Posted via CB10

The reason why I didn't add it to mine is because I keep it on all of the time anyway, so no need for it to take up space in the quick menu. I have things there I switch on and off often like wifi, flashlight, notifications, alarms, and things like that. :-)

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Put it on the second page of quick settings, then you can access it with a side swipe. Try it, you'll be surprised.

Just load up, no need to be frugal here!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Well, in order to get to the second page I need to add more than 8 shortcuts. If they had the option to make each page only 6 shortcuts I would do that. I feel it opens too big with 8 shortcuts. I like it with 6 where it doesn't pull all the way down to the bottom of the screen. :-P

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

That's right. Either other platforms or their user base are so behind, it will take time for that to take off.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I use NFC every day because I have a BB music gateway in my car. But I literally don't have any friends with a BB10 device so we can share other things with it... :-(

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

But... my son (S4) and I share photos all the time. I only know one other person with a BB10 device and I still love and use NFC.

Posted via CB10

Noticed something new with nfc on 10.2.1, when using smart tags you can select an option to disable the confirmation box now!

Posted via CB10

I wish it was easier to get NFC tags. like in a local store instead of having to buy them online. Anyone know of a Retailer in Canada that has these in stock?

C0015B221 All about making Wine kits.

Never used it because I don't know any others with a blackberry and those with other phones find it easier to simply send it in a text then to rattle around their phone looking to turn on nfc...not to mention it puts a nice strain on your battery by leaving it on....
however I would use it if i knew how you can pay for things with it as some have indicated. Do you add your bank card to it? PayPal? I know I would freak people out if they saw me pay for things with my phone, prompting me to tell them "it's a blackberry. " ;p

Posted via CB10

my most common use of NFC (on my Q10) is to pair my phone with a bluetooth music player device - it's also very useful in some museums and the like to get info about exhibits

Confusing is, that often functions will explain that work for bb10 not only 10.2.1 for users that many new and have not the newest upgrade it's not the best way. :)

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

I keep getting an error message when I try to share a photo with my son's brand new Z10...

Posted via CB10

NFC is a good way of sharing things but the problem is that with so many IPhones out there, which if you didn't know doesn't have this capability, then there are not as many folks to share it with. This article is good because it helps to inform people of which platform is really behind.

Posted via CB10

When my sister got her Z30, I was with her for the three hour drive home. I used NFC to send her my entire music library.

Posted via CB10

Get the 'Timmy Me' app from BlackBerry world. Make an account at the Tim Hortons website and sync up a Tim Card (You'll have to buy one). It's best to set up the Tim Card to automatically reload when it gets below a certain amount. It then automatically charges your credit card.

To actually use NFC, enable NFC, open the app when you want to pay and tell them you're paying with Tim Card. Click 'Pay Now' in the app and hold your phone over the debit machine. It'll charge automatically.

Posted via CB10

You have to download the TimmyMe app from BlackBerry World. You'll need to have a Tim's Card to set up the app, but afterwards you can reload the Tim's Card/app using a credit card. NFC payment through the TimmyMe app is limited to BlackBerry 10 right now...they look at me like I'm from the future when I use it. :D
Good luck on roll up the rim!

Is this different from using nfc in 10.1? Or the instructions apply to all versions of BB10? Thanks.

 CB10 

And if you're running 10.2.1, you can add NFC to your quick settings so it's right there when you swipe down.

Posted via CB10

I don't know how or why. But every time I use my nfc to share a picture it auto launches my calander. It used to work fine. I have deleted some apps since it used to prompt me with different app options, none I wanted and picture viewing was never an option. Very frustrating.

LTE ya you know me! #Bellbaby! Q10

I want someone to make a game that you can play two player through nfc. Haven't seen nothing like that yet.

Posted via CB10

I use it almost every day at tim's. Just got a Samsung nfc blue tooth speaker. I tap it when I use it and my girlfriend taps it with her phone when she wants to use it .

Posted via CB10

My question is why do these videos pop up on youtube days before they appear as articles here on the CB10 app?

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Curious to know if this is just me or others. I tried the timmies app and it beeped but kept giving errors so i tried with my Z10 to my Z30 and gave errors. Removed both otter boxes and worked flawlessly. If i have to have my otter boxes removed it's useless to my. Neither phone has ever seen fingerprints. They are my babies lol.

Posted via CB10

Wouldn't be just easier to add NFC to Quick Settings menu so that this way it's always available by just swiping from the top and selecting NFC (on/off)?

Posted via swift BlackBerry Z30!

I never use it..I use sending files threw BBM and Whatsapp or on FB. Besides that it's a great feature tho


I use NFC all the time to swap pictures, addressed, contact information, notes, and more with my wife.

I also have tags set up in my car and at work to take advantage of NFC and change my phone settings as appropriate for each environment.

This kind of article is a god-send for my wife who is not adventurous in trying things out on her own but will follow simple instructions when provided.

Keep it up, CB.

Posted via CB10

No word of a lie, I just ordered 7 smart tags 10 minutes ago as you can set up Smart Triggers now. Toggle wifi, BT, Launch App, enable Dev mode, Airplane Mode, change notifications, etc etc etc. :D

Can't wait to try them.!

Does it work without a network connection (i.e. no wifi or data)? I've tried it with my friends who have Samsung phones but it didn't work offline. Some ppl recommended turning off S-Beam but will it work even if we we're not connected to a network?

Posted via CB10

So where do you get tags from? I had no idea how NFC works, and just checked it out but it didn't seem that obvious to me.

I went to set up a tag to quickly turn my phone to silent then it told me I had to tap it against a tag.. where do I get the tag?

One of the reasons it hasn't caught on is simply because it's not really that intuitive.

I asked three friends if they could figure it out, they couldn't.

Any news on how far away "paying with NFC" is by using a credit card or mobile phone account?

Posted via CB10

I love my NFC tags. I got em on my car, front door, playbook, work locker, bedside table. Made many triggers. Wish they had a trigger for location on/off but lots there on native app!

How does Nfc work?
Like a key to skip pairing password questions?

Over WHAT radio are files transferred? I believe bluetooth?

I tapped and separated my and friend phone very far and Still transferred.

2ADB71BC_________10-Q Very much.

With regards to battery. Would it be ok to leave this on? And then set up triggers to toggle wifi, bluetooth ect.
well I love the nfc ability and I use it all the time. It has cool factor! Wish you could create qr codes the other then just read seams like an oversite.

You can text any bus stop number to find out when the next bus arrives in Vancouver. I have it set up in Smart Tags app for my bus stop so I know when I have to run out the door. An actual tag by the door would be even more convenient.

Posted via CB10

I used NFC to transfer all my contacts from my BlackBerry Bold 9900 to my Q10 with a simple tap. Awesome thing, saved me a hustle with link

Posted via CB10

I use nfc daily to connect to my sony blue tooth speaker, it turns the blue tooth on and connects in one tap

Posted via CB10

If this is so easy, how do you set up picture transfer? There are no obvious options for this in the smart tags app. Maybe it just works?

My husband and I try to use NFC with our phones, but when he tries to share a picture with me, it says that it's not compatible. I can share photos with him, but he can't share with me. We have no idea why... ?????? Anyone else have this problem??

Posted via CB10

The NFC interface is absolutely perfect not for just sharing but for setting the behaviour of the phone by using NFC tags in different situations as well

Posted via CB10

After reading all the comments about NFC I was intrigued and went and got a Tim card. Today I tried it at the drive in window, first I put it on the keypad it didn't work. The girl told me to touch the window part and like magic it worked. Gotta love BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

YES! I'm using NFC for pics and file transfer. Best use so far is with my Tim's app... need to let newbie Tim's employees to use the screen machine/Terminal like for a VISA... then make sure you have the BlackBerry Logo on BATTERY door covering the screen of their terminal. No-end of excited Tim's employees seeimg BlackBerry as 'cutting-edge'!!

Posted via CB10

I'm still in the blue tooth mode mainly because I use it to transfer data to my laptop. Very few NFC users here in the Philippines.

Posted via CB10

As you say it's a great way to simply share all sort of files but it's not being published enough. Spread the word!

Posted via CB10

Lil' Timmy's app. doesn't seem to work when trying to pay with my Z10. I have NFC turned on, registered my Tim's card, linked it with the app. I choose "pay now" on the app., the little image indicating to tap to pay comes up, but when I tap my Z10 on the drive- thru's hand held terminal to pay ..nothing happens. Zippo. Is there a trick to this?

Posted via CB10

.....just tried the "updating balance" screen....but it just froze at that point. argh!

Posted via CB10

Success!!! For whatever reason, at a different Timmies the app worked!! Why? I have no idea. Could it be something at the specific location in terms of how they set up the transaction?

Posted via CB10

Would use it for contactless payments like paywave and paypass but BlackBerry does not include a built-in payments app, and not many banking apps include Nfc support. BlackBerry - please include an NFC payments app in the next update!