How to turn off message count in the Hub on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 Hub
By DJ Reyes on 25 Mar 2013 10:44 am EDT

With BlackBerry 10 comes one of my favorite features, the Hub. There are many ways to customize the Hub to just the way you like it, one of which includes the ability to turn off the message count.

I, for one, like to see how many messages I have left unread but if you don't care or don't want to see how many are left you can turn this option off.


  • Go into the Hub by swiping up and to the right of the screen
  • Tap the overflow icon (three dots) on the bottom right and choose Settings
  • Select Display and Actions
  • Go to Display Message Count and toggle it to off

Hub with message count        Hub with no message count

You have now turned off the message count in the Hub. If you go back to the Hub you will see it no longer tells you how many unread messages you have left. To turn it back on, repeat the steps above and toggle it to on.

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Reader comments

How to turn off message count in the Hub on BlackBerry 10


I personally don't like the feature as I like to see the counts, but maybe for others, they don't want to see it

Yeah I think i need to see the numbers because it keeps me on top of what needs to be read

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Options are always better than no options. Not everyone is the same shoe size my friend :-)

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Some users get a boatload of emails and have thousands at any given time, so after a while the numbers don't matter and you just know there are always emails. 

Crap, DJ, no offense but were you pressed to put out an article ASAP? This is a no-brainer. Who's going to want to turn this off?

Some guy buys a z10. For some reason he decides he doesn't want to see the crazy amount of emails he receives in his notifications. He does a search in Google for 'how to disable email count in bb10'. CrackBerry is the first result. Win for CB.

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Adam - if you long-press the date bar the right-menu will slide open. It includes the options:
To Top
To Bottom
Mark Prior Read
Delete Prior

Of course you can also just select the one filtered Hub view to only show the message types you want to action; Twitter feeds in your case.

Hope that helps.

So a friend of mine told me that if you get a tweet (hundreds in his case) and you read all of the new tweets from the twitter app or tweetdeck they are all still marked unread in the hub. So he had to physically mark the tweets unread in the hub. Idk if he set his up wrong or whatever but that seems extremely counterintuitive and goes completely against what BB10 was built for. He removed the twitter app all together from the hub because of his frustration. Was wondering if anyone had this issue as well? I'm still Z10less.

"any way the number is so small i don't think it wld bother u"

I don't really know what number your talking about. Tweets???

i'm not on any thing like twitter facebook ,ect, but i think the hub is all your messages in one place.the total notifications is the number which is indicated.right now because i'm not on these sites it's quite small ,2 digits,so it doesn't bother me .anyway there must be an app for that.

My issue is if i'm in the Twitter app or on reading all my tweets etc. they should automatically be marked as read in my hub. Hopefully they address this in the next update.

There's something i think they need to fix right away, and the issue is this:

If you go to the HUB and read read or delete any message, it disappears from the notification, but if you go directly to Facebook or twitter, you read the message or even delete it, it doesn't delete from the HUB, it's kind of annoying having to delete them again from the HUB !

Hi, I'm in Switzerland and it's not possible to download any music or movie in BlackBerry world... WHY?? BlackBerry travel is also not available in Switzerland... (only 3 countries...) help me please... why BlackBerry always forgot swiss people? Can someone help me and give me a response please? It's impossible to contact a support from BlackBerry...

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Can someone please tell me how to turn off the "Notifications" part of the hub, for example after a video call I get a notification saying video call ended its rather annoying thanks!

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While this is a useful option that probably only 5% of people will use, a more useful feature for the Hub would be the facilities to (a) totally remove an entry (like LinkedIn or Voice mail) and (b) to reorder those showing to a custom 1-2-3-etc order

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It will me more useful if you can set it independently, like me. I have several email accounts and I have priority email account that I would like to have a live update, and the rest I only check once in a while.

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I change the settings but they don't get saved properly and I have to constantly reset them! Help?!?!

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