How to use BBM Channels on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 26 Nov 2013 03:21 pm EST

BlackBerry has finally unleashed BBM Channels from its beta chain and the service is now available for all BlackBerry users. Many had the chance to play around with BBM Channels during the beta period, but for those of you that haven't, you may need a bit of a guide to get started.

Everything should look fairly familiar for the most part, but if you're curious to know just how to get around the new service, keep reading and we'll go over the basics to get you up and running.

First off, make sure you have the latest version of BBM installed on your device.

Follow a Channel

From the main screen, tap the three bars on the bottom left, then choose Channels.

Here you'll see the main BBM Channels screen where you can browse through featured channels.

Browse through the list to find a channel you'd like to follow, then tap the channel icon to open it. Tap the Join icon on the bottom of the screen to subscribe to the channel.


Alternatively you can also search for a channel by tapping the Search icon from the main Channels screen. Enter a search term and then scroll to browse the channels. Follow a channel using the same method as above.

Create a Channel

To create your own BBM Channel, tap the overflow icon (3 dots) and choose Create Channel.


Here you need to enter all the info for your channel. Choose a name, description, channel photo and other settings. Once you're finished choose Save to create your channel. 

Your channel can be anything you want - from a fan channel to hobbies to just all about you. The possibilities are endless.

View a Subscribed Channel

Tapping the middle icon on the top row will let you view your own channels as well as your subscribed channels. You can scroll through your list and tap an icon to view a subscribed channel or your own.

When viewing a channel you can browse through posts by scrolling. To like or comment on a post, tap the respective icon under the post text.

View Your Own Channels

When viewing your own channel you have numerous options. Tapping the invite icon will let you invite your contacts to your channel. For your own channel you can also view stats and settings. The main view will show your most recent posts, stats, reported items and chats (if enabled).


Tapping the overflow icon will let you change your channel settings or profile. Here you can change comment settings, privacy and even enable BBM chats. Turning on BBM chats will let other users chat with you over BBM through your channel. This is a great way to get even more social with your subscribers and when you're done chatting, simply turn it off again.

Post to Your Channel

After you've created your own channel, adding a new post is easy. View your channel then tap the Add Post icon. 

Here simply add a post title, your message and choose a photo (if you want to). The message can be anywhere up to 400 characters. Once you're done, tap Post. That's it! Your posts can be everything and anything relevant to your channel. 

There's also a great web interface for creating and managing your BBM Channels.

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How to use BBM Channels on BlackBerry 10


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Won't be using channels much. I was very active in the Beta. Twitter is still the go to especially after their latest preview upgrades. Channels is too clunky, notifications are horrible and data usage is very, very high. There are better options. Sadly I wish this had been a better product. Good luck BlackBerry but this product is going to get average to poor reviews and this is the flagship of the company. The bar needed to be a lot higher.

Posted via CB10

F off. I'm running 10.2.1 and participate in every beta and have filled out every survey. Channels is subpar to Twitter by a long shot and subpar to BBM messaging. It uses blog tech, I can't 'mention' anyone in a post, it has very little social media or viral capability, the UI is awful and inconsistent with the rest of bbm, notifications work horrendously and photos on average are 100KB. For an always on app that is a data pig. Channels is not innovative technology. It will have little appeal to professional marketers who BlackBerry wants to sell advertising too.

Posted via CB10

Hello, that is so not true, Twitter is still cool but bbm channel has really got serious viral capability, av only been using the channel for only 8days and got over 14,000 visits already and serious traffic on each post. Yes bbm channels is quite innovative of blackberry and for once i'd say they got it right. C002E1621 is my ID if u care to verify the stats. Thanks

Really now! Anyone who disagrees, with anything BlackBerry is an automatic troll huh?

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

You need a lesson in objectivity and critical thought. If you can't take feedback in a forum environment then you need to disappear. The last thing BlackBerry needs is yes men. They've had enough of those.

Posted via CB10


I've also done the beta surveys and established two channels only to have people subscribe who are BlackBerry diehards. Even my mainstream friends that use a BlackBerry look at channels and shrug. Twitter is the go-to for interaction. That said, I'm trying one more channel now that it's out of Beta in hopes of more quality participation. C004D8283 established for community involvement in London, Ontario. Once channels goes out to android and iPhone, we'll see...

Posted via CB10

To each their own. I use Channels more than I use Twitter. The only time I use Twitter is if I have anything to tweet, copy of twitter (usually pics), or if my BBM disconnects. I tend to think of Channels as being better than both twitter and Facebook combined. It's actually a combination of both but anyways enjoy what fits u most. Best wishes.

Posted via CB10

I really enjoyed Twitter a lot cos i had a lot of followers there about 54,000 followers but then bbm channels happened and it was like wow and even though i have just 930 subscribers in the 8 days av been using the facility has given me a new sense of virality with each post. Thanks Blackberry is all i can say

I agree. I don't know what experience you BB10 guys are having but I am running the Beta in OS7 and it is very unimpressive. I have yet to really find a good use for it. I am getting better use from by BBM groups. Just an FYI I use my BBRY in a professional manner as well as personal. My Channel and BBM are for business however. I have yet to find a good way to leverage channels in a marketing environment and I put good content in, not just random pictures of woman or unusable items. I guess only time will tell, but hey, not every swing can be a home run.

My Channel: C001CAE75

I'm sure they're rolling ot out slowly across different carriers and devices. Just be patient. I'm sure it'll be there by the of the day. Nothing to get to worried about.

Posted with my BlackBerry Z10 running 10.2 via CB10

BBM update not here in Cyprus yet, but I was able to create my own channel, hope it's not as long as we had to wait for the last update. Time will tell.

Posted via CB10

Could have started with a couple of sentences describing what is channels. I don't know if I want to use it because I don't know what it is.

This is really unusual: I am signed as beta tester. I downloaded the latest version of the Channels, but when I try to update to the new version that is not Beta in my Q10, it tells me that it is NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS MODEL. When I went to my Z10, which I normally do not use for BBM, the new version installed without a glitch. Any comments?

On Verizon latest official and checked to see if my BBM is the most recent. I don't see the channels. Lame.

Posted via CB10

I updated my software to and I am still seeing BBM Channels in the beta app... I've checked BlackBerry World and it says I have the latest version of BBM.. Help anyone!? :)

Posted With MY #SwagBerry Black On Black Zed 10!! #TeamBlackBerry #BlackBerryFaithful #BlackBerryLoyalty #BB10Swag #BlackBerryGang #Z10

BBM is not available for my device , the Z30 when I check in BB World why?
I see no option for channels either in my BBM that came with my device.

Posted via my BlackBerry Z30.

Damn you Verizon. Z30 but no 10.2 for Z10. Now BBM with no channels. If you didn't have such great signal strength where I live and everyone else's didn't suck I would say good bye to Verizon.

Posted via CB10

If you want to see some muscle cars, luxury modern and classic cars, lowriders etc then join channel C00121953

Yeah , i got the update through BB world! It works amazingly. Long live BB!

Posted via my BlackBerry Z30.

So there is no categories for channels?
Like sports, fashion, TV.....they need to add some filters, popular, newest, mutual

But I like it, it's just a little hard to browse


I really like BBM Channels and its possibilities.

For real estate in Southern Ontario (especially around GTA) follow my Channels # C000E218D. Thanks.

Same, Verizon is my carrier and BBM though installed on my Q10 says not available for this device. I am unable to update BBM to the latest version.

Posted via CB10

I started a new channel with no problems but when I try to post I get the error...Post can't be uploaded. Please try again.

It shows as 'Pending Post'

I've tried retry a dozen times.

Post is only about 80 characters.

Anyone know what's wrong?

Hi all, I updated BBM today on z10 through appworld,insgalled ok, have channels but now no bb voice or bb video. Have channels now but how do I get bb video back?

...shot from my z10

Happened to me as well. It comes back. I didn't have voice/video for half a day. Now have again.

I like the mini blog format of bbm channels. I don't seem to have the issues others have. Everybody seems to think it is meant to compete with twitter, but it had elements of Instagram, Facebook, etc. Only knock I have against it is the small subscriber base. When it launches cross platform I look forward to more subs and content

Posted via my Z10 (BB#22) featuring Channel C0031BD24

That's my channel if anyone fancy Cuba, don't hesitate to pass by and drop a comment.

Posted via CB10

Are Channels restricted to the device that opens them? My brother from another country would like me to open channels for him, since he still cannot on his BlackBerry. Then when he receives Channels on his device, I would 'give' him the channels that he wanted.

After reading some of these comments, and remembering our dear friends the DOGS that show us so much love and dedication, join my (yours too) Channel C0003E870.
And don't forget to send your dog's best photos to our Channel em@il BBMDOGSCHANNEL@GMAIL.COM to be posted. All the best to you guys BlackBerry lovers (or not)

How do you edit a post. I made a typo. And it's bugging me. LOL...

If there's no edit option, the please add it, Blackberry!

Posted from Z10STL100-1 by a firster... twice.

Hi, have added several channels. A couple don't display the added picture at the creation. How can I get in to my channel and modify the primary channel picture... HELP! Thanks...

I would like to know how I can turn off Channels. I haven't subscribed to any and this concept doesn't interest me. I don't want to see anything Channel related!

Why aren't the Channel pins click able on my z10? You can't even select or copy and paste them? I literally have to write down people's channel addresses.

Posted via CB10

Hii CB10 .. I Have a little problem in the BBchannel ... when I send post in my channel.. the channel give me.. a Red word.. the red word is = Problem uploading Posts ... can any one tell me what I do ?

Posted via CB10

Add my channel C002932A8 its called Become Inspirational, where simply people can share inspirational words and things with others.

One thing i noticed bout the channels is that once u have updated a topic there is no option to edit that post, i think Blackberry should add an edit option to ensure people are able to correct typos and make any other desired additions to a post, that in itself should be basic i think

If I create a private channel how can I add people to the channel by PIN only. Right now it appears I can only add people from my personal BBM list of contacts.

I made a channel but it appears that I can only invite my contacts and there is a little key by the spot that usually people can join the channel how can I make it to where anyone can join?

I think it's pretty irritating that we can't view the content of a channel unless we join it 1st. This should not be the case. We should be able to view a channel without the need to join it so we could know if its content appeals to us or not