How to turn off keyboard feedback sounds in BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 Keyboard Volume
By Adam Zeis on 6 Feb 2013 12:41 pm EST

The virtual keyboard on BlackBerry 10 is awesome. It's making us better at typing each and every day and we totally love it.

What we don't love however are those annoying keyboard click sounds. For some (like my wife - argg) they aren't bothersome, but for others, they just sound annoying and tick people off.

Luckily you can easily turn off the keyboard sound (or at least tone it down) with a few quick steps.

  • Tap the Settings icon
  • Tap Language and Input
  • Scroll down and tap On-Screen Keyboard
  • Slide the Keyboard Feedback Volume slider to the left (all the way to turn off, or most of the way to just turn down the volume)
BlackBerry 10 Keyboard Volume

That's that! Now you can type in peace with no annoying click from the keyboard! 

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Reader comments

How to turn off keyboard feedback sounds in BlackBerry 10


Originally I had planned on getting the Q10 because I like the full keyboard. But now, please people, listen to me ..... the Z10 with the virtual keyboard is AMAZING!!! It is definitely better than a physical keyboard. Any time that I need to type a longish word (6 letters or more), it automatically predicts the right word and I swipe up to save a few keystrokes.

If you're thinking about holding off till the Q10, think again. The Z10 keyboard is killer!

This is great and everything but what people care more about is the clarification push email situation with Blackberry 10 (especially for Gmail). You should be writing about that first as that is more important than turning on swear words and turning off keyboard sounds!!!

They have already written about that, atleast twice. In advanced settings change your gmail from IMAP to Microsoft EAS

Couple of lines in a long review is not really a clarification. I expect more detailed explanation about the single most important feature of the BB which push email undoubtedly is. Feel free to add any links you might have just in case I missed something..

I like the keyboard sound on virtual keyboards. It's the ONLY way I can stand using them. I need the heptic feedback the vibration gives.

The keyboard is awesomeee ..... all the predicted word only have to be entered 1 time and walahhh it's there for the next typing. Just swipe and your word is on the screen (all is on screen anyway @ Z10 LOL)

I like that sound, but it's so annoying on 10.2 that "double sound" when you swipe up predicted word...

This works for situations using the full qwert keyborad. When using the dialing 0-9 keyboard, the sound is always loud as it is. Very annoyinhg. The only way to mute it is to adjust the phone into silent mode.

you can't beleave this, but that is the way bb wants me to work around this.

This issue should be fixed ASAP!

(and now we are talking about it: i want to be able to adjust all sounds/leds/vibrations in all of the settings!)