How to take a screenshot on the BlackBerry Q10

By Adam Zeis on 6 May 2013 01:36 pm EDT

One of the lesser know features of the BlackBerry Q10 is the built-in ability to take a screenshot. Unlike BlackBerry phones of years past, you no longer need an external application (or any application at all) to take a screenshot on your BlackBerry Q10.

You may want to take a screenshot for any number of reasons. To capture your icon arrangement, document something on your device or for writing up a blog post (my favorite). 

While the method of doing so is dead simple, many people still don't know just how to make it happen.

Keep reading to see how to take a screenshot on the BlackBerry Q10.

  • Go to the screen you want to capture
  • Press both the Volume Up and Volume Down keys at the same time (the volume keys are on the right side of the Q10)
  • When you hear the shutter sound your screen is captured!

Where are my screenshots!?

To find the images, open File Manager. The screenshots are stored in the Camera folder on your device (not on the SD card if your are using one).

  • Make sure Device is selected (on the bottom left). If not, tap it and change to Device
  • Open the Camera folder to find your screenshots.

Go on, snap away!

How to take a screenshot on the BlackBerry Z10

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How to take a screenshot on the BlackBerry Q10



Have music playing in background and you can screenshot your Lock Screen.

This is how you CB10, son!

if your on a BES10 server with the personal and work space's, make sure Work Space is locked before you can do a screenshot.

LOL. I discovered this by accident the first day when I was plugging in the charger. Took a shot of the home screen and it took me an hour or so to figure out why nothing was happening when I touched icons to activate the Settings app. Doh!

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I have work and personal work space and screen shot is saved to work space as default.
How can I change the default saving location to personal work space?

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Don't know, but I'd like to find out. I was just about to post this important tidbit to new users who will go looking endlessly for their screenshots in their personal space.

Not yet. I'm betting that's an oversight that will be remedied in near future.

There are a few things that currently save to Device memory, despite media card settings, such as some downloads too.

This is how you CB10, son!

I haven't figured that out yet. But it's easy enough to open File Manager and move the photo from Device / Camera to any folder under sdCard

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Two-handed screen shots are a bummer.
WE have a keyboard! I'm thinking a button mash shortcut (or alt or aA + $ since that doesn't do anything), so I don't have to completely more both my hands. Using two hands to complete such a task is neanderthal. Even on the 9900, with the conveince key, it could be alt or aA side key, if not a button mash.
DF+HJ all together should screenshot (just an example)
Here's to hoping for more than status quo...
(Should my comma havecome before the parentheses?)

I didn't think this was in, it was one thing I liked on the iPhone, glad its in BB10

Tried on my Z10 and it works 100% :D

I've tweeted dozens of screenshots or photos from my Z10 using the stock Twitter app.
What's not working for you?

This is how you CB10, son!

I cannot explain how happy I am to learn how to do this. When my 5 year old plays with my phone I keep finding screen shots of the games he's played and for the life of me couldn't figure out how he does it. When I ask him how he's done it, all he says is, "it's easy daddy, oops I've forgot how!" I think my child mocks me!!! :-)

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It's ok if you are in workspace when you take the shot it just means the photo goes to your workspace photos instead of personal.

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Bloody hell! Been waiting for screen muncher or any app developer come to that to bring out a screen capture since launch and your telling us it was there all the time like on the iPhone, why such a bloody secret, that's why a phone should come with a paper manual instead of trying to hunt down an easter egg on the Web, try selling cars without a manual, sorry sir that's for you to find out how to operate it, look for clues on the Internet, thanks to whoever for this post, any other secret hand shakes for this bloody BlackBerry .

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I always wondered how people were taking snapshots of their screens. I just learned something today. Thanks Crackberry. Loving my z10 more and more with each passing day.

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What I'm wondering, is how do you record your screen to a video? I couldn't even find an app in BlackBerry World that would do it...

Well i don't have a 10 yet but what about using the hdmi out and then some recording device. would that work?

My Z10 is connected to a BES server at it took me a bit to realize all screenshots (even those captured in the personal space) can be found in the picture library in the work space. You won't find anything in the personal side.

How do you wake up device (Q10) after its holstered ? When you set "Lock device when Holstered" in settings
phone works but screen is still locked.

Is this a bug that needs fixing or I am doing something wrong


Hate to start a flame war by saying anything bad about BlackBerry but this feature does not work on my Q10. Previously word substitution didn't work in text messages and I had to wipe it to fix. It's really starting to seem to me that there are a lot of bugs and I hope they get them fixed soon.