How To Turn Off Message List Integration For BBM Groups

By rrrebo on 15 Sep 2011 11:28 am EDT

BBM Group Notifications

This post comes to us courtesy of forums member rrrebo. Finding that BBM Group notifications were a bit of a pain to tweak up as needed, he decided to post a quick how-to in the forums explaining how to control the message list integration.

BBM Groups is a great feature, but anyone with a highly-active group or two knows that it can quickly blow up your Messages folder with new updates and have your hip buzzing like a swarm of drunken angry bees. Thankfully, like most other BB functions, RIM allows you to control this integration. Keep reading to find out how.

How To Turn Off Message List Integration For BBM Groups

  • Open BBM and click on your group
  • Scroll up and click on your group name to open Group Details
  • Scroll down to Message List Integration

BBM Group Notifications

  • Click the Settings button
  • Choose from the following:
    • No Activities
    • All Activities
    • Some Activities 

BBM Group Notifications

If you choose Some Activities, select which items to show in Messages

BBM Group Notifications


For those who want to kill ALL notifications from Groups completely, select "Yes" for Turn Off All Notifications For This Group, as shown in the 3rd pic above. This should also prevent the Group icon from appearing in your Notification Bar for that group.

Save and enjoy a cleaner, quieter Messages list! 



Nice tip. It can be annoying. I did manage to do the same, but it's great to pass this stuff along.



Anyone got ideas as to why I can't open Group Details. Could it be a BES issue?

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Nice FONT!! What is that FONT?


Good information, thanks for sharing.


Great write-up rrrebo!!!


Thanks for posting! I didn't know you could do this. I knew you could choose to have BBM conversations in Messages or not, but I didn't know how to remove my Groups conversations from Messages. This is awesome. And here I thought I had discovered everything about my BB. New things to learn everyday!


The font is Sansation, installed using the FontCollection app. You should be able to find the font online and use any font app to install it. FontCollection seems to be gone from stores, but I think it's available here:

And thanks, CB, for my first blog post! :D


Best tip of the day. This is an issue that drove me nuts until just a few minutes ago. Now my message integration is gone. All better. :)


really help , , thanks


Very nice and helpfull posting. Keep going, my bro


Nice FONT!! What is that FONT?