How to sync multiple Gmail calendars on your BlackBerry PlayBook

PlayBook Gmail Multiple Calendars
By Kerri Neill on 23 Feb 2012 01:46 pm EST

The release of OS 2.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBook and its integrated calendar is a dream come true for me. It's one of the features I use the most on my BlackBerry Bold 9930 and it was sorely missed on my PlayBook. Now that it's available, a lot of us are trying to figure out how to make it do exactly as we'd like. Over in our CrackBerry forums some helpful users found a way to sync multiple Google calendars on the PlayBook. We thought this was so great that it deserved a post on the front page and a shout out to all the members commenting in that forum. Also a special shout out to forums member tubbycyclist for such detailed and easy to follow instructions and @jcarty for letting us know you can do the same using Google Chrome. Keep reading to see step by step instructions on how to sync your multiple Gmail calendars with your BlackBerry PlayBook! 

How to sync multiple Gmail Calendars on the BlackBerry PlayBook

First let me start by saying you can do this in Chrome or Firefox. I'll list the differences in ( ) for Chrome in the instructions for those who prefer it over Firefox.

Step by Step Guide

  • If you don't have Google Chrome or Firefox, click the links above, download and install (you only need one or the other). 
  • Go to your Toolbar at the top and select Tools > Add Ons. In the search field (circled in red in the picture below) type User Agent Switcher (for Chrome users you can use UA Spoofer). Select and install it.
Add on screen
  • Once the User Agent Switcher has been installed, close and restart Firefox.
  • Open Google and login to your account.
  • Go to Tools and use the UA Switcher to select iPhone 3.0 (Chrome users will select iPhone 4) as shown in the picture below.
    UA Switcher
    • In your web browser, go to and you should see PlayBook listed like the picture below.

      Mobile Sync Page

      • If you do not seePlayBook listed, check to make sure your UA Switcher is on iPhone 3 (or 4 for Mac) and try closing your browser or refreshing.
      • Now select Tools > Options > Content (Mac users Edit > Preferences > Content) and disable Javascript by unchecking the box.
      Disable Javascript
      • Once you have disabled Javascript, select PlayBook on the Mobile Sync page.
      • You will see a screen like the one below with NO calendar options. In the browser address bar change the word "false" to the word "true" and then refresh the page.
      Change False to True
      • The page should now show all your calendars like the pic below. Simply select those you would like to sync and hit the save button.
      Calendar Options
      • Once you see a message saying all settings have changed, you can reset your browser settings and you're all set!

      Sync Away!

      My PlayBook started to sync right away but some users in the forums have reported a 10 minute wait or so before seeing there other calendars on their PlayBook Calendar. Thanks again to all the wonderful forum readers out there for passing this info on to us. Remeber, if you have any more great tips and tricks, email them on over to editorial(at)!

      Reader comments

      How to sync multiple Gmail calendars on your BlackBerry PlayBook


      If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch handy (or any of your friends have one you can use).

      You can do it from there as well. Just remember to turn off javascript as mentioned above. Worked like a charm for me.

      Thanks for the tip :) and just remember to log out of the borrowed iphone.. :P

      Thank you so much to the person who figured this out, I am still waiting for the refresh to happen but I am hoping this will finally get my work ical (subscribed to on google) on my playbook.

      Now all I need is the ability to invite attendees with my gmail accounts and I am all set.

      In fact I used SimpleBrowser on my Playbook to do this entire process - I don't need no stinking computer! PB 2.0 is rockin!

      "Go to your Toolbar at the top and select Tools > Add Ons. In the search field (circled in red in the picture below) type User Agent Switcher (for Chrome users you can use UA Spoofer). Select and install it."

      I'm already stuck, I'm using Chrome and can't go to "tools > add ons" and I have no idea what a UA Spoofer is or how to find it and install it.

      Go to the "Wrench" icon on the right > Tools > Extensions > Click get more Extensions near the bottom of the page :)

      I went the Google Chrome store and found "user-agent switcher" but when I click install it says "it can access: 1. Your data on all websites, 2. Your tabs and browsing activity." is that safe? It sounds like a huge invasion on privacy. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something...

      It's basically making your browser think you're on a mobile device. You're literally going to have it turned on for a few mins so not much to worry about :)

      You can go to the Chrome Webstore and get User-Agent Switcher for Chrome. Pretty much the same thing.

      The good thing about using Chrome (I didn't try Firefox) is that you can set User-Agent Switcher and JavaScript settings for specific web pages. in this case.

      Finally! This has been killing me. Thank you!

      I have one question: Once I get the syncing up and going, can I uninstall the Agent Switcher or is that something I have to have running at all times in my browser?

      The User Agent Switcher can be uninstalled. It is used to trick the website into thinking your computer is a different web browser all together.

      thx great post followed all the steps, calenders show up on top of calender app but they dont sync, so i tried these steps again and i have duplicate calenders on top

      Don't forget, if you're on Google Apps, make sure your administrator has enabled "Mobile Sync" in the administrator dashboard for your Google Apps domain. That had me stuck for a bit. Also, I think you have to add the Gmail account to your playbook *before* you do the procedure outlined above.

      This is an amazing hack that dealt with a huge shortfall for me, but I'm now running into the issue on my BB handset of having a new Default calendar (that duplicates everything from all calendars). Anyone else? (I am using google sync, which I'm sure is implicated somehow....)

      I don't get it why you're using google sync when your BB can do that by itself with no app at all. Unless you're not on BIS, ofc...

      Because BB can't sync multiple calenders. But with this short cut...maybe I can finally get rid of it.

      Excellent, thanks to those involved. I can now sync my Vancouver Whitecaps Calendar for the 2012 season onto my PB calendar. Woohoo!

      Thanks for the mention, nice to feel welcome. Glad it has helped users on the forum.

      A couple of other things to add -

      Any browser that can set User Agent can do this, just so Safari users don't feel left out.

      Users of Google whose language is not English may need to set their language to English (US) in settings to get this to work. It does not appear to work with other languages.

      Great Tip...but upon further review it still does not allow you to invite attendees on those calendars. To enable the invite attendees with a gmail account you have to tell your main account to not Sync Calendar and set up a separate CalDAV for each calendar you wish to have the ability to invite people with. There is help in the Forums to get this done as well.

      AWESOME! This was my biggest complaint with 2.0; what am I going to whine about now? ;-) Thanks so much to the folks that figured this out!!!

      Anyone else notice after this that you don't have the bigger numbers on the days with items anymore.

      Ignore,,, this issue fixed itself.......

      I am loving it...

      I can't get it to work :S :-( when I navigate to it states that this device isn't supported by Google Sync.

      Two potential reasons for this, either

      The user agent switcher has not worked, which you can check by going to a website that lists your user agent. You can do it in other browsers too (including one or two for the Playbook)


      If you have followed the instructions correctly, you may be using a language other than English (US). If so - change this in settings first before carrying out the instruction.

      living in austria, the second reasons makes sense.
      reason one can be ruled out as other websites have been shown in mobile mode. thanks, will try that out.

      Help, get to the last screen as posted, i set up account on playbook, calenders show up but they don't sync. When i get to the last screen i don't get a message saying settings changed i just have a save button

      This is awesome! Got it working on my Bold also!

      On my bold, i downloaded google sync and when i went into the options, at the bottom, underneath "Sync these Calendars:", I clicked on my gmail email address that was there and then i had the option to check off all the other calendars i wanted to sync!

      I'm not sure if this was important in getting it to work or not, but before i did that (already having google sync installed on my phone), i followed the instructions in this thread, but instead of clicking on the Playbook on the sync page, i clicked on Smartphone. Then i continued following the steps and clicked the additional calendars i wanted.

      Hope this helps anyone looking to get this done.

      This was an amazing tip. Having used a Rogers pop email for almost 15 years I didn't realize that there were so many options available through webmail
      .. I naively viwed webmail acEcounts as inferior. Either way I exclusively have used Outlook and all its tools for both work and personal and have shared a calendar with my wife through bbm.

      I do have a question though.....I have successfully set up my native email on both my 64g and my wife's 16g, and did the exact same steps outlined in this thread with my Torch thinking it would work......nothing has happened :(. I even did a battery pull thinking that would help but no. Is the google sync app necessary for the management of multiple calendars from my torch?

      Mine Torch9810 Bridged to 64GB PlayBook
      Wife's Bold 9700 Bridged to 16GB PlayBook

      So I experimented and now i have a problem. My PB syncs to BB...and my PC...but now my BB is wonky....arrrgh....couldn't need well enough alone I wanted play with the option


      Mine. Torch 9810 Bridged to 64GB PlayBook
      Wife's Bold 9700 Bridged to 16GB PlayBook

      It's been sorted out...i am not getting hung up on the multiple calendars on my bb.


      Mine. Torch 9810 Bridged to 64GB PlayBook
      Wife's Bold 9700 Bridged to 16GB PlayBook

      Thank you so much guys. I wonder how you can come up with that stuff. You're doing a great job helping us all!

      Thanks for posting. I completed all of the steps, including the final screen, and still cannot get the calendars to sync. This is beyond frustrating. Help please.


      In order to disable Javascript, you go to wrench menu - options - under the hood - content settings and then "Do not allow any site to run JavaScript".

      If you'd like to go one step further, you can leave it enabled and click "manage exceptions", and then enter the address, and select BLOCK as the behavior.

      Okay this will probably be a stupid question, but do I have to do this every day to sync calendars, or does this set it up to sync automatically?

      I haven't read every single comment here nor am I a real tech savvy person so apologies if someone has remarked on this already but, if my Blackberry Smartphone already had the built in capability to sync multiple Google Calendars, why do I have to jump through so many hoops to make my PlayBook do the same thing? Am I missing something here or does one hand at RIM not know what the other is doing?

      How do I delete old, unused google calendars I've previously entered onto my BB PB native calendar? I've tried unchecking the calendars, yet the calendars are still on my Playbook.

      Guys I can't figure this out. I have downloaded the simplebrowser on my PlayBook but what's next? I can't download Chrome or Firefox?


      Is this 'suddenly' broken somehow? I can see the extra Google calendars in the PB calendar list, but the entries are just not there anymore. Perhaps something to do with the latest software update on the PB?

      I set this up (thanks btw) but I have a 3 hour time difference when I set up appointments on my handset and how it appears on the playbook (I use google sync on the handset). Any ideas?

      Okay so I have a bit of a dilemma, I have gotten to as far as the last step, but firefox won't let select any boxes. This in turn makes it impossible to sync my calendar. Appreciate any help you can throw my way.

      Thank you so much for the walkthrough! I can now access my one and only Google Calendar on my Playbook.

      Anyway settings to tweak on my Playbook to speed up sync both ways? I already have Calendar sync turned on as well as Push synchronization for my gmail account.

      Sorry to be thick, but i followed the steps and took a wrong turn. Downloaded ifrefox onto my mac, did as instructed but did not get to the illustrated page when I entered in the web browser. Any idea what I have done wrong?

      This worked in f/w versions and for me; but ever since f/w rolled out today, all my shared Gmail calendars seem to have vanished.

      Same here. With this update it cleared my calendars and I cannot put them back on using this method. It doesnt allow me to add a checkmark to the calendars.

      Spoke to soon, you have to TURN OFF javascript. then I could select.


      too bad we even have to go through this.

      I did this before on, which carried over to

      Annoying that I had to do it again for, but I guess my PlayBook flagged up as a new 'PlayBook' entry in that page since the firmware update.

      Cheers for the head's-up though, very much appreciated.

      I also lost my secondary Google calendar after installing The following steps just worked for me to get it back:

      1) re-apply the instructions on this page (there was indeed a new Playbook device entry listed on Google)

      2) go into the Playbook account settings, make a tweak to the Gmail account to enable the Save button. Reset the tweak before pressing Save.

      3) go into the Calendar app. The secondary Google calendar has re-appeared.

      4) Re-sync.

      We have three PBs in our house so on '' there are three listed (makes sense). I followed the steps listed above for the first PB and everything worked great. I have 7 google calendars and they all sync fine.

      I tried the same steps with my son's PB and there were never any error messages so I assumed it would start to sync just like the first PB but nothing happened.

      Any ideas on why only one PB will sync?

      P.S. On the second PB I also tried using simple browser and it still wouldn't sync.

      I've followed this but I don't have playbook listed in the list. I do have our various iphones and ipads listed so the UA switcher is working. I already have the default google calendar in the playbook but I can't see it in the list to add the others?

      Turns out this no longer works for new set ups as google have switched something off, still looking for a way to sync multiple google calendars,

      After a few phone calls with BB I have multiple google calendars....

      By default the Playbook will only sync the primary calendar on your gmail account. The other calendars have to be added as caldav calendars.

      You will need your google account info and the calendar id from google. To get your calendar id go to your calendar on a desktop machine (It doesn't show you all the info on a mobile site), in the my calendars list choose the calendar you want and click calendar settings. At the bottom is your calendar id

      Settings - Accounts - Email calendars and contacts - advanced setup - caldav account

      description - this can be whatever you want
      username - this is your gmail username, the bit before
      email address - this is your calendar id
      password - this is your gmail password
      server address - this is as below, swapping in YOUR calendar id

      That should do it!

      Amy!!!! Thanks so much for doing the "leg work" on that. I had previously set up google calendars on other playbooks with the old way, but just got a new playbook and wasn't able to find it on the sync list . The old way was 100% easier than this way, but after 45 minutes of copy pasting, I was able to get all of my 8 google calendars set up on my playbook!

      Google Calendar syncs perfectly with my Q10, even my girlfriend's shared Google Calendar.

      Followed the steps above for my Playbook, checked/saved my Shared calendars, but still, they don't show up in my Playbook Calendar.

      Does it still work for anyone with a Playbook in September 2013?

      On my playbook, I only see my main calendar.

      Edit: I even bought (2$) the Calendar Sync App from BBWorld. does not work neither


      Try using calendar feature. I have been adding calendar subscriptions to and the playbook seems to pick them up.

      I can no longer turn off the java on FF so I am not sure if I even have the right device when I am updating the calendar associtioans.

      aLSO, dont forget google calendars dont update for up to 4 hours before they sync.

      Try deleting the calendar and re adding it and it should show up on playbook

      Would it be possible to do an update to how to do this. Is seems this way is not working anymore now in 2014. It would be great to know any other ways to do this in order for it to work now.

      I just followed the instructions using OrigamiBrowser on the Playbook to adjust the Google sync settings. Origami was set to be non-desktop, and as iPhone in settings. When Javascript needed to be turned off I put Origami in booster mode. Everything worked just as described and now I have all the my Google Calendars. It did take 10 min for the calendars to appear after a few syncs.Thanks ever so much :-))

      Now if only I could get PlayBook's Local calendar to save events.