How to start a BBM Video chat during a phone call on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jul 2013 09:15 am EDT

One of the awesome features of BlackBerry 10 is BBM Video. With BBM Video you can have full-on video chats with your BBM contacts complete with screen sharing capabilities. While most BBM users know how to initiate a video call from within BBM, one of the lesser know features is that you can also start a BBM Video chat with a contact during a phone call.

Say you receive a phone call from a contact that wants to chat, but during the call you decide you want to fire up a BBM Video call instead. Rather than having to hang up and start a new BBM Video chat, you can start the video call right from the phone app by tapping the BBM Video icon on the call screen. Keep in mind that the button will only be visible when chatting with contacts who are also BBM friends. 

After tapping the icon, your BBM Video call will connect and your phone call will end - seamlessly transitioning from phone to video.

A very cool feature and one of the little things that makes me love BlackBerry 10.

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How to start a BBM Video chat during a phone call on BlackBerry 10


i always wondered by my BB10 friends when on the phone the video icon was there, but never thought to try it

Hey Adam, is there any way to change a BBM video chat too just a BBM call? Sometimes I get incoming video chat calls, but my shirt is off or I'm doing inappropriate things, so I'd rather only answer via voice. Or, answer via voice then quickly change to audio. Thanks! :)

Posted via CB10

There is, actually. You answer the video call as normal, but with your thumb over the camera lens...

Posted via CB10

Actually there isn't at the moment, but if you're super scared you can always change to the front-facing camera or start a screen share instead. But of course I'll look into it more and see what I can come up with :) 

What's a normal 3G video call? There aren't any standards in that space. Everyone is doing their own thing with their own proprietary protocols and handshaking. BBM has its own, Skype has another, etc.

Never knew about this feature!! I thought I knew everything about bb10!

Corky Notes for bb10 developer

Used this feature several times...I totally love this! Now we only need BlackBerry to make BBM available, not only to other smartphones, but also to computers and you will have a truly cross platform messaging system that will beat both Skype and any other mobile messaging platforms out there.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I didn't know you could transition calls. Awesome feature.

Posted from The Force wielding tap-dancing mouse on secret pantless missions (hiding in Jaydee's backseat) :p

Awesome feature, but you can see how many folks didn't know it existed.
** Poor marketing by BlackBerry. **

So much cool stuff built into the device but no one knows about it! The average user doesn't subscribe to CrackBerry so they won't even see this blog post.

That is a pretty cool feature.

My sister in law got a Q10 and for fun when I was setting some things up for her on it I installed the CB10 app. Next time I saw her using her phone a couple of weeks later I heard the familiar sound the app makes when you open it. I said, "you use Crackberry?". She replied that she opens it all the time and really likes it. It should come installed as part of the OS.

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It's those things that make BlackBerry so special :)

Can't wait to see what other cool stuff is in 10.2! I'm so tempted to get the leaked version, but I can't take the risk of even breaking something small. Hope to get some feedback from those who have tried it.

Very nice! I wish I could use it. Seems like all my friends have Android or iPhone. And any BlackBerry friends i have, have not upgraded to BB10 yet. Sooo frustrating. Lol

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Feature this EXACT feature in a TV ad!!!! This is the kind of unique stuff we need to promote!!!!!

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Wondering how AT&T will monetize it? Knowing they will...

Expecting a $20 buck fee a month to use BBM video chat.

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You guys are lucky we don't have that feature and I wish we did.. as ours is disabled and still no news if we will ever have it.

Posted via my Z10