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How to transfer your BlackBerry 7 data to a BlackBerry 10 device using BlackBerry Link

BB7 to BB10
By Adam Zeis on 21 Feb 2013 12:09 pm EST

If you're upgrading from a BlackBerry 7 device to a new BlackBerry 10 device, there is a very easy way to transfer over all of your data including calendar, contacts and other various items so you don't have to do any of the hard work. Using BlackBerry Link, you can easily transfer over your old data to a new BlackBerry 10 device in a matter of minutes with a few easy steps. Keep reading to see how it's done.

How to transfer your BlackBerry 7 data to a BlackBerry 10 device

First off you'll need to install the latest version of BlackBerry Link on your Windows PC or Mac

After it's installed, open BlackBerry Link and plug in your BlackBerry 7 device with a microUSB cable

BlackBerry Link Transfer

BlackBerry Link will tell you that your device is not supported but that's ok. Click the Transfer Device Data button to continue. 

BlackBerry Link Transfer

You'll see a few notes on the next screen, so once your squared away there, click Next

BlackBerry Link Transfer

Your transfer will begin (it won't take long). When it's done you'll be asked to disconnect the current device and connect the new BlackBerry 10 device.

Disconnect your BlackBerry 7 device and then connect the BlackBerry 10 device using a microUSB cable. 

BlackBerry Link Transfer

Once the BlackBerry 10 device is recognized by BlackBerry Link, click on the device in the window and then click Next

BlackBerry Link Transfer

You'll see a quick message with some things to note. Once you're squared away, click Next

BlackBerry Link Transfer

The transfer will begin and you data will be moved to the new BlackBerry 10 device. 

BlackBerry Link Transfer

When complete, you'll see a confirmation screen as well as a list of any errors or data that may not have been transfered. Ciick Finish.

From here your new BlackBerry 10 device is ready to go. You'll want to jump in and finish out the setup for any additional settings or accounts. Be sure to check out our BlackBerry 10 Help Series for everything you need to know or hit up the CrackBerry forums for more discussion.



There is every possibility I'll be doing this tomorrow! Thanks!


Whoops bought it tonight :D


Great this comes out after i already did does work..


Is it possible to selectively transfer data? Say if I only want to transfer over my memo's, tasks, etc and not my contacts and calenda since I have them in the cloud?


Two suggestions from a person that has just gone through this process...
1. Use the right USB cord. I was getting errors backing the BB7 data until I finally switched the cords and presto, it finally worked! smh
2. My contacts actually did not transfer, but you can pair both phones through bluetooth and tranfers the contacts. Got that tip from a user from the forums, and it worked great!


U should make sure your BB LINK recongizes your old phone and states what is goin to transfer, i haven't had any problems with the 3 phones i have switched


Didn't transfer all my contacts.


Thanks for this tip. I will probably just transfer contacts this was as that's all I really will need to do anyway.


Glad to see it's looking simpler to transfer info from the 9900 to a BB10 :). After reading all the comments about having to open a google accoun & syncing your calendar with google etc, I wasn't going near a BB10 device (don't want google to have all my info - I've seen what my husband is going through with google contacts and his Galaxy S3 - it's not pretty)
Now Z10 or Q10 decisions, decisions !


That's what I'm going to go for when it's available with Tmobile.



Thanks Adam. As soon as the ZED10 is available in the U S of A I will prompty transfer to my Shinny BB10


Thanks for the update!! By the way, what a beautiful picture...


Is there any way to transfer BBM chats as I have few conversations I want to keep.


My phone 9800 is OS6. Will it work the same for it?


My phone 9800 is OS6. Will it work the same for it?


I have tried on mine, is fail. Mine is old Torch 9800 and Windows 7.


When my Bold 9900 died I had to switch back to my backup Curve 8900 (BB5.1). I transferred all my data via BlackBerry Protect and that worked very well. Now that I'm going to go from bb5.1 to bb10, I don't have much confidence. What a dilemma!
BlackBerry please bring Protect to the same level (with all current options) as BB7. We need BB Protect.



Try on Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Vista instead of Mac.


I did this successfully to switch over from the 9900 to the Z10. A number of items (email, calendar, contacts) were indicated as being synced from outside sources. The process did bring over my browser bookmarks, fortunately - would have hated to type them out again!


Good questions above: what about transferring data from the OS6?


I've tried on a 9800 and a 9780..emails, music, texts all come over, but no contacts. I tried the bluetooth method too and that didnt work. I've been banging my head for three days now trying to figure it out..
Anyone get it done?


For pre-OS7, I think you'll need to use the Device Switch using SD Card method.


so now that I've loaded my phone up with stuff, do I have to go back and redo the device switch? Or just stick the SD card in....
So lost.
UPDATE - Moron alert. When I set up my Gmail account, which was the default on my 9800, I didn't set up contacts. Delete and re-add, select contacts and POOF! I feel shame!


My 9900 is broken ( it fell with some assistance). I have always done a backup. Will I be able to transfer "backed up" data to BB10 with Desktop manager or Blackberry Link? All I really need is my Password Keeper data.


"it fell with some assistance". Classic lol. You assisted in its suicide.


I managed to restore an old backup file from an OS7 device, without having the device at hand. Contacts, wifi profiles, bookmarks, everything seemed to work. If OS6 uses the same format for backups, it should work as well. Just point to the right file from Link.


I managed to transfer everything, but I keep having trouble transferring over the Calendar. I have tried it a number of times now, and no luck. Even the newest version of Link doesn't work.


If your a Enterprise Z10 manual transfer needed :) . . . except for Notes


A few of us had issues with only a subset of Contacts coming over and the solution was to transfer them via BT phone to phone. Not sure why they did not all come over via BB Link.


Hopefully I'll be doing this tomorrow too !!!


Hopefully I'll be doing this tomorrow too !!!


Does BlackBerry Protect still back up most of whats needed?


It kind of sucks, just because US businesses are abandoning Blackberry doesn't me the US consumers don't want a new Berry. But we always seem to be last.


that 9900 still look so sexy!!


Would this work with a BlackBerry and Playbook?


I think I read that Password Keeper for BB10 is not pre-installed on the Z10. Is this the case, and if so I assume if I download PK from BB World prior to doing this data transfer, the password info will transfer ok? 9700 running 6.x


Does this work for OS6 devices too? I've got a Torch9800


Great, that's useful. I'll keep that.


Transferring from OS5 should be fun!


How to transfer from OS 6?

Vivek Rasik Mardia


Just picked up my z10 tonight. Thought I'd be able to use blackberry protect to sync my data from my 9800 but had no luck.


Z10, see you on Monday!!!!
And then back to this page :)


Can't we just use blackberry protect to transfer data like memo's tasks, contacts etc ...?


Read the comments before asking questions


soooooooo complicated
and does not work most of the time


It simply doesn't work for most people and the app doesn't tell you what went wrong... They need to implement partial transfers so that we can at least transfer a minimum of data...


When I get the Q10, I'll likely slim EVERYTHING down and then transfer. That's how I do things, that is how I roll. :)
I'll keep this 9900 with me during the switch. :)

Wireless Gadget

Read "Switching to your new BlackBerry 10 Smartphone" on BlackBerry's website under Support, just need BlackBerry Link your old BB running OS 5 or higher and your new BB 10. I had the same questions as the others asking about their current device if it was OS 5 or OS 6. Good Luck to all new BB 10 owners.


Wireless Gadget, can you maybe tell me how you did your device switch? I've tried various ways to transfer from old blackberry to Q10 - Added the "device switch" app to both blackberry phones and after 6 hours still nothing. transfer about 40 contacts then stops working. i have almost a 1000 contacts. Now back on the blackberry link and going to try again to transfer data. I don't really want all data - only my telephone contacts
1. Created a google account/gmail as prompted. And i'm logged in.
2. transferred data from old device
3. connect new device. (message on screen: "Connect your new Blackberry device to your computer. When a picture of your device appears, click the picture."
NOTHING is happening. NO picture appears. waiting and waiting. I suppose i have to click "cancel" again.
Really don't feel like manually typing each contact. some of these contacts have more than 2 telephone numbers under the contact name plus email addresses.
Anyone with advice please!??


If you are a Verizon customer can't you just use the Verizon Backup Assistant app? Or does that only transfer contacts?

Aaref Jumah

Pic and music transfer but important think black berry messenger contact not shifting

Haroon Rashid1

hey if backup data is it possible to came blackberry messenger all friends list? plz let me knw to backup bbm list


This is very great. I was following your tips above and it's done. But I got 2 problems here. Some of my contact in Blackberry don't show up the profile picture. Another one is I did invited new contact but it was pending, I did many times, but still don't work. Do you have any idea how to take care of these?


I have a OS7 backup file that I want to get to my Q10...(I tried Android before ending up back in the Fold). Is it possible to get that back-up file to my Q10 (contacts/passwords/memos etc.)?


I have a Torch 9800 and this transferred my contacts to the Z10 beautifully. Thank you for telling me just to ignore the message that it wasn't going to work! (Only drawback was it added all twitter followers to contacts but I'll figure out how to get them out as a group)

Francisco Castillo2

My problem is when I connect my Q10 during the switch process using Link I get a message that reads that device switch to a blackberry playbook is not supported... though I am connecting a Q10 which is the new phone, so I have no problem with the old phone it is the new one which is generating the message. I have tried to cables and still the same message, any ideas o how to fix this?


Great that there are ways to transfer when both devices are working but in my case, I am dealing with a dead 9900 and picked up a z10. 9900 was set up on BB protect and I can't seem to find anyway to bring the 9900 dat over from BB protect. Is there a way to do this? This thread is pretty old but maybe someone knows? Just getting the Z10 today so trying to prepare for the switch. I would say this is probably a common issue as many people don't just switch phones and it may be only when the old device dies do they change. In this case, it is my wife and she resisted any attempts on my behalf to get her to change phones until she was forced to via the 9900 dying. Any help would be appreciated.


How about transferring from a Torch 9850 OS7 to a z30? Anyone having issues?


No issues wirelessly using But I have other issues I will post below.


Hi Everyone!

I have a specific problem not addressed in any forum. My microusb plug came out of my Torch 9860. So I can't do the cable transfer.

Since the Torch died of battery loss, I upgraded to a Z30, which uses Link instead of BB Desktop Manager - which has recent backups of my Torch. There doesn't seem to be a way to import my backed up Torch data to my Z30. Specifically, history of SMS messages. I did not previously save to SIM card, which would have been helpful.

What I have had success with, after purchasing a JM1 battery charger, is using to wirelessly import my contacts, pictures, calendar, notes, documents, and videos. Awesome!!! Fast and seemless. HIghly recommended!

What I would like help with is accessing my backed up Torch SMS messages on my Mac, and importing them to my Z30. Any suggestions?


I found the post from Adam Zeis very helpful however i'm stuck now - i don't have a google or yahoo account on any of my blackberrys and trying to transfer data from old to new Q10 this is the next message i'm stuck with. "Make sure you sign in to your online accounts, such as Google Mail or Yahoo! Mail, on
your new device before you continue with the device switch process". Dont know if i have to create any of these Y or G accounts or can i just click next?