How to use a micro SIM in your BlackBerry smartphone

BlackBerry Micro SIM
By Adam Zeis on 15 May 2012 12:20 pm EDT

Using a standard SIM card in your GSM (and some CDMA) BlackBerry is pretty easy to grasp at this point. Most come pre-installed if you buy your device from a carrier store, and even if it isn't, getting it in your phone is pretty straight forward. If you're like me however, you might have a micro SIM you want to use in your BlackBerry (I often use both an iPhone 4 / Bold 9900 and swap SIMs between them) it can be a bit more tricky.

Going forward to BlackBerry 10, the micro SIM will most likely be the card of choice for phones as we've seen in the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha already. If you want to use a micro SIM in your current BlackBerry however, you'll need to either pick one up from your carrier or cut down your current SIM (which I don't recommend). You'll then need to purchase a micro SIM adapter. Read on and we'll take a look at how to use a micro SIM card in your BlackBerry smartphone.

Using a micro SIM in your BlackBerry smartphone

Getting started - What you'll need

First things first - you'll need a micro SIM.

BlackBerry Micro SIM

We have two choices here, the first is kind of a bold move which I wouldn't suggest trying  - cutting down your standard SIM card. To do this, you'll need to have some crazy skills with an exacto knife or buy a SIM cutter.

If you're afraid of cutting up your current SIM card (which you should be!) you can usually get one free from your carrier. Either stop by a store or call them up and they should swap out your current, standard SIM card for a micro SIM.

The next thing you'll need to do is purchase a micro SIM adapter.  

Once you have both your micro SIM card and micro SIM adapter, the rest is easy. Now keep in mind things may vary a bit here depending on your device, so take that into consideration.

Putting in your micro SIM

Put your micro SIM into the adapter as seen here. It really only fits one way so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

BlackBerry Micro SIM

The card will most likely be a bit loose and can fall out easily, so be careful as you slide it into the SIM slot on your device. There is a chance it will get stuck a bit (as it does often on my Bold 9900) so press it down as you slide it in.

BlackBerry Micro SIM 

Once it's fully inserted into the SIM slide, replace your battery and fire up your device. Make sure wifi is off and test it out to make sure your data is working properly. You'll obviously need to make sure you have a BlackBerry data plan through your carrier for the micro SIM to work, so make sure you have that setup ahead of time (or call your carrier to setup a BlackBerry plan).

That's all there is to it. Now you'll have a micro SIM you can swap between your BlackBerry and other devices, plus you'll be ready for BlackBerry 10!

Purchase a micro SIM adapter from Amazon

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Reader comments

How to use a micro SIM in your BlackBerry smartphone


There has been a post or two about these adapters catching the pins on the SIM reader and bending or breaking them.

You might also make a note about changing SIMs in an OS7 device can require a BBID login and if you do not have data on the SIM or have a wifi connection established prior, you will not be able to login to the BBID or use the phone. If you fail to login you may need to do a security wipe and start over. This is not something you want to run into when not handy to a computer to restore your phone.

You can get around that with a bit of scotch tape around the adapter to seal the edges. You'd then cut the tape away around the actual contacts.

It also helps if you can avoid adapters that don't have a barrier at the top.

Will CrackBerry be stocking these adapters if/when BB10 starts to use them. Looks like many persons are gonna be switching out micro-sim or "cut-out" sim if BB10 devices start using them

You won't need the adapter for BB10 devices (most likely). They'll take the micro SIM, so the only time you'd need the adapter is if you wanted to use the micro SIM in a standard SIM device (like current BB's)

In the UK now, more and more the carriers are simply issuing microsims within a caddy anyway, so no cutting needed.

This is really a bad idea for BB 9810. I broke my sim card reader pins on a brand new BB 9810. Had to replace the entire motherboard to fix it. Very expensive mistake.

I have the micro sim with adapter and never ran into any problems. I now have the choice to roll and rock between bold 9900/9870 desire,amaze iphone4. Now let's hope I win the Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry and I'm all set 6 days a week.

Just so everyone knows if you have a 9900 ,9780,9700 or any berry that has a visible sim slot ( no torches) you dont even need a sim adapter. Just slide the microsim over the contacts and it will work fine. No adapter in my 9900 or the wifes 9700. It might take a couple adjustments to get it to line up correctly but thats the only hassle.

Also, I believe AT&T does charge about $30 for a new SIM card. At Sam's Club a new one for AT$T is $7 bucks.

If you go to an authorized retailer they will charge $30. However if you go to an official AT&T store you can get a new sim at no cost.

I have been using a uSIM for the past year in all of my BlackBerry phones? You dont need an adapter lol. Just line it up perfectly. I will admit that it did once take me half the morning trying to line it up correctly in my 9810.

i been using a micro sim card on a Galaxy S II for 6 months as shown on this post without any issue so far. i think it would work the same way on a BlackBerry.

Dont really need an adapter (for bold 9900 anyway) since they are so hard to find. you just need to be clever with where you place the sim...