How to display AccuWeather information on the OS 10.2.1 clock

By Alicia Erlich on 9 Feb 2014 03:55 am EST

One of the applications that I use on a daily basis, and I’m sure you all do, is the Clock application. Using the multi-alarm feature I set myself reminders or use it as my wake-up call for work in the morning.

One of the new features in OS 10.2.1 is that the Clock app now includes AccuWeather information. This convenient feature lets you know first thing in the morning when you silence your alarm how to dress and whether you need an umbrella when you leave for work.

As it does not automatically activate here are the steps to follow to display on the BlackBerry 10 clock.

  • Open the Clock application
  • Tap on the World Clock icon in the bottom tray
  • Add a city/location by using the search bar above and selecting the one you want. As of now, only major cities populate the list, so be sure to select the nearest one to your location.
  • Once the city is added, the weather icon will appear to the left of the time
  • For more detailed information, tap on the desired city and the relevant AccuWeather information is shown

The OS 10.2.1 upgrade to the Clock application is perfect if you are traveling or curious about what the weather is like in your friends or families areas.

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Reader comments

How to display AccuWeather information on the OS 10.2.1 clock


It would have been even greater if it would have been integrated into sleep mode and lock screen :-D


Posted via CB10

Agree with you completely. Found just Glasgow for Scotland. Tried to find Sochi and the closest I seem to get is Moscow.

BlackBerry doesn't operate the network your phone connects to. Therefore the network operator has to test os updates before they allow the software to be deployed and used on their networks. Therefore ball is in carriers court. BlackBerry is not apple and can not dictate terms to carriers.

you want a software update so badly there are other ways other than OTA. If u expect one OTA then it's up to your carrier to deploy it.

I know it's not optimal, but it is the way it is.

Posted via CB10

Wait a minute...China? You expect BB to roll out carrier OSes in China--a place where they don't even sell these phones? What's next, the penguins of Antarctica throwing their Q10s into a pond because BlackBerry's forgotten about them?

Get you a foreign SIM, Sachesi, or a leak.

Agreed! When are people going to realize that's the same thing as your carrier releasing a OS update? Unless you have T-Mobile and depend on WIFI calling. The latest leak is the same exact OS as what the carriers are releasing SMH.

Maybe it's me but I have more than one city listed as I have family in australia and Canada. And like to check the time before I bbm or phone them. So I am unable to link my city London to the feature :( unless there is and I haven't found it yet, maybe if the option of a primary city. Just a thought :)

Via my spangly Z30 BBM#27

Sorry scrub my last comment as I've just twigged you have to be in the app and yes the weather comes up. Was hoping it was on the bedside mode as commented on previously. Come on its early and a Sunday lol :)

Via my spangly Z30 BBM#27

Leave the clock app and go into main settings and select language and input, you'll see it there under measurement system.

Posted via CB10

It would be nice if you could turn off data directly from bedside mode. Presently you have the option to turn off all wireless connections (airplane mode, basically) or you can choose whether or not to receive calls whilst sleeping.

Personally, I always turn off data via network settings with calls enabled when I go to sleep. This way I can use the phone as a clock with my Kidigi stand, and receive any potential emergency calls, but not keep data connected - emails can wait until morning :) lol

Posted via CB10

While in the clock app, go to 'settings' and switch 'Wireless Connections in Bedside Mode' to Off. You can also select whether or not you want phone calls in bedside mode.

Posted via CB10

Why turn off data? The curtain in bedside mode does this automatically and only calls will come thru (if you choose)

Do you know about the draw curtain feature?

From my Vader Zed 10.2.1 and BBM

Curtain turns off all notifications but calls. All data is on and your receive maills, IMs, sms etc.

 Q1o

Definitely needs more locations. I also agree with other posters that this should also work in bedside mode.

Posted via CB10

My city, Miami Florida, USA, was not listed, but I could add it manually. And yes, after that it shows the weather information, even with the US flag! Maybe the rest of the people whose cities do not appear in the automatic list can add theirs this way. Hope it works!.

I followed the steps explained but no weather icon is displayed. The city is Tirana, Albania. Any problem with the location? It exists in Accuweather!

Posted via CB10

How do you change to degree C? Went to accuweather and changed my setting, did nothing to the clock display. Still F

Posted via CB10

Leave the clock app, swipe down in the homescreen and go to 'settings' 'Language and Input' and change your Measurement System to 'Metric'.

Posted via CB10

The info needs to be on the clock screen or there's no point to it being there. If you have to go hunting around for it in the app you may as well load a weather app.

Also, it only has temperatures in Fahrenheit and doesn't know enough cities and towns in the UK. The weather can be different from one town to the next in the UK, we have crazily unpredictable and changeable weather!

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2

It only shows it in degrees Fahrenheit - there's no option to change it to Celsius :( I can't understand Fahrenheit.

Posted via CB10

Leave the clock app, swipe down in the homescreen, select 'settings' 'Language and Input' change your Measurement System to 'Metric'.

Posted via CB10

Leave the clock app and go into main settings and select language and input, you'll see it there under measurement system.

Would be nice to have the the option to have the temperature in degrees Celsius as you can with the weather app.

Pretty much nobody outside America has the slightest clue what Fahrenheit is - seriously, showing the temperature in Fahrenheit is a total waste of time.

Posted via CB10

That goes to show half y'all don't used the weather app cuz it keep the settings don't need to change anything. Sounds like some spoiled brats if u ask me

Posted via CB10

Would be a great feature if it included my city, but I guess a Canadian city of 160 000 isn't big enough for BlackBerry to recognize. Probably why they are suffering in their own back yard...

From the Mighty Z

Or just 10K, it doesn't take much to officially be a city. You can be the hub of the whole Rideau Canal but not even be that much. Cities, "we expanded our boundaries to make the population seem bigger." ;)

Now I no longer need to peek outside in order to get a feel for the weather before I actually leave the house in the morning for work. Awesome stuff.

Posted via CB10

It displays the temperature in Fahrenheit by default and not Celsius, and there's no way to change it. I'd have thought it would have pulled this info from the native inbuilt app.

Posted via CB10

Did you try going into the native weather app? It's the one with the sun and says accuweather at the top of it. Drop down to the settings and set it in Celsius. Then go to the clock app and see if it works. The two apps are interlinked. If you don't have the weather app installed it probably defaults to Fahrenheit. By the way folks, those complaining about Fahrenheit being North America Only. It's US as Canada uses the metric system, Celsius.

Go to 'Settings' (from the Home screen, not within the app) 'Language and Input' and switch your measurement system to metric.

Posted via CB10

Just add the name and it is listed. Just because it's not in the drop down list doesn't mean it's not there. You are complaining about nothing.

Bed side mode and lock screen and this would be perfect.

Also why with the Internet as the feed would adding actual cities and towns be such an issue?

Real Qwerty!

I know that we have the weather app, and the clock app. But IMHO i think this would be better on the home screen and the bedside mode as well. I don't mind at times going to my weather app but was thinking would it be easier to just have weather on the main screen.

Z10*STL-100-3 * *T Mobile

Would be nice to have 10.2 os. Can't imagine what's taking so long. Blackberry is killing themselves

Posted via CB10

Call your carrier. BlackBerry sent them the OS to approve. Don't blame BlackBerry for this one

Posted via CB10

Another person blaming BlackBerry when it is clearly explained in the comments it's up to YOUR CARRIER to release the OS updates!!!!!!!

Posted Via AT&T BlackBerry Z10

It must be blackberry fault because I didn't get a pay rise, and housing being so expensive, public transport prices being extortionate. Come on blackberry, what are you doing?


Catapulted from my Z10.

Down load the side bar for the previous OS, the bar file is on this site, you get the same weather feature coming up, only problem is every do often you get a prompt for "update " 8MB coming through just ignore the update. Use Sachesi or DBPB.

Posted via CB10

No problem it's easy to do,just remember once you do it in order to activate you have to go through the Fostah drill. Etc. I love the Porsche clock it's so much classier.

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Cool idea. Only issue I have is the closest city to me that is included in the app is 50 miles away and the weather is typically a little different. So this won't be quite as valuable for someone unless they live near one of the major cities.

Baltimore isn't even on the list. After using various weather apps, I realized that you really want the local weather because even though I only live 15 miles from Baltimore, even that forecast isn't completely accurate since the temp in the city is typically 5 degrees warmer. This can be the difference between snow and rain.

It's not a loss for me though- I'm happy with the BB weather app.

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

The weather info is not appearing on either my "Leaked" or "Official" OS phones. Is there any other additional step that I have to take? Thanks.

No major cities near me.

Need some POW? Follow POW on BBM channels C004634C3 and find all the big snow spots.

Need more cities for sure...closest city to me is over 500 miles away. Cool feature for, just not for everyone.

Posted via CB10

Fantastic addition to BB10. It's hard to make everyone happy and this is a step in the right direction. What I find strange is that, if it integrates with Accuweather and Accuweather supports most cities towns and villages, why are they excluded from this list. I've also wondered why the Accuweather app, the BlackBerry weather app by accuweather, and the accuweather web site are all so strikingly different in their forecasts for the same spot.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for this powerful.
U was hoping it would show the weather for my current location for the day in bed side mode.

Posted via CB10

Ugh why would it not have Hamilton, ON. Smh. I have to choose toronto which is the closest and its not always the same weather

Nice, now let's get the option to have the temperature displayed in the top status bar by the time. This is one of the things that I really miss about my old Torch. That and automatic bedtime mode.

Posted via CB10

Nice Idea but very bad implementation, everything about it is bad.
1. My city is not listed. I get why this app is used for time not weather.
2. Getting more details should take you to the AccuWeather app if it is installed and only take you to the website if it is not.

This is a waste of development hours that could have been better spent on something much more useful.
If you are not going to do it right don't do it at all.

This is one of my fundamental problems with Blackberry is that they stop short of making a good thing great.

It would be a great edition to my bestfriend but since I upgraded to 10.2 OS, I lost my clock, music and picture apps :(

I love the way the OS is evolving with each update. I agree that some things could be implemented better, but it seems that BlackBerry is listening.

I love coming to Crackberry and getting these finds.

Posted via CB10

My two most recent locations from a December trip showed up automatically. I didn't have to do anything at all.

I just want the Porsche Design clock back.

Posted via CB10

Why is it that finds and displays my city in it'd own app but when I try to add my city ( leicester) on the clock screen it won't find it!!! ?? The closest it finds is Birmingham!! Useless for me!

Posted via CB10

I'm not seeing the weather indicated in the description. It does not appear to the left of the this for the q series of blackberries?

Posted via CB10