How to use custom Quick Settings in BlackBerry 10.2.1

By DJ Reyes on 10 Mar 2014 12:45 pm EDT

With the advent of BlackBerry 10.2.1, a lot of small little tweaks as well as some nice big additions has made the OS even more of a pleasure to use. One of the things a lot of people requested for was better options in the Quick Settings menu. While we had some nice options, we wanted the ability to choose what could be seen in the menu. Those options arrived with BlackBerry 10.2.1. So, let's take a walkthrough of the Custom Quick Settings.

By default, a few things have been automatically added to the Quick Settings menu once you update to BlackBerry 10.2.1. For some, those new additions may just be enough. Like the addition of the Flashlight option, NFC and Device Monitor. But there are other options you can add, or even take away too.

How to edit and change the Quick Settings menu

  • Go into Settings by tapping the Settings icon or by swiping down in the Homescreen and tapping Settings
  • Tap Quick Settings

Quick Settings in the Settings menu

  • Check or uncheck any options you would like to see in the Quick Settings menu
  • To rearrange the order of them, tap Rearrange. Re-order options as you wish by dragging them, then hit Save

That's it. Quick and easy. If you have a Q-device and you have more than 8 options ticked, you will have to scroll across to see more. Even with the Z10, if you had all options ticked, you'll find the rest by scrolling across. If there are options you would really use more, then move them up to the top so you'll see them first.

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How to use custom Quick Settings in BlackBerry 10.2.1


They said it will be this month. We're almost half way done through so it could be thus week. I need my wifi calling. Don't want the leak.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Last year, I went on a trip to Yucatan, Mexico and purchased local prepaid SIM (Telcel). Then last week, I remembered I had saved it, did the switch, checked software update, and was able to update to 10.2.537. Worked perfectly and I reside in California. However, Wi-Fi calling is still unavailable and shows "error".

I really believe that might hold the release since the BlackBerry trade in went in there favor, will be nice if someone (kevin) could try and find out what is going on with the update.

Posted via CB10

Had that one for a week on Fido in Ontario. No idea what was in it, but at least it didn't seem to break anything.

Posted via CB10

It would be nice if the OS was released so I could actually use some of these tips. I don't understand what valid excuse ATT or ANY carrier has at this point for holding it back.

Posted via CB10

Not fun being on T mobile any more. 9 years of black berry and T mobile, ,,,,starting to get tired with this neglecting service thing

Posted via CB10

Wow! can't wait to get this update from Sprint. By the time Sprint releases it will probable up to 20.2

Maybe the carriers are reading the forums and seeing that everyone is side loading the update so they feel no reason to release it! There has to be more to the story than just testing. You would think if it was just testing then one would try to "beat the others to be able to release it". I am glad I went the Sachesi route and got the update so I can use these quick settings.

T-Mobile claimed that they needed time to integrate their proprietary WiFi calling feature properly.

Posted via CB10

I am running Z10STL100-2/, where do u switch to that cool black theme. In the pictures????

Hit via the sexiest phone there is. Did sumone say the Z10?

That would be the Z30 and Q10 dark theme. Not available on the Z10 but you can have it on the calendar, BBM and text messages

Posted via CB10

Thanks....was looking for that too. Now I'll stop and wait for an update!!!!

Posted by my FABULOUS z10

And why again can't we just get the update straight from BlackBerry?? I hear IPhone has been getting many updates recently. Do they have to get them from the carrier as well?! What is the deal here. (have Z10 through AT&T)

Apple seems to be the only one that gets to do this, because of the demand for iphones they probably gave carriers an ultimatum

Posted via CB10

@Monica Buruato - I've contacted AT&T so many times (via Twitter and phone), and it is BEYOND frustrating. AT&T customers pay MUCH money for wireless service, and it makes no sense that we still do not have the update. From what I understand, the update is not carrie-specific, so if BlackBerry wanted, they could simply push the update to all the BB users, completely bypassing the carriers. AT&T and other US carriers are notorious for delaying the deployment of updates, and they give absolutely no reason for doing so. I agree with other people posting, in that SOMEONE here at Crackberry should have the ability or willingness to go to the carriers and petition on our behalf.

Off subject though but......Itaú Unibanco a Brasilian bank announced today that they will be upgrading their more than 7000 BlackBerry devices to BB10 devices & BES10.

One more company in Brasil that recognizes BlackBerry as a leader in business communication & few more to come.........

Posted via CB10

@vinteen..They are the largest Bank in all of Latin America,and will Initially purchase 1000 Q5's,It's all good!!!BB should give these customers colors that compliment their business,all devices,would be cool.Or even have their company Logo on the back free of charge.It's the little things that count.

@ Jojo I said Itaú Unibanco is a Brasilian bank & being Brasileira I might know & also being the daughter of a former Investimentos Itaúsa exec I might also know since Itaú Unibancois a subsidiary of Itaúsa........

Posted via CB10

Load the older leak and when T-Mobile sends out the new up date to it or pull the UMA files from it and load then. It will save on the t
TMo bloat that they load.
Just a thought.

Posted via CB on my Orero Z10STL100-3/

UK English.

Have it here in Australia, set to "Pommie", even though I often prefer Yank spelling, easier and kinda makes more sense.

No offense/-ce, we love our friends across the big ponds.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I agree with Monica. I have an AT&T Z10 too. Get on the ball AT&T don't let Tmobile beat you. Just hurry already!

Posted via CB10

Oops, double post.

Anyone have any idea why the CB app takes five or more times longer when loading or posting, if I use my Q10 through my Z10's wi-fi hotspot?

Five or ten times longer than any of the two phones straight on cellular. Any explanation?

(sometimes it even gets stuck, then I cancel and redo, and might get a double post, but rarely, doesn't happen on cellular.)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

This is irrelevant for MOST of us Verizon Z30 users. Ok, done venting. Geez C'mon Verizon. Ok, really done venting now.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for showing the Q, wondered how that worked.

Posted on my BlackBerry Q10, because I'm so Bloody Special.

I would love to use the features for the new update but......Verizon didn't release it yet. very frustrating and annoying! Paying so much money for bullshit...

Posted via CB10

I love this feature. Even though it seems to have been copied from other platforms, at least I can use it in the BlackBerry way. Gives me fast access to things I change most of the time :)

My 1st choice of smartphone, BlackBerry.

It does seem to me that T-Mobile has wash the hand s of BlackBerry. They are still supporting BlackBerry but not as they did in the past.
The way they rolled out the release of the Z10 was horrible. I signed up on their email list to be notified for T-Mobile release date of the Z10 the day it opened up and did not get the notifications email from them until I was standing in the store buying my Z's.

With no Z10 advertising in the store but huge advertising for the new iPhone 5s coming on April X a month later.

I bought the only 2 Z10's they had in the store! (that shows a lot of faith in the product)

The staff knew nothing about the device. Thanks to CB I showed the rep all the great things the Z10 was capable of at the time. Not a good start in my book.

T-Mobile removal of BlackBerry Z10 from their stores and the I hate my BlackBerry Trade in deal adds more proof of their loss of love/devotion/confidence for BlackBerry.

I hope that they don't delay the official release of 10.2.1.x.

Posted via CB on my Orero Z10STL100-3/

Torch or Flashlight is all about the Languages you choose. Go to Settings, Language and Input, choose English (US) for Flashlight or English ( UK) for Torch.

Posted via CB on my Orero Z10STL100-3/

It would be nice to have a quick setting to toggle data on/off. As it stands now the quick setting turns mobile network on or off altogether in quick settings menu.

Posted via CB10