How to upload videos directly to YouTube on BlackBerry 10

YouTube uploading capability is baked into BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 23 Apr 2013 12:10 am EDT

Honestly, I don't take a lot of videos on my BlackBerry Z10. I'm more of a picture taking person. For those of you out there though that do take a lot of videos, there's always the issue of what to do with your videos after you've taken them. You can save them to your computer by directly pulling them off or use BlackBerry Link to sync them but of course, you then have to decide what to do with them after that. If you're more of the sharing type, you'll likely opt to offload them directly to YouTube to share with friends and family. Luckily, BlackBerry 10 has that feature built right in and it's all very straight forward to use. Check out the video above to see exactly how it's all done or jump below for the steps.

  • Go out and take some videos.
  • Browse to your videos icon and tap it.
  • Once inside your videos folder, tap and hold down on a video you want to upload.
  • Tap the sharing icon from the side menu.
  • Choose YouTube from the list.
  • Login (you only need to do this once) to your YouTube account.
  • Be sure to 'Allow Access"
  • Once logged in, your video will populate and then you can fill in all the vital information. Title, Description, Privacy, Tags.
  • Tap upload in the top right hand corner, your upload will then begin and offer a progress indicator so that you know when the upload is done.

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How to upload videos directly to YouTube on BlackBerry 10


I hate the LE Red Z10.............................

.......when it shows up in videos or photos. It honestly looks 100x better in person! :D

+1. I recently took a picture and went to upload it to a local radio station's Twitter account. I was really surprised with how seamless it was. Very impressed indeed.

Not working for me :( I have a GApps account, after pressing the "Allow" button it generates some kind of random code and tells me to paste that code to an application, but there's nowhere to paste it on BB10 :(
I don't have double verification activated, so that's not it. Any idea on how to solve it? Thanks in advance!

I was also able to side load the android daily motion app and upload Vids that way.

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To be fair I did that in early February... it might not have been available then but since it's on BlackBerry world now (and likely for some time) I will side unload and get it through World. Thanks!

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Yes that is correct. If the video is on your memory card it will not upload. You need use a file manager to move it to the device then you can upload using that method.


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Um, Ok going to be brutally honest and critical here.

So I didn't know how to do this with Mt own Z10, because I've not tried nor have any videos I wish to upload to YouTube.

But why do we need a video, on YouTube, loaded outside of this site or app on our BB's to show us, when telling us in simple point for steps would've been faster, more efficient, easier to digest the information, all in much less time to read the original article above, then scroll back up, tap on the YouTube video link, watch the video till the end to make sure we didn't miss a step.

Again, why a YouTube video for something that could've been conveyed in simpler steps?

Sure there are tines when a YouTube videos is better to relay videos, it's just my opinion where this is just not one of those times. Of course, it's very late here in Toronto and maybe I'm talking out of my are (don't think I can say ass on this site), and many others will disagree with my opinion; that's cool though. Just my thought.

PS: this site has grown on me since the CB10 app and main page rebirth as the articles are much better, the content the editors bring, as well as the fans that post are nit simple nor blind faith. I've been critical, heavily of this site in the past, and this is just one article as an example of why I have been in the past. To the editor of this article, consider we're in the mobile age and many of your visitors are on their mobile devices for future articles as they maybe, we'll mobile (i.e. Using a mobile data connection).


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I art that we need written guide. It's better addition to article.
Is there any app to record screen in video?

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Right on man! I didn't mean to actually rail on you - nothing personal at all. I just want to have this site be the very BEST it can be - both in terms of reporting and quality! You guys deserve to elevate yourselves to a higher level (you worked hard EVEN when so many have left BlackBerry only to return).


Glad to you see you improve and take positive criticism professionally. Many thanks for understanding that's how my criticism was meant.

Chalice toke and cheers.

Too many steps, too complicated. Expected much more efficient and short procedures for common tasks. The dark side wins in this one.....

The steps are the initial process, once set up you never really have to repeat the login process again. You just share next time.

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Am I missing something here? I have the option set to save media to my SD card.

I went into Videos, long pressed one of them as a test, selected Share and picked YouTube.

Isn't it just that easy always? (sorry I didn't watch the video)

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Same here. The option for video is not in the app but going into the video section on the phone you can share them with FB.

But how do you track the upload progress?


Generally, yes. But depending in where you live your carrier might not sell the LTE version as there is different variations.

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Even if your carrier does sell the LTE variant of the Z10 ... coverage and their LTE deployment or scheduled roll-out will also affect you. Check with your current or choice of carriers about coverage and device specifications and supported network connections.

I used to upload videos all the time with my 9900, but ever since I got the z10 it always tells me "Your upload has Failed".

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I'm the same - whenever I try to upload a video to you tube the instant I press on the upload button I get the flashing red light and an App notification saying "your upload has failed" WTF. Does anyone have any ideas. All permissions at time of sign-in were set to allow Z10 access to whatever it was asking for! And yes I'm on Wi-Fi...

IV got it working but it gets stuck at 4 or 5% and it's only a test 4 minute vid iv got wifi on the only thing wrong would be I have a low signal in my apartment

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Thanks for the tips bla1ze! I'll still use the web browser anyways. Viddler, download, upload to youtube afterwards since the file size gets crushed. :D