How to update your BlackBerry to OS 10.2.1

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jan 2014 08:27 am EST

BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 is finally rolling out to users across the globe. It's long overdue but hey, it's here now so let's just get on with it. If you're not quite sure just how to get the update — don't worry.

You should be seeing a notification on your device in the BlackBerry Hub. If not, you can always head to Settings > Software Update to check manually. When you do see the OS, you can download in the background and go about your business until the install is ready. From there, fire it up and wait it out (it shouldn't take too long) and your device will reboot once the update is compete.

Alternatively, you can plug your device into your PC or Mac and use BlackBerry Link to check for an update. This method is more foolproof and easier for some users. Oh — and don't forget to make a backup first!

If you're still having issues or need help with your update, be sure to drop a comment here and let us know!

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How to update your BlackBerry to OS 10.2.1



Running leak and got an 8MB update. Should I just update and forget or should I do any ritual like wipe reload official OS then upgrade or what?

We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em.

Do you guys have the new version 1.2 link for mac. I didn't realise that there was a new version until I was seeing it somewhere and went and downloaded it, looks a bit different but basically same features.

Posted via CB10

Yeah I already had it, but still no sunshine :-( It says I'm having the latest version,

Yep, I concur ; also using Link 2. Way past midnight, still no 10.2.1. Thanks Vodafone UK.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

For us the forgotten ones, still have sachesi as salvation lol

Posted With My ZL1 OS:Unknown Via CB10

Even if my carrier isn't pushing the update can I download the update anyway via BlackBerry link?

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Updated my verizon Z10STL100-4/
Can't fine 4G network in my network settings pls help

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i just downloaded it, I'm on verizon.
Now no hub, just a blank screen. anyone have a fix?

Just download a leak and get it over with. US carriers are shit heads!

I got pushed to my device this mornings, it was a bit of a surprise as I don't normally allow automatic updates. I've switch that function off now. Still trying to figure out if 1925 leak is better then the official version though.

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537 is the software release. That OS is 1925. Go to settongs, about, OS on the drop down... you're confused bro

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Do not get the leak...wait on it and even if you have the leak it is recommended to get wipe the phone clean revert back to the previous OS and ge the update from them fresh and starting fresh without restoring a back up since the back up from the leak might have bugs trust me.

I wasn't getting the Verizon update via the OTA, but over the weekend connected to Blackberry Link, and got it. Takes awhile, but well worth it.

Great for you.... most will find their devices slower, but there is a lot more going on in the background. Especially those coming from 10.1 to 10.2.1.

i checked the update on 7:30 this morning but pinas doesnt have yet the update... +((
im very sad... but Patience is a virtue... hell yeah

Wind Mobile is up and running with! I have never backed up with Official ota releases. Never any problems.

Posted via Me on my Z from CrackBerry

I am running leaked OS and the download was only 20mb. Died that sound right?

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Yes, file will be between 8-20MB for those on leak, depending on their carrier.

Posted with my Q10 running

Tried Via BBLink and it crashed after 62%,Fatal Error,went to the phone direct as I noticed it was there and begging to get updated ,I'm at 64% now,Oh Baby

I'm with Virgin it's available. It wasn't a push I had to check manually under settings/software update. I don't know what to expect for improvements but it kind of feels like Christmas.

Fat kid grown up to be a fat man.

Updating in Egypt downloading 287 MB of 769 MB..


My Q10 on Bell shows no update, so I tried my Z10 with no SIM and I got the update. I saw somebody else comment that their phone with no SIM got the update, so maybe all you need to do is remove the SIM for instant gratification.

Nope, pulled the SIM from my Q10, still no update available. Perhaps they are rolling out Z-10 first.

Tried BBlink. 537 is there but the upload hangs at 98% and won't go further. Says there is a network error or try later. Won't load. What gives? My network is fine.

I'm running the latest leak with really bad power drain. I want to load the official version hopefully to solve that problem.

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Link showed the update for me at 5am PAC time. After downloading install went to 15% then said there was an error.

Ain't got time to fool around now I need to go to work!!

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Got it, on Maxis STL-1 Malaysia. Had unlocked android runtime on 10.2.0 official, and now nothing android runs. 200+Mb update. How to haz the 2.1 official runtime?

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I'm having the same issue too. I downloaded the runtime update from BBW, but it didn't fix anything. Now I can't find a way to get rid of the update I downloaded....

Anyone know what I'm supposed to do? I'm using an unlocked Q10 from T-Mobile USA, in Israel from a carrier which will not push out 10.2.1. How do I get the update?



Just notification that OS has been updated. I have installed from the leak.

M1 / SG / Z10 / White

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Available for Orange France.
From Z10STL100-2/ ->
752 MB

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Verizon Wireless is garbage. Soo frustrated right now. I called and they said that there is nothing that they can do. They have no date available to which the update will be released. I can bb link install, but I have no computer. Only Ps3, tablets and phones. :( how do I go about getting this update unofficially?

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There is no update neither ota nor through BlackBerry Link for T-Mobile Germany

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Hi guys. I just updated my Z10 to Is there any App that I can download .apk directly? Please help. Thanks!

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I could have had the update last night through link 1.2 but it kept stopping (20% 40%) saying error ensure there is a connection to the Internet, which there is and my z10 is connected to the same wifi WTF to anxious want it NOW.

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Just received a notification about the update. Now, the wait to get back home will start. So the update is available in Norway.


I am on T Mobile USA and I just got the update for my unlocked z30, mine was only 10MB because I have the leak installed

Sent from my z30 with

Well I have a Z30 on T-Mobile USA, but it's unlocked and T-MO doesn't sell Z30, so that's why I was asking.

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I think you can use your computer's Blackberry Link software to download the update and install using your USB connection. Carrier independent. Try it & see.

Available for Rogers in Ottawa - currently running and the upgrade is 1GB.

It frustrates me that I'm not allowed to download it over the mobile network (even though I can download a 1.5 GB game from BlackBerry World over the mobile network). I have 6GB of data. Let me use it!


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I'm on leaked T-mobile, nothing as of now in San francisco bay area for my Q10 yet.
Anyone else?

I woke up this morning with my phone telling me to restart to complete software update. Cool.

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Does anybody know how soon the official OS updates usually arrive on Sachesi for download? I have Sprint service, and they are usually late to the party!

 Forever!

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installing on my Z30 right now. I'm REALLY hoping for some of those OS6 & 7 features to return here like the "timer auto on & off" ... but I'll set no hopes & expectations so as not to get or be disappointed.

Cheers out there!

Great.. I have update my BlackBerry Z30 through BlackBerry link.. but when I recheck updates through phone, it ask me to update.. the version is already the latest version! Weird...

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Portugal, Vodafone Z10. Nothing..... yet.... either on the handset nor on BlackBerry Link.. Ah well

I'm on official, STL100-1, Unlocked device... But it says: " You have the latest software"
what's the problem? how can I do it?

Pushed to my Z10 on Rogers in Winnipeg, Mb.

All I had to do was a restart this morning.

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With wind mobile on my q10 here in edmonton, tells me is the latest and there's no update :(

Posted via CB10 for BlackBerry Q10

On VZW here in SWFL. Got the OTA on my Z10 Friday. Did not receive any notification on my wife's white Z10. Have attempted to install from Link, get "Lost connection" error at about 4%. Attempted to load from and received the same error 6 times with the installation ranging from 4% to 77%. Still no OTA nor update available from the software update check.

Update: Finally got the OTA update from VZW at around 5:30pm as we were on our way out, so downloading ad hopefully will get it installed. 642MB download coming from

I was totally bummed when I woke up to no update here in the US on Verizon... then I listened to the comments on here, updated BlackBerry Link and then found the OS update on there!!!! Go BlackBerry!!

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am Bakary saine form Gambia west Africa i have blackberry Q10 but i can`t download any apps my blackberry wold is can`t open i don no why ? i wan u to help me please .

Seems to take a while to reorganize hub and contacts. Cause I couldn't even type in a text message for a half hour.

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Every time I try to update using Link it gives me an error around 30%. I'm trying to switch devices and this is making it impossible! Verizon replaced my overheating z10, which is running 10.1, with a new one running 10.0.9. However, I cannot transfer all my settings to the new device unless they are both running the same version. Checking from 'software updates' shows both having the latest version. Huge disappointment.

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I have had the same issue in SWFL with link. I am going back to attempt another shot from

How did they even manage to have a global roll out? Something must be going right at BlackBerry lately. Amazing.

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I got on my Z30 with Rogers Toronto Canada a 323mb update on 8:40 am, installed fine and is in RESTART with charger on for 1 full hour! Is that right? Do I have to do anything else? Please advice me.

Updated in Norway but would like to downgrade just because phone screen. I don't need Fucking android. If I wanted that I would buy galaxy

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I have a Z30 on AT&T so I took the sim card and checked for an update and recieved software release Does anyone know if the Z30 is being updated today at Mobility?

Hello, hope you got your update. Am using a Z30 unlocked in Paris, France, and no sign of an update for the terminal. Still on, on February 8th. Frustrating. Good luck.

Became impatient waiting for giffgaff to push the update - found an old T-Mobile sim and there we have it... (386 MB) is now downloading via Software Updates on the handset. Nice!

How do i upgrade my os when im on a leaked os Q10SQN100-3/, on Lebara this network floats on the KPN NL network. My Girlfriend has same leaked os on here Z10 and she is also on Lebara.

She got notification on her Z10 that new OS was released, when i try to look in settings->software upgrade it saying No new Software, then i try to connect it with BB Link to see if Link would find new OS. But also Link NO UPDATES.

How can i force my Q10 to download the new OS? Is there maybe a autoloader.exe for the new OS??

I have the leak how can i know when the official update is avaliable for me?

Z10 STL100-1 on Radio

Guys, this update has screwed up my dlna setup. I used to stream on my Samsung ua32eh6030 tv via network cable connected to my modem. Now, my TV shows up in the play on list, but, nothing happens.
Kindly check.

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I have leak software release on UK's 3 network, so far, no update available, I did get one for 10.2 before crackberry posted about it being released so I guess 3 is fast at releasing updates, anyone else get update on 3 yet?

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Great News BlackBerry is releasing OS update.

We need changes in carrier release. Please coordinate with AT&T, Verizon , T-Mobile, Sprint to release BlackBerry OS without Delay.

Apple is one company that gets it right releasing OS without Delay. Google is learning fast they are working on OS that will work on most of their older phones.
Therfore increasing better customer experience.

BlackBerry has best OS out of them all. OS release date by carriers is holding them back. It can be fixed!


Lead. Do not follow

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When I got up this morning and unlocked my phone screen, there was a pop up saying my phone had been updated to the latest software. I was running the latest leak. Guess I have OTA updates enabled haha.

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Update continues to fail at 17% saying update encountered an error and verify my Internet connection...quite discouraging!

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I had an unlocked android runtime and a few android apps sideloaded before i did the update now none of the android apps i loaded work plus I can not open any android apps i downloaded from blackberry world i.e. skype and i do not know what to do. I can not open apk files either did this happen to anyone else?

I may have found a fix. I ended up doing a factory reset, reinstalled all the updates. Now it works like a charm. I think the unlocked android runtime messed with the runtime in the update.

now all my texts are just showing as numbers, and not attaching my contacts to it? so if i go to text someone I need to go into contacts find it then send a text, it doesn't recognize them? frustrating HELP!!!!

My got the update from Telus but did not. She was on the 1055 leak and I'm on the 1925 leak. Also she does not have face detect option.

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hello, my Z10 got an update, my Z30 not. am in Paris, France, and tried several carriers, NO WAY to get a Z30 update. Ever tried to use BlackBerry Link? try to get it from or .de, it is a Windows app to save , restore and upgrade your products. Good luck, always save before installing a new OS. All the best.