How to update your status on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn using Instant Action on BlackBerry 10

Did you know you can update your social status right from the homescreen on your Q10 or Z10? Here's how!

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jul 2013 10:30 am EDT

With BlackBerry 10.1 comes one of my favorite features - Instant Action. Essentially the new keyboard shortcuts for BlackBerry 10, Instant Action lets you perform quick actions instantly using various keyboard commands. While Instant Action is an obvious feature on the BlackBerry Q10 thanks to the physical keyboard, you can also use some of the same actions on the Z10 as well. 

Certain apps like BBM or the Hub have various keyboard commands that can be implemented on the Q10, but you can also perform some actions right from the homescreen on both the Z10 and Q10. 

One lesser known feature is the ability to update your social status on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn with a simple Instant Action command. To do so, simply start typing "twitter", "facebook" or "linkedin" followed by your status, then the specified social network will be updated without ever having to go into an app. 

For example, a Tweet I sent out earlier right from the homescreen by typing "twitter Updating my status with Instant Action is awesome!" on my Z10.

On the Q10 you just need to start typing and you'll be taken to the Instant Action menu where you can send the update. On the Z10 you'll have to tap the search button first (the magnifying glass icon) to get the keyboard up and start your update.

Once you enter your update just tap the button to post and you're done. You can also use this feature to send a BBM, email, SMS or even make a phone call. Keep in mind that as of right now Word Substitution and autocomplete don't seem to be working so you'll have to check for typos and add punctuation on your own. 

Check out the complete list of Instant Actions here

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How to update your status on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn using Instant Action on BlackBerry 10


Huh didn't know you could do this on the Z10! Although I find the search Active frame annoying, when you select your search option it should automatically close the live tile.

Posted via CB10

I would love to see this as well, does seem a little clumsy to go back and have another active tile on my screen (I like keeping my screen minimal).

Also, after you make a phone call, the phone app remains. Would people like to see it close at this point or stay open?

Wow, that is awesome. I tell ya, BB10 gets better and better every day. Glad I adopted early so I can see the changes for at hand.

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I love that you can do this!

One suggestion I have for BlackBerry is that instead of having to hit the search key on the Z10, also allow us to swipe the keyboard up and start typing. If they did this it could even be extended to keyboard shortcuts and allow those on the Z10 as well! It would essentially be the same as the Q10 hardware keyboard functions, without having to have it open all the time.

Exactly.... that would be the only useful way of having it. As it is now what's the difference of finding and tapping on the search then just going to the HUB or the app and doing the same thing???

Posted via CB10

The insane part is you can drag the keyboard up on a screen with nothing open, and type and it doesn't do anything. Talk about an oversight.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

I use this a lot for texting, emailing, and sending BBMs.

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Nice, saw this on a Q10 commercial the other night and was wondering if you could do this on the Z10

Posted via CB10

I think this is sick. BB10 blows my mind every day. I don't even have to open the app to tweet? Niiiiiccceee.

There are shorthand commands too. You don't have to type "Facebook", but instead typing "fb" will do the same thing. same for "li" instead of "linkedin". Not sure about the Twitter one, since I don't use it.

It's also possible to use "tweet", something that has great potential when Voice Assistent gets integrated within Instant Actiob.

Posted via CB10 on LE Z10

I love this action. You can type todo too and create a new task too. They should integrate it into the calendar to make new events too. That'd be awesome.

Posted via CB10

Another perfect example of how BB10 is a step back in productivity.
You could send updates to all your social networks via Social Feeds on BBOS and now you need to compose the same message as many times as you have social networks you want to publish on AND you don't have access to the spell checker. Amaaaaazing ;)

Just tried it! Great feature! Wish I would have found this one earlier! Guess what I'm going to be doing from now on!

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

Or even on BB OS 6. I remember when I was still using my BlackBerry Torch prior to my switch to the Z10, I had the ability to update all my social networks at once and that was awesome because it saved time. I would most definitely love to see that come to BlackBerry 10. That's one of the features I miss a lot from the legacy BlackBerry OS.

Another feature missing from BB10 that was great on BBOS. I've always wondered, why not have your BBM status populate your FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn status? To me this was logical with BBM being the main BB feature and social network that it was what you want users using the most and having everything populate from it.

You forgot to mention that you can also use a shorthand to BBM someone. Normally, if you want to BBM someone using instant actions, you would type "BBM" and it would suggest a person in your BBM contact list to BBM. However, you could also type the shorthand, "BB" to do the same thing.

Thanks for the useful tip. I previously thought instant actions were only available on the Q10. It's nice to know that they're also available on the Z10. These tips will come in handy for sure.

So simple and fast and a great feature of the OS or its universal search programming. Have had my Z10 since Feb and never used. Will keep in mind for future reference. Thanks for post!

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Best thing about the Hub and Z10. I keeps me less concerned about app updates because my phone is the best.

This is what needs to be sold, what BlackBerry does different and better.

No one is going to buy for the Hub alone, they need to know exactly what the Hub is and what it does.

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With the newest 10.1 leak in z10 I cannot send emails with this.
I can enter the mail screen, write the mesaage.
But when I push send, the button is going grey and nothing happened. I'm remembering I could not send with older 10.1 OS :(

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Doesn't work from the home screen on the z10,i needed to open the search app for it to work... now I am on a leaked os, is there a Setting where I can enable / disable this or perhaps a confirmed os version which this does work in without having the search open?

Posted via CB10

So I touch the search icon, type my post, and only the help /maps/bb world/foursqare/google icons populate. There is no post icon. Help?

It's in the hub. Not your search tool.

Go into hub, hit compose and take your pick.

I'm excited to see the updates that could potentially follow. So much is possible with BlackBerry 10.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

Just another added feature to a keyboard I just love...the Z10 keyboard is so perfect for me. I get so frustrated with our Galaxy keyboard. It's always a pleasure to come back to the Z10 when I need to type a message.

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You can also type short cuts ie...
tw , fb or li followed by a space then your statues message instead of the full name :)

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This is one of those posts where a video should be made. We have numerous videos of games being played on CrackBerry; how about a vid of something useful like this?

Sweet, I didn't know you could do that. I should be seeing that in adds though. BlackBerry needs to explain useful features like this in a better way.

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I would love it if we were able to just do a 2 finger swipe up, type "facebook" the universal search /action command starts... I barely touch the search button at the bottom

Posted via CB10

Cool will play with that. Would also be cool nah cooler if you could type 'social' or 'sc' to post your status to all in one go

Posted via CB10

The awesome social feeds native app where one could update Twitter, FB, LinkedIn and BBM status at the same time...

When is that coming back????

Posted via CB10

It works great. Now I just need a way to turn on auto complete and correction in a search box manually. Could BlackBerry add this?

Posted via CB10

I cannot believe I only just found this out. That is seriously an awesome feature! Especially the call, text and tweet instant actions! I will def be using it heaps!

Posted via CB10

Could be easier on the Z10. In homescreen you can pull up the keyboard by swipe up with booth thumbs. And then just typing. So you noz have to tap the search button first.

Posted via CB10

Just noticed that when doing status updates your spelling errors aren't auto corrected like they are when updating tour status via the dedicated app. You need to make sure you are on top of your typing game when using this feature!

Posted via CB10 using my Z10 STL100-2 running

Love this tip. Have wondered for a while how this could be done. Quick/instant. Thanks a million!!