How to use the Calendar on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

By Kerri Neill on 4 Mar 2012 01:09 pm EST

The native Calendar in the new PlayBook OS 2.0 is a great feature. Now we can quickly and easily see our work, personal and social events in one central location.

Within the Calendar application, we have a plethora of customizable options. You can now view your calendars by the usual day, week and month formats and see your daily agenda at a glance. You can create multiple calendars and see them all in one spot. You can easily color code the calendars and use one for personal and one for business appointments. The new "People" tab allows you to see with whom you have meetings scheduled on any given day all without leaving the app. Another great option in the Calendar application is the ability to assign a calendar to each family member and keep track of everyone's activities.

While the Calendar application seemed to give us a few hiccups at first with things like syncing multiple calendars from our Google accounts, great detective work by forums members have provided solutions. Another issue that seems to be common amongst Google account users is the "Attendees" option. If you are syncing a Google calendar that option seems to be missing. After some searching, I ran across a forum post where someone has found a work around for even this issue -- I outlined the process with a step-by-step guide here.

The native Calendar application and other added features free us from using BlackBerry Bridge thus allowing the PlayBook to truly be the stand alone device it was meant for. I'll admit, before the release of the 2.0 software, I usually left my PlayBook on the charging cradle only touching it for reviews or to let my kids play a game. Now I have my BlackBerry Bold 9930 in one hand and my BlackBerry PlayBook in the other.

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How to use the Calendar on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0


Same here, Kerri. I'm actually using it for more than games now. Thanks for providing the information, along with forum pointers, to help the calendars be all they can be.

Same here regarding using it more. But the calendar is still giving me headaches regarding syncing 2 way, it workedband then decided not to. So go figure!

I don't agree, until the PB can sync with Outlook it loses a significant part of it's value. Also do not understand CB so silent on this issue.

Unfortunately I do not have an exchange account nor work for a company that does. My hope has been that BB Desktop would handle a sync like it does for my 9930. Thanks

If if everyone had exchange and it was free, it still would not be an accecptable sulution. You shouldn't have to rely on a cloud service for somthing that could be done localy. If you are out of a reception area, your devices wonn't sync.

Excellent tutorial, Kerri.

BUT ... I can't use Google due to professional constraints (besides, am I the only one that thinks Google is getting creepier by the minute?). I love the PlayBook and think OS2 is (almost) astounding. However, once again RIM stops just short of me being able to wholeheartedly recomend the PlayBook. (1) I resent RIM expecting me to use a massively unsecured system like Google to access my data, (2)the average consumer may not have a BlackBerry phone, and (3) would be stopped cold by having to mess around this much to have just the BASICS on their tablet!

Could you PUHLEEZE fix this RIM?!? iPad 3 comes out this week and will knock the wind out of your sails when it doesn't need to be that way. I want you to be a serious contender RIM!

I have to totally agree with you. I didn't get a blackberry to go and trust google with my personal stuff. I did sync for About a week and my battery was draining and I felt like my information became public. I want a way to have my information on my playbook that I have on my phone. My guess is that will become a reality with bb10 phones so I can be patient but I can't stand to have to use a third party to make this happen. I don't like google. Just like a cloud service I want my information to sync between my phone and playbook. No not only when they are bridged but just have my calendar phonebook/contacts all lined up.

Weather this is done through a cloud or whatever I don't see why we need to use a third party to get my information to update on my playbook that is on my phone.

I agree with you, but I hear people who claim they can sync 2-way so can they or not? I thought this active sync would just sync from BB to PB native cal without all this hassle. I have spent since the 2.0 was released until now pulling my hair out with this. I have tried all the workarounds people claim work, doesn't work for me, have been a BB addict for 6 years now so I know how to get around things usually. As I see it, either RIM fixes this or updates the bridge UI, and yesterday not another year wait.

Syncs with exchange fine at work but cloud syncs and Google are banned, not secure enough. I do sync with my Gcalendar and PC on my personal PB with no problems now.

"If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong"

yes, I had always had great times with my Playbook using BB Bridge. Had all my calendars and contacts. Yes, I use Outlook for my e-mails and calendaring system. Why wouldn't I? Now, after 2.0 I have nothing, except for my facebook contacts, and facebook birthdays on calendar. No ability to use Desktop Manager to manage & sync my contacts and calendars is a HUGE error on RIM's part. I used to brag about my Playbook. You've knocked a lot of the wind out of my sails.

BTW, my BB phone via Verizon is now available for updating at lower cost with a new 2-yr contact. The decision I'm struggling is: drink the lemonade and go Apple 5 (when it arrives) phone and Ipad 3 (when it arrives) or try to stick it out with Blackberry phone and Playbook. The clock is ticking RIM and I know I'm not the only one perplexed and upset by this obvious snub of users who use Microsoft Outlook for their contacts and calendars. I doubt my using Outlook puts me in the minority. And, no, I'm not looking to have Google (yes creepier these days) manage my information. Help is needed on this -- sooner rather than later, RIM. Fix it or continue to see dwindling sales and %-age of the pie.

I am fully on board with everyting you say. Just one thing. I think most importantley it needs is BB sync. Because then you would only need to sync one device with outlook, your phone. The phone would then in turn sync with your playbook. Also, if it only had outlook sync and not BB sync you would have to regularaly sync both devises with a computer to maintain calander unity.

I would so like to make use of the features in the new calendar and contacts apps, but since I can't sync them with my BB phone, which in turn syncs with Outlook, which is my primary business productivity tool, these apps are USELESS to me!
What to do?
Keep using my bridged apps I guess, and forgo the nice features I see being bragged about in commercials.

Unusable If you also have a Blackberry. Needs BB sync. Unless of course you are a Masochist and like manualy entering and deleting events in two separate devises.

Almost as bad, if not worse, as releasing a calendar that doesn't sync with a BB, is RIM not at all addressing why that is. While CrackBerry isn't calling them out on this, in the forums and comments people are complaining and calling for answers. Where is RIM's PR department? Where is the explanation? Is sync coming? Was it a conscious decision to leave it out? Were there tech issues? Not only is RIM terrible at marketing their products, they're terrible at communication with their users. Surely there must be a reason for such a colossal failure.

Is there any way to sync the contents of your exisitng calender on your blackberry smartphone to your playbook calendar?

If you have office outlook 2010 then all you need to do is..

Download outlook connector
Add a live/hotmail account
Set that account as the default mail account
Sync your bb through dm
Hit send/receive

Thats it. Just use your hotmail/live calendar when using outlook and all your appointments will sync with your pb. You just set up your live/hotmail account up on your pb then sync whatever you want to it. I just sync calendar myself.

I know this isnt directly from bb phone to pb but most people would sync to outlook anyway so the only other step is hitting send/receive after it is all set up.
Hope that helps!

Does anyone know of any calendars for either the playbook or bb 7.0, that display what the appointment is on the day, from the month view? To clarify, instead of the day just having a color code it would show the actual text of the appointment.

What do I have to do to make the PlayBook Local calendar usable as the default calendar? I keep getting a message saying I can't invite others because there is no email associated with the calendar.