How to use BlackBerry Protect on the web

By James Richardson on 2 Jun 2012 06:08 pm EDT

For a lot of folks, BlackBerry Protect may just be an application on your BlackBerry smartphone that you've never bothered to enable. It has the potential to be quite useful and a BlackBerry smartphone feature that everyone should be making use of whether you see a need for it or not. Consider it a preventative measure should you ever need it, though we hope you never do.

Aside from it being an app, BlackBerry Protect offers a full online site to interact with your device should you ever lose it or otherwise not have access to it. Check out the video above for a full run through of the features and options available through the BlackBerry Protect website.

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How to use BlackBerry Protect on the web


You can always grab the back up from you device that BlackBerry Protect saves and transfer it to another device. If that helps you at all.....

But, you can't view the backed up data online so that is bad. Why? Let's say I lost my phone and it takes five days to get a new one... now I have no way of contacting people in my address book for that five days. This is a HUGE overlook! Plus, the BB Protect app should have its own password like any other security app on BBs.

I don't see that as the purpose of BB Protect. There are several options for backing up contacts, emails, etc. in formats that are able to be viewed on other devices that you may use. For important data, redundancy is key.

I have bb protect bookmarked to my playbook homescreen. Now if I lose my phone, my playbook can make it play a noise!

I have been using this for 4 months now.
Everyone should set this up.
It's great to have ... LOVE it !!!

You won't realize how valuable it is until you misplace your phone. Then what?

PLEASE set yours up NOW !!! Just do it! PLEASE ! PLEASE !

Do it !

Thanks James! I have meant to set BB Protect up so many times. Each time I put it off, assuming it would be a hassle and take time. Nope. Can't say exactly how long it took, as I was playing with the features, but would guess less than 5 minutes including the backup. If you already have a BlackBerry ID it is absolutely painless, so do it people!

Excellent feature, so thanks RIM. And thanks to black.rhino, I have the web site bookmarked on both my PBs.

When will BB Protect be available for the PlayBook? We keep harassing other companies such as Netflix and Skype and yet RIM can't write apps for their product. What about BB Traffic and BB Travel for the PlayBook as well?

I'm surprised that this app isn't available as a stand alone app for he PB.

Re BB Travel .... I think it should be bridged at the least.

I've been using BB Protect for some time - I can't remember how long ago it was released, but maybe around that time.

I've just tried to View Location and the message is:

"Unable to determine the current location of this device.

To view your device's location, you must have location tracking turned on in the BlackBerry Protect application on your device. Your device must also be turned on and connected to the wireless network. Because BlackBerry Protect uses GPS to try to locate your device, if your device is inside a building, it might not be able to be located."

Nope - my 9700 is sitting next to me in downtown Sydney, is turned on and the Location Reporting box is ticked within the phone app.


- I live in Australia - does location Reporting work here? I'm with Optus Aus, so one would think it should

- Does GPS need to be turned on - in Tools / Location Settings? I keep mine turned off.

Wow, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I remember when it came out, and it was on my to do list when it was beta as soon as it released publicly , then fell off the to do list over time. I didn't put it off this time. It found my phone within 8 meters of my house, cool!

I downloaded this when I had my Storm2 and when it was available for my Torch I downloaded it right away. I can't tell you how many times I have used it to locate my phone when I misplace it in my house. I just activate the obnoxious sound and find it right away!

I wish it was on PB, I lost my 64GB a few weeks ago. I've been calling it with no luck using video chat, no answer. Either who has it wants to keep it, it's sitting in a lost n found somewhere, or at a pawn shop. I did hear that RIM can stop services on the PIN, but if I do come across it it will probably be useless like a lost or stolen phone. I miss my old PlayBook, I wouldn't be heartbroken right now if it had BB Protect.

As for the app itself, it has proven itself to be quite useful. A night out with me is never complete without me loosing something of value. I think my BB has been considered a regular at more bars than I have, lol. It definitely has seen many more happy hours than I. Thanks to this app, I have always easily found my lost device and a big city. I swear by this thing, and it's completely free!!!

I have enabled this for a while but I hadn't gone to the website to test it out. I just spent the last 10 minutes doing the same things you showed in the video, and some how was still blown away lol.

Thanks for sharing.

If you're ever relieved of your wallet and cell phone at gunpoint, you might be glad you use BBP. You may even be able to help track down the b@stards.

If it wasn't worth repeating this, I wouldn't........install it and set it up! I've only misplaced my phone once but I was very glad I had BlackBerry Protect set up. It's so easy to do. Even if it took you an hour (which it won't), it's all worth it when your phone goes missing. So just do it, okay? :)

The loud noise feature is used by me a lot! When I misplace my phone, and freak out I just go on the website.

Also its great to scare someone, leave it near them and when they're not expecting it set off the loud noise feature!!

Ahaha love bb protect, been using it for a long time.

My 9800 Torch was recently stolen at the grocery store (someone lifted it right off the cart handle tray while my back was turned). As soon as I got home and realized it was gone I called it and it went straight to voice mail. BB Protect doesn't work if the thief pulls the battery right away. Is there a way to mark in the online app that the phone has been stolen so that when it is reactivated the PIN is invalid?

I'm very good about synching my devices with the desktop manager at least once a week so I had all my contacts and data, but I hated losing the phone. Not everything like settings (speed dial) save over. I've got the 9810 now and will definitely the BB Protect. Thanks

Call your carrier and report it stolen. The app doesn't do that.. And common sense should have triggered something for you to call the carrier after you got home to report it stolen, thus, blacklisting the IMEI#, preventing data services from being used on it by the thieves.

Yes, within the hour, I went into my AT&T online account and reported it stolen. I know theives won't be able to use the phone then, but didn't assume that they wouldn't be able to do a wipe & reload thereby erasing all the data but the phone would still function. AT&T's website didn't indicate that the report would disable the device that I can recall. I always password protect my phones so a battery pull and reset would be the only option. Good to know that my reporting immediately disabled the device.

Having the ability to lock one's phone from the website is a nice feature. However, having one's phone automatically lock after X amount of minutes is the best option. I suggest everyone use a password & have his or her phone automatically lock.

Yes, I realize entering a password is a pain in the ass, but IMO that pain in the ass comes with piece of mind.

I can't believe people wouldn't have this installed and setup. Just like Android user should have Where's My Droid. The one this I wish they would do, is make a Mobile version or at least let my phone go to the full website. But for right now there is no way for me to get a 9900 on the blackberry protect site. This is very annoing to me.

I don't have it installed because it doesn't work on a device that has encryption enabled.

BB protect is great, but if your device is stolen and is not locked, all the person has to do is take it off the network, rendering BB protect useless. I prefer to have my device lock after X amount of time and encrypt all the data.

It is; however, a great tool for various reasons. If encryption and BB protect worked hand-in-hand I wouldn't hesitate installing it. I'm actually sad they don't work together.

A question for you guys who are using this - is it safe and worthwhile to use BlackBerry Protect to do the backup? I already make backups with Desktop Manager, so I wasn't sure why I would need to use this to make additional backups. I was also concerned about beaming this sort of data and also the size of the backup. Maybe someone can comment on that. The GPS location and security features are great though.

I use DM for my backups too. And I'm funny about saving all my contacts and private info into "the cloud" as well. But when you install, you have the option to tell it what to backup. I unchecked the Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, etc. and just allowed it to keep webpage faves and one other choice at the bottom of the list...I can't recall now. But I just did a GPS check and the Sound Locate feature and it works great!

My protect stopped working on my 9900 this weekend, after googling it seems a very common problem with the 9900 and protect. I've tried everything I've read, still no joy.

Just won't connect.

Loaded it on to my 9860 but when I went to activate it it told me that this application is not compatible with BB Enterprise Server....wot good is that to me ???

im always using this app for back up and restore. also when i forgot where i put my phone. :) its like a version of find my iphone. :) it really helps me. :)

Thank you for a fantastic post! I did not realise how useful this feature could be until I stupidly cracked my screen and now need to send off my baby for repair!! Thanks again! L

One question though...when I get my new BB back from my provider do I just install BB Protect and then click Restore and will that just automatically put all my contacts / messages etc from my previous phone (PIN) to my new one? I would use Desktop Manager but my laptop or phone dont appear to like each other and therefore it will not back it up!!

my blackberry 8520 was stolen a couple days ago... I know the PIN and had blackberry protect on my phone, however, i never really registered my handset with it. I was wondering if there is anyway i can register with my pin only? PLEASEEEEEE HELLLLLPPPPPPP