How to transfer photos from your BlackBerry to PC using Dropbox

Dropbox For BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 11 Jun 2012 02:58 pm EDT

There are numerous times per week when I need to quickly get an image or screenshot from my BlackBerry to my computer. For years I used the old method of emailing the file to myself, but after a while that gets to be a chore. It wasn't until I discovered Dropbox that I found I could easily move images from my BlackBerry to my computer with just a few clicks. Granted you can use Dropbox for more than just image transfer, but for this tutorial that's all we'll be getting into. Keep reading to see just how easy it is to transfer photos from your BlackBerry to your PC using Dropbox.

Uploading images from your BlackBerry to PC using Dropbox

Getting Started

  • First off, you'll need to have a Dropbox account (signing up is free).
  • Install the Dropbox for BlackBerry app on your device. 
  • Install the Dropbox client on your PC or Mac.

Uploading Images to Dropbox

Once you get both installed and you're all linked up, the rest is easy. Simply snap a photo (or use and existing image on your device) and go to the Dropbox app. Navigate to the Photos folder (you can use any folder really, I just find this one to be the easiest). 

Dropbox For BlackBerry

  • Press the Menu key and choose Upload a photo.
  • Choose either Take new or From gallery.

When choosing Take new, you'll have the option to save your photo to Dropbox after taking it. When choosing Upload a photo, just pick the image to upload from your gallery.

The image will upload and appear in your Dropbox folder. Now simply head to Dropbox on your computer, locate the file and you're good to go!

Dropbox For BlackBerry

As I said before, you can use Dropbox for tons of things and this is just one example. Play around and see what works best for you, then drop a comment with your best use case for Dropbox. 

For more help and discussion on this and other topics, head to the CrackBerry forums.

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Reader comments

How to transfer photos from your BlackBerry to PC using Dropbox


Love Dropbox! I just wish that downloading photos TO the Blackberry could be done in a more direct fashion (instead of having to email myself the link...).

I agree. One possible solution.. I downloaded "Screen Grabber" - it's a free application to get screenshots, and it saves them in the photos folder on the device. it's worked well for me thus far.

Cool, this is a hell of a lot easier for me because I am mainly on my Mac and you can't upload photos through DM unless you have iPhoto. I don' this works great! Thanks!

Dropbox is always a dependable standby, and more elegant than just e-mailing yourself - good reminder/introduction!

I emailed the developer last year asking if it is possible to synchronize an entire folder on the SD card on my blackberry with a folder on my Dropbox account. Or perhaps even synchronize my entire SD card on Dropbox, so that whenever I take a photo it automatically updates on dropbox and I can view it on my pc without having to manually upload it.

I got a response saying that full sync is not currently available (mostly due to the fact that most devices cannot fit an entire Dropbox on them), however it was something they would like to see in a future version of the application.

Its been a year and this feature is still not available.. I use the method explained in this article regularly, and it is in fact easier than emailing to myself, but iCloud has been available since late last year now. It keeps getting harder and harder to make the case for Blackberry against my iphone touting friends.

Is there some sort of iCloud equivalent in the works for BB10??

Sugarsync works very well, my only complaint is that I built all my space on Dropbox, and everyone I know uses dropbox, very easy to share, and can send links from BB.. :( over 10GB and now stuck with sugarsync at only 5GB.

That would be really great, but unfortunately not :(

Now is anyone aware of the android apk being converted to bar for playbook??

i side loaded dropbox and it works great, i use to use bluebox but it was just a P.i.t.a and now with the beta for 2.1 on the playbook each app opens on its own page

The app BlueBox works for the PB to use your DropBox account . Install that one to use DropBox on the PB .

I have really got fed up of begging for better apps for BB, this is one of them - I also have an Android and sorry RIM but uploading on an Android I can do without looking (so to speak) I really hope with BB10 things change or else my bb is just used for the keyboard, and the flashing led ;) sad but true..

Evernote lets you do this and rescale the image before uploading. If you are by your computer, how about a Bluetooth transfer?

What if you want to upload non picture files using the Dropbox app?

The only way I"ve been able to do it is to change the file extension to *,jpg. That way the app will recognize it as a picture and allow the upload. from there just change the extension.

Am I missing something or is that the only way?

The DropBox APK works on the PB. The camera upload feature works as well. Use it weekly to get my pics over to my server. I truly believe RIM needs to buy someone like DropBox or SugarSync to help finish off their cloud offering. Protect is a good start but this would put it up to speed with Apple. But they need to put the enterprise spin on it. For spreadsheets etc etc.

At the moment, the best solution to keep photos in your BlackBerry in sync with the cloud is Just download the client for BB and voila', your photos ALWAYS in sync with the cloud. Everything is done behind the scenes, transparent for the user. Cool, right? ;-)

lucafiligheddu, they offer only 500MB with no way to update/upgrade or buy more space.. I guess 500MB should work for casual photo syncing. On the plus side, it seems to occupy only 1MB in RAM.

i tried to upload pictures but i could only upload 1 picture at a that how it is or i'm not doing something right?

SIDE NOTE: for those that are looking to get there pictures and other files what you need to do is view the file on your blackberry (pictures, docs and pdfs have worked for me so far)

1. go in to dropbox (on your Blackberry)
2. view the file make sure it loads so that you see it on your device
3. Go to your "Files" app --> "File Folder" ---> Media Card -----> blackberry ---> dropbox
there you will see a "cashe" and a "temp" folder there will be folders just remember the name of the files and there you will see a copy of the file

Hope this helps

I use Cloud explorer for skydrive by AlefSoft on both my 9810 and Playbook. The apps are not free but the 25Gb i have on Skydrive is. Even the 7Gb given to new Hotmail accounts still works out cheaper than Dropbox.
Cloud explorer gives you access to all the files on your device and on Skydrive with the ability move them as you need. Ok the transfer is not automatic BUT it is simple and as quick as the connection will allow. Once it gets on skydrive, the files are immediately synced to my PC.