How to Spot CrackBerry Kevin @ WES 2007

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 May 2007 04:08 pm EDT
- at WESWith yesterday's spur of the moment decision to attend next week's Wireless Enterprise Symposium came today's realization that I had better be easy to spot in a crowd!

Over the past couple of months I have gotten to know a lot of people in the BlackBerry World, but communication has always been over the phone or via email or blackberry messenger. Next week I will have the pleasure of meeting many of these people at WES in person for the first time.

But with so much going on over three days, there will be no time to waste in trying to be found in a crowd! So what to do? What would be subtle and clever but scream Taking our Pimp My Berry contest nomenclature to heart, we figured that is exactly what we should do - Pimp My Berry! The end result is in the photos - this is what happens when you give stickers and scissors to an office full of BlackBerry Addicts.

Look for the "CrackBerry Berry" next week in Orlando - and be sure to say Hi! 

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How to Spot CrackBerry Kevin @ WES 2007



I'll be at WES 07 we should do a Canuck-Berry meetup (I'm visiting from Vancouver) fire over an email if you are free.


You should sell those in your store!! I would pay 5$ for one! or you could just send on to me for free! :)