How to: Unlock your BlackBerry 7 Smartphone

By Bla1ze on 11 Aug 2011 12:08 pm EDT

It's one of those questions that always seems to pop up. "How do I unlock my BlackBerry" along with, "What does unlocking my BlackBerry do for me?" Well, since we have a new round of BlackBerry 7 devices making it into retail locations we figured it was high time we did a brief video explaining the why's and how's of the process.

This video is applicable to all new devices, and most older devices as the unlocking procedure for BlackBerry smartphones for the most part remains unchanged. If you all have any further questions, drop some comments below or head on into the CrackBerry forums and check out our BlackBerry unlocking forums -- chances are, you're question has already been answered in there. Quick note on the settings after unlocking: When your device is unlocked everything will say "Disabled", not "Active".

Click here for more info on unlocking your device and the terms used

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How to: Unlock your BlackBerry 7 Smartphone


My unlocked Sprint 9650 only gets 2G on T-Mobile so I wouldn't doubt it. I hear that the 9650 is 2G only in the U.S. and the 3G is available when overseas. We'll have to wait and see how the 9900 turns out.

Are you keeping the plastic on Bla1ze until you get a screen protector or case or will you be rocking the factory plastic for months :)

It's a game I play with new devices.. wait and see how long it takes for the original plastic to fall off, then put a real screen protector on.

Lol, to me it's more like how long it takes for the original plastic to drive me crazy and me ripping it off :p

I used a nailclipper to rip the tab off the plastic so now it stays on without lifting off. I have two screen protectors that are ready for uise once the plastic wears completely out. ;)

Actually Bla1ze its even easier than what you did if you already have the new SIM, just pop it in and boot the phone and it will ask you if you want to unlock the the phone for the foreign SIM. (Did mine last night with the help of

Was waiting for someone to comment and say that.. and yes, it's def easier that way but if you don't have a different carrier SIM then you're stuck doing it this way. I unlock all my devices for travel but I always tend to do so BEFORE travelling so a diff SIM isn't always an option. But, thanks for pointing it out -- was hoping someone would. :)

Hey Bla1ze, at 5:30 you mentioned that unlocking a device will help you save on roaming - can you elaborate on this? How does this work?

I live in Canada but I'm heading down to the states for a week at the end of the month, should I unlock my phone to help save on roaming?

Thanks for your time!

What I meant by that, and in your case -- is that when you travel, instead of roaming and paying your home carrier, you can pick up a local SIM and use it instead. Myself, when I travel to the US -- I use a T-Mobile accnt, as they have no contract options with BB data plans for short term usage or I use a friends AT&T accnt. So, you get all the normal services with T-Mobile and pay less then what you would for roaming.

For the US roaming stop and grab a AT&T GO phone as the rates are pretty cheap for prepaid and its dead simple (you can use the website to top up your phone before your next trip). Only thing I found is that you have to call in and get them to turn on BIS for the data side for a BB. AT&T sucks but they have more coverage than T-Mobile and you can use 3G (T-mobile uses 1700Mhz for their 3G so you'd be stuck with EDGE service)

Not true all though it may have been because I have a Torch(orignally purchased and unlocked from ATT as purchase price was 399 vs 599 in Canada). After commission-based salesmen of ATT at Mall of America sold me a SIM card and a 25 dollar credit saying BIS will work, it did not. After multiple restarts of my phone(I had an uppercase G too) and attempts to Register, trying to log onto the carrier site, I finally called and told them of my problem. Tech support stated they do NOT support blackberry's(torch) on their Pay as you Go system. Angry and refusal to refund my money, I'm now left with a SIM card I can only call and txt for when I goto the states. Luckily, I only pay $3 a meg and used just shy of 3 megs with tons of BBM messaging and facebook'ing while down their for the weekend.

And, to be honest....what was the point of the video footage if we couldn't read anything? I know you spoke everything you did, but still, being able to see the screen makes for a more beneficial how-to video. Just sayin'

So if I get one from Bell (which isnt branded) and unlock it for AT&T would I be able to get the AT&T OS7 software and have it run perfectly normal like any other 9900 on the AT&T network? AT&T wants to play word games and stall on the best BB they are going to lose a customer if anyone beats them to the 9900.

I second freemyblackberry(d0t)com. Had mine within 24 hours for two devices(9650 as a trail and an att Torch). I actually screwed up on the imei, replyed to the email with the unlock code and had the right code within an hour.

I was curious to see how this goes about with a Storm 2 and everything executed with flying colors, but as far as having 255 chances....?....hell no! I don't know if it's because I'm on OS5, but I'm limited to only 10 attempts. Not that it really makes a difference in my everyday BB experience, but it is something to take note of.

I reckon 255 is something exclusive to OS7, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

dumb question but i was under the impression that even having the unlock code i know a few yrs back with my Motorola v3 from rogers i had it unlocked and it asked me to set up a internet plan with rogers because it was a rogers phone, i don't know maybe it's changed with smartphones can someone explain it to me thanks, also what provider has the same frequency as TELUS thanks

Rogers, Bell and TELUS all share the same 3G frequencies. You can take a 3G Rogers device to Bell or TELUS and have it work but it will NOT get 2G (EDGE) services.

so i just can't get 2G services ok but will i still get data fb.web,msn,bbm everything else will work right?

btw bla1ze i think once u unlock ur phone it shud say disabled everywhere, not active (as u say on the video) is that correct?

I'm new to this whole unlocking you have to call the carrier to get them to release the PIN and/or activate the phone if it's a brand new phone? Also do you have to send service books? Or is it really just as simple as it looks? (i.e. buy new phone from carrier, use unlock code, pop in SIM card from another carrier). Sorry if my questions are basic.

Unlocking is very easy. Its got very simple procedures to be followed. You can unlock your mobile from your service provider itself.

There are many ways to unlock your blackberry... You can unlock it through hardware, software or remote unlocking.. Using software is a quite long process and complicated.. I've unlocked my blackberry by using unlock codes given by some online providers like It is very simple doesn't contain long procedures or required
services... You haven't mentioned your model and to which network it is locked. So just by giving the IMEI number of your blackberry you can get the unlock code and the instructions very quickly at reasonable cost..

Hey Bla1ze,

Thanks for the video. Do you know if Bell frequencies are compatible with AT&T 3G frequencies?

Appreciate the help.

God damn, i can't get my hands on one of these babies yet and you already posting instruction to unlock it. Stop the teasing immediately crackberry !!!

Ok someone help me out here, as far as I know, AT&T operates on the 850 MHz and 1900 MHz bands. Which bands do Rogers and Bell operate on?

And Mobilicity and the Quebec one (videotron?). I also think Chatr but that one not so sure.
you're looking for 850 and 1700Mhz

So I unlocked my phone and it said code accepted....thing is the only thing that changed was my network went from abled to disabled and everything else stayed disabled...what gives ? i have a blackberry 9780 from WINDmobile.

I was wondering if I got a blackberry 9900 from rogers and i unlocked it, would i be able to use t-mobile's 4g?