How to sign, convert and install Android files for your BlackBerry PlayBook using Windows or Mac

A complete, no command line process to convert Android .APK files to BlackBerry .BAR files!

Development Mode
By Bla1ze on 12 Mar 2012 07:31 pm EDT

Since the release of PlayBook OS 2.0 we've been covering a lot of different ways to get Android apps onto your BlackBerry PlayBook. Most of the methods covered take into account that you may already have the Android .APK files converted to a BlackBerry PlayBook compatible .BAR file and go from there. Gathering up converted .BAR files and installing them is the easy part, but what if you want to convert your own Android files for use rather than downloading those already converted?

There are already a few great guides in the CrackBerry forums but most of those are geared towards Windows users. We will also cover Windows users in this guide, and those of you out there who use a Mac will find that this will be one of the easiest guides to follow to complete the task of converting your own Android .APK files to .BAR files, signing them and even installing them directly to your BlackBerry PlayBook for immediate use. Sound good? If so hit the break to get started.



In order to get things rolling, you're going to need a few things. A few downloads from the BlackBerry Developers Jamzone site and one from the Android developers site and you'll be up and running. My personal suggestion would be to download these items to your desktop, so that you know exactly where they are -- you'll need to reference them later.

  • Request code signing keys - You'll need these right away, so get them ASAP and store them somewhere safe. *Remember your PIN, this is not your device PIN. It's chosen by you and must be alpha-numeric, lowercase and contain 6-10 characters*
  • Download The Android Command Line Tools - Don't let the name scare you, you won't really need to use command line.
  • Download The Android SDK - Grab the version most compatible with your system. ie: Mac for Mac, Windows for Windows. Unzip it and go to the "Tools" folder where you will need to run the file named "Android" and grab the updates.
  • Download The BlackBerry Tablet OS Graphical Aid - This is the magic that makes it all happen. Make sure you grab the right version. ie: Mac for Mac, Windows for Windows. Unzip and install the file.

Set Up


With all your stuff now downloaded and installed, your code signing keys should have arrived in your email. If so, you're ready to get started on registering them and you're one step closer to being able to convert your own Android apps. Now, go ahead and locate the BlackBerry Tablet OS Graphical Aid app we installed and open it up. When open, you'll want to go to the "Configuration" tab as shown above to get started.

SDK Locations

When the window pops up, just go ahead and click on next. You're then presented with the option to browse to various locations of the things you downloaded, the first being the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK location. For all of these, we're going to point them to the "Command Line Tools" folder you downloaded and unzipped. Once you get to the "Android SDK" option, make sure you change it to point to where you stored that.

Developer Certificate

The next item you will come to is the "Developer Certificate". At this point -- you don't have one. As such, you'll need to create one, so you can go ahead and click on "Create Certificate. Assuming you adjusted all the files accordingly and have the paths laid out, it will process and fill in with your "author.p12" developer certificate. Once you have that, you may move on to the next step.

RDK Keys

The next section is where you will need to point to your code signing keys and remember the PIN that you registered with. As shown above, you can browse to the individual files and fill in those slots. Your "CSJ PIN" is the PIN you created, for password -- you must choose a password and then repeat it for confirmation.

If you're a developer, then make it a real password. However, if you're just doing this for the sake of it and so that you may make your own .BAR files from Android .APKs, just make it the same as your PIN. Personal suggestion of course, in the end -- do as you wish. As long as it conforms to the requirements you should be able to move to the next step which is to simply click on "Register". From there, you will get a processing screen and once processed, an email will hit your registered email confirming that you have successfully registered your code signing keys.

Converting, Signing An Android .APK

Build Android

If all of that went well, then you are ready to move on to the next step. You can go ahead and click on the "Build Android" tab as shown above. Assuming you have some Android .APK files you wish to convert, you will see where you can load those files -- "Choose APK File". Once you have one loaded, you will need to fill out some of the options, such as whether or not you wish to sign the .APK, your developer name and your developer certificate password (this is the password from the set up process).

In this case, you'll want to sign them and ensure all the spots are filled in with the correct information. You can also check compatibility from here as well. As we know -- not all Android apps will work. Some that say they won't, but will work with less functionality. Entirely up to you if you wish to check compatibility, just keep in mind, not all files will work. That's just how it is and some will produce error messages. Once all info is loaded, you can click on "Build".

Bar Signed
Built Bar File

After clicking on "Build", you'll see it processing and once completed you should see something similar to the above image. This confirms whether or not the signing and building of the .BAR file was successful. You can see at the bottom of the text there, it states one .BAR file was signed and it was successful. You now have a signed .BAR file ready to be loaded on your BlackBerry PlayBook. If you're unsure of where, exactly that .BAR file went -- you should be able to find it in the same folder as the .APK you loaded.

Installing your converted .BAR file on your BlackBerry PlayBook

Install Bar Files

Now that you have successfully converted your .APK file to a .BAR file and signed it, you're almost ready to install it. You can click in the "Install" tab and choose where your .BAR file is. As noted previously, you should be able to find it in the same folder as the .APK file. Once located, you will then have to input your BlackBerry PlayBook's IP address -- keeping in mind, you will first need to put your BlackBerry PlayBook into developer mode. You can do that by completing the following process:

Developer Mode

Put your BlackBerry PlayBook into Developer Mode by going to Settings > Security Settings and note the IP address of your PlayBook. You'll also be required to enter a password here if you don't have one already. Don't forget your password!!  

Install Bar Files

With your PlayBook IP noted and your PlayBook password filled in, you're now ready to install the .BAR file you created. Assuming you have your BlackBerry PlayBook plugged into your PC or Mac, you can now proceed and click on the "Install" button.


Once you click on the "Install" button, your chosen .BAR file will begin installing. It will sit there for a few moments depending on how large the application you are sending to your BlackBerry PlayBook is. If it's larger, it will take longer -- just be patient as it will provide confirmation once the process has been completed.

Completed Install

With your chosen .BAR file now installed, you should see similar to above on your screen. This is the confirmation that your app was installed successfully or not. If not, you'll have to retrace your steps and see where you went wrong but if you followed this guide you really should be seeing a successful confirmation. You can now close everything down and check out the app on your BlackBerry PlayBook.


There you have it. A complete, no command line process to convert Android .APK files to BlackBerry .BAR files. Just remember folks, you shouldn't be submitting these apps to BlackBerry App World or anything along those lines, that's not very developer friendly. But if you have free, working converted .BAR files -- by all means drop into the CrackBerry forums and share them.

Reader comments

How to sign, convert and install Android files for your BlackBerry PlayBook using Windows or Mac


Complicated? It's 90% point and click.. when you lay it out in words of course it's going to look complicated. It took me longer to write this tutorial then it took me to convert dozens of the files. You don't get any easier then point and click, if that's too hard then you should avoid the whole process period.

I don't think he meant you. He just meant RIM should make Android easy load on PB instead of so many steps. We all appreciate your good work

Bla1ze: I followed the steps as you instructed, but when I try to register my signing codes, the display just continues to say "operation in progress" with a loading bar but nothing happens, I've tried reinstalling the Blackberry Tablet OS Graphical Aid, no luck, I've tried new signing codes, no luck, Any suggestions? I seems as thought the program just isn't connecting to whatever it should be connecting to. I can convert APK to BAR I just can't sign them, which makes them useless. I am also using a Mac so was wondering if you came across this problem. Any suggestions would be great.


I installed the updated tools and left the android sdk on my desktop but it doesn't recognize the path."The path to your SDK is not correct" Is it embedded in the directory? I am trying to change an apk program for a medical electronic record. Help.

Does this mean I can just "grab" the Garmin (internal maps) .apk, convert it etc etc using the above guide, and voila I would have Turn-By-Turn navigation with on-device maps, on my Blackberry Playbook, or am I missing something?

Provided it's compatible, yes. As noted, not all apps will work like they do on Android due to the limitations.

Thanks for the replies...I decided before I waste cash buying the Android version and trying to sideload - I emailed Garmin directly and asked them to get their backsides converting. They were reluctant to make a version for the Playbook - but now with OS 2.0 out all they have to do is convert and submit - and see how things work. If they care that is, they will come through - problem is it might take em a good century or two...

Thanks for the visual aid Blaze but i can't seem to get past the configuration wizard. If i am reading this correctly, you point all the options there to 'Command Line Tools' except for the one that specifically reads 'Android SDK' which is the one you point to the path where you actually have the android sdk installed.

Keep getting an error message saying 'invalid sdk' path specified

Did you actually run the SDK? Simply downloading the file and unzipping it isn't enough, you need to open it up and run the Android file inside so that you actually download the SDK files.

If you've done that, try moving it do a different area such as your root drive or in my case, where I am using a Mac /Users/Bla1ze/Desktop/Android-sdk-mac.


There is two ZIP file that you need to Download. The blackberry Command Line Tools and the Android SDK. Extract these two ZIP files into two seperate folders of choice (lets called it Blackberry Folder and Android Folder).

During the Configuration Wizard, point the Blackberry WebWorks SDK Location, Blackberry Tablet OS SDK Location and Blackberry SDK for Android Apps Location to the Blackberry Folder.

For the Android SDK location, point to the Android Folder. Click next until the Developer Certificate. Click Create Certificate. Under Author, input whatever name you want. Create a keystore Password of your choice and input the password again to confirm. Click Generate.

The rest should be similar to what Blaze mentioned.

Finally got it to work and here is what i did different.

First i downloaded the latest version of adobe air sdk

Then i downloaded the tablet sdk and web works sdk directly from the blackberry site and using the Graphical Aid Tool, i pointed the path to the respective install location.

sdk for android goes to 'Command Line' as outlined in Blaze's tutorial and android sdk goes to the install location of 'Android'.

The rest was a piece of cake.

Thanks once again Blaze for the awesome tutorial.

(NOTE) these steps were done on a windows computer

Hey bla1ze, only the sdk for android needs to be installed right? and the blackberry ones is just pointed to the command line tools right?

For some reason, it says invalid SDK path, just wanted to know if I am on the right "path" haha.

You need to make sure you go into the android folder, then tools, and run the android file, make sure all the selected packages are installed, then re run it again and make sure 'Google APIs by Google Inc.' is installed, it didnt for me the first time, that got me around the invalid SDK path error.. (at least i think that did it for me)

But now i have a problem creating the author.p12 certificate,, its just staying on 'operation in progress' with the bar going accross, been like this for 10 minutes!!!!!!

Same here, followed all the steps, but just keeps telling me "operation in progress" when I try to register my signing keys?, been stuck on that screen for like 20 min, any suggestions?

Or, one could just buy an Android tablet. :)

Seriously though, Crackberry is doing its audience a great service, a service for which RIM should be thankful (and also embarrassed).

I agree you guys work so hard I just want to add some android apps. The PlayBook is cool its has some great features just missing a lot crackberry up guys keep pushing.

when i unzip command line tools the folder has the name
should i point everything to this folder?

@ Bla1ze,

Off topic, can we get RIM statement about pricing of Playbook this week @ bestbuy? I believed RIM announced that Playbook New Official pricing are $199, $245 and $299. In time with Ipad release?

Great effort creating this step by step process but I felt that some steps are missing especially the creating the author.p12 file. User should input their name and password and the file will be generated in the %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Research In Motion (for Vista or 7) or %HOMEPATH%\Local Settings\Application Data\Research In Motion (for XP).

In trying to create the .p12 file, I fill in the a name for the author and password, click on generate, but nothing happens. No file is located in the area where stated above and the screen just stays at the generate certificate.

Is something suppose to happen? I have the .csj files back from RIM.

Any help much appreciated.

One comment regarding the unzipping of the SDK compressed zip files. Take as an example. When you extract to C:\, it will be C:\CommandLineTools\

When you point to the SDK files, make sure you don't just point to C:\CommandLineTools but the actual folder itself which is at C:\CommandLineTools\

I receive only client-PBDT-xxxxxxxx.csj file from RIMM
When I convert, I got this message below
Should I receive also RDK file from RIMM?

cp: "C:\Program Files\CommandLineTools\\lib/EccpressoJDK15ECC.jar";"C:\Program Files\CommandLineTools\\lib/EccpressoAll.jar";"C:\Program Files\CommandLineTools\\lib/BarPackager.jar";"C:\Program Files\CommandLineTools\\lib/BarSigner.jar"
Error: Certificate chain not found for: RDK. RDK must reference a valid KeyStore key entry containing a private key and corresponding public key certificate chain.

Total signed bars#: 0 Failed#: 1
The batch file is complete.

I receive another email from RIMM and this time contains RDK file ... problem solved

Thanks for all the effort writing this up but some steps have been shortened or skipped and so the instructions have become not so clear and some people like me cannot get it to work.

So far the quality of Android Apps available makes me think the Android Player wasn't thought through. It's lowered the 'bar' (sorry) so low the quality instead of quality argument that could have been used in the past has long been made redundant by the horrible android apps now in AppWorld.

Can some one further elaborate on how to get the android SDK, i have download the .exe file but dunno what to do next!!!!!! :-s

The problem which I have is that I run through the configuration wizard and get to the stage where I am pointing the application to where my signing keys are stored on my computer. All that happens is that I get a dialog box entitled Please Wait, and a message and a loading bar saying 'Operation in Progress'. I have tried this with 2 sets of keys now and the application just seems to stall in the same spot each time. Have downloaded all the necessary software and unzipped to the specified locations.
(P.S. I am using a mac)

once again I give up! CrackBerry Let me know when there is a drag and drop installer available! RIM. We the people did the research for you this is too problematic make it simpler

@Bla1ze, the system doesn't seem to recognise the SDK route
"The path to your SDK is not correct. Please run configuration wizard. Command not executed."
Please help !!!!!!
is the blackberry SDK or android SDK that the UI is referring to?


dudes and guyzets there are some steps messing you have to exactly specify the folder took me an hour to figure it out and there is no need for any other files just when u get the android sdk run it and install all the latest pakage and u r done

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Curve 9360

I will one day revive #RIM

PlayBook 64 GB side-loading like a boss...

Software Engineer..

All good until I click on register. It then fails with a proxy error. Error informs me I need to "Supply the following options to barsigner" and lists information about the proxy server.

I assume these parameters are added to the command line tool, but does anyone know where?

On mac it always stalls and can't get to the next step.
Would be nice if there was a thread in the forums to help with a fix

Stuck on "processing" on my Mac too (Lion).
I wonder if there is something wrong with the "Library" folder authorization access in wich the subfolder "Research In Motion" should have been created and the "author.p12" file inside it...

I get stuck on the "Operation in Progress" screen also.

Blaize - any ideas on the cause of this? Quite a few of us are running into the same issue. Any guidance / advice would be greatly appreciated!

I think the problem lies within OSX (Lion).
The location where the author.p12 certificate is said to be saved (Users/xxxxx/Library/ResearchinMotion\author.p12.) There is no Research in Motion folder to be found at all. I don't know whether it is saving it somewhere else or not, but my guess is that when trying to register code signing keys the developer certificate file cannot be found by the graphical aid.


Hi there,

I get as far as the build stage then I get this message

[ERROR] [Apk2bar] Not a directory for Android SDK: C:\Users\Charlie\Downloads\android-sdk_r16-windows

Any idea why it would allow me to run through the whole configuration process accepting this directory as the Android SDK directory then fail me at this point? Do I have to have installed all previous versions of Android or is it enough just to have the most recent one? That is all I have downloaded so far

Any advice greatly appreciated.

I was able to fix the issue. It appears an update to the SDK release moved aapt and the lib jar from the platform-tools to the build-tools directory. You need to create links to the directories in question:

in command prompt as administrator(folder name:

mklink c:\(your sdk folder)\sdk\platform-tools\aapt.exe c:\(your sdk folder)\sdk\build-tools\17.0.0\aapt.exe

mklink /D c:\(your sdk folder)\sdk\platform-tools\lib c:\(your sdk folder)\sdk\build-tools\17.0.0\lib

mklink c:\(your sdk folder)\sdk\platform-tools\dexdump.exe c:\(your sdk folder)\sdk\build-tools\17.0.0\dexdump.exe

I also added the ANDROID_HOME variable to my environment variables.

After all that I was able to build my bar file successfully

thanks so much for this! I was stuck at the command line trying to get files to sign.

however... with this method i've run into a new problem, and from the comments it looks like im the only one.

When I try to register the keys I get
"'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."


Thank you for helping us to port apk files to Playbook.
The instructions are clear, you must read it very carefully.
I had difficulties with the android-sk part, indeed I didn't install the updates the first time.
And I succeeded to install later several bar files on my Playbook.

I converted four Android games, all converted sucessfully but none of them worked when installed on the Playbook. They all did a forced shutdown when launched. Any idea what the problem could be, three of them were Angry birds.

I just completed my first conversion. Updated Swarm to version I feel empowered by this new capability - no more waiting on others to convert .apk files for me. :-)


So after downloading all sorts of stuff and messing around, I run into a problem. This is what I get in the tool when I do a compatibility check:

"[ERROR] [Apk2BarVerifier] error in opening zip file error in opening zip file
at Method)
at Source)
at java.util.jar.JarFile.(Unknown Source)
at java.util.jar.JarFile.(Unknown Source)

Reading the instructions I think that I should just go ahead and try as not all APKs are compatible but will work anyway. Then I get this:

"Input bar folder or file does not exist.

The batch file is complete."

Then when I close that:

"Start packaging com.deseretbook.bookshelf_v1.01.3.apk
[ERROR] [BarGenerator] error in opening zip file
com.deseretbook.bookshelf_v1.01.3.apk ...................... failed
Summary: Total Apk files # 1; succeeded: 0; skipped: 0; failed: 1"

So naturally I look for a zip file. Finding none, I send the APK to a zip folder and get the same name, just with the .zip extension. So when I use that in place of the APK, I get:

"Start packaging
The APK is not signed! .................... skipped
Summary: Total Apk files # 1; succeeded: 0; skipped: 1; failed: 0"

A little help please. What am I doing wrong?

Hey there. Looks like i have the same problem of having "input bar folder or file does not exist."
The batch file is complete.
Have you found a solution for that?

Unfortunately not. I haven't really followed up and the app I want has been converted so I think I will forget about it for now. Maybe if I find something else I want. Hopefully you can get it working. Good luck.

Being in the UK and changing from HTC to a Blackberry 9380 was the worst move I made. Although I love the BB phone the apps I had and used often on the HTC will not download ie Ford Assist UK and numerous more. When are RIM going to realise there is a big market here and it would be great to be able to download UK apps. Is this due to companies not supporting BB and just producing apps for i-pads and phones?


Thanks for this...
I checked the .apk compatibility and it was successful. I was able to create the .bar. But when I installed it to my PB, it generated a line in the operation output dialog:Info: Sending request: Install and Launch
Info: Action: Install and Launch
Info: File size: 9992439
Info: Installing
Info: Processing 9992439 bytes
Info: Progress 0%...
Info: Progress 50%...
Info: Progress 100%...
result::failure -9

Any thoughts?

Sorry, how do I known apk compatibility or not

C:\\bin>set version=1.0.3

C:\\bin>java -Xmx512M -cp ".;C:\\bin\\..\lib\Apk2Bar-1.0.3.jar" C:\Users\My\Downloads\com.papaya.papayaChess-144020-2.20.apk C:\Android\android-sdk
Apk2Bar_compatibility_excepts.xml: androidPlayerVersion='387'; minSdkVersion='10'; targetSdkVersion='10'; maxSdkVersion='10'; fea#=25;perm#=64; int='app-widget'; acc='NATIVE'; pkg#=4; mth#=14; reqFiveWayNav=true; reqHardKeyboard=1|0; reqKeyboardType=qwerty|twelvekey; reqNavigation=dpad|trackball|wheel;

[#1] appName='Papaya Chess'; pkgName='com.papaya.papayaChess'; pkgVer='144020'; fea#=5; prm#= 11; launchableAct#= 1; minSDKVer='3';
dex: pkg#=119; cls#=1601; mth#=12947; nat#=1;
uses-small-icon:impact=2:Icon size must be 86x86

[C:\Users\My\Downloads\com.papaya.papayaChess-144020-2.20.apk]: [5]=2; [4]=0; [3]=0; [2]=1; [1]=2;

Impact Legend: [5]=Severe; [4]=High /context; [3]=Medium /context; [2]=Medium-low /context; [1]=Minor;
Total apk(s) verified: 1

I've found al most every thing but I can't find the Blackberry Tablet OS Graphical Aid anywhere. Any suggestions?

Canadoc, Gachina, servicemodu, mcgbanker, bmerson88

GUYS: have you found any solution to the forever hanging OPERATION IN PROGRESS bar?
I am on Mac 10.7.2...
Cant seem to have my developer certificate generated since it is stored in a file that does not exist on my computer........when I click on generate certificate the operation in progress bar runs forever, then I close (APPLE+Q) the program, open it again, run the BB Tablet OS graphical Aid conf. wizard and it shows that my certificate is stored under USERS/LIBRARY......etc.....I do not have a library folder and nothing of RIM is stored in my mac..........I ignore this then go to convert the apt to bar and it does convert it but when it comes for me to download and install on my PB my mac's terminal fails to do so (I follow a different step to install, from a different tutorial) because the file is not signed; from my terminal log:
Sending Install request...
Info: Action: Install
Info: File size: 411865
Info: Installing ...
Info: Processing 411865 bytes
result::failure 881 required signatures missing (RDK, AUTHOR)

If anybody can point me in the right direction I would really really appreciate....I am trying to install wordfeud....


My son-in-law used terminal and created the certificate from the command line. He also went to wherever the ~/blackberry-keytool directory is an made all the files executable. Then everything worked out great: both the conversion and the install to the playbook.

No more 'stuck in processing'

I'm using Windows 7 and had installed the programs. I configured it as in the tutorial and got a success message that my keys were registered (or whatever I actually did - I'm doing things here without understanding what I'm doing :-D)
Apparently I didn't point to the Android SDK during configuration - but no message let me know that.

I had that stuck in processing problem and this fixed it:

I went to my Program Files folder to the Android-SDK folder and ran the SDK manager.exe program. There I added tools and platform for android 2.3.3 (selected there the SDK Platform, Samples for SDK, Goodle APIs and basically anything that didn't need password entry).

I returned to the Graphical Aid and did configuration again (I could see that the Android SDK wasn't pointing anywhere). I kept my previous entries and when I got to the Android SDK part I browsed to the Program Files/Android/Android SDK folder location.

Now when I tried to build a bar from dropbox.apk it churned for a couple minutes and reported success. I installed in onto my PlayBook using DDPB installer, and it works (apparently).
You and rapture unforeseen!

I hope this helps someone.

I got everything to load ok, in fact I loaded several apps to my playbook but everytime I open one it forces close. Is there something I am missing? Please help I would love for this to work out as I have been dying to find a way to put my android apps on the playbook!!!

this happened to me many times while i was trying to get this to work.
the pop up means dat the location to one of ur sdks dat u pointed the wizard to is wrong. for the bb tablet os sdk location point it to the bb-tablet-sdk in the rim folder in the program files of ur pc.
for bb webworks sdk location point it to the bb webworks sdk folder in the same rim folder in ur pc's program files.
for bb sdk for android apps point it to the subfolder called in the CmmandLineTools folder u downloaded frm the prerequisites
and lastly for the android sdk point it to the subfolder called sdk in the android sdk folder u downloaded drm the prerequisites. as simple as that.....

Happy new Playbook owner
I would like to have a GPS program with maps in the device

I have seen the Sygic Aura for Android which seems nice.
If I convert the apk file to bar then I can just install all the maps in the same way I would have to do it for Android and the program will run?



# A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
# EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x000007f86be12341, pid=3600, tid=4404
# JRE version: 6.0_32-b05
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (20.7-b02 mixed mode windows-amd64 compressed oops)
# Problematic frame:
# C [ntdll.dll+0x2341]
# An error report file with more information is saved as:
# C:\Users\gar.000\Documents\Blackberry apk to bar\CommandLineTools\\bin\hs_err_pid3600.log Could not load hsdis-amd64.dll; library not loadable; PrintAssembly is disabled

this is the message I receive after trying to run BB graphical aid on windows 8 beta I tried changing the java jre environment and the java_path. the android sdk file works on both but this program doesn't like the 32bit 62bit discrepency. Any ideas?

Can anyone tell me how to rerun the configuration wizard? I've been searching for it for quite a long time now. I was wondering if there's a button on the bottom of the configuration settings page. Can somebody confirm this please? Thanks in advance. =)

to rerun the config wizard jus go to the 'Configuration' tab and click on 'Run Configuration Wizard' which is located in the end below 'Blackberry Tablet OS Debug Token Key'

I have an error while trying to sign bar file:

Error: Could not find or load main class net.rim.device.codesigning.barsigner.BarSigner

Full log:
cp: D:/%5bSoftware%5d/%5bBlackBerry%5d/CommandLineTools/;D:/%5bSoftware%5d/%5bBlackBerry%5d/CommandLineTools/;D:/%5bSoftware%5d/%5bBlackBerry%5d/CommandLineTools/;D:/%5bSoftware%5d/%5bBlackBerry%5d/CommandLineTools/
Error: Could not find or load main class net.rim.device.codesigning.barsigner.BarSigner

Any idea or suggestions?

When I installing my converted BAR file on my BlackBerry PlayBook I have a problem because request adobe air install but does not install.

i follow the guidence given by bla1ze, but when i convert .apk file thru build android
to .bar, the below commands which i am receive for the all 3 files(apk).


Certificate file does not exist.

The batch file is complete.


E:\JOHN-DESKTOP\Desktop\blackberry play\CommandLineTools\\bin>set version=1.0.3

E:\JOHN-DESKTOP\Desktop\blackberry play\CommandLineTools\\bin>set LIB=E:\JOHN-DESKTOP\Desktop\blackberry play\CommandLineTools\\bin\\..\lib

E:\JOHN-DESKTOP\Desktop\blackberry play\CommandLineTools\\bin>java -Xmx512M -cp "E:\JOHN-DESKTOP\Desktop\blackberry play\CommandLineTools\\bin\\..\lib\BARPackager.jar;E:\JOHN-DESKTOP\Desktop\blackberry play\CommandLineTools\\bin\\..\lib\Apk2Bar-1.0.3.jar" "E:\JOHN-DESKTOP\Downloads\apk files\ Personal Finance.apk" C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk -a

Start packaging Personal Finance.apk Personal Finance.apk ........................... succeeded
Summary: Total Apk files # 1; succeeded: 1; skipped: 0; failed: 0

\\"Info: Sending request: Install and Launch
Info: Action: Install and Launch
Info: File size: 2029826
Info: Installing
Info: Processing 2029826 bytes
result::failure 881 required signatures missing (RDK, AUTHOR) "

I can't see or access the converted .bar file in my playbook after install the bar file

Is it the file actualy converted correctly or there is a error on the converstion.
if it is error give me a guidance, if it is correct kindly let me know why i cant install to my play book, even i get the command stating that

This is very simple and easy to use, but it hangs on me when building the .bar. Says it built OK, but still says it is in progress.

i have a problem, every time i point the android sdk location to it;s folder and try to create certificate it shows message says the path to your sdk is not correct Please run configuration wizard. Command not executed.
need help plz

Hi all,

First thanks to Bla1ze for a excellent walk through. I was stuck like many mac users with the frozen "in progress bar" during the certification step. The problem was a permission issue with the .bat files in the blackberry_tools_SDK/bin. Making all these files executable solved the problem.

hope this helps someone, it was driving me insane! :-)

Firstly huge and almighty thanks for putting up this post you have truly made the whole converting and installing process a breeze. Before reading your post I was completely put off and had only used pre-converted apps. After a few little tweaks I was up and running pretty quickly.
I have downloaded about 14 APK’s of which none work. All convert to .BAR with no fails and install on my PB with no issues, when I play them, all but 2 returned the ‘force close’ error and 2 aps started but then crashed within seconds. Is the success rate of working apps low, what has everyone else found or has anyone found a work around to these issues

So, I did everything that was said; downloaded all the prerequisites, my paths are:

Blackberry Tablet OS SDK Location - /root/Downloads/

Blackberry Webworks SDK Location - /root/Downloads/

Blackberry SDK for Android apps - /root/Downloads/

Android SDK - /root/Downloads/adt-bundle-mac-x86_64/SDK

Whenever I try to create a developers certificate or register my signing codes, it goes to an "Operation in Progress" window and doesn't go anywhere farther than that. Am I doing something wrong? Please help.

Hi Alex,
I was stuck on this same problem but the solution by sammy_dee worked for me. You need to change the permissions of all the files in the bin folders of ( so they are able to be executed. You can easily do this by:

Open a terminal window. Type cd *location where is located*

For example, if your stuff is located here:/Users/Alex/Playbook_stuff/ you'd type:
cd /Users/Alex/Playbook_stuff/ and hit enter.

Then you can start changing permissions. Type chmod 777 *filename* (for example, chmod 777 blackberry-signer.bat) and hit enter. You should see the icon for the file itself change from a white page to a black terminal window.

Do this for all the files that aren't terminal icons and then try running the signing codes.

Bla1ze, thanks very much for posting this guide. I love being able to make my own conversions rather than relying on usually out of date .bar files from various websites.

A few pointers for others who may be having trouble:

If it says it cannot find the Android SDK files, you may have to make an adjustment of where exactly you point the graphical aid. In the SDK I downloaded, there is an 'eclipse' and 'sdk' directly below the main directory. Make sure it's pointing to 'sdk' otherwise it won't know where to go.

Stuck on operation in progress: This happened to me when trying to first register my signing codes. It is a result of a collection of files in blackberry tools not being executable. It's very easy to change this on a Mac using terminal. You need to change directory in terminal to the blackberry tools sdk bin folder, where files such as apk2bar/blackberry-deploy/keytool, etc, are located. Change permissions by using the command chmod 777 *FILENAME* (ie: chmod 777 apk2bar). Once you execute the command the offending file should change from a white page to black terminal window. If you need more guidance through this, see my response above to Alex.

Unable to sign bar files: You need to request new signing keys from Blackberry. It's likely things got messed up when you ran it initially if it didn't get past operation in progress. ***You also NEED to delete the developer certificate and get a new one!!*** This is located in Library/Research in Motion/author.p12. Once you get new key files via email, create a new certificate and run the signing keys with your password. All *should* work from here.

Happy converting!

I'm passed all the certificate stuff. I run build, this is the issue I run into.
'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Look dude, i did everything (mark my words, EVERYTHINg) according to ur guide. But lemme tell u i had to install bb webworks, bb sdk air installer AND air sdk from adobe to convert my apks to bars. another tip the para between 'SDK Locations' (pic) and 'Developer Certificate'(pic) is a lil' confusing. it doesnt tell exactly where to point the sdks. so..... u noe wat 2 do....

Ok, I was successful in creating the Bar file and loading to the PB, but it crashes. Uninstalled it, now I've found another APK file to use, in case there was an issue with the first one, but now, It won't convert because the app has already been signed. (I even tried to rename the APK file, no luck) How do I get ride of the original files and "unsigned" with the BB Tablet OS graphic aid?????

Hello, I have gotten everything to work up to the point of actually converting the apk to bar. When I click on the Build button I get two Operation Output windows.
They read:
"Input bar folder or file does not exist.
The batch file is complete."
"C:\Users\sohare\Downloads\\bin>set version=1.0.3

C:\Users\sohare\Downloads\\bin>set LIB=C:\Users\sohare\Downloads\\bin\\..\lib

C:\Users\sohare\Downloads\\bin>java -Xmx512M -cp "C:\Users\sohare\Downloads\\bin\\..\lib\BARPackager.jar;C:\Users\sohare\Downloads\\bin\\..\lib\Apk2Bar-1.0.3.jar" C:\Users\sohare\Downloads\ C:\Users\sohare\Downloads\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20130514 -a Brewy
[ERROR] [Apk2bar] Not a directory for Android SDK: C:\Users\sohare\Downloads\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20130514"

Does anyone have any ideas or know where I have gone wrong?

Thanks for the help!

Hey if you still need help with this issue, just let me know and I will guide you through it. Its a problem of where the Android SDK is saved to.

@bla1ze... i have got every done up to the build andriod, when i select the apk i would like to convert put in my author name and password i get...

Input bar folder or file does not exist.

The batch file is complete.

what am i doing wrong?

@Le_monde, @Ammar Bukhari, @Kyle Gerard,

Try open your Android-SDK folder, go to build-tools folder, find aapt.exe and dexdump.exe, and then copy those 2 files and paste it into platform-tools folder.

That solved my exact problems as you guys have and i finally can successfully sign and convert my android apps to be installed into my PB.

Thanks. Copying the binaries aapt.exe and dexdump.exe to the platform-tools folder solves the issue. Bla1ze wrote this guide some time ago. The SDK's changed a bit since then.

I actually created a sizable collection of BAR files that I have tested with Blackberry OS10.2 on my Q10. I was unable to upload this archive to one of the major torrent sites (if someone else know how to do it feel free), which means that the torrent will only stay alive if others seed it. If you download this torrent I hope you'll keep it seeded for as long as you can so others can get the most from their Blackberries. Here is the link (if you paste into your browser it should launch uTorrent and start the download):

This is a list of the fils I found to work:
_BB10 LIST OF Sideload Apps_WORKING
_Key apps - Navigation
BingMaps [perfect].bar
Google_Maps_6.14.1_BB10_Maps-Core [special BB mod, stable, recommended].bar
Mapquest_v1.8.1 [great].bar
maverick.lite_v2.2_codesector [offline GPS maps with tracking].bar
Nokia HERE (excellent nav, browser link)
x_Google_Maps_1.936 bld 19_BB10_Maps [good but unstable, settings crashes].bar
x_net.osm+ Free_v1.4.1.20beta [Unstable; Open Streets Maps_Offline].bar

_Key apps - Other
bloomberg-android [perfect; NOTE Native version now available].bar
craigslist_Ver_3.24 [perfect].bar
ebay.mobile_v1.0.29.0 [perfect].bar
Evernote_5.1 [perfect].bar
flyersoft.moonreader_v1.9.9 [perfect].bar
Grace - learn what you love 0Excellent Online coursese]
Hopstop_v1.01 [perfect].bar
IMDB [perfect].bar
instagram [perfect but top row of buttons obscured on Q10].bar
meetup_v1.0.95.0 [great].bar
netflix-mediaclient 1.8 build 561 [perfect].bar
ogqcorp.tpa_Ted Talks_TedAir_v1.0.121206 [video, perfect, great controls].bar
PayPal_2.2 [perfect].bar
PicasaTool_5.2.0.2 [PERFECT].bar
Plume for Twitter [perfect]
RecipeSearch_v3.23 [perfect].bar
tripadvisor.tripadvisor_v3.0.1 [may crash in initial install].bar
Tumblr_3.3.2 [perfect].bar
urbanspoon [perfect].bar
v2_je.yelp.free_1_102 [yelp mobile v1.02 web app all functions work].bar
Words with Friends [good].bar
Yelp [v. 4.4.1 Sept 9, 2013, great but no bookmarks or monocle; monocle works w debug token].bar

_Key apps - PodCast & Audiobook
astroplayerbeta_v1.135.145 [PERFECT].bar
BeyondPod Podcast Manager_v3.1.39 [great but won't accept pro license key].bar
MortPlayer_Audio_Book_0.8.6 [perfect].bar
Podtrapper_v1.0.7.0 [perfect].bar
x_ak.alizandro.smartaudiobookplayer_v1.4.18.62 [v good but no SD support].bar
x_BeyondPod Podcast Manager_v3.1.36 [great, license key prob for pro].bar

Debug Token - Working
BrotheriPrintScan_v1.11.02 [works with debug token method].apk
Clone Camera v1.5.4 [paid].apk
Clone Camera v1.5.4 [paid].bar
Color Booth Pro v1.2.9
Color Booth Pro v1.2.9
HD Panorama+ v2.00
HD Panorama+ v2.00
Pandora® internet
Yelp 4.4.1 Sep 9,

Other apps
American Airlines_v2.4.2040000 [perfect].bar
angeloid.Ted Talks_v1.12 [video, v good but Ted Air is better].bar
AVR_Remote_v1.0.104.0 [Marantz Denon_great].bar
BGR_v1.0.1.2 [Boy Genius Report].bar
bojandevic.ubergenius_v1.3 [brain games].bar hotel
chess for
CNN Money [perfect, text & video].bar
ConvertPad - Unit
Dropbox_v2.3.1.230100 [newer versions don't work].bar
duolingo-18-v1.01 [language learning].bar
exavore.Rfi remote for Roku_rokumote_v2.10 [simple, works perfect].bar
flipboard.app_v2.0.5 [beautiful].bar
French Dictionary -
Google Sky Map [perfect].bar
Google Translate_v2.7 [excellent, written and spoken translation].bar [server for PC only].bar
kep.iRemote.free_v1.1.0 [would not connect to iTunes].bar
Kingsoft-Office_5.1 [good but only docs in misc/android folder].bar
knickerbockerapps.schednyc_v1.0.46.0 [MTA train status, very good].bar
Learn French
Listen Audiobook Player [works but unstable].bar
lulo.scrabble.classicwords_v1.5.5 [perfect].bar
OpenSignal_3G 4G WiFi maps [v good, adv funcs not available].bar
org.dayup.stocks_v2.2.2 [good but sync w Google Fin not working].bar
pinterest_v1.6.2 [perfect].bar
Pocket.Readitlater.pro_v4.6.3 [great].bar
Pulse News_v3.1.8 [News Aggregator, crash on 1st launch then OK].bar
Relmtech.Remote_ Unified Remote_v2.9.1 [Server for PC only].bar
Seeking Alpha
Seeking Alpha Portfolio_v3.5.5 [excellent].bar
Seeking Alpha
shazam-android [excellent].bar
SignNow_1.52 [add signature to PDFs, great].bar
sixones.remote_ Remote+ for Plex, XBMC, Boxee_v0.6 [could not connect].bar
springpad [perfect].bar
talkray-client-text call [good].bar
tinder_v2.0.1 [seems perfect].bar [great].bar
TradeKing_v1.0.3.0 [web app].bar
treemolabs.apps.Rick Steves Audio [great].bar
v2_com.tradeking.mobile_1_9 [v.2.1.0 perfect].bar
visualit.zuti.nycLite_v2.1.7 [NY Subway router].bar
waring.NYC Transit
Yahoo Finance_v1.1.9.1187014080 [unstable].bar

Paris Metro & Guides
Metro 01 Paris_v2.3.2 [Metro, RER, tram, transilien].bar
ParisBusMetroTrain_v1.0 [map only].bar
Tripadvisor Cityguide Paris_v4.0.1 [excellent].bar
Visit Paris by Metro - RATP v1.0.1 [v useful but navigation reqs Google Play Servs].bar
Zuti ParisLite_v2.1.4 [Paris Metro router].bar

x_Older versions working
x_[old version] com.tripadvisor.tripadvisor_v2.6 [perfect].bar
x_[older vers]_Google Maps with Navigation
x_[older vers]_Google Maps with Navigation v1.936 bld
x_com.chriskonieczny.RoMote_rokuremote.ui_v1.0.1.0 [could not connect].bar
x_com.jetshred.plexremote_v1.0.1 [works but bottom buttons cut off on Q10; didn't test server].bar
x_com.tallsnail.newyorker_v1.0.3.0 [installs but doens't download material].bar
x_Google Maps Plus_gps.voice_.navigation.gmapsplus_1 [works but no voice recg, no key bd input].bar
x_Pinterest_1.5.4 [percfect].bar
x_Roku_v2.1.2065609 [works but would not connect].bar
x_super mario [poor gameplay].bar
x_yelp_v4.2.0.808703 [good but bookmarks req google play services].bar

Hi Folks, got most of the way there. Ran a compatibility check before generating the bar file. The following error message appeared.
[ERROR] [Apk2BarVerifier] Not a directory for Android SDK: C:\Playbook\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20131030
Any help greatly appreciated.

Did you find out how to get past this bit? I'm on that bit now and it says the same thing, [ERROR] [Apk2BarVerifier] Not a directory for Android SDK: C:\Playbook\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20131030

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I am getting error message when registering for certifcate "Java" not recognize as internal or external command,
kindly advise

Did you find out how to get past this bit? I'm on that bit now and it says the same thing, [ERROR] [Apk2BarVerifier] Not a directory for Android SDK: C:\Playbook\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20131030

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/security/x509/CertAndKeyGen
at net.rim.device.codesigning.keytool.KeyTool.a(Unknown Source)
at net.rim.device.codesigning.keytool.KeyTool.if(Unknown Source)
at net.rim.device.codesigning.keytool.KeyTool.a(Unknown Source)
at net.rim.device.codesigning.keytool.KeyTool.main(Unknown Source)
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
at$ Source)
at$ Source)
at Method)
at Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
... 4 more

i got above mentoned when i generate the certificate.

I have the exact same issue as you, Sattibabu. I've tried everything and posted on the dev forums. No luck so far. From what I can tell it looks like the insane amount of signing and certing you need to do is failing because of updates to various dependencies like java. Thus it's broken and our playbooks are now paper weights. Yay blackberry. Welcome to it's demise.

will this work for a Black berry Z30 running
if not; how do i get apps onto my Z30?
to add to the complications; my blackberry store is disabled.