How to turn on Reader mode in BlackBerry 10

Reader mode on the BlackBerry 10 browser
By DJ Reyes on 18 Mar 2013 01:21 pm EDT

If you own a BlackBerry 10 device, you'll no doubt agree with me when I say that the browser is a pleasure to use. It's zippy, webpages load fast and I can open several tabs without it choking on me. While you can load up mobile versions of websites, full desktop sites are also great to view. Sometimes, though, you just want to be able to read an article without any interference from photos, ads and other things on the webpage. 

The BlackBerry 10 browser has a neat little feature known as Reader mode. It allows you read articles free from distractions. It is very useful feature and very simple to turn on and off. Keep reading to find out how to use it.

  • Visit a site with the article you want to read
  • Tap the overflow icon (three dots) on the bottom right and choose Reader

Reader mode in the Browser menu

The article is then presented to you in plain text to make it easier to read. You can even adjust the font size to suit you. Once you're done just tap Back to return to the website.

In Reader mode on the BlackBerry 10 browser

That's it. That's Reader Mode - It's that simple. Perfect for when you want to read a fairly lengthy article. Give it a try yourself.

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Reader comments

How to turn on Reader mode in BlackBerry 10


This is one of my favorite Playbook features. I use it all the time. Just curious, on the Q10 will we have a shortcut key that will enable this? One action instead of two :)

you should have mentioned desktop mode as well (it's under the developer settings within the browser).

youtube for example doesn't let you stream on the mobile version, so you have to switch to desktop version.

Yeah Reader mode totally rocks, I use it for about 75-80% of pages I visit. I find myself wishing I had it in Chrome on my Nexus 7 tablet sometimes, too!

Actually it would be really cool if you could set up a list of sites that you want any page you load on it to come up in Reader mode automatically. (Likewise with Desktop mode vs. Mobile mode, it would be nice to have a white list of sites for one or the other.)

I use it daily but I wish they would make a few changes.

When you use this feature on a forum setting and there are multiple quotes from members it is difficult to distinguish who said what.

Also it will sometimes cut off part of the text. Over all it is a great feature and works well.

Posted via CB10

That's terrific "reader mode" is one more thing to add to my list. I don't have my Z10 yet, but I am hungrily drinking in all the delicious "how to tips" so that when I finally get my device I'll know all the ins and out of it.... Can't wait!

Just an observation but if blackberry10 is built off of qnx and the z10 is about making things practical and convenient then why didn't they implement it the way it is on the playbook?? The simple book icon is a lot faster and convenient than tapping one icon to open a menu to tap another icon to activate it...personally, i don't really use reader mode all that much or at all so this won't deter me from getting a z10. I'm just curious about the evolution of programming if it stems from the playbook.

The feature itself is practical and convenient. You're not seeing the forest (reader mode) for the trees (two taps vs. one tap) and thus confusing the "evolution of programming" altogether. Never mind the fact you're comparing two different devices and for all intents and purposes, two different OSes at this point in time.

Stop thinking too much. It's annoying.

Justthecrack - you seem to be under the impression that i was complaining, which i wasn't. That this was an issue for me, which it isn't since i clearly said i don't really use it...i was simply curious from a programming standpoint why they didn't implement the reader mode that was on the playbook, because it should have been easy...

Yes, they are 2 different operating systems BUT when they introduced bb10 (you obviously missed it) they explained time and time again that bb10 was built off the qnx coding that is in the playbook, going as far as saying the playbook os was essentially an "early build" of bb10. Meaning that although not every playbook feature would be in bb10, you could find some because it wouldn't be hard to convert...

Furthermore, the fact that they incorporated the bridging feature goes to show they wanted the playbook and phones to co-exist hand in hand.
Not to mention the fact that at the world unveiling and in demo videos after that, they emphasized that the purpose of bb10 was to simplify things, to use with one hand, LESS button input, etc...So i was merely puzzled as to why they couldn't do a reader mode with a simple icon like they did before...that is all, but i forgot that some people on the short bus require a breakdown for comprehension.

I noticed that some sites are not reader mode compatible. Does anyone know why some pages are not compatible? For the incompatible pages I just get two arrows that show.

Posted via CB10

Hey DJ,

You can do that as well by bringing out the Virtual Keyboard (swipe up with 2 fingers) and pressing the letter R.
You can as well use the letter T for top and B for bottom in the VK.

It's a great feature but it's not so much getting rid of the ads; as seen in the example, it allows you to read the main post content in a font large enough to be easily.readable, especially for sites that come up with small font sizes.

Of course the more up-to-date websites use Responsive Design so that you don't need to use Reader mode while keeping the full content of the page accessible. Try, for instance, or

Not sure if Bberry is the first platform with this feature, which is what puzzle me so much about Bb and their lack of advertising, this is innovative stuff that they had since the playbook and now with Bb10 on the horizon,These kind of features like timeshift camra, BBM with video chat and screen share. I have yet to see any of these unique features shown in detail on any tv adds here in the States, yes I know u can see them in YouTube commercials.

I use reader mode if there is too much flashy things in the browser. Or an easier way is to disable the loading of images, flash.

These little hints and tips are fantastic, keep them coming! Wish I had discovered CrackBerry when I got my 9900.

CrackBerry is checked daily for recommend Apps.

Posted by CB10 app on Zed 10

This unfortunately doesn't work with all sites as I'm starting to notice. I'll bet it's something in the site code that is presenting the issue.

PD: how come the CB10 app doesn't allow us to post attachments from our Z10 or MicroSD storage?

Posted via CB10

Hi all on my z10 doesn't work all the time some time when I check few forums it shows only the first post
This up set me allot
Why does that ? Any information

Posted using my Z10 and CB10

I'm a huge fan of this feature as well just like the rest of the Crackberry Nation. Love my Z10!

Posted via CB10

Having just acquired my Z10, I am just now learning about all of these tips and tricks....and this one is one of the coolest. I cannot stand using pinch and zoom on older non-mobile optomized websites to try and read the tiny print. This does it automatically and flawlessly. Yes, it doesn't work on every website (I wouldn't expect it to), but when it does work, I love it. If other platforms don't have this, it should be touted as the fantastic selling feature it is.