How to share your location in BBM

By James Richardson on 13 Feb 2014 12:22 pm EST

Whether you are using BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) on a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, an Android device or an iPhone, sharing your location should be uniformed now that BBM 2.0 has rolled out (with BlackBerry users getting v3.0). Having the ability to not only send your current location to a friend or loved one, but also to decide how long they can view it for is clever stuff if you ask me. 

The feature, which is new for Android and iOS users in BBM 2.0, utilizes Glympse and is perfect for both personal and business users alike. With just a couple of screen taps you can send your current location to a BBM contact so they know where you are at exactly what time. 

When it comes to actually using the feature it couldn't be easier. Here's a quick run through: 

  • From within a BBM chat select the paperclip icon on the left side of the chat box. 
  • Press the Glympse tab that looks like a capital G. 
  • Use the grey tab to glide around the 'G' in increments of 5 minutes - this is how long the recipient will be able to view your location. 
  • Press the 'Send' tab and you're done. 

Your BBM contact will instantly receive a notification prompting them to view your Glympse. They'll be able to view where you are on a map all from within BBM - that is until that clever little timer runs out. 

A wonderful new addition to BBM for all platforms and just one of the awesome new features now available to Android and iOS users. Nice work once again BlackBerry.


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How to share your location in BBM


Thanks James. Always appreciate picking up says to make the whole BlackBerry 10 experience even better.

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But the most crucial question is still... Why is so hard to share a picture in multiperson chat ??? I'm asking BlackBerry on behalf of billions of Users of cheap Androids, first of all. Does BB really think they will change to BBM without it? People, even P2Ps could help much more than a set of the most of most ridiculous emoticons :|

[...] First ever London smartphone story powered by Z10: is annoying that i have to rely on whatsapp for sharing pictures in multi person chat..something so basic yet it is overlooked by blackberry.

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Go yo app would search for bbm and select it. Then you'll see update. I did this at 11AM Thursday morning as the push didn't come through.

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Go to BlackBerry World, search for and select BBM, and you should see the option to update there. That's what I had to do.

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It didn't show up under the available updates section in "My apps", I had to actually find BBM in BlackBerry World to get the option to update.

Yes I got it. Confirming "glimpse" is here!

Waiting for my wife IPhone to update so can check how it works) )

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Hope it doesn't use BBMaps as it is not available in all countries, hope they use bing maps like in the web page of BB Protect.

Don't need to wait to have the updated version, the other person receives the notification and a map open in the browser.

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Completely agree... just hope they have Bing Maps. BlackBerry Maps doesn't work here in India

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Good news, it does work, it sends you to and the position is visible at least in my country.

They're using Glympse's mapping. I tested it on my brother, who hasn't downloaded the update yet. The link opened up a site on Glympse's site. I don't know if it's their own mapping software or Bing or what.

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For some reason glympse is trying to load but BlackBerry maps don't work in haiti... it has been a minute so I'm assuming they are using BlackBerry maps... if only I could go to settings and use be maps pro instead

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No it doesn't, it sends the coordinates to, I guess works with bing maps but not sure

Bing, or BlackBerry Maps. OK. As long as it's not the big data kraken, you know who...

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

And you can modify the time remaining at your leisure to any available time from the 4 hour max to expired. Nice!

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Does anyone know if imessage has this kind of feature? If it doesn't, this could be a real good selling point for BBM

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No update yet, on Rogers. BB WORLD still showing from November.

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You only needed to tap on center of screen to make keyboard go away

BlackBerry Since 2006. Rogers Halifax, NS - Official 10.2.1

Same thing happened to me. Still no 10.2.1 for me. Is that why?

***This was meant for the comment below this one.

I like this but I miss how they used to have location sharing. We used to be able to set this functionality from within our BBM profile. You could choose any or all contacts and decide whether they can ask for permission to see your location, see your location all the time, or not even request to see your location. I would love if they would do that.

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Then again, this means of implementation keeps you out of the position of having to explain why you suddenly are not sharing your location with someone and having to either be mean or lie about it. Idea retracted. LOL

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Remember, everything was built from scratch. Put those legacy days behind you. It took BlackBerry quite a few years to get to OS 7. One year to get BB10 to where it is now.

BlackBerry Since 2006. Rogers Halifax, NS - Official 10.2.1

Yes but, the feature I am referring to they had taken away from BBM before BB10 came to fruition. I don't know why they did. It wasn't buggy from my experience. It is what it is.

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I like that you can turn off the extra options bar now in your settings. Can still reach it by hiding the keyboard. Nice!

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Great stuff! If this was as an iphone blog the only tip you'll get is how to hold your phone and maintain good reception when sending/receiving calls.

Try selecting the thing that looks like attach near enter a message. And you will see every new thing there.

Refresh BlackBerry World then go to BBM, you will see update over there. If use search update it not appear. From Malaysia

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Updated but whenever I press glimpse it just stays with the loading circle and nothing happens all in all great update love the new emotions....

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I didn't get a push notification, and when I manually searched for updates, BBM didn't show up either. I had to actually search for BBM in BlackBerry World, and then it gave me the option to update.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Works well from bb10-bb10.

Say, I'll bet that the CIO's at Skype, WhatsApp, etc. Are closely watching these BBMx updates.

Scared yet fellas?

Any 1 else having issues with glimpse? Whenever I send from my z10 to a none bb. It shows expired right away for them. (which I usto be able to send them before the update to none bb's. I can receive then from android / ios no problem.

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This update us now available overseas. Im in El Salvador and I got the update. Nice improvement :)

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The update is just awesome
I love the record a voice note and release to release functionality. First time poster here. Waited for a functionality like this to make a first statement on here.

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This may sound like an obvious answer, but does anyone know if this will be a data hog on both ends? Example, I send my location for a duration of 30min... since the recipient will be able to see my location for 30min, will that eat up data for the sender and recipient?

Got it here in Jamaica and the map works pretty good, am INSIDE the airport in Montego bay, but showing further away pretty good since BlackBerry maps does not work here

Great stuff!!

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This is amazing! I just tried it out with my girlfriend, works perfectly and is such a good idea!

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I have a z30 and I'm so loving it!!!! The new bbm update is crazy it makes me feel like I have a new device!!!! Keep up the good work blackberry

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Does I need 10.2.1 for this???

Still waiting for the freaking US carriers...

US carriers SUCK Big time!!!

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I'm MongezaurioBerry

Just tried this glympse feature and all I can say is that it is wonderful and useful .

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After update bbm seems to run slow, lag is there. For e.g middle bar sometimes dont appear and sometimes keyboard takes a while to appear too

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Even though you set a Glimpse timer, it starts the moment you send it. If the recipient opens it after the timer expires, they will see your location but it will end immediately. Hope this helps.

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I forgot to mention. You can update the timer before it expires. Simply click on the Sent Glimpse message and add more time then click Update. That's it. Easy!

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Wrong site. This wasn't about car sales. Maybe you're spam? If so can Kev block these folks?

Swiping & tapping on my amazing ZeeTen. STL 100-3

Indeed, nice work. I love my BlackBerry and with every inch or improvement I smile because I know how amazing it's going to be. it's only going to get better!

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Not worked for me, but I setting location on, I exit from bbm and after he worked.

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I tried it, didn't work. I have a Z10 and wife has icrap, both on latest OS and latest BBM. Doesn't seem to want to send either way

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Sent glympse from android to BlackBerry and I can't view on BlackBerry 10...tells me the glympse has expired

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Tried to activate location on my Z10 and Z30, tried to send the location from Z10 to Z30 .... Not Succeed... also tried to send location from Z30 to Z10... same result .. not working
any detail guidance to use this ?

Glympse worked once last nite and today it is not working on my bbm/z10. It is not showing the map and when you send it, it doesn't do anything.

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Hey all!!!! I updated to the latest BBM and now BBM crashes on my z10. It doesn't open anymore :'( ... is there something I'm doing wrong??? please I need help ASAP

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Z10 and loving it :)

I have a Q10 and Glympse is working - I had used the Glympse app before on my ipad air w/ lte and it is a great addition to BBM. My wife has a BB7 device though and when I send her my location she gets nothing. I guess I can share my location with iOS and Android users but not the rest of my BlackBerry loyal family! Hopefully an update to bbm for bb7 is in the works.

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I still rock a BB7 Bold and got a BBM update last night. No location sharing. I guess its a BB10 thing

Shame it could not be added to BBOS devices. The standalone Glympse app from BlackBerry World works just fine, so don't see why it could not be added to BBM 8.1 for BBOS. Yes, I realize they are pushing BlackBerry 10, but this is not a feature that a BBOS device cannot handle, especially one on OS 7.1. I think it would work great on the Bold 9900/9930.

It's like Waze, only better because the other person can view a real-time map right in BBM instead of going to a web page that won't stay on target.

From the mighty Z10!

The video is not accurate to the experience. When you view a glimpse the overlay is weird and it doesn't zoom in dramatically. Still a little clunky looking, like a frame with your chat beneath and then a beige screen and then a map and then their location. Not very smooth.

It would be nice if once you see the shared location there was an option to open up a turn-by-turn navigation to help you get there.

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Nice new toy... but I would love it even more if they would finally get the backup and restore of the chat history working. We have now BB10 for almost a year but the most critical feature is still completely missing. There is a toggle to save the chat history but not a single way to even export the messages to XML or something else. :-(

How about you explain why iphone and android users get a better version of BBM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEVIN!!!! Let's hear that

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I love the integration of Glympse into BBM - it really doesn't get too much easier. Nicely done. It's just too bad I don't haven't any BBM contacts to send it to! Would be nice to have an option for sending to regular SMS contacts.