How to use custom Quick Settings with the BlackBerry Z3

Quick Settings
By James Richardson on 29 May 2014 11:05 am EDT

The main reason I use a BlackBerry is that I want a communication device that gives me the option to do certain things fast and effectively. BlackBerry 10 suits my needs perfectly in this field and a prime example of this is with Quick Settings. With a simple swipe down from the top bezel there's an array of options available here.

If you've recently picked up a new BlackBerry Z3 and didn't realize that you can customise the Quick Settings - you've come to the right place. Like most things on BlackBerry 10 - changing up the Quick Settings is super easy and will allow you to have the settings you want at your fingertips. For example - I never use NFC so why would I want it in my Quick Settings. By following the below guide you can remove or add certain features with just a few quick steps.

How to edit and change the Quick Settings menu:

  • Go into Settings by tapping the Settings icon or by swiping down in the Homescreen and tapping Settings
  • Tap Quick Settings
  • Check or uncheck any options you would like to see in the Quick Settings menu
  • To rearrange the order of them, tap Rearrange. Re-order options as you wish by dragging them, then hit Save

All done. It's that easy and if you're new to BlackBerry 10 you'll find that it's a sweet option to have. If you missed our BlackBerry Z3 review you can catch up here.

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How to use custom Quick Settings with the BlackBerry Z3


The posts are for people who are new to Blackberry and are getting the new Blackberry 10 handsets. Please try to read with understanding.

Blackberry always.....

Right on the money. Hope these help some new Z3 users.

CB10 should be pre-installed on every BlackBerry phone right OOTB.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

There has been already a post about quick settings for blackberry 10 just a month ago. Quick settings on the Z3 or the Q10 will not be different, I love CB and my blackberry, but the value of these posts has dropped dramatically, it feels like they're just obligated to write something whatever it is, anyways, my account and I can say whatever I want, if u don't like it don't reply to it.

Posted via CB10

Well guess what? Don't be a douche....

There are new users everyday and some coming to BlackBerry for the very first time and may not know that BB10 is on the Z3 so instead of making BS comments and insulting Crackberry for writing for the sake of writing articles. Don't read them and move on...

Posted via my ZED10

The idea is to help new members get familiar with their new phones. Not sure what is so hard to understand about this.

Posted via CB10

If you already know how then why are you wasting your time AND ours on this posting. This posting is for new owners of Z3s. Do you have one?

Bugger. That touch screen is slippery in the monsoon drizzle. Reply to the wrong one of my own comments. My bad.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

*of the changeable quick settings after mobile network is of course Torch / Flashlight for me.

Bye, bye Flashlight apps!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Is there a reason these posts have stopped having an accompanying video?

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

I think it's because they said they only had one Z3 in the office.. probably the one holding wasn't around..

Posted via CB10 from my Z10STL100-1/

Some people just got their Z3's and appreciate the posts...

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Are you going to make the same post for each new device ?

I know that some people are new in blackberry world, but make a stupid "How to" that is equal to the previous "How to", for each device...
Why don't make a simple "How to start with BB10" ?

We're lucky that Blackberry doesn't make 10 devices per year...

Let me help you out there:

1. It's likely that not every purchaser of a Z3, is a regular Crackberry reader. They won't know about the other tutorials.

2. They're likely to do a generic Web search on their device name (not the OS) - actually a more precise search, since there are some hardware and functionality differences with some features/tutorials.

Given the above - and the fact your first question has been answered MANY times (pretty much each time one of these tutorials is written), I'd say the answer is yes.

I think it is because many people owning a new BlackBerry phone will not know what "BlackBerry 10" is.

Seriously, when you are not a BlackBerry addict, "BlackBerry 10" could very well be a phone different from the "BlackBerry Z3".

Besides the point is to appear in Google searches. Hence the very specific title.

Posted via CB10

This should be BB10 cover all, not cut'n'paste for every specific device.

At least it isn't another lame Android game. (that never works right, has stupid permission requirements and the Q owners can goto he'll)


I know that sometimes I read a post that shows me something that I never knew my BlackBerry could do, even though others, who had the device before me, already had this information. When I still.had my Torch, I usually skimmed or skipped the BlackBerry 10 articles.

Posted via CB10

For those who think this is so simple and already know how to do it, please don't read it and move on. There is no need to calling it stupid. Not all CrackBerry posts designed to suit your needs. You are not the center of the universe -- unless your live in southern CA (*or an infernal depends on if you were there three weeks ago*). The universe doesn’t evolve around you. There are brand new Z3 owners who doesn’t know squat about BB10 and need a chance to get to know this awesome OS. You can expect people to like it if they don't know what to do with it.
Not because you can't get your hands on the Z3 or can't shelve out some money to upgrade to a Z30 which you really really love to use, you have the right to go on CrackBerry and rant yourself to death.
Not because you think it's about time for BlackBerry to release a kick-ass top notch hardware phone but you have a hunch that chances are it won't happen, you have the right to say whatever you want on CrackBerry.
I have one word for you: REFRAIN. Yes, refrain. Focus on the HERE and the NOW. Be patient.
And I'm not talking about me either. Ciao.

 CB10 

I don't think that it's stupid it is what it is. I think it's the fact that it's a budget phone not available in the majority of countries crackberry audience is from.
Excitement about the phone factor...about a 2/10 If it wasn't for the people commenting about how uninterested they are this blog would have received no comments other than the obligatory "1st "

BlackBerry could do with some exciting news worth blogging about. Unless you're a corporate customer things are a bit stale at the moment.

Posted via CB10

It's hard to find fair price Z3 in Indonesia right now. The price is increasing because of high demand. Z3 are being sold at 200 USD and that price for used Z3.

Q10 user

Can't be that "used" given the release date....

Sure, supply and demand determine the price. BlackBerry / Foxconn didn't make enough. Probably better for them than to create another overstock debacle.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I suppose it's the same way as for the z10, z30, q5 and q10 which you already covered, but hey, I may be wrong. Come one, I love you Crackberry but entries like this make me mad

Think these how to articles should be penned by Kevin, oh wait, he is the boss, doesn't do such isht, or maybe there should be a separate section on Crackberry for newbies or any other released phone


Guys, let's appreciate n support ppl who r buying z3 or using awesome OS for 1st time as well as getting going thru crackberry for 1st time...rather than getting into negative spirals... One more way to contribute for BB growth is appreciating the facts n encouraging others to gain good experience of BB.

Hey guys! Need help. I accidentally delete my messaging icon... how can i retrieve it?

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It's ok if someone's new a quick review or help will be appreciated in any post even if it's repeated one.

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