How the US media can review the Z10 without looking dumb

BlackBerry Z10 Review
By Chris Umiastowski on 22 Mar 2013 11:47 am EDT

This post was inspired by a review of the Z10 posted at CNN Money. You can read it here and leave a comment if you want or jump in on this CrackBerry forum thread, which has been running crazy with action. After all, the author basically called 80 million people luddites.

The CNN Money review is a perfect example of the general tech media doing a complete crap job of putting any effort into a review. From the lack of specifics to immediate judgmental attitude, it’s clear that this review was written just to get it written, not to actually help anyone by adding value to this planet. 

So with that said, here are the tips that we’d like the media to keep in mind when reviewing the Z10.

First, realize that it’s a brand new operating system and platform. You’re not going to get a solid handle on it in one or two days. And you’re certainly not going to get a handle on it by using it as a secondary device during those one or two days.  That won’t cut it.  Many tech reviewers don’t even bother putting their SIM card in the new phone they're reviewing. They will use it on Wi-Fi only and stick to their main phone for actual work during the period they’re supposed to be reviewing the product. You know what that does?  It just makes you complain about how things are different on the Z10 versus whatever you’re using now. 

Put it this way - I remember getting my first Mac. It was really my first time using the MacOS (Tiger, at the time), and had no clue how to find files. I had to call my friend to ask him how to install an application. I didn’t realize you just drag the app to the applications folder and it’s done. Those are just two examples of the hundreds of other little things I didn’t understand about Mac early on. 

Whoever thinks you should just be able to pick up a new phone and master it in a day or two is out to lunch

Would you ever catch somebody reviewing a Mac after being a PC user all his life and toying around with a Mac for a couple days? Of course not. And while the Z10 isn’t as complex as a desktop OS, it sure is a different beast. You have to give it a couple of weeks of actual full time use and then judge it. Just look at Kevin and the gang, who wrote the best darn Z10 review I’ve ever seen. Those guys looked at every possible angle of the phone from the perspective of different users.  Then, after publishing, we all still figured out there were more features we didn’t even realize existed initially. 

Whoever thinks you should just be able to pick up a new phone and master it in a day or two is out to lunch. Maybe for a revised version of an existing OS, fine. But a totally new platform like BlackBerry 10? Not so fast. 

When you honestly review the phone over a period of one to two weeks you’re going to notice that the things that initially bugged you stop bugging you. They become habit and you may find yourself even understanding why certain design decisions were made. I challenge you to use the phone for two weeks and not become addicted to the BlackBerry Hub and the whole Flow experience. It’s awesome. 

For the US media, also consider that when you first saw the device on the back of the January 30th launch the software was the first public release. BlackBerry issued a fairly major OS update earlier this month. One major improvement has been in battery life. Considering this was a weak spot in many initial reviews, it is worth going back and having another look. You’ll be surprised. The battery life is darn good now.

On a final note, I’d like to say that Mobile Nations, as a whole, is not always the first to get a release published.  But I think the guys doing these reviews at our family of sites does the best job in the industry.  We’d rather be accurate and complete than fast and sloppy.  Our mission is not to get as many clicks early on and satisfy some quota.  Our mission is to help YOU, the reader, get the most out of your device.  We aren’t going to accomplish that by mirroring the garbage that comes from folks like CNN Money.

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How the US media can review the Z10 without looking dumb


Reviews are many times just one person's opinion (and made to believe that thousands think this way). The masses think the Z10 is awesome, as do I, even BGR had some good things to day about it. Once.

This! As much of fanbois as people are once they really use the phone the change there mind, even if it's only slightly. I know if all the apps were there reviews wouldn't really have much to complain about.

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Well said, I'm tired of defending blackberry and my loyality to blackberry to someone who reads a biased artical from "technologys reviewist elite".

Same here, I can't just hold me tongue when I listen to people who've never used the phone or know nothing about BlackBerry talk crap!

At the end of the day BlackBerry is failing to take charge of the message and it's on them no matter what anybody in the media is doing. Maybe they should hire a political consultant to learn a little bit how it's done.

Maybe you should think about their resources compared to Apple's. The media world is so big that 'taking charge of the message' means lots of feet on the ground.

I agree completely Chris. Another great article.

By the way, I still can't find the history of all your articles by clicking your profile.

When is this going to be updated?

+1!!! They are all a bunch of biased jack-asses no matter who you watch. Some are better than others but at the end of the day, their bias = dumb!

Very well written, thanks.

Too bad that it's very likely that none of the media morons that will do their jobs poorly will ever see this post.


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What's been awesome to see is the way BlackBerry fans have been calling out all the crappy / half-assed Z10 reviews out there. With a new platform like the Z10, it's really easy to see in most reviews when the reviewer has *really* switched over and learned the device, or is just writing it mainly off the specs and features and app story. 

Also think a device like the Z10 doesn't review as well over two days as it does over two weeks. The more you use the Z10 you get addicted to the user experience. Having used the Z10 for two months now, when I try and pick up any other phone -- iPhone 5, Nexus 4, Bold 9900, Lumia 920, the user interface just feels soooo clunky. The flow really is awesome.

Keep up the good work CrackBerry Nation in keeping reviewers honest, wherever they are on the web and beyond!

I thought the exact same thing.
Yesterday, I was at a conference and 2 ladies sitting in front of me were blasting away on their iPhone 4s's. I was amazed at the speeds at which they could type with one hand!!!! After that, I watched them complete tasks, simple tasks, like close apps open in the background, or going from twitter to the browser. I watched them continually hammer the home button. I was observing them the hardcore iPhone user at work.

Then I thought to myself, on my Z10 I do all those things with just a swipe. Something as simple as going from browser to twitter to facebook should not be a tedious task. It just seems quite ancient the way iOS works now.

BB just needs to build on this. I think if they can get iPhone users to switch to BB10 then they are in a good spot.

This I agree with, and one of the first iPhone users.

iPhone 5 to the BlackBerry z10.

Posted via CB10

It's not about the Z10 beating the iPhone, because Z10 wins hands down. The problem is getting people to leave Apple's Ecosystem. This is what Thor is saying when he says they're not focused on Tablets. He knows we have to create an Ecosystem first. So BB10 first has to be seen as ROCK SOLID, which it will :)

I was following Brad Molen from Engadget on his one-month trial after the initial review. And I appreciate him taking the effort unlike BGR or Gizmodo. I still don't see the Z10 on Mobilicity (my carrier). But I am happy with the US finally getting BB10 with the Z10. I'm really looking for a shift with my mobile technology and am looking at BB10 and Ubuntu for Phones especially. Love CB and the faith they've had all along while mine has wavered. And the people in the forums are the best.

Definitely have to give kodos to Brad from Engadget. It was nice to actually have someone from there to take the time to really delve into the device; both good and bad. Wish more outlets did that.

HERE, HERE! I'm going to keep preaching this, TAKE TO SOCIAL MEDIA and let these people and companies know that we know what they're doing and not doing! As far a User Experience goes, after an hour of toying with the Z10 for the first time today, when I took out my Bold 9900 to Tweet, I found my self trying to use the Z10 gestures and the typing feels BORING & SLOW compared to the Z10! That's saying A LOT! Anyone who has experienced the speed of the Bold knows what I'm talking about!

Shouldn't the company hand in devices to the press way ahead of the launch? And I'm not taking about the purely tech oriented press that they obviously covered on launch or before ... I'm talking about all the influential stock market or lifestyle related websites that can really make "waves".

Some limited edition as the developers unit would be an even better idea. There are marketing agencies who specialize in just doing that...

Either way sooner or later they will "See the light "!

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You should check out BGR, analyst there are a bunch of clowns. I for one was an IOS user, had an Iphone 4, and 5, made the jump to the Z10 didn't regret one bit.

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"Whoever thinks you should just be able to pick up a new phone and master it in a day or two" used to using iOS since 2007

Really? The original iPhone was a nice dumbphone. I see people buying iPhone 5 who can't really fully use them months later. The 2007 buyers have had nearly six years to learn all the new features. The learning curve has been hidden away. As a software developer myself I'm well aware of the level of support needed by new customers compared to those who are just upgrading.

Well said! Was watching CNBC earlier and was quite disgusted by how everyone was just brushing BlackBerry phones aside like they have no chance. One guest was giving inaccurate comments, conveying amongst other things that the one million announced sale wasn't an actual sale. During a live interview at an AT&T store, the onsite reporter announced that only 7 phones were sold at that store. Come on Crackberry! We need some positive and accurate news here! It has been too low key for a launch day!

So true. Discovering the reason behind certain design decisions is probably one of the most interesting things in owning the Z10. Things as simple as text editing - tapping to the right or left in the magnifying glass to move the cursor, one second press for a word, two seconds for a sentence, three for a paragraph, tapping selected text instead of long pressing to bring up Cut/Copy options - I love everything. None of these things are immediately obvious, but once you know, it's immediately obvious why it's done this way.

Bottom line, BB10 is an extremely well thought-out operating system.

I can't possibly agree more with you. When I first started reading the reviews from other sites, I couldn't help but remember when Android first came out and how buggy and darn bad it was as a mobile OS. Of course with time it grew into the beast it is today, but still it honestly sucked. I've been waiting to years for BlackBerry 10 and honestly can't wait for T-Mobile to release it. From what I've seen om the enormous amount of media available on Crackberry, I can't stop myself from being even more excited than ever before. I seriously want my Z10 NOW x_x

Here, here! Way to go Chris! I'm also getting really annoyed by the inaccuracies and sloppy reports that are going around now. Just this morning, CBC threw up a headline during their news coverage saying that the US military is dropping BB for iPhone...that incorrect piece of news was just corrected by BlackBerry and the US last night...sheesh, I expected better from CBC. We CB and BlackBerry users need to rectify this pronto!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Read the CNN Money article when it came out and couldn't believe the BS!

Garbage and CNN Money in the same line was brilliant.

Well said Chris!!! I actually called CNN Money out on Twitter on their so called "Review".

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Lol! Quote "The browser is slow".

Clearly this idiot wasn't actually reviewing the Z10 for real, just plucking out s**t from his mediocre Iphone loving brain with lala land statements that even a two year old would be able to prove him wrong about . What a total zombie!

Posted via CB10 via my awesome Zed (or is that Zee?)10

I've been using the z10 since the minutes it came out in Canada on February 5th literally, and most of my concerns are gone, battery life has improved, the flow is amazing, I've tried using IOS and android on my friends phones, and it feels outdated, no one can get a grasp of the z10 BlackBerry 10 in a few days. I love the device! Can't wait for them to unblock APN though.

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Well written. I constantly get fed up with inaccurate and incomplete reviews. Thanks Chris

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The issue with most major news outlet this days when it comes to reporting, it's not about concise in depth review. It's about putting out an article on timely fashion and move on to the next meme. It's the instant noodles of news reporting. Extra sodium and msg as flavoring. There's no consequences what so ever after. It's the age of twitter and Facebook. It does the disservice to the truth of anything in our society. Just look at some of news that spew out of the mouth of those fox news reporters. Sadly, many people digest the misinformation as facts.


Certainly needed to be said, the keyboard alone will take a week or two to figure out how you personally write. The media is just doing what they do best, just trying to sell a story without proper investigation. Thanks for giving them a blast!

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Chris, you are the man go get them! These people don't care about anything since they own a keyboard and web space, they think they can put out any junks. I think they have too much investment in IOS and Android. They are very scare of BB Z10 and Q10 right now. Give it a few years and Z10 & Q10 will rule.

I know mainstream might be influenced by media and tech blog reviews, but I have a mind of my own and do my own research on any product I buy. Regardless of what that clown wrote on CNN Money, I have already identified why the z10 is a better choice for me and all my bases are covered for my everyday use of the device. BB Travel is my biggest app as well as BB Navigator. Everything else are bonus where apps is concerned. I know I will be very productive with my z10 when I get it on Tuesday from Tmobile. Nothing I do now on my BB9900 will be missing from my new shinny BB10 Z10.

Chris, good job. Here's a financial analyst(I assume that's what you do for a living) calling out Tech Writers on their own turf. Whats better; he's got data to prove it.

Chris, again I just want to say that I have mucho respect for you as a writer/blogger. These media houses don't care about what they publish, who they damage, what effect it has, once they think they will get the views...that's it! I'm not even going to read that article because I know its just going to PISS ME OFF!

This is probably the reason CNN has gone from first to worst. There news, reviews and everything else is just crap. People are not stupid. Its catching up with them. Hang tight Crackberrians we shall prevail!

Thanks for that CB. Great notes worthy for our friends in the US media to keep in mind.

Sadly, the articles posted, despite their poor quality and lack of any meaningful insight such as CNN's, influences enough people in the short term to do its intended damage.

I hope the average consumer considering a BlackBerry device in any market is able to cut thru the noise and decide primarily on their experiences...not a couple of knuckleheads looking to drum up Internet traffic on their site.

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Great article Chris. I also read that piece of shit article by CNN money! The author basically mailed in the review and comes across as lazy!

Great to see the many BlackBerry fans calling him out in the comments!

8330 / 9800 / 9900 / 9810 / Z10

Posted via CB10

I saw reviews like this coming from a million miles away, its unfortunate. One thing I hate about the US is its inability to look beyond a first impression. I heard people getting upset with the battery life and the app library. Both much improved since the launch but it's too late, first impression is already made.

This is the exact reason why I so badly wanted BB to release a truly flawless device. It was well within their capabilities, they should have learned this lesson with the PlayBook.

This is just a microcosm of what blackberry fans deal with daily. Someone who's never used a blackberry or consumers who's last berry was the curve 8320 constantly try and bash with the brand and its devices without updating their knowledge on what has happen since 2007 instead of being blinded by simplicity(apple) and/or bells&whistles(samsung)

The same thing is happening with the US launch today. No signs of lineups is the theme, so it must be a flop. Despite the positive response in Canada, customers had the same problem. If you went into a Telus or Bell outlet, some Generation Whatever sales clerk would barely respond to your inquiries, and probably try to re-direct you to an I-Phone or their favorite model. Blackberry needs to play the PR game better, and put some pressure on these outlets as all the advertising dollars in the world won't offset the bias of your local AT&T sales clerk or tech journalist.

Let me just ask this...
Why does anyone put any value into an opinion from anyone or any media firm that failed to SEND A FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT into Canada 2 months ago to test out this device long before it came to US shores...???
Why are they suddenly experts on the first day or release? Huh? and why would I rely on their advice?

For marketing I think that Blackberry should challenge people to try out a Z10 for one month. A lot of people would be won over. And when some consumers go back to Android or iOS, then they will realize how clunky the old systems are. It's the one month challenge!

There would need to be special arrangements with the carriers so that they would accept returns after a month. Perhaps they could be shipped back to Blackberry and re-sold in lower-margin markets.

Just getting people to try and learn the new OS is key.

To me Americans are not bright people and very judgmental to other products from other countries...they only want to see apple succeed...iphone is a waste of time and is made for simple minded people and for kids if a two year old can use it and master shows the lack of innovative in it

Posted via CB10

You must've been living in a bubble for the past couple years. IOS had been dethroned from the #1 spot by Android for quite some time now. So maybe you might want to project your insecurity onto another device. Lol ,
The general public just wants a slick device with tons of features and apps that works for them. They don't care about where its from. Like it or not The Galaxy S4 and next gen Note will sell more than IOS and Blackberry combined and last time I checked Samsung (Androids top star) is Korean. Even the biggest Blackberry fan has to admit Sammy has some great features in store and will be hard to top.
As a current iPhone 5 user who will be purchasing a Z10 this weekend and later by May an S4 I feel no need to justify my purchases by bashing another's preference. Really the only judgmental people I see are fanboys.

I always have to defend BlackBerry against my coworkers because they read those garbage reviews, then I'm called a "BlackBerry sheep". It's better to be a Black Sheep than an iSheep

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There's no pleasing these people - before BlackBerry 10, their gripe was that the BlackBerry OS was an ancient system. BlackBerry works its butt off to come up with BlackBerry 10 but still, they complain. Idiots.

Posted via CB10

Lisa from Mobile Tech Review did the best review of the Z10 outside of CrackBerry.
I love her unbiased point of view, and I really wish more people listened to her.
Instead, they listen to Tech Crunch, BGR, and CNN Money.

In the past I used to get mad with posts like that unfortunate one. I'm a really happy, satisfied customer. There is nobody in my wife's classroom that wants to get a bit of her blackberry Z10. I'm completely convicted and convinced that the Z10 is the most advanced UX so far and most promising platform even created. I was the first on line to get my BlackBerry Z10 in Laval, Quebec. I'm proud to be a BlackBerry Z10 owner.

Posted via CB10

Some of these reviewers act as if they have a personal stake in the success of Apple (perhaps they do) and anything new is a threat to Apple, so they have to take up arms and go to war.

i feel almost guilty showing off my phone,when the notification goes off,all those people who had bought the iphone and thought they had the best are now 2nd class do you deal with that. when thier contracts are up that will increase sales for sure .bb has the product now and the stock will fly.

Amen sisters. You guys are great keep it up. I used to love John retinger...mostly cause he was cute but now his reviews seem so scripted and robotic.

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People coming from Android and iPhones won't necessary read CrackBerry, the #1 BlackBerry fanboi site in order to assess whether the phone would fit their needs, but I agree that reviewers need to spend time with a device before being able to truly understand the way it works.

Having said that, Adrian is not too far off with his review. Yes, the UI is nice and is next.gen, but the hardware is just OK, even if having killer specs doesn't matter as much on BB10. Most apps are crap, especially the ones from BB. There are a few gems, of course, but many more on other platforms. Your excuse is that the platform is young and I agree, but there is no reason to complain when people mention its shortcomings. It's for early adopters and hardcore fan. The Z10 is not a mainstream device, yet.

As a web application and mobile Developer I get to test and use a myriad of devices... I'm amazed how simple yet addictive swipe gestures are on BB10 so much so that I'm constantly trying to swipe on iOS and Android devices!

I've only had my Z10 for a few days but it is fast becoming my cherished favorite.

For anyone doubting the power and uniqueness of this platform you really have to take a few days and dive in.

Posted via CB10

Whenever somebody tries out something new, they should always do it with an open mind. More so if you're going to be providing information to others.

Gizmodo is another one. I'm surprised there is not a picture of them on Wikipedia under the word "bias".
They had a review out just days after the Canadian launch and you only have to read their post title to realize they are FULL OF S***! I can't stand that site and their posse of half-baked "editors"...

Well said. I would also add that the reviewers should actually look for solutions to the issues they are having by reading other review and blogs like Crackberry. It really annoying to see reviewers complain about things that are non issues but are too lazy to do some research to find the answers. Although I guess there's bound to be a learning curve with an OS as advanced as BB10 and I guess some people just won't make the cut ;)

I agree with this sticker 100%. I came into my BlackBerry 10 experience with enthusiasm to learn how to use it as intended. I felt sort of lucky in a way, being able to breeze through the interface, feeling like I learned bit quick. But I didn't learn it as quick as I thought was, because of what he said in the article, there are so many features (which are all awesome) that you learn as you use it, for a couple weeks. I've owned a Z10 since launch and u am still learning things about the device, I'm delighted by what I learn to do with it as I use it more and more. I actually use it constantly for everything, with my playbook and various "Internet of Things" 3rd party devices.

Posted via CB10

Well stated. I am a Mac user, formerly a PC user. Took a bit to get comfortable but now I would not go back to PC.
I am now a Z10 owner, had an I phone 5 and previous 4. Took me a day to understand how flow worked. I love it, it is more like Mac than I phone is.
So far I am disappointed with the media coverage, poorly research. We have better writers and researchers than what I have read.
A simple feature like attaching a file to an e mail can be done on the Z10, good luck with I phone. With cloud base computing, features like this will become even more important.
Good job BlackBerry, your showing a great company like Apple what the market needs.

Posted via CB10

That review on CNN is a travesty of modern journalism and they should just pull it. If somebody wrote like that for me, I would fire them. A poor representation of the CNN brand and content ideology for me.

Posted via CB10

When I discover something new about my z10 makes me love it even more, it really is gesture based sure it takes some getting used to but once u get into it u'll end up like me learning how to use an iphone again and complaining about how u always have to click a button to back out of an app, click to wake up the device, click x2 to show running apps, hit the power button to turn off back light when the device is locked, Omg it doesn't even have NFC.... Geeeeez just get rid of that pesky button its annoying... Proud 1st Gen BlackBerry 10 User.. it's all in the flow

Posted via CB10

That article was made from a person paid by either Google, Apple, or Microsoft or maybe Samsung specifically to bash BlackBerry.

What exactly is the point of pointing out that Google and Apple are fortune 500s? Okay the site is called money CNN, but what is the point in putting them there?

Can you feel the idiocy of someone who have never heard of Torch and Storm series? Of someone who dared to call the government agents working to keep America alive as technological luddites?

Posted via CB10

Its no surprise... their americans after all... and who knows, they could be paid for saying so for all we know... we as the daily user knows the real facts of Z10, its an amazing phone. ( period)

Posted via CB10

CNN and all those waste of time reviewing bashers, who are quick to judge and everything like that while BARELY using the device, can go shove a long stick up their arses.

Spend a bloody TWO WEEKS with the Z10 (including the up-coming Q10) and THEN MAKE A GOD DAMN REVIEW!!!

Great article putting them in their place chris!

I think the review was right on as a current Bold 9930 user, I think for a flagship phone it is seriously lacking, now I do cut BB10 some slack since it is brand new. Like most reviews this was a first impression review like you find on phonearnea and others like cnet. Crackberry is a fanboy website plain and simple, all platforms have theirs. I have tried pretty much every platform and OEM out there. I go for what I like and right now that is the Bold 9930.

I even saw 1 reviewer say that Apple and Android have nothing to worry about from BlackBerry 10. It was said that the Z10 was Apple like but not as capable. What phone do you think he uses? The purpose of a review is to formulate an unbiased opinion and give the consumer the best information about the product. All I know is most of these guys are going to H E double hockey sticks for lying. Maybe they are just too lazy to spend enough time trying to learn the platform and are just slapping together a review so they can get a paycheck.

This article is awesome. It perfectly show the really different features from BlackBerry 10. You are right. After four days with my z10, I never thought to back my previous iPhone again. Hub and flow make it cool.

Posted via CB10

Thorsten said something so apt in his interview with Kevin, most reviewers that give BlackBerry 10 a bad review always complain that it is "Different" from feature X or y on the iPhone. This I so correct! They come to reviewing bb10 from a biased position already without considering another way of doing this.

The Cnet review is an example of this. The reviewer was asking "Where is the home button? " Anyone who dares to be different or have different ideas is not given a fair shot. A phone doesn't need a home button as bb10 clearly demonstrates. Also the reviewers are just plain lazy sometimes. Here is an excerpt of a post I made on theverge forum when comments on there got my goat:

Disclaimer “I’m a BB10 user”. But do not work for BB. Just a satisfied customer (or “fanboy” if you’re a 12 year old).

I haven’t posted to this site before, but I felt compelled to to so now. Yes I agree, although the article may indeed be correct/true, however, the Verge’s reporting seems to be biased against BlackBerry lately.

For example from the Verge’s review of the Z10 / BB10, there were ALOT of features that were omitted:

1. Screensharing on BBM, no other mobile platform allows you to share your screen with between 2 devices. Think of remote desktop, but with your mobile phone. This is not FaceTime. Again no platform allows this.

2. Timeshift on the camera. Burstmode on steroid. You can move backward and in time on a picture. I don’t mean, the whole frame, I mean parts of the frame in the picture. i.e.e you can move different peoples faces to different points in time when they were all smiling, to get the perfect shot. (admittedly Josh showed this on Late Night Fallon).

3. Deep integration of BB10 with Box and DropBox right in the OS.

4. Pics can be shared/synced to the cloud (Box or DropBox) a la photostream too.

5. BlackBerry Hub, a unified inbox on sterioids. After using the Z10 phone for almost 2 months, I cannot imagine handling messages any other way. Imagine you get an Email, then a Facebook message, then a DM on Twitter, then a text, then another email, then a WhatsApp message, with the Hub and Peek you can triage all of this and respond from a single app. Without going in and out different apps all with their own different GUIs. You have to use this in anger to see what I mean and how extremely powerful this is.

6. Deep integration of apps. The Verge review spent no time on this at all. You can share information between apps really easily and seamlessly. For example, a Train Times App can share information about a late train to a Language Translation App which can convert it into another language, which you can then share with the Text Messaging/BBM/Email/(insert app name here) and send the message to a colleague from another country you are meeting at the Airport who doesnt speak the native tongue of the sender (this is not a hypothetical example). All this with a few clicks (and without copying and pasting ANYTHING). And none of the apps really need to know anything about each other either! No other platform allows you to do this without copying and pasting a bunch of stuff.

7. Blackberry Remember, its a native EverNote like client that can be used offline and even Sync to EverNote if you require.

There are tons more that were omitted. All the features above are built directly into the OS.

BB10 is v1.0 of an OS. And for a v1.0 effort, its pretty darn good! Can you remember what v1.0 of Android looked like?! This is head and shoulders above that. Its only in 4.0 that Android sorted out the famous Android Lag (not even completely fixed yet). There is virtually no Lag in BB10.

BB10 is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it introduces some very innovative features that reviewers seem unable/unwilling to discuss.

Not entirely sure why there seems to so much bias against BB on this site TBH. I mean amongst the editors. The Reviewers may indeed have their preference of device but not to give a balanced reviews seems somewhat unprofessional. Having said that, I do have alot of respect for the Verge guys and have supported them since their days at Engadget. But common guys, more balance!

But then again… a reminder of the disclaimer, I am a BB10 user so other people’s mileage may vary.

National Rail Times App for BB10 -

Wonderful post, os30! Thanks for sharing it.
I especially agree with your comment, "Anyone who dares to be different or have different ideas is not given a fair shot." People don't always like to go out of their comfort zones so they can be more critical of other devices that are not like their own.

I previously saw the review and I could see the naked bias written all over it. I don't expect everyone to love this phone, but I've read some very down to earth reviews about the phone in recent times (with fair/balanced praises and criticisms). In my opinion, if a review goes like that, it's sending a message that the reviewer couldn't stand or stomach the fact that the phone is a darn good one!

you have to understand the US is in big shit.There is a mouvement going on to BUY USA so putting down bb is in thier best interest.every dollar that leaves the US hurts the bottom line.Yes, they don't play fair,and being thier neighbours smacks even worst than if it was another country across the oceans.

I would think BlackBerry would appreciate timely reviews, hover I completely agree
Another complaint was the ultra redundancy they repeated "Apps" or lack of as the case may be. That being said I have been missing Google Maps, Pandora, and Shazam. Hardly kept me from buying the Z10 and absolutely won't make me return it.

Awesome device BB!!! Keep 'Em coming!

Malicye - Z10

Posted via CB10

Not possible since the origins of the BlackBerry are Canadian which interferes with newly created history that it was Steve Jobs and the USA that invented the smartphone

Posted via CB10