How to take a screenshot on your BlackBerry 10 phone

BlackBerry 10 Screenshot
By Adam Zeis on 4 Feb 2013 04:50 pm EST

Taking a screenshot on your BlackBerry 10 phone can come in handy for numerous reasons. You may want to show it off to someone later, capture a thread of messages, document an OS issue or even make a note of your icon arrangement. Your screenshot will be save to your pictures and you can reference later or use it as you see fit. Thankfully taking a screenshot on BlackBerry 10 is super easy and the function is already built-in out of the box. Keep reading and see just how easy it is.

This one is quick - so pay attention:

  • First, find the screen of which you want to take the screenshot.
  • When you're ready to fire, press both the Volume Up and Volume Down keys (on the right side of the device) at the same time. 
  • You'll hear a quick camera click and your screenshot will be saved to your Camera folder on your device

Where are my screenshots!?

To find the images, open File Manager. The screenshots are stored in the Camera folder on your device (not on the SD card if your are using one).

File Manager
  • Make sure Device is selected (on the bottom left). If not, tap it and change to Device
  • Open the Camera folder to find your screenshots.

That's it! Happy shooting! 

How to take a screenshot on the BlackBerry Q10

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Reader comments

How to take a screenshot on your BlackBerry 10 phone


Nice, should come in handy!

Swiped on my new darth vader... I mean Z10.

9800 Torch

I really think this could've been done a bit better. Think about taking a screenshot in portrait, as most of us would use that feature. Its kinda hard to press the two keys that way. I'd much rather it if it were accessible ON the screen

What if the information that you want to screenshot doesn't let you access the "on screen" button?
That's why is done with hardware buttons.
How hard could it get? Just hold it with your left hand and use your index and middle finger to do it.

Press and hold the mute button? That seems to be fairly easy to do on my 9900. What if you want to mute a song? Well that would be just clicking the mute button. Not pressing and holding... I just had to say this. Lol

Update: I just found out that press and hold on the Z10 activates voice control. So my suggestion wouldn't work!

I agree with Drift. The majority of users are right-handed (assumption), so it will be weird to do it. Unless a button-mash will work with the RH thumb, the only "one-hand" (selling point) would be with the left hand.
How to make it better? no idea. My guess would be one of the volume buttons and the top button?

Also, sad there isnt the (camera, in my case) button below the volume sesaw on the right side.

I think the best solution would be volume down and lock at the same time. That was actually the first button combination that I tried and it fit well.

Screen muncher is hands down the most used app on my 9810, very happy to see it native on BB10. I have to agree that the two volumes button to snap the shot is a bit awkward. Should have been the power button and the pause button, in my opinion a less awkward gesture. But I guess they wanted it to be cohesive with the Playbook OS.

It has to be hardware to not interfere with the screen. And how often are you going to use it? On my iPhone I press the lock button and the home button at the same time, and that's still awkward and can not be accomplished with one hand.

Looking forward to the Z10. And as a lefty, I should be able to press the two volume buttons while holding the phone on one hand. Finally, something for south paws. Thanks BB!

sweet! learn stuff here everyday.. didn't even know the PB could do that...i like that it's built in, it only makes sense

This comes in handy at the most convenient times on the PB. I don't trust many devs, so my 9930 doesn't have the ability to screen shot. Can't to have this on the Q10.

I pretty much do all of my online bill paying on my PlayBook, and that is exactly how I keep records of my payments. It's a welcomed feature to have on the Z10, which I'm anxiously awaiting for here in the states.

I am too happy this is finally available for blackberry.. Woohoo can't wait to get my Z10.. I never trust to download any screenshots apps on my 9900..

Long-press on the mute used to call the voice control.... but it appears to be gone now? Did they take this feature away?

well there's something i saw on the G-SIII which you take a screen shot by swiping with your palm from side to side of the screen.

has anybody had experience where the capture won't work?, cause i kinda am experiencing it now, i pressed the up and down button, i heard the click sound, but the picture does not get captured, it's weird cause i just did it yesterday and it worked, could anybody give me any suggestion on how to make it work ?

Did you get a response to this? I'm having the same problem - it seems to work for me, makes the right sound, but there is no picture in the 'Camera' folder. Help?

I really need help with screen shots

When I screen shot with my Q10 it works fine, when I send the screen shot through bbm the recipient receives it perfectly

When I send a screen shot through whatsapp to a recipient with a iphone the screenshot image is tiny
When I whatsapp a screen shot to a person with a blackberry phone though the image is the original size

How can I whatsapp screenshot to iphone users without the image shrinking

It's quite bizarre :s please help

When I first got my z10, I could take screenshots no problem and find them in the \camera folder. BUT then I inserted my SD card and now, although I hear the shutter when I take a screenshot, I cannot find it anywhere in either the Device folders or the Media Card folders. It is as if I am taking screenshots and they are not saving anywhere. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Now if I need to take a screenshot, I have to open my z10, remove the SD card and then take the screenshot and then put my SD card back in etc. Very annoying.

On my 9900 it would take screenshots including the top banner (battery level, time and signal strength). This was incredibly handy when dealing with support to prove battery drains levels, signal issues, time of events etc. Why has that been dropped from the screenshots??

I have been hunting for a screenshot app and now I don't have to get one. I love stuff that is built in. Saaweet!

I wonder if it is possible at all for us to store screenshots in the Camera folder on the removable SD card (NOT in the Camera folder on our device) . . .