How to unlock your BlackBerry Q10 from Canadian carriers!

By Adam Zeis on 2 May 2013 02:35 pm EDT

If you're looking to get a new BlackBerry Q10 but one isn't available for your carrier, you still have options. Thankfully in most cases you can simply unlock your BlackBerry Q10 and use it on another carrier providing the networks are compatible (you can use a Rogers device on AT&T for example - more on this below).

Unlocking also proves useful if you are a frequent international traveler as you aren't confined to your carrier's roaming plan and can instead use a local prepaid SIM card in an unlocked device.

BlackBerry Q10 Unlocking Instructions

Once you have obtained an unlock code, whether by purchasing it from a third party unlocker or from your carrier, BlackBerry has made it really simple in BlackBerry 10 to unlock your phone.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > SIM Card

Step 2: Scroll down to Phone Network Lock, and tap the Unlock Network button

Step 3: Enter your 8 digit unlock code, and hit OK.


Voila! You'll see a pop up message saying Network Code Entered Successfully! From there, you can put the SIM card from different carriers into your BlackBerry Q10 and run without a problem.

TAKE NOTE: You only have 10 tries to unlock your BlackBerry. If you enter the wrong code ten times, you're going to have a useless phone. So don't do it. Before you enter your code, double check you spelled it right. From there hit OK. If the code does not work, stop right then. 

What US carriers will unlocked BlackBerry Q10s from Canada work on?

If you're on AT&T, T-Mobile and their MVNO's like Simple Mobile and Net10, an unlocked BlackBerry Q10 from carriers in Canada (Rogers/Fido, Bell/Virgin Mobile, Telus/Koodoo, ) will work. 

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How to unlock your BlackBerry Q10 from Canadian carriers!


All Q10s sold in the UAE are locked to Etisalat, but guess what, we still pay for the entire value of the device (you'd expect a locked device to be subsidized by the carrier, but that doesn't work here because people just buy no matter what). Can this service also be extended to locked Q10s outside of Canada?

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You can request for the Unlock code from Etisalat if you purchased the device only without the package, I requested for my Unlock code after receiving my device from Etisalat and was sent my unlock code.

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Can you please tell me how did you request it ?! I spoke to help line 101 but it seems they have no idea about the unlock for Q10 which i bought without a plan. Thnx

You're paying for peace of mind with buying a code from a trusted source, and supporting this great website. Goodluck with Ebay?

The method used to obtain unlock codes on OS7 and below devices doesn't work on BB10 devices, and even ebay sellers are charging around $30 for Z10 and Q10 unlocks.

If you used google, you can find ways to unlock legacy devices for free.

Why payment by paypal or amazon only... would buy an unlock code but i don't have an account set up with either of those and never will.

Instead will look to another site that i van use a credit card when it comes time i need my phone unlocked.

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So you unlock for the benefit of using International SIM's but you are still in contract and pay out the contract - or just sell the phone?

What do you mean? Of course those on contracts are still on contracts. Unlocking doesn't remove that. Its main benefit is allowing the use of foreign SIMs when traveling internationally to avoid roaming charges. Of course, unlocking also makes it easy to sell the phone (but the original owner still has a contract on his hands whether he has the device or not)

Adam, can we get some research on the Rogers Q10. It seems most customers are getting the SQN100-3, which does not have any American LTE frequencies.

Raino, your are correct about the SQN100-1 being LTE compatible here in the states on AT&T, and unfortunately correct with there being limited 4G. Why is this? I have an unlocked Telus, and it works flawlessly on LTE down here on AT&T's network, but when it drops down to 4G, I can't browse the web and emails come in sometimes, but can not send any out. I have thoroughly researched the APN issue possibility, and sounds like whether greyed out or not, once it is on AT&T's network, being it is an unlocked device, that isn't the issue. Is it a hardware issue? I believe that the SQN100-1 will be the same phone AT&T will be releasing, no?

I know before I had LTE activated on my account, all I had was 4G, but didn't try and browse the web, is it basically coming down to choosing one or the other, or if I drop the LTE plan, will I still have limited 4G?


Hi there. When I said "limited compatibility," I meant just in general, in terms of the number of carriers supported. For HSPA, CDMA carriers are out of the question. Plus you cannot use the SQN100-1 on T-Mobile's HSPA network everywhere. Some places you can, but not everywhere. The 100-1 should be fully (from 2G all the way to LTE) compatible with the AT&T network though. I'm not sure why your phone is having issues on AT&T's HSPA network. I doubt it's a hardware issue since your incoming emails are ok, so it's probably some outgoing APN issue. Maybe you need to enter it manually? I'm not an AT&T customer, so I didn't even know they had separate LTE plans as you seem to be saying. I would suggest you take it down to a corporate store and get the APN information from them. Sorry I can't be of more help.

i thought this use to be $20, price went up it appears. i am wondering why..

also adam said he didnt want us to have his phone IMEI but he shows us on the paper lol

i thought the former cell unlocker working with crackberry was
not sure cant remember but I won a free bb9900 unlock from them. it worked good
just checked they charge $25 for q10 unlocking

How do you know if it's unlocked? Is it the 2 'unlocked' notices under the network subset and service provider tags?

I got my z10 from Rogers subsidized and those already say unlocked. A bit confusing?

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$45 is a bit steep, but I'm sure it's also to cash in on the premium of people who want the device unlocked for carriers that still don't carry it yet.

I'm sure the price will come down once the device is more widely available.

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What about Free in 48 hours. People shouldn't have to pay for these stupid things.

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Guys. Great article but your cost are high. Unlocked my Q10 for 19us today and it took 45min for the code to arrive

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Proof in the pudding - CrackBerry needs to bring down their pricing to market levels before advertising their service any further.

"How to unlock your Q10, pay us $45"

Wow the price of those unlock codes really skyrocketed.... I bought 4 Z10's when they were first released and bought 4 unlock codes for $10 / each

Now they want to charge $45 per code?!

Everyone knows the codes are generated by a program, and basically 'cost' the time it takes to input the IMEI into said program

Hey I can understand helping out the CB community and all that, but...

This forum has gone from being about bbry users to about pumping bbry stock and making money on loyal users

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CrackBerryUnlocking ... highlighted as the best unlocking service ...
Adam Zeis shows users at 0:48 the LONG way to get to the BB10 About Screen in settings, multiple swipes just to get to settings. That my friend is an epic fail for an editor of the CrackBerry site!


10 Days with no smartphone for you! (that equates to 10 lashes in new age speak).

With rogers you pay 50.00 CDN after 90 days of having the phone and you don't have to pay off the flex tab to do this since March 2013.

So why pay 45.00 USD from somewhere else.

Now that being said there is another place online that will unlock Z10 for 22.00 USD.

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Just used the service to unlock my 9930 before I throw it on Craigslist. Super fast and easy...Thanks CB! Off to play with my Z10 now, cya!

I have a Z10 purchased at full price from the vendor my company deals with. When I look at Security settings I see the following

Network Subset

Service Provider

Does that mean they sold me an unlocked phone? I am on Telus.
Thanks for any info

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Hello, I just have a question: my Blackberry Z10 says in the Service Provider: Unlocked and the same in Network Subset: Unlocked

That mean that my phone is already unlocked?

Thank you


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Would it be helpful if you guys add to the article that when you mean those unlocked devices will work, you're referring to Phone calls and 2g data speeds? It would suck if someone bought one based off this article to find out they can only get 2g on t-mobile...

You "can't use data"? I'm guessing that means you can make calls, which means your phone is unlocked. Sounds like your plan or configuration is wrong.

I have a Z10 with Telus and under network subset and service provider is already says unlocked!!!! Does this mean that Telus sold me an unlocked phone?

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After several weeks of frustration (at one point, BlackBerry Customer Support HUNG UP ON ME!), I finally got a straight answer from @RogersHelps.

I bought my Q10 outright from Rogers, bought the unlock code from CrackBerryUnlocking, and then discovered the APN settings were greyed out with my SpeakOut Wireless SIM. When I plugged in my Mobility Pass SIM, the APN settings could be changed but they automatically reverted to the default letmobile.apn set by Rogers.

After several exchanges on Twitter, the answer I got from Rogers is that they will unlock the phone if you buy it outright and then things will work, but if you used a third party to unlock, there's nothing they can do to help.

In other words, if you want to use your unlocked phone for data in Canada DO NOT USE CRACKBERRYUNLOCKING.COM

I have a question - I have heard of BB running OS 10 can be locked distantly; is there any chance the unlocked fone will be locked again by the carrier/ RIM ?

Or after the unlocking the fone will be fully globally unlocked?
Let's say I buy a fone in full price (with 1 month contract or so) and I unlock it, will it be OKAY and no problem, chance of locking in the future?