How to use Maps on the BlackBerry Z30

By James Richardson on 17 Oct 2013 09:16 am EDT

If you are thinking of picking up the BlackBerry Z30 you'll be pleased to know that mapping and navigation are built right into BlackBerry 10. The Maps application may not be as fancy and in depth as the likes of Google Maps or some other third party ones but for finding an address and getting there it does the job just fine and I rarely find myself using any other application for navigation. 

Once you open BlackBerry Maps you'll be presented with a map showing your current location with a blue icon. From here you can pinch to zoom and pan around if you need to but the most useful part of the app is the search bar at the very top of the display. Here you can enter an address, including house number, and as well as that result being displayed in a list you will also get road names with similar names - with the nearest to you at the top. 

Once an address has been entered it will be displayed on the map and next to it will be an arrow. Press this and the Z30 will calculate the route to your destination. The route will be shown on a 2D map if you want to see which roads you will be taking and then it's just a case of pressing the start icon at the base of the display to begin navigation. 

Then the 3D map kicks into action and as you would expect the roads you need to take will be a different color to the rest. At the base of the screen you'll see the estimated time to your destination as well as the distance. There is also a tab to switch you back to the 2D map if you so desire. Up at the top you will be shown the name of the next road you need to take and its distance from you. One extra tab I really like is the one that enables you to mute the voice. On many other navigation applications you need to dive into a separate screen for this and as most of the time I don't want to hear the voice this suits me perfectly. 

Back on the initial map you will see a tab at the base of the display for 'My Places'. This contains three sections which are tabbed at the top. These are Recents, Favorites and Contacts. The recent one just lists the previous routes you have taken and any of these can be added to the favorites section if you visit them regularly. The contacts section interacts with the phonebook on the Z30 so it will list any contacts that have an address filed. This certainly makes life a little easier than doing a manual search for an address. 

Jumping into the settings will allow you to alter the units of measure - depending where in the word you are as well as a few other minor things. There is a day and night mode and I suggest you just set this to auto. One final feature I wanted to mention is the ability to toggle on and off traffic. It makes sense to leave this on so that when you set off for a journey any delays will appear with red markings on the roads, which you can then avoid. 

All in all the navigation options on the BlackBerry Z30 do the job well. If you are considering picking one up not only will you have an amazing communication/social/gaming device but you will also have a free Sat Nav - what's not to love about that? 

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How to use Maps on the BlackBerry Z30


Thanks James tho a video would be more useful with this one I think . Is there one on the pipeline?

Posted from my Z10 (very smart phone)

It's coming from the contact apps, he probably have the contact address info coming from different accounts (personal account, work account, LinkedIn, face book...)

But I agree this should be filtered out as one

Posted via CB10

They would be "filtered" if he linked them together.
But as you can see in the case of the triple entry, two are work and one personal address. The double work address is slightly mistyped. It could be a "Work 1" and "Work 2" address.
It should stay this way because you may want to navigate to a contact's work place, or personal residence. Combining them would introduce another step to have to choose which address to navigate to. I'm not sure why the first entry is doubled, but most likely because there's a typo between the two entries or they're not linked.

Posts like this I have been missing for a looooong time!
But it seems that they coming back!
Besides the "news", that's what I loved most back in den old days of crackberry!
I have been here for some time and I have always enjoyed those:
"How to", "Tips & Tricks"!
Thank you for that!!!

For offline maps I got Mireo Don't Panic. The maps are actually stored on your phone. Comes in a little bit pricey but I think it's worth the pay, specially if you travel a lot. I'm in the US very often (and I turn my data off when roaming), so the app pays for itself.

I give Mireo another thumbs up. I live in Canada and use it all the time when going south of the border and can't use data. Hasn't let me down.

I also love Mireo, used it this year driving around Spain and Portugal (I'm in uk) it was brilliant and didn't have to pay data roaming costs

Posted via CB10

I would also give a thumbs up for Mireo. Use it occasionally and works fine.

Posted from my NEW Zed30 via CB10, follow my channel C00121C1B

I used Maps recently on BB10 to see if it can locate my new address and it found every address except mine.

It is worth noting that this app works really well when connected via Blue tooth to the car sound system. Great hardware / software integration.

Posted via CB10

It's sweet how it picks up addresses in text and emails and when you click on them, they take you right into the map.

Posted via CB10

Played with a Windows phone over the weekend & was very impressed with their maps app. So smooth, so fast, so much better than BlackBerry Maps. Come on BlackBerry, step it up.

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Maps is the worst feature of BB10. It's not worthy of the rest of this terrific OS. Every other feature is so much better. BlackBerry really needs to step up the map game.

BlackBerry maps is great on my Z. Never given a wrong direction, never bad address. Better than Apple maps and even Google maps were on my iPhone

Posted via CB10

It's my primary map app. The only issue I have us with the line width for traffic. It's too narrow for my eyes. Btw I also have a Google app, waze, and Be maps pro.

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I'm a tad bit confused.... this didn't need to be Z30 specific. it's exactly the same for all BlackBerry 10 form factors. I honestly thought based on the title that there was something special and unique within BlackBerry Maps that was specific to the Z30.

Posted via CB10

It's directed towards non-CB people who might stumble across this site when doing research or after they've bought the phone. If it just says "BlackBerry 10" it's not immediately obvious that it applies to the Z30.

Posted via CB10

What if somebody just bought the Z10? Does James have to write another identical blog with different title?
What about Q10, etc.?

Built-in systems often use static maps. You will find yourself using the smartphone app when traveling on new roads or to new businesses. My vehicle GPS has also directed me to closed restaurants when traveling to an unfamiliar city.

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Is there a map for India? Cuz Z10 didn't am using waze which is one awesome app!

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It should also worth to mention that you can jump directly to the maps apps (and drive to) simply by clicking the "bubbles pin" next to your contact address within the contact apps.
No need to type it again
With more then thousands of contacts I definitely use that feature a lot.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the tip. I never realized I could jump to BB maps directly from the contact info.

Posted via CB10

Maps works, but I still prefer BlackBerry Traffic. Traffic would show congested areas further along the route, where as Maps shows you congestion when you're already in it. Therefore not giving you anytime to find an alternate route other than take a few side streets.

So when it comes to going to work, I still use BB Traffic on my 9670 via hotpot.

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Too basic, I always end up using Google maps on the browser or the sideloaded app instead

I don't know what anyone else thinks or has experienced but the navigation on the Z10 rocks the hell out of the Google navigation on the Galaxy or iPhone. Sometimes I have to use Google maps on my Z10 to search because searching on BlackBerry maps isn't as good as Google but the Navigations beats Google's navigation 9 out of 10. The navigation on my Z10 is awesome and I'm proud to let everyone know.

Posted via CB10

I still miss the possibility to share my location on maps on different ways, like mail, short message, WhatsApp and so on. THAT would be an important improvment!

Posted via CB10

You usually have the voice turned off? You mean you are looking at the phone while driving? I hope not.

Posted via CB10

I totally love BlackBerry Maps. I would rate it much higher than google maps where the most important function of saving a location is not available which was available before google released updates for its maps.
I am very much happy with BB maps. The only issue I am facing right now is that linkage between FourSquare maps and BB Maps is broken. I usually find places using FourSquare and click on location to open it in maps apps to navigate to a place. But in my Z30, clicking on FourSquare location does not open the location or navigate function of BB Map although ti does open BB maps but after oepning BB maps it only shows your current location rather than the location of the desired place.

Can you save your maps on phone memory, so they can be used offline? I have a Windows Phone 8, Nokia maps is great, can store maps and use them offline, navigation is way better than with Google (on Android or iPhone). I am thinking about changing to a Z30. Can Google maps be installed into Z30 with latest OS release (no sideloading, prefer to install from an app store).