How to use Battery Saving Mode on your BlackBerry Smartphone

Battery Saving Mode
By Adam Zeis on 31 Mar 2012 09:38 am EDT

A brand new feature that was introduced in BlackBerry OS 7.1 is Battery Saving Mode. This simple option lets you set a battery threshold which will then automatically adjust settings to conserve battery. So instead of keeping a close eye on your device when your battery hits a low point (say 20%), with this feature enabled, the device will automatically adjust things like screen brightnes and time out in order to not waste battery power. Battery Saving Mode isn't a miracle worker, but it will keep your BlackBerry hanging on a bit longer until you can find your way to a charger. A very cool feature that I'm sure you won't mind having.

If you're running OS 7.1, Battery Saving Mode should be enabled by default, but you can head to Options > Device > Battery Saving Mode to enable/disable this feature and change the battery level. Keep in mind this is just one way to save battery on your device. You can always manually change some settings to conserve battery power. Things like turning off Wifi and lowering screen brightness can go a long way. For more on this, check out ten tips and tricks to maximize your BlackBerry battery life. If all else fails, just carry a spare battery or charger and you'll never have to worry about a dead device!

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How to use Battery Saving Mode on your BlackBerry Smartphone


I know on Sprint it was released for the 9930 as a second update after the initial 7.1 software. I wouldn't know how other carriers will release their updates however. Go into your options and type "update" and check for updates will come up to see if you are running the latest release of 7.1.

I tried it out for a few days. I will activate it again when I figure out a better settings balance.

Does it lower your screen brightness to 10%? to me it has done it 3 days straight. I don't like my 9900 screen looking like my old curve 8300 lol

We need to hope that RIM gets control of the software releases when BB10 is out ::crossing fingers::

If it stays the same as I last heard it will be RIM putting out the OS updates. The radio stack will be separate(which is, I guess, what it takes)

I'm with Rogers and I've been running a variation of the 7.1xx OS for the past month and a half. You can't wait for Rogers to release an OS officially if you want the latest software. They will never release it on time, maybe not ever, because Rogers is an over priced junk carrier.

Just head over to your phones specific forum and download another carriers latest software and you are good to go.

as for Battery Saver Mode, I'm disappointed in it honestly. I already have my screen brightness to 10% and my back light time out set at 20sec. So the Battery Saver Mode basically does nothing. I've tried turning it on and off and there is no difference in battery life. I was hoping the feature would bring something to the table other then adjusting the brightness of your screen, but apparently it does not.

It would have been cool if aside from the "carrier programs" the softwares were similar across the board.

On T-Mobile USA the NFC feature is inactive.

It is a win some lose some on a phone that is capable of supporting all these features simultaneously!

Are you on OS 7.1? Did you shrink out the Device Analyzer? The battery saving mode is in OS 7.1 and it is part of the Device Analyzer feature.

It is in newer 7.1 os's. Not all 7.1 has them.

The carriers that were quick to drop 7.1 and never did an update still don't have this feature.

Whenever I use this feature on my 9900, my phone freezes almost everytime I go to password unlock it or try to open BBM. As a result of this, my battery ends up dying much faster. Anyone else experience this? :s

Don't really see much difference either besides screen timing out faster and screen dimmer. A gimmick really.

I laugh every time I read the term....Blackberry "Smartphone". Come on man....its 2012, almost all phones are smartphones. Why not just say Blackberry phone? Do you hear android or iphone handsets being referred to that way?

Its almost like BB and their users have a complex where deep down they need to continually remind themselves that their phones are "smart".

Forgot to add this in my initial post....even worse than the smartphone term is "Superphone". That kills me every time.

There hasnt been anything super about BB in years. I would'nt count your chickens until they hatch...meaning wait until you see it for yourself before anointing it.

IMO, BB should put their heads down...shut up and get to work. Because if the new OS doesn't work, they are going to turn out just like Palm did.

after trials i have completly disabled it.

i find that with it turned completly off i get better battery life.

i am running the new 7.1 on tmobile on my att 9900.

Why would one need this option? I would think most users would already have his or her phone options properly configured for optimal battery consumption.

Its a good feature indeed, I use it always enabled below 100% so
The screen brightness can go more down cause even tho its still less but screen uses the most but you know!

9810 running does not have it...I guess it is time to update to the newest release anyway...sounds like a great feature if you use it wisely.

Unfortunately, this was a waste of an article and really a waste of time investment for RIM in this 'feature'. It's stupid, unneccessarily bloats the os and has never worked for anyone, EVER.

I am running VZW 7.1.0 Bundle 457 and do not have that option. I did an OTA update on my phone when 7.1 was released.

I don't post often but I had to take a minute for this one. I just updated 7.1 (thanks for this article so I saw it finally was there) and it seemed to fix all my lagging issues with freezing when I slide my torch open, and other frustrating glitches I have seen recently. It feels so good to be running smoothly again. Unless I didn't notice before it seems there are some great menu updates in the options. Good on ya BB. Thank you!

Better battery life without it for me as well. I would say do a clean install of the latest leak, don't use DM for reinstalling apps and settings, and replace the included charger with a Nokia AC-6U or DC-6. If you have been using the included charger or a "Fast Charger" for any length of time than your OEM battery may be damaged and a replacement battery might be in order too.

I have that on my Blackberry Curve 9220, But when i wipe my phone, my battery saving mode was gone,,and i don't know how i can recover it.. can you help me?, is there another way how can i recover it.