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How to turn your BlackBerry PlayBook into a world clock

CrackBerry Clocks
By Joseph Holder on 13 Jun 2011 12:24 pm EDT

There's no reason to go out and get an application to help you keep track of the time around the world; your BlackBerry PlayBook can do that for you. Using the PlayBook's clock application, you can add as many clocks as you'd like to it. It takes a little preparation ahead of time, but what you end up with is a customized bank of clocks that quickly gives you the information you need.

Our CrackBerry bloggers are spread out over the world and over several time zones, sometimes making communications difficult. At the suggestion of our very own Michelle, I added several additional clocks inside the Clock application. With a glance at their local time, I can figure out if it's too late to message Bla1ze (no) or if it's too early to call Isaac (yes).

Start by figuring out what the time is in your far-off city. A quick Google search will give you the time, and you'll use this to set your clock. Open the Clock app on your PlayBook. Swipe down from above the top of the screen to open the menu. Touch New Clock to add a new Clock. You'll get the chance to name your clocks; instead of labeling them with the name of a city, I labeled them as the people I might need to contact.

Set the time zone so that the time on your clock matches your Google search. It may take some fine tuning and you may have to do an internet search to find that Arizona doesn't observe Daylight Saving Time. Once you've matched your time, you can choose an analog (with hands) or digital clock. Touch the face of the clock to save your changes.

Add as many clocks as you like to keep up with friends, family, co-workers, Twitter followers, and anyone else around this enormous (and small) world of ours.



As a "newcomer" to the Playbook I appreciate any and all ideas and suggestions to make the best out of this remarkable instrument.
I travel quite frequently and this is a great idea that I will use very often.


Nice one! I was just playing with this feature this morning. I often use the timer, but this morning actually created a clock for a different time zone than mine. Neat feature.


I use that feature and its very handy. If you need to figure out the time anywhere go to for a really easy way to figure all of the times in every city in the world. That way you know your clock is right!


This is one of the only RIM produced apps that I do not like. I'm not usually negative, but I really dislike how the native clock app looks and works :( Normally the RIM produced apps are the BEST!!!


I would like to see this somehow integrated with TimeAndDate where you have tools like "Meeting Planner" where you choose Cities where people are with whom you want to meet (say over a Skype Job interview). and it even gives you "usual" working hours for that particular place, and even recommending the best time to meet by highlighting in green / yellow / red (not recommended)

But in any case, having this as a screen saver, good enough!


which clock app is that.. there are many clocks app