How to use gestures on the BlackBerry Z30

By James Richardson on 15 Oct 2013 05:02 am EDT

If you are picking up the BlackBerry Z30 as your first BlackBerry 10 smartphone there will be some essential gestures you will need to get acquainted with. All other phones, whether they be Android, Windows Phone or the iPhone, all rely on using hardware buttons to not only unlock the device, but also for navigating around the OS. BlackBerry 10 is quite unique in the fact that everything is gesture based - which adds to the whole wonderful BlackBerry 10 experience. 

It's all about swiping the screen on the Z30 - from unlocking the phone to jumping into the BlackBerry Hub. The easiest way to demonstrate this is by watching the above video but if you're not able to do so at this time the below list is just a few tips on how to use the gestures on the BlackBerry Z30. 

  • To unlock the Z30 swipe upwards from the bottom bezel. 
  • To access settings swipe down from the top bezel. 
  • From whatever app you are in, to peek at your notifications swipe up from the bottom bezel. 
  • To access the BlackBerry Hub from any application swipe up from the bottom bezel and then again to the right. 
  • To exit the BlackBerry Hub either swipe upwards from the bottom bezel or swipe left from the right bezel. 
  • To exit an application just swipe upwards from the bottom bezel to return to your home screen. 

As you can see, getting familiar with BlackBerry 10 is very different to other operating systems, however, once you have become used to the basics you'll find that navigating around the different parts of the OS is a dream. To sum up how to use gestures on the Z30 I would have to use the word smooth. 

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How to use gestures on the BlackBerry Z30


**new Z30 feature**

•use middle finger to swipe up to exit iOS, Andriod, LG, etc. related sites on your browser with satisfaction!

**also works on all touch BBRY devices**

8] deal with it.

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Haha :# that's great :)

And yeah.. why not bb10 how to? There are all features like every bb10 device.

Check the new features and call them how to make on z30 :)

Posted via CB10

This is at least new.

One bonus of RIM trimming their product line: less CB Videos of 'unboxing' 'how to control using gestures' and 'how to insert a SIM' being posted.

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The title should say BB10 instead of Z30. Make it more general, since the gestures are all the same on BB10. CMIIW.

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Swipe right and down/up to move to previous/next message when opening a message within the Hub.
For OS 10.1 above.

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If only more people and especially reviewers came down to first to actually understand how to use BB10. I saw instructions like these for the Z10 in a walk-through and I immediately understood BB10.

One guy actually wrote in his Z30 review that the navigation to get into the hub was hard, how is going up and to the right hard? Like where was his mind when the phone offered him tutorials? For the long press, Android & iPhone users.. they actually added a button to get into the hub.

Keep up the good work in showing of the awesomeness of BB10!

Don't forget that when you swipe down, you can press the Icon (not the words) to go back to the previous setting. No need to go into the settings menu.

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Ohh! Thanks! Had my Z10 since Feb and somehow I've missed this.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

A little bit more specific? Swipe down where exactly? I don't think I know this one :)

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To pull down the settings quick menu from home screen. You can press the icons to enable/disable each option, or press the words to be taken to the corresponding section of the full settings menu

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You can actually peak at the Hub from the home screen by simply swiping from the left bezel to the right.

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

Doesn't have to be from the left bezel, from left to right anywhere on the Active Frames screen or the Home Screen if there are no apps running will reveal the Hub.

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Good work James! Carriers should make it mandatory that all their employees create a CrackBerry account for training purposes. Videos like this are great for learning the ropes of BB10.

If there are people who are buying this as their first berry, they could use a more detailed write-up. Such as, swipe upwards and hold to peek notifications. Not, swipe-up.. Which in your description is the same as returning to the home screen :)

I hope you guys are right though. More BlackBerry users, the better

I think that is a problem, when people trying out BB10 in the store.
The tutorials aren't there and the people have no idea what to do.

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More generally, I'd say

"To exit anything, swipe up from the bottom"

You exit "lock mode" or an app or even the hub by swiping up from he bottom bezel.

Now that's different than dragging in that your thumb isn't lifted... so...

"To peek, drag upward from the bottom bezel"

After peeking there are three choice: drag up to exit, drag right for messaging (Hub) drag down to go back to where you were.

Swipe left to right to go back, mostly.

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