How To: Sideload Android apps on PlayBook OS v2.0 for use with the Android App Player

Not finding enough apps in BlackBerry World for your PlayBook? This CrackBerry guide will teach you how to "sideload" Android apps onto your PlayBook tablet.

Lloyd on PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 27 Oct 2011 12:06 am EDT

By now, most BlackBerry PlayBook fans and CrackBerry readers know RIM has officially released the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software. Along with a slew of new and updated features, OS 2.0 brings along the ability to run Android applications as well. If you haven't updated yet - do it now. You will need it in order to make use of this guide so if you don't have -- grab it before continuing on.

As many have found out, the process of repackaging Android apps for use on the BlackBerry PlayBook is fairly simple provided you have the time and patience to sit down and read through the documentation -- as well, sign up for application signing keys which by the way is still free and available to anyone. For some though, the thought of hunting down .apk files, converting them and ultimately signing them is just far too technical to even bother trying.

That said, if you're not all that tech savvy but have already installed or are planning to install PlayBook OS v2.0 and really just want to try out some of the many Android apps already converted by CrackBerry Forum members, then this is the guide for you. It has very little technical jargon and only requires that you have a Windows internet connected computer, a BlackBerry PlayBook as well as a USB cable and some patience. If you're using a Mac you're in the wrong place - check out our tutorial on sideloading from your Mac here.

Read on if you're looking to learn more.

Getting Started

DDPB Installer

Right, then. Assuming you read some of the pre-requistes for this guide, you should now have PlayBook OSv2.0 installed, up and running. So let the fun begin. You're going to need to download some stuff to your computer:

  • Download and install the Java Runtime Environment suited for your PC. - Link
  • Download and install the DDPB installer - Link
  • Download any .BAR / .ZIP files already converted - Link

Preparing Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Enabled Dev Mode

As this is developer based, you need to set up your BlackBerry PlayBook for developer interactions, otherwise known as Developer Mode. In order to gain access to these settings, you can go to

Settings > Security > Development Mode

Enabled Dev Mode

Once development mode has been tapped and you enter into the settings for it -- you will need to enable it. Just tap the on / off button where you will be presented with a screen either asking you enter your password or if you do not currently have one set, it will ask you to create one. *Remember this password, it is important.*

Enabled Dev Mode

Once that is done -- you are now in development mode and can continue on with the rest of the process. If you do not see the little 'guy' up in the corner, with a sprocket on his chest and your PlayBooks IP address showing -- you've done something wrong. Repeat the steps again, until he shows up in the corner.

Installing Android Apps

BlackBerry PlayBook Connected

With that out of the way, you can now move on to connecting your PlayBook to your computer. When connecting it, if you have BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed, it may pop up and start running -- you can just close it. As well, you can dismiss the window on your PlayBook letting you know you've connected to your PC.

DDPB Installer PlayBook

Next up, you're going to want to open up the DDPB you downloaded and installed previously. Once up and running, put in your BlackBerry PlayBook's IP address where it says 'IP Development Mode' (or click Scan) -- the same for your password which you previously assigned or created.


Sideloading Android Apps


From there -- you can begin installing the previously converted files you downloaded. Clicking on the 'Add" button will bring up the DDPB file picker window, just simply browser to where you stored your downloaded .BAR files and add them to the list. Once added, you can then go ahead and put a check mark in each you wish to install. When done, you can click on install and watch the magic happen.


Loaded Android Apps


If you see similar to what is above on your computer screen -- good work! Now take a look at your BlackBerry PlayBook -- you should find all the apps you check off now sitting pretty on your device. If not -- a few trouble shooting steps can be checked. Things such as your USB connection, password and IP address. Thus far though, I've not had any issues with this prcodeure but a few people have. You can always check out the CrackBerry Forums for more trouble shooting steps and see what has / has not worked for others.

 Enjoy Android Apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook

ICS Launcher

That is pretty much it for this guide. If you installed some cool apps, go check them out and share your experiences with others. If you installed a cool launcher, then by all means -- fire it up you may end up with your PlayBook looking like it is running Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich. Either way, have fun with it but most importantly remember it is a developer build. Things may not work right at all points of time.

[Note: Even though I wrote up and did the pictures for this guide -- it could not have been done without the many folks in the BlackBerry PlayBook Apps and Games Forum. Without the collective efforts of the CrackBerry community -- we'd stll be wondering how to install Android apps. So, kudos -- goes out to all of you who have helped]

Reader comments

How To: Sideload Android apps on PlayBook OS v2.0 for use with the Android App Player


That's our list. The same one that we've been working on, and updating through the forums. We've just finally put a domain name to it. We've been linking to it for almost the last week as:

I'm guessing you haven't been following our threads. Can you please provide the link to the BGR post where it was mentioned?

Marc K.

Is there a place to make recommendations for apps to convert?

There are a few ZX Spectrum emulators you have to convert, like:


The Playbook would be a perfect form factor to emulate these 80s games. There are literally 5000 games for this platform, the ROMs are freely available on world of spectrum.

I'd like to know they work before reformatting my PB. I know there will be a lot of happy people if these worked...

Keep up the good work!

I am in the spreadsheet. I cannot see download link for most of the apps. can you please navigate me how do i download the package from that spreadsheet?

Many thanks to you in advance.

Good stuff.
I was able to do all of the above thanks to the forums but for some reason most of the apps won't run on my PlayBook (those that were already tested). Not sure where I went wrong but if anyone else had this issue and then found a fix, do share! Thanks (y)

A couple of things to look out for:
1. Before I got the hang of it, I ran the DDPB installer a couple of times for two different sets of community verified bar files and noticed that the installer reported "done" but I'd never see the icons for the Android apps that were just "installed". It turned out that my "developer mode" had turned off (or timed out) even though it says in the settings of the Playbook that it's good for 10 days. Under this condition, the DDPB installer will run fine and tell you "done".... Anyway, I turned developer mode back on and re-ran my bar installs and, voila!
Moral of the story: be on the lookout for unintended shut-offs of developer mode!
2. In some cases, a restart of the Playbook (from the battery icon at the top right corner) got my Android apps running (remember there are some quirks-it's a developer beta.
Hope this helps!

Hi There,

How did you download the package from the spreadsheet. I am not able to see download link for most of the apps. Please advise.

Many Thanks

Hi I'm really sorry to bother you but I wonder if you could help me at all? It seems you what you're doing with the Playbook and I'm kind of stuck!
I've installed OS 2 but I'm missing the native android app player which is supposed to be installed already?
Not really sure what to do know. If you are able to help me I'd be very grateful.

Ben Davis

followed all steps, got the icons on my Playbook, when starting up the app and seeing briefle the message "initializing, please wait" the BB signs dims ...

this happened to me at first also. a security wipe cleared it up for me. just make sure you do the security swipe withij 24 hrs of registering for OS2. otherwise you can simply re-register for it and then do a security wipe.

I followed all the steps here i downloaded java JRE 7 for windows online x86 online, is that the right one to download.

i got through the rest of the steps perfectly fine and found a couple apps on the forums, and when i launch DDPB and select the apps to install, then install them, i get the done sign, but NO APPS show up on my Playbook how do i launch the apps????



I've got the same problem. I can follow all the steps that are subscribed but I can't see the icons on my playbook. The files that I would like to use are tested files. I'm having the latest pb software installed (2.0 beta)


I believe there are some steps that we missed, I tried side loading with my Windows machine & on My Mac,

Note that in both Cases, I used TESTED BARS that many had tried & worked.

On the Windows, I used DDPB with development mode on in WiFi to Install the Apps, Installation works fine & the Icons are shown on my PlayBook. But when I ran it, it shows a BlackBerry Icon (ala starting the App) and stays there forever, eventually, I had to close it myself.

While on the Mac, I used the Command line tool PlayBook Tools & Installed the Bar files. I installed the Sample Browser (Which is based on Adobe Air) and it works well. However, Installed other apps resulted in an Error. The App ID etc was not displayed in the command line.

These BAR files (renamed from ZIP) has the manifest files which are almost the same as the Sample App Browser that was installed.

I have the Updated Playbook OS.

Let me know what went wrong. If Someone could point me to the right direction, I would like to make a Video Tutorial on how to solve this once and for all.


Everything is perfect is except for one missing step.

If you have already installed the Android Player back when you were using the 1.0.7 version of the Playbook OS, you MUST do a full security wipe before attempting this or it will not work. OS2 has the Android Player built-in and the Playbook doesn't like them together. Even if you deleted it, that's not good enough. For the apps to work, you need to do the security wipe. If it doesn't work, do a security wipe. Almost 8 out of 10 times, a security wipe and repeating the above method, will work like a charm.

Sorry for the bad news.

Hi I'm really sorry to bother you but I wonder if you could help me at all? It seems you what you're doing with the Playbook and I'm kind of stuck!

I've installed OS 2 but I'm missing the native android app player which is supposed to be installed already, right?
Not really sure what to do now.
If you are able to help me I'd be very grateful.

Ben Davis

@technomensh performing a security wipe resets to factory? sorry for my ignorance just wondering if I will need to download OS2 again


@technomensh, Did a security wipe with OS2 beta, ended up an os with ONLY a browser, no App world etc.

Getting in the process of downgrading to 1.0.7 and updating it again.

Yes, while in 1.0.7, I did install the Leaked Android player, Perhaps this was the problem.

I have the same problem with trying to sideload the apps. I did security swipe, downloaded jre and ddpb and didnt work. I tried on my older pc which i previously used for installing android player and it worked flawless. I am having problems with Windows 7 or its just me.

history : installed leaked android player, upgraded to OS2 --> icons appear but app hangs
Made back up, Performed security swipe, restored everything, -> icons appear but nothing happens

I am also having the problem where no icons show up after I get the "DONE" message. I followed all the steps. Does anyone have a solution to this?

Some of the bar zip files links are downloding a 57 KB and are unusable, is any one else having this issue?

Also tried a restart and still nothing. :(
Kinda upset that its not working considering i get the "done" notification.

Oh i have additional numbers to my ip address beyond what the photo above shows. Would that be an issue?

i have additional numbers too. i think thats the ip address of the computer you are attached to.

and the first time i did it, only one of the 2 apps i was installing appeared. I redid the process again, and it worked. perhaps try doing one at a time?

would i be able to install the following on a mac?
Download and install the Jave Runtime Environment suited for your PC. - Link
Download and install the DDPB installer - Link
Download any .BAR / .ZIP files already converted - Link

please reply

0. Turn your device onto development mode under Settings > Security
1. Check to make sure you have the JRE installed for Mac by opening Java Preferences under Applications / Utilities
2. Download the Playbook Tools by Hatax at
3. Once the download is complete, unzip the file, and place it in an easy place to find, for example, your desktop
4. Move all the files in the "lib" folder to the main "Playbook_Tools" folder
4.5 Placing whatever .bar file you want to side load into the Playbook_Tools folder will also save you a heap of trouble
5. Open terminal
6. Use the "cd" command to navigate to the directory you have Playbook_Tools
For example:

cd desktop
cd Playbook_tools

7. Run the command

java -Xmx512M -jar "BarDeploy.jar" -installApp -device YOURIPHERE -password YOURPASSHERE

8. Terminal will initialize the installation, and run through the progress

I have same issues, loaded few bar files, it's shows but when I go to launch, nothing. I even restarted pb. I didn't have any andriod player loaded prior.

Any other suggestion then to wipe?

I had originally installed the JRE x86 and had the issue where I got the "Done!" box but no apps showed up. So I went back and installed the JRE x64, hit install again and the apps appeared.

I tried everything (including a wipe) and it hasn't worked at all (spent hours). Seems as if there are a few of us. Can someone help problem solve. I also have a Mac so if there is a ddbp app for the Mac would be great to know (things always work so much better with a Mac).

Wow. Works fine. What an amazing and complete presenrtation! My highest goal with OS2 was to be able to use & enjoy Android apps. Thank you so very much! I was totally confused until I used your presentation!

Hi I'm really sorry to bother you but I wonder if you could help me at all? It seems you what you're doing with the Playbook and I'm kind of stuck!

I've installed OS 2 but I'm missing the native android app player which is supposed to be installed already? Not really sure what to do now.
I'm not a developer and I all I want to do is find and use android apps for my playbook

If you are able to help me I'd be very grateful.

Ben Davis

Worked fine with both a new & a first day Playbook. Excellent directions. Didn't work at first due to - developer mode dropping out, and my not waiting long enough for bufffered downloading. Thanks for tips too.

Just for Mac OS X users. first get the Java Runtime installed. then follow below.

0. Turn your device onto development mode under Settings > Security
1. Check to make sure you have the JRE installed for Mac by opening Java Preferences under Applications / Utilities
2. Download the Playbook Tools by Hatax at
3. Once the download is complete, unzip the file, and place it in an easy place to find, for example, your desktop
4. Move all the files in the "lib" folder to the main "Playbook_Tools" folder
4.5 Placing whatever .bar file you want to side load into the Playbook_Tools folder will also save you a heap of trouble
5. Open terminal
6. Use the "cd" command to navigate to the directory you have Playbook_Tools
For example:

cd desktop
cd Playbook_tools

7. Run the command

java -Xmx512M -jar "BarDeploy.jar" -installApp -device YOURIPHERE -password YOURPASSHERE

8. Terminal will initialize the installation, and run through the progress

I found this elsewhere late last night and it is foolproof. copy the terminal command to an empty text edit doc, then u can easily change the IP, Pass and Bar file name and copy past the command into the terminal. Easy.

I figured out the issue with the JAVA ERROR! Make sure you install the proper JAVA version, whether it be x32 x64. I was trying to download and install x32 but that was given me the error and didn't work. I downloaded and installed x64 and it worked! The icons are showing up on the Playbook! :D

I fixed the java error by adding it to the path on my Windows box. Before that, I got the 'done' message a second or so after clicking install. With java in the path, no startup error and probably 20-30 seconds with a progress bar to install.

Just curious why none of the links to files posted in the Crackberry forums work? Is it just me? Others work, although the MultiUpload is a horrible site.

Yes, I'd like to know this too. It's pretty stupid to click on those links to get the .bars and have none of the ones from Crackberry work.

tried to run angry birds but the game play is very slow, when i get a chance i will load more games onto it

is there any way of getting java to run on the playbook, the northern bank uses java for online banking

Installed new DDPB and it finds the playbook IP but everytime I try to connect it says wrong IP or password. Both are correct though. Help

sweet mama turkey. sideloaded the android kindle app and it works like a charm. well so far at least. thanks. been wanting the kindle for a while now. :)

I know SlingPlayer is a purchased software so there isn't a publicly available BAR file, but I am willing to pay for it. Is there a guide to converting and repackaging to make the Android player into a PB file? Has anyone been successful at it?

Thanks so much for the instructions. Kobo wasn't enough for me and I just had to try kindle with my upgraded playbook. Followed the instructions to the letter and everything went smoothly. I've downloaded several books for FREE. Kobo wanted $$ for them.

I used to have a number of Android phones (my last being the HTC Sensation).

Over the years of having Android devices, I did invest quite a bit before coming back to my 'Berry. I wish sideloading was as simple as a native Google Market on the PB (seriously, no money to lose there) or just simply installing from the .apk files.

Much of this is pretty confusing but overall great for the PlayBook as the amount of apps grow and just toying with 2.0 on my PlayBook is amazing. It feels so "new".

I kept getting a java error as soon as I opened the DDPB, but I went back and installed the 64 bit Java instead of the 32 and it worked. Just thought this might help others in the future.

Roughly how long should it take for a file to install? I've been sitting here now for about 25mins with the installation screen still flashing, any ideas?

I can not get this to work. I get the done icon but nothing show on my PB. When I click install it completes in seconds.

Can anyone please advise? I have Windows 7, could it be becasue of this?

I would add that you do not need to plug in the usb cable if both your playbook and windows pc is on the same network... which I assume is the case for most of you.

Sorry guys - but you must be JOKING! unbelievable!
no wonder iPad still rules.
It is not supposed to be a geek machine - it's a simple user tablet interface.
This is 21st century, not 1990's.
I left this stuff back with my kit computer.
Why can't RIM make it simple - you know - one or 2 clicks!
Unbelieveable - and the whole proccess is legitimised here - why encourage RIM!
They need a reminder to get real!

I guess the rest of us non-geeks will just wait for version 3.0 to arrive so it ressembles the operational simplicity of iPad2.

Typical Apple user. I have an iPad2 and a PlayBook and my iPad is an awesome Netflix player but that's all I use it for...otherwise it's pretty damned boring. I have an iPod touch's my toy. That's why I don't need an iPhone either.
This method of installing Android apps is a hack and not a supported function of RIM. Hence why we have to go through this. It's actually fun and geeky. You wouldn't know about that with your iPad though...they're pretty boring...can't do much with them without Jailbreaking them. Speaking of which, Jailbreaking your iPad *does* turn it into a geek machine. Same crap, different pile.

You Apple worshippers are really getting tired...

I have a playbook, BB 9700 ( several before that) and an iPad. All are professional and personnal tools.
I am a tireless advocate for simplicity.
There is nothing wrong with wanting the playbook to be a simple professional piece of gear - not a hackers toy!
RIM's backdoor desire to accomodate Android apps is a result of their own policies and decisions that have left users with less than satisfying product.
They desperately need the Android app library - so why not embrace it properly!

What you're not understanding is this process is for apps that the developers of said apps have not converted to .bar's and submitted officially via the Blackberry App Store. These are Android apps that someone has converted themselves and posted download links. These are not official released apps for the Blackberry Playbook, hence the little bit of work you need to go through to install them.

Officially converted apps are integrated within the Blackberry App Store just like any other app. You wont be able to tell visually in the app store that an app was originally an Android app.

I agree with the other two responses. I also have an ipad and a playbook and i think that while going through backdoor processes is cool it shouldn't be half this hard on the playbook . Jailbreaking an ipad by comparison is actually a breeze. play books should either A) have the same OS as the phones to have access to more native apps or B) developers should be provided with more of an incentive from RIM to develop for the platform and cut out all of this sidebar bullsh*t .

Huge problem. I have successfully installed apps on two different PlayBooks that went from 1.0 to However, I myself went from 1.0 to Beta and then to and I cant get any apps to install. I think the only way around this is to wipe the PlayBook and install 1.0, then upgrade to 2.0.


Excellent, thanks so much. Almost every Android app i tried works perfect. Yahoo messenger, facebook, pulse, quickoffice, paper toss.!! wow playbook turned into a superbook overnight!! excellent job guys, thanks.

The article makes it look very simple. Hope it is so when I give it a try.

But the Q is: once in development mode on OS 2.0, can you go back to normal OS 2.0 and still have those android apps still working?

Cheers all.

The lack of a Kindle Reader in the app store for OS2 was pretty disappointing. I was pretty hesitant to sideload the converted Android version but eventually gave it a try. The step-by-step instructions were very helpful and I was successful. Having this app really improves the quality of my Playbook.

Thanks for the original article and thanks for bringing it back, now that OS2 has launched. Smooth and simple, I now have most of the funcionality I have been waiting for. I use my playbook all the time, work and play, and this just makes it better.

I'm confused. Now that OS2 is installed, do I still need to go through the whole Developer Mode process to side-load Android apps? Is it not easier now?


Many entries on the APK/BAR list are marked 'Tested & Works' but:

1. Have no link at all (i.e. Android Market)
2. Marked 'Crackberry link removed' (i.e
3. Have no link to most recent version (i.e. WhatsApp)
4. Link leads to APK rather than BAR files (i.e. Skype)

Am I missing something?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hi all.....thanks got everything working great. However, the SKYPE app doesn't allow me to make calls (even to other skype users), just chat function. Is this normal? Is this a Canada thing?

I was heading out of the country and was banking on this to keep in touch with my family and friends.

thanks again for all the hard work.

Mine showed 'done' but icons didn't appear in PB.
Make sure your Java is up to date. Doing that fixed my troubles.

I have Tried installing some android games but they stuck while running... If another app is opened that seems to be working fine...just a black screen appears....upon restart it worked but stuck again...example of application...picasatool and babysitting guide etc......please I need to install separate android player on pb to hv it working?
Thnx in anticipation

This step-by-step guide is BRILLIANT! As a non-techie I was more than a little intimidated by this whole "sideloading" comcept. But even I found this process quick and easy. Thanks to all who have contributed to this info.
Happy Kindler ;-)

Torch + Playbook = mobile heaven
"if the blind leadeth the blind then they shall both fall in a ditch"

Do we leave it in developer mode after installing the app, or merely activate it during the loading process?

Question answered in another forum, disregard.

I'm having a bit of the same problem as others. Went through the steps and then loaded the Kindle app. Loader said done, but I don't see it on my PB. When I look in the folders on my PB the Kindle bar file is sitting in my downloads folder? Any ideas of why the icon won't show? Thanks for the help.

Edit: Got it worked out. Found a different bar file in the forums that worked. Kindle is now on my PB and works like it should with my books archived and waiting for me!

GetGlue says tested & works, has a link but the link times out, Problem Loading Page. (I noticed this problem w/ several other apps that have "multiupload" links. They time out.)

Xfinity Mobile says tested & works, but there's no link at all.

What gives?

I have a lot of music in FLAC format and no FLAC player for my Playbook.

Anyone know if there is an Android FLAC player? If so does it seem likely that I might be able to side load it?

I think I can follow the directions here and get there, but no need to spend time and effort if it can not be done.


Hmmm Googled it and there a TON out there... Then the question now becomes will the above process allow me to side load a working player.

Thanks again...

If this is the only procedure to follow I must say WOW! I believe you just lost 95% of the people who were excited that we would be able to down load apps from the Android Market. I would think some one with the no how at RIM would have some kind of "Customer" friendly not "Developer" friendly tutorial. One that would include the links and step by step walk thru instructions in LAYMEN terms. From an avid BB supporter, but again WOW! Disappointing!!!!

Hi Trustlift,

Sideloading (the procedure outlined here) isn't for consumers. The idea is that Android developers will take their code, repackage it and put it into BlackBerry App world.

This process is for the impatient techie people that don't want to wait for the app to appear in BlackBerry App world. Also, there is the idea that if a certain andriod developer/company sees that we are doing this for their app, it will spur them to release to BlackBerry.

This is day 4 for me and my playbook. I was extremely disappointed that I couldn't watch Netflix on my Playbook. But, I have hope that work arounds exist (Splashtop OS, once sound is fixed may be what I need) or that Netflix will have a change of heart (sigh) and release an app for us.

Or... some other company will offer a movie solution.

Anyway, the Playbook is pretty amazing for the price and I'm sure there is more to come.

This is only my 2 cents, so I can respect if you feel differently.



Thank you so much for making this sooo easy!!! Now, if I could just find a directory that doesn't have - "REMOVED" on all the apps I want... LOL... but, seriously... THANK YOU!!


Hello Crackberry users,
I am a newbie to the playbook and wanted to try this sideloading thingy for fun, but I am stuck.
I have a 16gb playbook with 2.0 installed out of box, and I have the latest DDPB I think
Anyway I have the Desktop BB manager from BB installed as well. I followed tutorial. Put my playbook i Dev mode and I get two IPS local 169 number and the wireless 192 number.
Anyway I launched DDPB and I entered first ip and password and I click connect and then it says that password or IP is incorrect. same password works with BBmanager and to unlock my playbook.
I tried the other IP and still same error.
Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, looking forward to making my playbook a part of my family.

Benjamin Ruiz

Hi Benjamin,

Are you connected to your computer with the USB cable? It shouldn't be going over the air to do this.

The address is a special IP which, for our intents and purposes is pretty much useless.

The 192.x.x.x is more promising, provided you are plugged into your computer with the bb usb cable.

I hope this helps?

[Edit: Oh yeah, and I found downloading the BB simulator from BlackBerry very helpful - it allowed me to practise before actually going for it.

Click on the link that reads "Simulator" underneath it "BlackBerry Simulator for Tablet OS"

Follow the instructions ... and find this section in the manual. I don't know why it's so convoluted!

"Before you begin, download and install a VMware Player and the BlackBerry Tablet Simulator.

To download a VMware Player for Windows , visit .

To download a VMware Player for Mac, visit .

To download the BlackBerry Tablet Simulator, visit

Navigate to the location where you saved the simulator, and select the installation file:

For a Windows environment: BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator-Installer-1.0.9-nnnn-Win-nnnnnnnnnnnn.exe

For a Linux environment: BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator-Installer-1.0.9-nnnn-Linux-nnnnnnnnnnnn.bin

For a Mac environment:
where nnnn and nnnnnnnnnnnn are the identifier for the release.

Follow the installation instructions for the simulator.
Launch VMware Player or VMware Fusion.
On the VMware Player screen, click Open a Virtual Machine.
On the Open a Virtual Machine screen, navigate to the folder where you installed the simulator. Select the BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator.vmx file.
Click OK.
By default, the development mode is enabled on the BlackBerry Tablet Simulator."

It then talks about doing a snapshot before you mess up your appliance environment. I just made a copy of the folder, as I could see no way to do a snapshot in the vmplayer.


Thanks for the tips PB_Explorer,
But I dont seem to be able to connect with the DDBP software to my playbook, all I get is a incorrect username or password. I do have the usb cable connected. I tried with the wireless turned off, and with the usb cable connect/wireless on. and I get the same error. I am running this in VISTA 32bit. It seems that everything installed correctly did get error with DDBP or the BBDS software. With the BBDS software I am able to connect and when in dev mode I do get prompted for the password and I am able to log in with out error.
I am not sure what else to try but I will try your VM BOX suggestion and let you know what I find out.
Anyway any other suggestions?

Thanks for your reply and assistance.

Hello again,

Well after a long night of trying to get my vista system up to date with all updates for the system, dot net and java, to connect to my PB I finally decided to call it quits, but not for long. After a good rest I tried with an old windows xp system and i was finally able to connect. I now am side loading and enjoying the apps I was missing. Thanks for the help.

Now it is time to take a look at porting some apps over to PB.
thanks Crackberry users.

I don't know if you had to attach the USB cable to side load Android apps on the beta release of 2.0, but I just loaded an app to my Playbook over my home Wi-Fi network, without attaching the cable. I'm running the official release of OS 2.0

I don't know either -- but thanks for posting - I learn the most from people that do things they don't know aren't supposed to work to the way I'm thinking ( this is a compliment :) I get too rigid in my thinking sometimes).

I now doubt that it went over the cable when I sideloaded. I suspect the is the USB interface and the 192.168.x.x (in my case 172.16.1.x, I set up my wi-fi not to use 192.168) is the wireless, as a result I bet I updated with wireless as well!

I guess, I could always do it again and find out :)

Hi there!

I've a problem when sideloading any app: they appear in my playbook but just don't open. I noticed de same problem with a couple of apps downloaded from de app store, any ideas?

I tried self converted and signed .bar, and several ones downloaded from de web...

I was a bit scared to try it, but I did it and it worked great!!! Had some issues with Dictionary not working, but besides that it's all good.

Thanks for the helpful info on this.


I'm having a problem! I downloaded the java JRE (that was the windows x86, right?) and also downloaded a bar file and the DDPB. when I add the bar file to the DDPB and click install it says done but the app isn't on my playbook! also when I open the DDPB it says not java close app....
does anyone know how to fix this??

Yeah... I followed the instructions, but no joy.

First off, the DDBD program said, "Not java, close app", but then it opened anyway.

But it didn't install anything, even though it said, "Done!"

Any ideas?

Thanks guys for the help with this. I was loving my new Playbook and this has just raised the bar much, much higher. We have had an iPad since last October but the Playbook for me is the much more accomplished machine. Cant put it down!!

Spread the word. Android player/emulator is alive on Playbook. I am installing as I speak tens of apps and all working great.

Spread the word. Android player/emulator is alive on Playbook. I am installing as I speak tens of apps and all working great.


I've worked through all my java errors but now get this:

Error: Bar file does not exist or not a file or I cannot read it : vb

Using : Windows 7 / DDPB v.

The .bar files i downloaded from reference here.

Please advise.

And thanks!

I want to sideload but I but can't connect

I have a 32gb playbook with the official release 2.0 installed. Works fine.
Java runtime 7 update 3 on a Win 7 64 bit system.
I have tried both DDPB and - I receive different error messages on both.
I followed the tutorial.
I put my playbook in development mode and I get two IP's - a 169 number and a 192 number.
I launched DDPB and I entered first IP and my password and I click connect and then it says that password or IP is incorrect. The same password works with BB manager and to unlock my playbook. I then tried the second IP address with the same results.

I uninstalled DDPD and installed
I followed the same routine for both IP addresses, however, I now receive the error message " 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command"

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Guys, I tried to follow the steps but I cannot find the files to download the apps I want :( When I clicked in several links the redirected me to empty pages. I just want Kindle, Tango/Skype and Netflix. Can anyone help me?

I kept having trouble with the installation until I downloaded the .bar files to my Playbook rather than my PC, and then installed them via the Installer on my PC. Sounds counterintuitive, I know, but worked like a charm.

In other words, using the DDPB Installer on your PC, you will select the .bar files you wish to install that you've downloaded to your Playbook.

man...had to download java 64 bit....that was the problem I was having. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE JAVA 64 INSTALLED.

Does anyone have the android wallpaper showed in the images above with Lloyd and the robots in the background?! I have searched Google with no luck other than those screen shots. It's a nice wallpaper and would like to use it if someone can share :) Thanks in advance.

im am so frigin lost, i cant get any bar file to open ...HELP PLAESE.. make it easier like one down load for us stupid people

Well, I was as lost as most folk, but the post by lwaysluking LAST October, really helped, I took so long that the developement mode turned itself back off, so I turned it back on and also restarted my pb, and it worked, it really was great to see the kindle screen appear.
luckily I already have java on my pc, and I followed the instructions on this page.
As for the Bar file, go where the link tells you, and it looks like an excel spreadsheet, you have to scroll down quite a bit to find a kindle bar thats got a working link to download, but there is one at about number 1000. Im an absolute newbie so apologies if Ive made mistakes here, Im just so happy to get this working and wanted to help others.

Brilliant,I'm 65 and usually avoid stuff like this....but guess what..I've now got kindle on my playbook and just loaded about thirty books straight from Amazon....Cheers

When I enter the playbook password on the DDPB screen and press connect - a comment comes up saying "java" is not recognised as an internal or external command. I am running Win 8 and have tried both the classic DDPB version and the latest - any suggestions.

I'm getting something similar. My versión of DDPB looks like the one in the pictures on this article but not like the one in the video and I'm getting a message when I open DDPB that says "No JAVA". I know I have JAVA my computer is always notifying me to update to the latest version and I do.

Hi Canadian Thomas, thanks for your suggestion. I tried the win7 + ddpb route but could not get it to work even though I did, as some others did, get the "done!" msg after running the install.

However running your instructions for mac worked. Even though your instructions were actually referenced in the initial post of this thread, if I hadn't read yours I would not have thought to try the mac.

For those looking for all the files needed with the mac route, please see my post elsewhere in here In particular, I put the full path to the hatax files there and you do need that whole folder.


Hi, I have a question: if have understood well, if an android application hasn't been converted for the playbook (form .apk to .bar) previously, it's absolutely impossible to get it on the playbook?
I mean, the application i need (ireal b) seems to be only available on google play, which doesn't let me download it, because it doesn't "recognize my device". I really need that application, so do i have to sell my playbook and get another tablet???

Does the Spotify app only work if you have the premium subscription? I was able to successfully load this on my playbook and the radio works but my playlists while visible won't play.

Thanks for your help.

All the links to the previously converted files come up as invalid and the Google docs spread sheet is no longer on google. Will this be fixed? Or is there another link?

Go to Good eReader they have a whole list of Android apps that were converted from apk to bar. I'm having my own problems, I have the DDPB program and the bar files but it's not working. I think my Java might not be updated to the latest version. Anyway try Good eReader. Good luck!

Not working for me. Downloaded DDPB downloaded the. Bar files from Good Reader, followed the instructions but for some reason when I go to download it says done before it actually downloads anything. No icon ever appears in my playbook nor does the app run, and yes I checked the run after download. I tried downloading latest java although my computer always updates java but the link is just complicated. I have no idea which version of java to download for my computer... can't it just scan my computer and tell me which one I need to download. Very Frustrated!

When I start the what's app it gives me a message that " phone date is not accurate adjust your clock and try again" Please advise what to do?

HELP well ive tried loading kindle so many times and not working on mine at all any1 live around Newcastle that can show me bit dumb on these or put a up to date version on here as I think this 1 is outdated JANUARY 2015 posted tried loading on playbook