How to use Bluetooth with a BlackBerry 10 device

By Simon Sage on 12 Feb 2013 10:08 am EST


Bluetooth is a staple utility for using wireless audio headsets and transferring files; every BlackBerry user should be able to know how to use it. Those that are picking up the BlackBerry Z10 as their first smartphone may need a hand figuring things out. It's not very hard to get up and running with Bluetooth, but things may be a bit tricky if you're new to BlackBerry or BlackBerry 10. Keep reading and we'll show you all there is to know about using Bluetooth on BlackBerry 10!

The first step is making sure you have Bluetooth turned on. If it is, there should be a symbol in the top-left corner of the screen that looks like a blocky "B" with some sticks coming out from its back-end. If it's not there, swipe down from the top pane while you're on the home screen, and there should be a Bluetooth button there you can tap to turn it on. Once that's done, tap the actual word "Bluetooth" and it will launch you into the settings menu.

From here, you pair up with other Bluetooth devices. Those other devices also have to have their Bluetooth on, and many will need to go into a pairing mode. For most Bluetooth headsets, this usually involves holding down a button for a few seconds. On other devices (such as smartphones), you only need to make sure that both are set to be discoverable (that is, visible as a connection option to others nearby). From there, you'll need to type in a Bluetooth pairing code for most audio devices. By default that code is typically 0000 or 1234. Smarter devices will simply require the confirmation of a common pairing number that pops up on both screens.

Bluetooth screens for BlackBerry 10

Now that that's done, what can you do with the paired devices? Audio devices can take calls or play music stored on your BlackBerry. Bluetooth can also be used to transfer files between devices. New to BlackBerry is the Z10's Bluetooth 4.0 specification. This doesn't do a whole lot for users just yet, but it opens the door to a new family of low-energy peripherals, especially small biometric ones that need to be always on to keep track of what your body's up to.  

How to use Bluetooth with a BlackBerry 10 device 

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the settings drawer
  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned on by tapping the icon, then tap the Bluetooth text
  • From the Bluetooth settings, tap on other discoverable Bluetooth-enabled devices to pair, and either ensure the pairing code pop-up is identical on both devices, or type in the pairing code (usually 0000 or 1234)
  • From the system-wide Share menu, pick paired devices in range to share files, pictures, videos, contacts, and other content
  • Take calls or enjoy music with Bluetooth audio devices  

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Reader comments

How to use Bluetooth with a BlackBerry 10 device


I just got a 2013 Accord. I'm waiting for the white Z10s to become available Do you use your car's voice control buttons to say commands or do you use the Z10's voice command?

my 2008 Acura TL has its own voice commands and nav kit so... i always use my car to command my white z10 lol. Its so much easier when theres a button for call command and button for nav command on the wheel.

One problem that I would like to see addressed is how it works in my car. I connected to my car's BT (Ford Synch) and the phone works fine, but if I want to use the BB map with voice navigation it will only play through the car's audio system. This means that I have to select BT audio streaming in the car in order to hear the turn by turn navigation. Which means I can't listen to the radio. I wish there was a way to still be able to listen to the radio and have the voice navigation play through the Z10s speaker

When I try to go discoverable on my Z10 it asks for a password. I have tried '1234' and '0000' and neither work. Simon, do you know what the password is or where it can be found?

One great trick of the Bluetooth is when the Z10 is paired in my car, I have a new contact (Blackberry voice control) and I can write sms and emails while driving, just by talking to my Z10:
Call BB voice control then enter your voice commands, that's it. GREAT!

The Z10 and the Bluetooth connections have worked fine for just about anything I've connected. I did have a problem recently when trying to connect to a small speaker like muse mini or one of the other ones. The volume control shows it is locked on the screen. With some, you can adjust on the device (not the best) and others you have the device at full volume. Has anyone run across this? Other than that, the Bluetooth connections are easy and phenomenal. Love the Z10.

For me, this process did not work until i noticed the (minor) missing detail. Here's what did work for me:

1. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
2. Enter Bluetooth Settings, either as described above or the "formal" way: by choosing "Bluetooth" from the phone's Settings app.
3. Turn on the device you wish to pair.
4. (This step is missing from Simon's procedure): Hit the "Refresh" icon on the phone's Bluetooth Settings screen.
5. If the other device does not appear in the list, you need to manually force it into discoverable/pairing mode by holding down its primary button for a few seconds; typically until it beeps or flashes multiple times. After doing so, refresh the device list again, and it should appear.
6. Choose the new device from the list. If it requires a code, you will be prompted to enter it. As Simon wrote, it is usually 0000 or 1234.
7. The device should now be paired.