How to turn off BBM Group picture notifications in the BlackBerry Hub

How to turn off BBM Group picture notifications from the Hub on the BlackBerry Z30
By DJ Reyes on 25 Oct 2013 04:43 pm EDT

I am a huge user of BBM Groups, be it for collaborating with the team on certain things to just plain social chatter with like-minded people. One thing that was quite frustrating was that if some shared a picture with the group, you don't really get notified. Unless, you open up the BBM app and specifically go into the picture section and see the Spark.

With OS 10.2 you now have the option to be notified when someone shares a picture with the group or comments on a picture. By default this is toggled on, however, if you didn't want to be notified you can turn this off.

How to turn off BBM Group picture notifications from the Hub

  • Open up the BBM app
  • Tap Groups along the bottom bar
  • Select the BBM group in question
  • Tap More in the bottom right corner and tap Group Settings
  • Toggle Show Pictures in BlackBerry Hub to off

That's it. You don't have to be bothered with picture alerts in the Hub. If, in the future you want  to be notified of picture uploads just repeat the process and toggle it back on.

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How to turn off BBM Group picture notifications in the BlackBerry Hub


Would be great if they'd add this for chat, though it would be nice to have a simpler way to access that, as it's something most people would only want to disable temporarily.

This gets on my nerves on BBOS. Have to always turn it off. Glad that the feature is there when i get my Z30

What makes there's no possibility of normal sharing pictures when you have chat with more than one person? Strange, very strange... :|

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

I was gonna ask the same thing! Why not allow sharing pictures in the chat window itself while still saving it separately in the picture window? Yes, it's nice that in the current setup the shared picture doesn't get lost while the chat continues, but it should be possible to upload the picture in the chat window itself while chatting, where you can click the thumbnail and launch the picture window to view it, instead of opening the picture window separately in order to share a picture. Wouldn't that be a better setup?

And for that matter, why can't we share pictures in regular chats, where you just add others to the chat you started with one person? And why doesn't that turn into an automatic groupchat? What would you call that kind of chat to not confuse it with groupchat? A multiple chat? It's confusing... and I don't know how to defend BBM if my iphone-using daughters and Samsung-using husband taunt me with this flaw in BBM, because I have no answer. According to one of my daughters iPhone already has that setup... :(

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I'm referring to the groupchat picture sharing setup I wish to see in BBM in the last sentence in my previous post (which my daughter claims is already the way it's set up in IPhone) .

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I must agree with this as well. Shared photos should also be visible in the chat room in the typical thumbnail format for quick access. I don't really enjoy getting in and out of the chat room just to see a picture.

unfortunately there's no way to clear the notification in the hub, it's always there. delete button doesn't do anything

Now that BBM is cross platform we are setting up our hockey team in a group. It's perfect now. People just open the list and click on their name, then put themselves in the category of "playing" or "not". Then the moderator picks each players jersey color to make the teams fair (Assign To - "light" or "dark").

I think CrackBerry should do a feature on the cool things that can be done with groups now that it's cross platform.

I also just put my employees on it for work things.

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First you complain that it Sucks to not be notified and now that it's available, you tell us how to turn off notification.

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How does Group works on Android and iOS devices? Same functionalities?

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