How to take a screenshot on the BlackBerry Z3

Z3 side buttons
By Adam Zeis on 21 May 2014 10:19 am EDT

One thing that we are asked time and time again — seemingly with ever new device release — is "how do I take a screenshot?" Well with the new BlackBerry Z3 rolling out, we're here to help. Those of you that are familiar with BB10 may already know what to do to snap a screenshot on your device, but for the new users, here's how to get it done.

Taking a screenshot on the BlackBerry Z3

  • First, navigate to the screen of which you want to take the screenshot.
  • Press both the Volume Up and Volume Down keys (black buttons on the left side of the device) at the same time.
  • You'll hear a quick camera click and your screenshot will be saved to your Camera folder on your device

Where are my screenshots!?

To find the images, open File Manager. The screenshots are stored in the Camera folder on your device (not on the SD card if your are using one).

  • Make sure Device is selected (on the bottom left). If not, tap it and change to Device
  • Open the Camera folder to find your screenshots.

That's it! Now you can become a screenshot master!


Pete Jennings

I want the Z3 in the UK.... one for mum and one for dad

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You can also use Screen Snapp for easy screenshots and more options:

Paul Ogorzow

Please don't do all the manuals for BB10 again for Z3.

BB Adict

Why not? There are people that will be new to the phone, and new to CB. Why should they not have the benefits of the BB10 information?

Blackberry always.....


I agree! The launch of the Z3 will bring a ton of new users looking for info, tips, & tricks. Experienced users need not read these articles. I certainly don't read everything that CB publishes.

Keith. Posted by CB10 using Z30.

Adam Zeis

Plenty of users will be brand new to BB10 with the Z3, so we'll be sharing the love that we once showed all the other newbies :)


Lazy boy ;)

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Adam Zeis

Love them! My parents have two - super comfy!


A simple "the following Z3 procedures are the same as previously explained... in the following links. I see these articles as filler for the CB blog just like posting store specials as actual articles. Real news is getting scarce on this site compared to other BlackBerry news sites.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Adam Zeis

Can't disagree that it would be a good post, but we have to keep in mind how people find the articles. Not everyone is sitting on the CB front page waiting for these. Plenty come from Google (or elsewhere) after searching, so we try to cover all the bases so they get what they're searching for.



Let's embrace all the new z3 users and make them feel at home, rather than just posting bookmarks.

We want to generate interest in bb10, it's best for all bb10 users.

Ideally, there would be a comprehensive 'bb10 manual' somewhere within the forums with a table of contents and live links to all the sections within said manual.

It would be a great one stop reference, more so than searching through forums

It would be the manual that BlackBerry forgot to create, and with all the new updated os features, it would be fantastic to have this.

But in the mean time, lots of z3 love

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1) BlackBerry did not forget the manual, it is available here

And there is such a page for every single BlackBerry device.

2) CB is there to generate hits (which I understand since they are not funded by a millionaire) and to give info about BlackBerry for BlackBerry fans. And the best way to have "howto's" indexed by Google and other search engines is obviously blog articles and not posts buried in a forums section.

You cannot seriously expect a newbie looking for a quick answer to go to the CB forum, and use the search engine, and do a search that fatally will be narrower that any search from Google.

3) what are 20 blog articles about how to articles on each BB10 phone, compared to all the blog articles published on CB? It's a drop of water in an ocean. Do you really care?

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For those coming from an iPhone, you add the following: How to look at your BB10 home screen. Swipe up, input password, fixate eyes on screen. Voila! You are now looking at your home screen. Easy peasy.

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When I got my Z10 last summer I had no clue what to do with it. Google brought me to CB and I have never left. That's how useful these stories (and CB) are.


That's a failure of bbry to provide some usable user guides. Next up from CB: charging your Z3.

I can see the 'firsts' and subsequent 'loser' posts now.... enjoy the clickthroughs CB. For now.

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Adam Zeis

It is a failure of BB, but that's where CrackBerry saves the day!

Adam Zeis

My new favorite comment!


If I am a new Z40 user or any other new device, when I do a search on Google for something, if I get to a page that says "please follow this link, it's the same as for the other model", I don't have time to waste clicking on the link. I go back to Google and browse the next result.

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An easier way to find your screenshot:

1. Open the Pictures app
2. Your picture is in the top left corner


If you use the file manager method, then you have to worry about how images are sorted.

If the File Manager is not sorting by date, then you won't immediately see your screenshot.

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Is the screenshot in 960x540 or 1280x720?

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Is a screenshot, so 960x540.

That's the way the cookie crumbles

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Can you show some love and tell me where I can purchase one for att's hspa network?

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Pls when is the Z3 coming to Nigeria and other African countries. I have a friend who sold her z10 and went to the market only to realise it has not yet been made available

From Zarafet my Z30.


And how do I take a screen shot on my Z30???

Oh, my bad, it's all over Google search (and CrackBerry first with its Q10 post 9 months ago), and is the same exact thing as all BB10 phones.

Well, at least it brings eyes to CrackBerry, which means more revenue for them, and a greater community.

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If it turns out to be a big demand, it will be sold everywhere. If they are going to sale in the USA or Canada, it will be added 4G LTE network for extra money, may be 20 to 30 bucks more. With 4G LTE network for $220 to $230 without contract, I will buy three for my family.


This is already an advanced tutorial... they should start with "how to insert SIM card"...

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Adam Zeis

Valid point - nearly the same as the Z30 once you get the flap open.


Insert the SIM card? Too advanced, more 'How to open the Z3 box'.
And another for the Q10.
And for the Z10.
And for the Z30.
And for the Q5.

A month between each for website traffic optimisation. :)

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I just got my Z30 a couple of weeks ago and honest to God, I had to look up how to remove the back cover. I thought I was going to break something before that


Lets not forget that if you're on BES10 with Balance enabled, the picture will be stored in your Work Space Camera folder UNLESS you lock the work space first before taking that screenshot. This had me scratching my head for a few weeks when I first received my Z10 a year ago.


I also think that this point should be in the Post. It really is not intuitiv, that Screenshots only get saved to your private space while work space is locked. :)

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Bjorn Coetsee

Please make a feature in the new os 10.3, if you take a screenshot, to be able to open it immediately via a popup

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Yes, I like this idea, or at least it should pop up asking if you want to share or not, I hate screen shooting, then going to the file or pic and sharing, it's too many steps! It should save the screen shot, pop up that asks if you want to share, then you click yes or no.

Or maybe do it differently but i would like this functionality!

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This functionality (and more) is available with Screen Snapp:


I think they should just add a more complete tutorial for BB10 when you first open your phone. I was and still always wondering why it isn't there in the first place. It would probably prevent so many posts about how BB10 has a big learning curve and about hidden gestures.

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I just won a new Z30 from going to the "BlackBerry Experience " in Toronto. When I first booted up the device, it started a tutorial sequence. There is also a tutorial icon the home page to refer to.

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I appreciate the time the mods take to write these tidbits. Even if its something I know about already.

motec bb

I'm glad you mentioned it because I didn't know you can do it on the Q10!!!

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Wish we could designate where the screen shots save

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How to see HTML source code in the web browser for BBOS10?

CB10 on  Z10STL100-2/


Thanks for BB10 manual, very helpful for new switchers.


On my q10 and z10 I don't hear a click it comes up on the screen that I took a screen shot does the z3 still make that noise?

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