How to sync multiple Google Calendars on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 Calendar
By Adam Zeis on 8 Feb 2013 11:14 am EST

When Google finally decided to kill off the BlackBerry Google Sync app, I wasn't a happy camper. For as long as I can remember I've kept no less than five calendars tied to my main Gmail account, so not being able to sync them on my BlackBerry was a heartbreak for me. I searched and searched for a way to keep them all going on my Bold 9900 to no avail. The only way to do the job was a painful addition of each account to my device, and things just got messy at that point. Thankfully BlackBerry 10 brings both Exchange ActiveSync and CalDAV support, so with a few tricks you can get in sync with all of your Google calendars on your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10.


One thing to note here is that Google has pulled ActiveSync for new accounts, so if you don't already have an account you use, this process most likely won't help you at all (but it's worth a shot)

This tutorial is for those who have multiple Google calendars (shared or public) attached to one Google account. If your calendars are on separate accounts, you can either use ActiveSync or CalDAV and just set them up individually. Also keep in mind that this is the way we found works best to get this done. We did extensive trial and error and found this route to be the best option -- sure, it will cost you two bucks, but in the end it's money well spent.


To get started syncing multiple Google calendars to your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10, setup your calendar using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on your device. To do this, follow the steps outlined here and be sure to choose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (under advanced options). We've tried this method using CalDAV but haven't had much luck, so if you do get things working by that method be sure to drop a comment letting us know what you did.

Once your account is added, grab Calendar Sync ($1.99) from BlackBerry World. This little gem is the ticket to getting multiple calendars. It works in the same manner as choosing what calendars to sync on iOS devices but lets you choose your device and what to sync. So if you only want a certain few or all of them, you can choose to do that here. Also note that you can install this on either your BB10 device or BlackBerry PlayBook, and as long as you've synched up your calendars before, they'll show on either device.


When you open Calendar Sync, you'll have to login to your Google account.

Next you'll see a screen listing your devices. If you don't see your device listed here (BlackBerry), then select Show All Devices.

BlackBerry 10 Calendar Sync  BlackBerry 10 Calendar Sync

This screen will show all devices that have been synched with your Google account, including BlackBerry, PlayBook, iPhone, iPad etc. Choose BlackBerry (it should be the one on top of the list).

The next screen shows all of your available calendars. The toggles should be blank at first -- to sync the calendar, toggle the button so it reads Synced.

BlackBerry 10 Calendar Sync  BlackBerry 10 Calendar Sync

When you're done simply exit the app.

Now wait a few minutes (or reboot if you feel like it) and your calendars will shown in the calendar app on your BlackBerry 10 device. You can double check by swiping down from the top bezel when in the calendar, then choosing Manage. Your calendars should now all be listed here and you're good to go!

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How to sync multiple Google Calendars on BlackBerry 10


That will be helpful when I can finally upgrade to a 10.

Can you write the same article for those of us with other BB devices who can't use Google Sync anymore?

I use BES to sync my main work calendar, but I have yet to find any good articles on the multiple calendar issue!

I've been trying to figure that out for weeks - trust me. The only thing you can do is essentially add each calendar to a new Gmail account, then add those accounts to your device. Like I said above - it gets messy.

yes it is very messy. I picked up my Z10 yesterday and I am extremely disappointed that it does not sync with google calendar and Outlook 2010. From my experience I can easily get my google calendar/outlook2010 calendar entries onto the Z10 but you cannot edit them directly on the Z10. This is absurd (unless I am missing something). The only work around I could come up with was to create an "" email address through Hotmail. Then download the Hotmail to Outlook 2010 connector. Regrettably this puts a new hotmail calendar in Outlook, but when you install the "" email address on the Z10 this also puts the new outlook/hotmail calendar on the Z10 which you can edit.

Fortunately as we are at the start of the year there were not too many entries for me to drag across form the existing Outlook 2010 calendar to the new Hotmail calendar which is of course now in Outlook.

The added benefit of this is there is now automatically a folder in the "Remember" app on the Z10 that syncs perfectly with the hotmail task app.

Looks like I will be dropping Google calendar for hotmail calendar.

Hope that helps someone, thats the only way I could find to sync a calendar with pc, cloud and phone and be able to edit entries on all three devices.

Thanks Adam. For those of us who have used the workaround below on the PB, does installing calendar sync on the 10 have any impact?

I used the old method to get the calendars on the PB, but that seems to not work any longer. If you used Calendar Sync on the PB, you can just use it there and add the calendars for the BB10 device that way, no need to download it again. 

I used the old work around method on my PB and it still is working fine. I can see appointments that my wife added in the past week on her account on my PB and I can see appointments I've entered on my PB showing up on my Google calendars online. Given that this still works for me and since I'm stuck in the States and don't have a Z10, is there any reason to get the app at this point?

The Google Sync app is no longer supported by Google for BlackBerry devices. Even when it did work, it would combine all of the calendars selected to sync and drop them into the one BlackBerry calendar. It was workable but not very elegant. BB10 and the PB allow each calendar to be synced individually and be color coded. This is MUCH superior.

Hey! did not work; BUT worked perfectly for me! I had problems with calendar Sync as I have 2-step verification on my gmail and calendar sync somehow doesn't trigger gmail to send me a code; I tried getting a code from google directly and from various authentication apps but could never log in. Some weeks ago my facebook events stopped appearing in my bb10 calendar, but events from my secondary google calendar continued to appear. Totally mysterious. Regardless, going to the above site and checking off the facebook events calendar (which I had previously added via a FB URL (there are a bunch of tutorials out there, it's a simple process) and now my FB evens appear again, and flagged with the proper color as set in my BlackBerry calendar settings. So, all's well but I wish I understood how it got changed.

Ok, now I can't get back to the page that shows a checkbox-list of the calendars i'd like to sync. I'm totally baffled. But at least the FB events are working for me now.

Don't have a Zeta-10 yet (stuck in the States). But, has anyone tried going to

from their desktop and choosing the calendars there before setting up on the phone?

Isn't that supposed to be the configuration address for CalDAV services (phones, iCal, etc)?

Would someone be willing to try it out and see if you can save your peers a few pennies?

Slightly off-topic, but I'm wondering if the Group Calendar functionality on the Z10's BBM app is as robust as it is on OS 7.1. It will be the end of my relationship if we can't share our family BBM Group Calendar on BB10 - I'll start forgetting to do things and double book us again.

No one seems to talk much about this fantastic feature of BBM. Not only is it simple to add group events on the calendar, it sends a blanket BBM to the entire group that it's been added or changed. I'm not sure there is anything like it on any other platform. Is there?

My Wife and I have used this for about 6 months. Great solution, right under our noses after much trial and error with multiple GMail calendars!

I have only had my Z10 running for a day, and it seems to be working.

However, no notifications on the Z10. The appts just change/appear.
I can delete an entry from the group, but it is only deleted on my device, not on group devices. Sometimes this happens on appts I have created too! Workaround is to edit and leave instructions for others to delete. Not ideal...

God knows how two BB10 devices interact.

@Jerry A. I tried what you asked, my calendars are checked to be sync'ed. But only the main calendar gets sync'ed. You shouldn't have to buy an app to get this to work, but its only a couple of bucks so I don't care. But this needs to be addressed.

ahhh yes, actually it wouldnt work. I remember hearing that functionality to add multiple calendars on gmail was removed on the native calendar app and people may have to use this app to support multiple calendars.

I don't think this is BlackBerry's fault. It's the same issue that plagues any platform Google chooses not to support. You can't provision your calendars unless you can get to the sync site. There are a number of tutorials out there on how to spoof this so you can configure said calendars. My guess is that's what this app is doing.

Hopefully Google will choose to allow BB10 access to sync settings in less than 14 months (that's how long Windows Phone users had to wait).

Slightly off topic here as well, but is there any way to delete or clear the local calendar on the device? My local calendar is filled with birthdays, half of whom are people I don't even know. I'm assuming it has something to do with Facebook. I've tried clearing these birthdays manually but they seem to sync its way back. I know I could just post my schedule under a email calendar but I would prefer not to. Any insight would great!

Also I want to view coworkers calendar but don't want their appointments to show in my hub or on lock screen. Right now I just I just view online but would prefer to have them in native calendar

Followed the instructions above, performed test on google calendar, via laptop, and calendar did update on Z10. Worth the $2 purchase.

Got the app. Everything syncs up nicely now. For two bucks its not a big deal, but this is something that needs native support. I hope BlackBerry works out their CalDAV issues.

See previous response. If Windows Phone or Palm webOS are any indication, this is Google's to fix.

My only question is why isn't BlackBerry getting in front of this so they don't look bad?

Followed these instructions, have the account added as Active Sync, installed and signed in on the app, but calendar still not syncing. All my shared callendars do show up under "manage" though.

Any ideas?

Isn't there another way to do it without buying an app where you enter the google calendar id under caldav?

Hey all - I followed the updated user agent-based PB workaround to sync google calendars without the app and it worked! I now have my local + 3 google calendars (from a single account) all synced up. See here: (its a CB forums link). Thanks Tubbycyclist!!

Its times like these im glad im a server enthusiust and have my own MS-SBS/exchange and bes express servers (for my current 9900) ... Makes life so much easier than having to deal with google

Glad to see this article, was just working through this issue now.

One thing to note is that if you do this, apparently you can't invite partcipants to an event. It says that this calendar doesn't support participants. Bit of a bummer.

Founder of Pulsecode Engineering and taab

Just wanted people to know there is a FREE way to have MULTIPLE google calendars on your Z10. I think it may have been posted elsewhere but wasnt too clear to me so I'll post a summary.

#1 Put your primary calendar on your z10 by doing this.
1. Click on the Add Account button.
2. Click on the Advanced button.
3. Select "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync".
4. Enter a description.
5. Enter "" in the Domain field.
6. Entered my full email address in the "Username" field.
7. Entered by full email address again in the "Email Address" field.
8. Entered my password in the "Password" field.
9. Entered "" in the "Server Address" field.
10. Left the port set to the default (443).
11. Left "Use SSL" set to "On".
12. Left "User VPN" set to "Off".
13. Left "Push" set to "On".
14. Click on the "Next" button at the top.
15. Make sure email, calendar and contacts are set to "On".

#2 Do these instructions except do it for your z10 as opposed to your playbook. Works beautifully.

Enjoy your z10!

Hi, thanks for this. I wish I had seen this before I posted earlier comments now. I can confirm this works perfectly and now I can sync my Google Calendar and my Outlook 2010 Calendar and most importantly edit on all devices.

Odd... this doesn't work for me. At step 15 below the email, calendar, and contacts settings there is a message... "Only the primary calendar will be synced".

Then when I do the second part, setting the end of the URL to "true", I get a list of all the calendars on my google account, but there is a message to "select any one of the calendars". I can select all three of my calendars, but only the first one ends up being synced on the Z10.

Am I doing something wrong? Tried it twice.

Wow thanks. Exactly what I was looking for. Finally I'm fully organised again! Love it. Thanks for the article Adam! :)

Please help. I was previously using outlook with BB Desk Manager and a usb cable so now I am trying to define a new calendar system for the Z10. The goal is to be able to view/edit on 3 devices; Z10, PB and PC. I did manage to sync a calendar with CalDAV settings on the new Z10, and can access that calendar via Yahoo on the PC. Editing on both the Z and PC is working. However, I can't get the CalDAV settings to work on the Playbook. It keeps saying the server is unavailable. I'm using the exact settings as the Z but no luck. I want to find a good solution and am willing to start fresh. I like the sound of tasks also syncing into the "remember" app on the Z. The solution above looks enticing. I may have one obstacle...I have windows 8 on my laptop but outlook is only 2003. Do I need to upgrade my outlook in order to pull this off? I'm thinking this is the route I need to take. Any thoughts?

I have the Z10 and trying to get the calendars to sync has been very frustrating. I also have a Playbook and it syncs just fine.

I have Calendar Sync installed and have followed the instructions on this post and still no luck. I have tried both the Microsoft Active Sync and the caldav methods. Neither has worked. I have had my Google account for many many years. I will try any suggestions out there.

Hey guys some help please i read through all these comments and yet to see one that relates to my scenario.

On my Z10 i have a bunch of calendars already setup that i dont even need i only need my local and my gmail calendar really. Before taking up the z10 i was on a 9900 and lived by my calendar (local calendar) for business needs. i've had a gmail calendar setup for my personal life and wife and family events and such... i never needed to consolidate both calendars because i could see both calendars on the 9900. When i got my z10 i used the BlackBerry Link transfered my local 9900 calendar on to the z10.

Now that im on the Z10 i know i have the ability to also view just the 2 calendars i need among the others just by swiping from the top down and selecting manage. However i now do have the need to consolidate my local calendar that was transferred through the link software to the z10. Essentialy what im asking is how do i transfer what on the local calendar the device itself to the gmail calendar that i have setup also on the z10 so that i only need to operate just out of the gmail calendar? Please if anyone knows please do help me out.

Thanks CrackBerry Nation

Hi! Just got my z10 last week. Still working out the kinks, especially power issues (where is that OS update, Verizon???). Good thing I have the week off, lol. Anyway, I spent the whole afternoon/evening searching for the answer to your question. Did you have any luck? Maybe I will just try downloading the calendar to outlook (i have never used it) and then converting that to a google calendar... Worth
a try.

The 'Select' screen showing devices on my Z10 does not show BlackBerry; it shows my PlayBook twice and, when I press Show all Devices, it shows SmartPhone (my old 9700 that was last synced in Feb. 2012).

What do I need to do show that 'BlackBerry' shows at the top of this screen? Thanks.

The Calendar Sync app worked for me. My girlfriend shared our google calendars and now I can finally see hers.

My question is, do we have to use the Calendar Sync app, say once a month, to make sure we have the latest information or will it update automatically when she adds more entries to her calendar?

I am able to sync calendars without the use of this app. I donwloaded the sync app and before i even opened it I was able to integrate all my google calendars in my bb10! Great news... wish i would have figured it out prior to spending the $2 :(

I wasted money on this Calendar Sync which is not syncing, But I am happy to share that CalDAV of Blackberry Z10 is working fine and syncing well I just added my google calendar account and it sync really fast when I create schedule on either my BB Z10 or thru Google Calendar web.

I don't want to rely on Google calendar. Is there a way to create multiple calendar locally in BB10? I don't think there is a way yet but I ask anyway. Thanks.

my sync problem with google calendar on my z10 is that it will only sync events scheduled within 1 year from teh current date. anything beyond 1 year does not sync. has anyone encountered this problem? any solutions?

So if you're a paid Google Apps user are you saying you cannot sync and view others calendars without that app?

When I first set up my Q10 2 days ago, I did not realize that 10 OS doesn't support BIS and emails were not synced immediately.

Therefore, I used the Microsoft Active Exchange procedure and that solved that problem. However, that also changed the fact I can only view my calendar and not my employees now, whereas, upon first setting up and using the normal set up process, I was in fact able to look at everyones calendars.

What gives?

I couldn't get it to work with Microsoft Activesync, but it did work with these instructions. I first went to: and selected the calendars. Then followed the stuff below:

Google allows a Google Calendar account to synchronize via the CalDAV service. To add a Google Calendar account using CalDAV perform the following steps:

1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top bezel and select Settings.
2. Select Accounts > Add New Account > Email, Calendar and Contacts > Advanced Setup > CalDAV.
3. On the CalDAV screen, the Description field is optional, but can be filled in for clarity.
4. Enter the full email address in the Username and Email Address fields.
5. Enter the password used to access Google Calendar in the Password field. Use the Show Password checkbox to ensure it is correct.
6. In the Server Address field, enter<emailaddress>/events where <emailaddress> is the Google email address.
7. Sync Interval can be changed with these values : 15 Minutes , 30 Minutes , 1 Hour , 2 Hours , 4 Hours , 24 Hours , or Manual . The default is 30 Minutes.
8. Click Save.

Thank you thank you thank you. Spent days trying to sync my google calendar to my new z10 and yours was the only workable solution. So grateful.

I got my first BB a couple of weeks ago and now understand the frustration expressed by so many of my friends who have switched to Apple or Android devices and swear never to come back. I have spent 2 days trying to synch my calendars with no success. how is this supposed to be considered the leading business device? VERY frustrated.

spinderallax7 - I owe you a debt of gratitude, your instructions (directly above my frustrated rant) worked like a charm. I'd tried some of the other suggestions with no success. YOURS WORKS!

Google Calendar syncs perfectly with my Q10, I even see my girlfriend's shared Google Calendar.

Followed the steps above for my Playbook, checked/saved my Shared calendars, but still, they don't show up in my Playbook Calendar.

Does this work on your Playbook? On mine, I only see my main calendar.

I bought (2$) the Calendar Sync App from BBWorld (on playbook). does not work neither


Syncing Multiple Google Calendars with BlackBerry 10 devices (Z10 and Q10)

Lots of people, including me have been having a problem getting multiple google calendars to show on the Z10 or Q10. This is the method which finally worked for me. I tried various sync programs on my device, adding and deleting gmail account on my z10, trying activesync, Caldav etc and nothing worked.

The method which finally worked was to set up gmail as Caldav and then to go to and select all my calendars.

By: David Jenkins

Awesome! This is exactly what I needed in order to view a shared calendar. This allows me to view my wife's shared google calendar

No need an additional program for this now, just follow @kenzzie 's Post. I did so and works well. Even shared calendar