How to use BBM for iOS

By Bla1ze on 21 Oct 2013 10:47 pm EDT

Now that BBM has gone cross-platform, there's sure to be a lot of folks trying the app out for the first time. We've already covered the getting started guide for Android smartphones but if iOS is your platform of choice, we've got you covered there as well.

You can jump below to check out some of the walkthrough videos of the basics to getting started and if you have any further questions or concerns, the CrackBerry forums are open 24 hours a days, 7 days a week to help you further.

Getting Started

  • First things first - you'll need an iOS device to install BBM. 
  • Head to the iOS App Store and download BBM (free) to your device here
  • Once installed, tap on the icon to launch BBM
  • If you're already a BBM user and want to use your current BBID, enter your login details on the screen. If you're new to BBM or want to use a different BBID, you can register here as well.

Adding Contacts

  • Tap the overflow icon (3 dots)
  • Tap Invite to BBM
  • Choose the method by which to invite a contact - In the menu that pops up, you have lots of options when it comes to adding someone. Choose the method you'd like to use. They'll receive a request and you'll get a confirmation once they've accepted it.
  • When the contact accepts your request they will be added to your contact list

Sending Messages

  • To start a new chat, tap the BBM icon in the top right corner (the one with the + sign)
  • Search for or choose a contact from the list
  • Tap the contact, enter your message and choose Send

Multi-Person Chat

  • To start a multi-person chat with more than one contact, tap the overflow icon (3 dots) then tap Start Multi-person Chat
  • Enter the contacts to which you want to send your message
  • Enter you message and tap Send


  • To access the settings menu, tap the overflow icon (3 dots) then choose Settings
  • Here you can change things such as notification tone, contact list layout, update options, chat history and more

Broadcast Message

  • To send a broadcast message to all of your contacts, tap the overflow icon (3 dots) then choose Broadcast Message. Enter your message and tap Send. Be careful with these, not everyone likes to receive broadcast messages

Quick Tips

  • To quickly view your contacts list, tap the Contacts icon
  • To quickly view groups tap the Groups icon

That's the basics for getting set-up using BBM for iOS, if you're looking for more details you can check out iMore for a further look or head on into the BBM for iOS forums here on CrackBerry.

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How to use BBM for iOS


Is there any indication that blackberry will eventually allow a user to use their existing BBID across many devices?

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good stuff ,I'll let my isister in Vancouver know,she tried to get BBM and couldn't ,came back to me and told me to use liveprofile,pissed me off!!

My gf just got to the front of the line but had a temporary server error when she tried to make an account

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I think they should find a way to help people who switched to iPhone or Android find their old BBM contacts. One of the main reasons I wanted to download the app was to see if I could retrieve my old BBM contacts. I have searched the web for ways to do this but have been unsuccessful so far. I really want to keep this app but I don't see the point if I don't have any one to chat with since most of the people I know have moved on to the iPhone or an Android device. If anyone out there knows of a way to retrieve old BBM contacts, please reply to my post with directions.

Their old contacts will only be retrieved if they left the BlackBerry platform very recently (less than a year) and used BBM version 7 or above before they left.

Before version 7 the list of BBM Contacts was not associated with a BlackBerry ID so there's no way to get them back if they only ever used older versions of BBM.

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That is too complicated for Android and IOS user.
I think most people don't want to register a BlackBerry ID, so they won't move from WhatsApp...
One should give them the chance to use the mobile number as verification even if it is not a good way for authentication.

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Kinda defeats the purpose of the whole "secure communications" bit that makes BBM the powerhouse that it is.


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Hi, i have blackberry z10, and my friends recently downloaded blackberry messenger from iphone or android. The problem is that when they send me a message, i can receive it, but when i send them back, a red 'X' appears showing that they didn't receive anything.
Please Help

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My wife is having the same problem she can see the Msg but the person sending gets a red X and they are on BlackBerry?

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Are you using the beta version of bbm with channels? I've heard there are problems when messaging is and Android from the beta, haven't tried it yet personally.

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I'm using channels beta and have no issues sending and receiving messages from ios, I haven't tried android yet though.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

Ok, so help me out guys. I have been BlackBerry forever, but so isolated I have knew anyone with BB so have never used BBM. Now that it is cross platform, I am going to recruit family and friends to BBM (and use blackmail if that is what it takes to get them to try it).
I need a little more info in order to convince them and can't seem to find it in my searches as everyone assumes a person knows all about BBM. They are going to ask if it uses much data. I know it didn't on legacy devices, but what about BB10? It looks like it uses both network and WiFi, so the WiFi would be " free." Any disadvantages they might experience?
Thanks in advance for your wisdom. I looked at both Google Play and IOS info and they fail to mention this. I think people would jump in faster with a little more info.

Not impressed with this launch.

1. Every time you log in on a new device WITH THE SAME BB ID it generates a new pin and of course they don't tell you this so if you have your pin posted anywhere or the barcode you need to update and remove the old posts. Why would someone think it's a good idea to generate new pins for each device. Yes I know they did this with their own phones but that was hat coded into the phones OS and on the sticker on the back. iPhone and android don't fall under this. What's the point of a BB ID and logging in if I can't take my pin with me to each device? Yes I know you can't log in at the same time on multiple devices.

2. Since no one decided to put a pop up or something telling me my pin was going to change, I had posted the pin when I logged in on my ipad because my iPhone was giving me problems (which had to do with my iphone being jail broken). So I got my iphone working and logged back into it with the same gmail bb ID. I created a new bb ID (hotmail) on my ipad and deleted and reinstalled bbm on it and low and behold I am still getting bbm adds from the original gmail account on my ipad even though I'm logged in under a new BB ID on my ipad.

Now let's add to the fact I had the New Zealand bbm since the original scheduled launch which randomly stopped working Sunday night. Let's also add that even though I had that bb ID already in that when I delete and reinstall bbm each time on either my iPhone or iPad and login with my BB ID that I go back into the queue to wait for access to get into bbm again. Absolutely ridiculous honestly.

I still have my bold 9900 at home and tried to login there until I found out you have to wipe the phone to use another BB ID so to sum this all up, I'm not impressed with the way they handled these 2 launches. I will still use BBM but not a happy customer. Your pin should be able to go with you on each device not a new pin each time

The network is designed to deliver messages to a device (PIN), not a person. This keeps you anonymous to the network and allows for encryption. If you lose your phone, you can lock out the account and create a new one,

Try adding all of your PINs to the conversation with each friend. That way your friend is delivering each message to each of your devices. "Group" your PINs.
Likely in future updates they will have an option to group your PINs, but I don't see them ever allowing the same PIN on multiple devices for security reasons.

Posted via CB10

You're not getting what I'm saying. I am not asking for them to allow you to use the same pin on a bunch of different devices. I am asking for them to allow you to carry your pin with you when u log in to your bb ID. Once you log in on a new device, your old device bbm should stop working.

I have switched back and forth between my Z10 and my Google Nexus 7 on bbm without any issues. It logs me in and transfers my contacts on each device as I go back and forth. Nice!

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Hi, can someone help me, i have an iphone 4 ios 6, bbm doesnt go, I already signed up but it stays at "i got the mail" part, some help please

Hello all, I'm trying to illustrate to my friends how to use BBM, and have come across an issue. When I start up a multi person chat I can only send (and them) a voice note, rather than photos, files etc... I can individually, but not to 2 or more. I've noticed this now when dealing with BlackBerry, iphone and Android.. Help Please!

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Can someone tell me if the shared calendar in a BBM group will populate on iOS7? My wife and I would like to use this feature. She has an iPhone and I have a z10. Thanks

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I am flipping between my z10 and iphone 5. My only negative for Bbm for ios is that you cannot increase the font size. Wonder when that will change? Hopefully soon

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I still have an issue with IOS bbm despite the update earlier today.

Is there a way to send broadcast message to just a contact category at once? I wan able to do this on blackberry.

I still have an issue with IOS bbm despite the update earlier today.

Is there a way to send broadcast message to just a contact category at once? I wan able to do this on blackberry.

Hi I'm having the same problem most are having
I've downloaded bbm to my iPhone they have asked for
A email address that I've put in now I must wait
For them to email me back, does anyone know
How long this takes thanks

I use bbm in ios, but i can't add my friend's pin althought i've send him invite ( he use bbm on bb9780). How can i fix this problem?