How to take notes during a phone call on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 12 Jun 2013 03:09 pm EDT

When you make a phone call on your BlackBerry 10 device, you may or may not notice there are a set of icons for actions that you can perform during the call. Along with the phone features like speaker and mute, there is also a Notes option. Most people (myself included) have never tapped that icon during a call to take advantage of it, and why would you? If you weren't sure just what it would do you wouldn't want to risk losing the call.

Well just as it sounds, the Notes feature lets you take down quick notes while on a call. It is essentially a shorcut to BlackBerry Remember that will open up a new note during your phone call so you can take down quick notes. 

Maybe you're getting a shopping list from your spouse, directions to a restaurant, instructions from your boss. Whatever it may be, it's an extremely useful feature that I certainly will be using from now on. 

To use it, just tap Call Notes while on a call. After you enter your note, save it. When you need to access it just fire up Remember and it will be there waiting for you. Neato!

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How to take notes during a phone call on BlackBerry 10


You better read this carefully and do something about it:

-ability to put your full picture high quality as it has been taken straight from your camera to the display picture (not like now it only give you the ability to crop and edit)
- the ability to share multiple files in one time without having to re enter to send another file (like picture choose all that you want to send, then send it)
- Broadcast message, you can select all in place of choosing one by one.
-During Screen Share (video chat) keep a small bubble or square video where you can still see the person you are video chatting with. (like on Skype)
- A bubble pops up when someone sends you a message via or Facebook or BBM or WhatsApp just like iOS has now in Facebook (of course this is a option, you can choose whether you want it or not) it appears anywhere you are!! Not only in apps! And when you click on the bubble you can reply to it without having to leave what you are doing, like when WhatsApp when on Android it pops up you answer then it closes. Easy.
-when decreasing font size it also effects the size of the icons and photo of BBM, just like on the Legacy phones! It helps for some people who have eye problems.
-ability to hide or how can I say (put all your categorie contact under the tile without having to keep scrolling down every time. Just like what you could've done on the Legacy phones)

WhatsApp :

- Can I say just like the emoji that they use can be used on twitter and stuff, we can be able to that too? *Emoji Support*
- Ability to chose whether or not you want them to see your last seen. (just like on iOS)
-Faster and no double contact or contacts without name (no "clock" issue)

Phone call app:
- When someone is calling and your in a meeting or busy and you can't call them back or answer an ability to automatically send them a msg, like Be Right Back or in a Meeting (like the iOS)

*as you can see I've been adding a lot of features from different phones OS but if they could use some of ours, why not use some of them? *

-i don't know the feature's name but as I could've see its called TAT? I mean the 3d images on icons just like what iOS did on their upcoming iOS 7. That would be a great feature too.. give us a lot of gestures it makes it fun!
-In app swipes to get to another app, just like in PlayBook!
-remove the X botton on the active frame and make it a swipe gesture to close (again like the upcoming iOS7)
- Headless apps *of course*
- When touching the battery icon on the home screen, it gives you details about the battery. And can choose whether you want to turn off restart or just lock the device.
- when peaking you can see the Date and Time!
- when peaking while watching a video remove the blue or stripe of the background that comes right when you swipe (not a big deal but it is a improvement)
- Full landscape mode integration! Anywhere and in any apps!
- able to choose between theme like a black one of the Q10
-Custimable theme, old OS maybe? Just so it could make you re fall in love with you're phone again * something new is always good *
-Native youtube app!
-Blackberry Bridge sync with the blackberry 10 devices just like legacy devices (using BBM and all that)
-Multiple video chat (BBM)
-More features in every app that we currently have
-a lot more of voice control! Make it like Siri!
-Build in iTunes!!! They maybe called it iTunes connect or something! It will be amazing as if we could buy albums and all that it will be a nice integration.
- More Native apps.
- a built in apk ti bar files converter and installer to make it easier.
-More photo editing options and more features and editing for story maker!!
-Ability to clear recently viewed or listen to files.
-Panorama pictures! Build in *just like the panorama 360 app but build in*
-Voice Recording app, without the need of a app like "Parrot "
- Browser make it even better remove the glitches that happens when you scroll down really fast, the pinch to zoom background bug and try and do this with the help of allot of browser test like "fish in a thank" or
.ah you know what I mean. And the embed youtube videos control needs to be fixed, too small to touch to replay a video or pause and even rewind to a place where you want to see again.
Remove the every time movement of the keyboard when only trying to copy the link /Url maybe make a copy page address tab? From the side..

I wrote just a lil bit of what is on my mind, I got too lazy to set and write decently for you.. wanted to touch all apps and improvement but I think this is enough for now.

Thanks. JeandryBrito pin:24DE5668

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got the points but wrong post, but remember, when I am sending emails I am punching out emails , sending attachments , go to Remember/Evernote back send an email x 10 , send BBM , make a call x 10 , back to my files edit , adobe with text flow back to 5 emails etc etc


Rather than having to do three "SWIPE" attempts for that dame AP up, only to freakin' close the app

Although this isn't the thread for this post I'm glad someone took the time to voice what improvements they'd like to see. MANY excellent points !! I hope these, along with other missing features get to the top floor in Waterloo.... KEEP MOVING.... FAST!

Also.... THANK YOU ADAM for an awesome post. I was unwilling to try the call notes for fear of losing a call, as you mentioned, but I'm glad you tested it for us! VERY useful feature, for me anyway.
Great job!!

Never paid much attention to it. My days of switching to remember while on speaker are over. Thanks Adam!

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It's not quite hidden as it is in your face during phone calls.. :) it does exactly what it says: make notes ;)

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

Must switch to speaker, then use the "Call Notes" button. Being on speaker phone is the draw back. Works nicely though.

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This is actually a feature brought along from BBOS. Not really anything new for BB10, but I do agree that most people would probably miss it once they connect the call and put it to their face or put the phone down if on bluetooth.

Still useful none-the-less.

I always hit it accidentally and never used them but I knew they were very helpful when needed

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I have offically learned something today. Waking up early and going to work WAS not a waste of time afterall. My day is complete and I shall now attempt to slack off. Thanks Adam, I am gonna have to check this out next time I get a call. Probably not suggested to take notes while driving and on a call is it? lol

You wanna take notes while in call and driving : answer call, hit speaker, swipe up to minimize, select "Parrot" voice note app (I use mine constantly and have it as an active frame) and hit record to voice note a speaker phone call in real time . Transfer any relevant information to wherever on the phone you want at your convenience.

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Adam, after carefully read your post I have one conclusion for you: you are a...note!

** note (n)
someone who is a geek that likes taking notes and thinks Call Notes feature awesome.

I'm a note myself.

I always accidentally press that when on the phone on my z10.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

I've always been a user of this, surprised so many people weren't aware of that feature as its been around as far back as I can remember. Comes in handy.

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I hardly ever use it as I tend to leave the call screen the moment the call comes through... I mostly play around on my Z during a call and when I need to make a note I usually fire up remember or calendar straight up. Nonetheless a handy feature. I just didn't realise so many people don't even know it's there, while it's in your face all the time while calling. Perhaps people put the phone against their ear as soon as they finish dialing... ah well, word is out now!

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

Now since Remember can attach sound files, there should also be an option to record the phone call right into Remember, just for those times when somebody rhymes off something and you don't get it written down fast enough.

Thanks Adam!!! That's a great feature I never knew about & will now use all the tame when taking messages or talking to customers.

CB Rocks!!!

Cool thing! Thanks for sharing. :-)
And again one of this little lovely details in the BlackBerry System - I like it!

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Awesome! And I like how it integrates with "Remember" because in the old OS you would have to go to your call log to access the notes you took down..

One issue, it puts your note into remember but doesn't include the phone number from the call itself, it used to do this just fine on BBOS preciously...

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You would have to hit Speaker also to take notes at the same time otherwise you would be moving the phone back and forth away from the ear; forgive me if that was implied.
Thank you, I'll be ready when Sprint releases them for us.

This is an excellent feature but I wish that the note would auto save. For example, when you're in a call and making a note, if you don't save it before the call finishes, you have lost the note.

I'm quite sure that BBOS would auto save it, but I can't remember!

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How about a calendar icon or some-such to add appointment info while on a call. Tried swiping up to get to calendar during calls on Z10 and ended up hitting the "end call" inadvertently. PITA.

Have you tried setting a time for your notes? Wouldn't it enable the note in the calendar automatically When you do?

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There's not an option (yet) for a timed alarm in Remember for your notes. I'm hoping in 10.2 that's on the top of the list. Right now I put appointments in my calender app to remind me of specific times

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Now if they give the options in setting to automatically turn on speaker mode if you use note during a phone call that'd be nice =)

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Yep nice feature that I'm going to use more often, never noticed that option on the call screen but nice to see crackberry are always there and exploring the phone in detail...

Sent by Bbry Z10

Ok that insanely long wrong post really made me laugh not the content the fact that it was one of the longest posts I've seen in the CB forums and wrong! Cut and paste He He! Thanks for the chuckles

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Thanks: I feel like I should have noticed this, but it's hard to look at your phone to see all the fancy options when it's pressed against your face and the screen's gone dark. Thanks Adam!

Thought we were all about multitasking, get an earpiece you'd be amazed the amount of things you can get done when both hands are fre free.

Yess that too.

Nobody ever uses a earpiece with a mic to talk?
I have used this feature when I was using my Torch. It is helpful if you need to jot down information when a pen and paper is not around.
Like walking around the streets of NYC on a run.

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One more reason why I love the remember app. I think this is probably the most underrated aspect of bb10 and the one app I use most.

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You can do anything you want on the phone while "in call"on speakerphone . Just swipe up, chat and do anything.

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Oh by the way, "remember " is underrated. Awesome app
Nice and simple to use. Swipe down while in app and hit help to find out a lot more

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Thanks for the tip Adam. Like most people my phone us stuck to my ear when on a call and I never noticed that feature. Will come in handy I'm sure.

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Would be nice if after the note is saved, the corresponding phone number could be attached to the note for easy reference.

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