How to swipe between messages on your BlackBerry smartphone

Swipe Between Messages
By Adam Zeis on 16 Jul 2012 02:28 pm EDT

Having a touchscreen on your BlackBerry can be a real time saver. The ability to tap icons or swipe to scroll just gives you that much more control and helps you do. On old devices you had to read messages one by one, or use keyboard shortcuts to jump between them. While this is fairly quick, wouldn't swiping between them be much easier? Thankfully if your BlackBerry has a touch screen you can do just that. Keep reading to find out how to enable Swipe Between Messages on your BlackBerry smartphone.

How to swipe between messages on your BlackBerry 

  • To enable Swipe Between Messages from the Messages app, press the Menu key then choose Options. Choose Message Display and Actions.
  • Scroll down to Swipe Between Messages and check the box (this may already be checked by default).
  • Press the back button then save.

Now you'll be able to move between messages in your inbox simply by swiping left and right on the screen. It's that simple!

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Reader comments

How to swipe between messages on your BlackBerry smartphone


Just made the change, thanks. Don't know how I missed that one as I am an OPTIONS junkie, liking to tweek everything.

Thanks again.

...I'm the same 9860 set up pretty nicely...(keeps pace with the competition without issue ;) )...I found this nice little feature accidentally one day, the phone slipped in my hand and the down swipe went to a sideways swipe and hey pretty nice...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

Yeah so did I :P It worked on all BlackBerry 6 devices touchscreen or not, I believe once you got to a certain OS update that it didn't actually give you that option, it just did it automatically.

Wow, I did not know I could do that, and I thought I knew all the options on my phone. Now time to go through everything again.

Is there a way to disable this on OS6? It never works right on my phone and the phone interprets up and down as left and right. BB your days are numbered.

No, there is no toggle for it in OS6. Works great on my 9800.
What BB do you have? Do you have any screen orientation locking apps running that may cause your problem?

Blackberry's days are not numbered. You should update to an OS 7 device if you aren't satisfied and OS 6 is getting tiresome or boring. Much more fluid in OS 7.

Jrlcopy, that's like saying, "Windows XP sucks! Microsofts days are numbered.". Or why not "Windows 98 sucks! Microsofts days are numbered.". Or why not MSDOS! If you don't want to upgrade to a new phone, stop complaining about an older operating system. Anyone out there still using iPhone 1?? Didn't think so. Apple's days are numbered..

Rockin' the 9900

Except that it's a lot cheaper to upgrade software than it is hardware and you can't upgrade the software on BBs...One of RIM's biggest mistakes IMO.

well, this article is misleading. this does not work for the 9850 Torch.

Note to editor. Please indicate which formats/models this works for before posting "for all touch screens" next time.

For anyone on OS 7, it's Messages>Menu Key>Options>Message Display and Actions then scroll down to Swipe Between Messages.

You're welcome. :)

that doesnt work for the 9850 torch. your instructions brought me to the settings however could not locate "swipe between messages" option.

so I cant really say thank you. but thanks for replying

I only saw this tweet today and learnt this.

"@BlackBerry: BOOM. #QuizBerry domination. The #BBTips shortcuts for going to the next & previous emails are "N" and "P" ^TW"

Thanks Adam

I thought I remembered this being on my 9930 when I 1st got it then it quit. Apparently the update to 7.1 forever ago made it no longer defaultly selected. But I have it on there now thanks to Adam. :)

For anyone on OS 7, it's Messages>Menu Key>Options>Message Display and Actions then scroll down to Swipe Between Messages.

You're welcome. :)

"For anyone on OS 7, it's Messages>Menu Key>Options>Message Display and Actions then scroll down to Swipe Between Messages."

NOPE. My options list goes from "Display PIN Messages in Red" to "Auto More"

The swipe to read messages option is not on my list.

9930 - running OS7 - AT&T

It's not an option that can be selected or deselected on my AT&T 9900, but the swipe function works as a default.

My 9810 on Mobilicity OS does have this feature. I used AnotherBillJ's method (thank you by the way) above and enabled the checkbox. It was not already enabled. Sorry to hear you don't have that option...

Same here not working for me either, I'm on Sprint with a 9850 running 7.1. Needless to say no luck with it.. I'm getting the same options as Shekeese posted..

Verizon 9850. No option for that either. UNLESS Verizon finally releases a newer build for this phone, which they have NOT done since early Jan. Way behind compared to everyone else. By the time they release this so we can have a little more stable phone with some improvements and extra enhancements BB 10 will be out and no one will own this phone anymore. Aggravating with their high prices for service and they can't even update software on their phones. Weather or not BB is popular with them, is rather irrelevant if you ask me. Many have this phone and I am sure I am not the only one wishing for this

The more I read these pages, the more I learn about so many hidden options in my Blackberries. I thank you all for sharing your comments and experiences! At the beginning I was lost and could not find the way to the initial suggestion by Adam but thanks to AnotherBillJ and his explanation I could finally reach it and found (to m) a new list of options to adjust my Blackberry Bold 9900. Mine is an unlocked AT&T and I am presently using which is to me the best of the latest upgrades, that extends the battery life among other benefits.

Although there isn't an option to toggle off/on that I can find in the menu, I can indeed swipe between messages! Nice! "Delete Prior" is nice too for helping keep the inbox cleaned out.

Verizon Torch 9850 on 7.1 - no option to enable/disable swipe, BUT if i go to messages and view an email or sms and swipe left or right on the screen it will go to the next message that i have.

The only app i noticed that will not swipe between messages is BBM, when i want to swipe to a different conversation with a text message contact.

I have a torch 9800 with AT&T os version auto swipe is turned on by default and has no option to turn it off. (check box does not display)
I hate this feature and wish I could turn it off.
I was waiting for bb10 to upgrade but little stuff like this makes me want to get a new phone NOW. So hard to wait with so many options avaliable today.