How to setup iCloud email, calendar and contacts on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 29 Mar 2013 10:02 am EDT

If you're an iPhone convert looking to get your iCloud data on your new BlackBerry 10 device - not to worry.

Adding your iCloud email, calendar and contacts to your new BlackBerry 10 phone is simple and we'll walk you through it.

It doesn't take much more effort than entering any other accounts, you just need a bit of extra info to get it all sorted. 

This setup will allow you to send and receive iCloud email as well as sync up your contacts and calendar with your BlackBerry 10 device. Keep reading to get it done!

First we'll try the "easy" method. If this doesn't work for you, we'll break it down in detail below so you can still get your accounts set up. 

  • Go to Settings > Accounts
  • Tap Add Account on the bottom
  • Enter your account login credentials and tap Next
  • Tap Done

This method should work in most cases. Your info will be pulled in and you'll be good to go. If however it doesn't work or you get an error message, try the steps below to set up each item individually.

Set up iCloud contacts using CardDav

  • Go to Settings > Accounts
  • Tap Add Account then Advanced
  • Select CardDav
  • Enter the following information:
    • Description – i.e. iCloud Contacts
    • Username –  iCloud username
    • Email Address – iCloud email address
    • Password – iCloud\Apple ID password
    • Server Address –
    • Sync Interval – select your desired setting
  • Tap Done

Set up iCloud calendar using CalDav

  • Go to Settings > Accounts
  • Tap Add Account then Advanced
  • Select CalDav
  • Enter the following information:
    • Description – i.e. iCloud Calendar
    • Username – iCloud username
    • Email Address – iCloud email address
    • Password – iCloud\Apple ID password
    • Server Address –
    • Sync Interval – select your desired setting
  • Tap Done

Set up iCloud email using IMAP

  • Go to Settings > Accounts
  • Tap Add Account then Advanced
  • Select IMAP
  • Enter the following information:
    • Description – i.e. iCloud
    • Display Name –your name
    • Username – iCloud username
    • Password – iCloud\Apple ID password
    • Email Address – iCloud email address
    • Password – iCloud\Apple ID password
    • Server Address –
    • Port – 993
    • Encryption - SSL
    • SMTP Username – iCloud email address
    • SMTP Server Address –
    • SMTP Port – 587
    • Sync Interval – select your desired setting
    • Initial Retrieval Amount – select your desired setting
  • Tap Done


That's that! With these steps you should now be up and running with fully synched iCloud email, calendar and contacts on your BlackBerry 10 device. 

For more, check out all of our BlackBerry 10 Help Guides or hit up the CrackBerry Forums for more discussion!

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Reader comments

How to setup iCloud email, calendar and contacts on BlackBerry 10


I tried to but it keeps saying that my password is incorrect when it isn't.

Also- anyone know how to create a group in contacts?

Posted via CB10

You definitely can't create group contacts in iCloud. It can be done on a Mac computer but even then, it's only to email a group, not send a group/mass sms (or distribution list).

Contact groups isn't possible yet. There have been a lot of requests for it, so hopefully it will be added soon.

Posted via CB10

Group contacts from before were awesome. Something I found out recently though is that there is usually a carrier restriction in place which determines how much contacts can be in that group...

thank you. you made my day. now everything on my Mac, iPad and Z10 is FINALLY in sync without the need of Yahoo! calender....awesome!

I have a Window pop up every few days asking for my icloud password, and when I enter it, it doesn't accept my password even though it's right and not incorrect.

Posted via CB10

@SDTRMG. I have the same problem. My emails using the iCloud SMTP are also mal formed. I don't have this problem with my work email or Hotmail. Quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of Apple products and services only working with other Apple products and services. I'm presently looking for a better alternative that is not Yahoo, Google or Microsoft.

Posted via CB10

Hi, Just wondering did you manage to sort this out? And if yo could share please?
I'm having the same problem with Z30 runnig on 10.2.0

Thanks xx

This has never worked for my wife's icloud account. Not on PlayBook and not on Z10. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong...

Posted via CB10

This is just my opinion but I think crackberry should stop promoting other platforms or ecosystems such as icloud. Its defeatist.

People that use icloud or at least most will be using an ios device anyway, there are exceptions but likely they're tied to apple's extensive ecosystem with iTunes, icloud.

I think the z10 is good device, I'd like to see blackberry build an extensive ecosystem that will rival apple, Google and windows for the new generations of BlackBerry devices and those other platforms, ecosystems or services does not need getting promoted especially by crackberry. We all know those companies want to see BlackBerry fail.

Just my honest opinion.

Posted via CB10

I didn't take it as promoting another platform. From what I read on this post CrackBerry was giving advice on how to get information from iOS devices onto the Z10 platform. Were we reading different things?

Ok let me replace promoting to mentioning icloud. My point is blackberry is at "War" with these platforms or ecosystems.

I think you are missing the point: people keep saying how awesome Apple is because of its ecosystem. People point out how great Android is because of its apps. If you can get Apple's iCloud ecosystem and Android apps on your BB10 then BlackBerry has taken away Apple and Android's key selling points. Forget competing head-to-head with them, BlackBerry just took all their momentum and used it to their own advantage, like a judo flip. This capability on a BlackBerry seriously undermines one of Apple's strengths.

I have an iPhone and have been in the Apple eco system for many years. I decided to try a Passport to see what all the hubbub is about. I got iCloud to work on the Passport and it is a key point on keeping the Passport going forward. In the meantime iCloud uses Cal Dav and Contact Dav which are industry standards. If Blackberry is going to survive it needs to be able to work with these other ecosystems. If you read the book Losing the Signal, the head in the sand mentality is what got Blackberry in the situation they are in now.

Coming from IOS? are you serious - do you think there are a significant number of people (and I'm talking about hundreds of thousands of people) that because blackberry released the z10 they switched platforms/ecosystems just like that? Last quarter blackberry lost more users likely to the other competing platforms - apple, google heck even Windows but likely to the first two. There may be some that bought the z10 that came the iphone or android world but a huge number are already blackberry customers that rocked the bold, curve heck even the torch. I'm on all of these ecosystems, I have an iPhone 5, nexus, Lumia 920, z10 and experience all the various ecosystems let me tell that in all of the and no offense to blackberry fans that apple's ecosystem and services is so tightly integrated that it's hard to get away from if you've been in that platform for years.

By the way, this is not a feature of the z10 or bb10 being able to add email accounts. I've been able to add my six or so email accounts from yahoo, google, exchange, hotmail and etc w/o any issues from my curve to my z10.

I'd like to see blackberry have a better integrated ecosystems that rivals apple, google and microsoft - from media (music/movies/ and etc.), cloud services. It's no longer enough that you release a smartphone with great specs now you need services to go along and developer support of course otherwise it's just a piece of glass or plastic (looking at you samsung).

Cheers guys

"There may be some that bought the z10 that came the iphone or android world but a huge number are already blackberry customers that rocked the bold, curve heck even the torch."
During the earnings call, I believe they said 55% have come from Android and IOS, split evenly.

I stopped reading after your first couple of sentences. 100, 000 apps in less than three months. Sorry, bro. Seems you're drinking Apple juice. When iOS and Android were first introduced how much did they have in their ecosystems? The numbers aren't even close to what BlackBerry has accomplished... so far

I'm assuming since my iCloud email, and Gmail accounts are the same, I need to add all those things in separately. Since I don't see any "Add iCloud Account" option to differentiate from Gmail.

Posted via CB10

Still waiting for notes/memo pad info and sync ability with outlook. If I have to go this route, why bother with Z10? Everything I read has Z10 inferior to Samsung in most ways including battery life. Only reason I have not switched from 9930 yet is there is still some minor value with bridge which I understand takes a nose dive on Z10. Hub does not mean anything to me, I am not into social media or games, just want a reliable phone that can sync with other devices including PIMS. Am I missing something?

Hub is not just for social media and games. It's where all your information is gathered and you can select which ones show up in the hub. I'd recommend you actually give the Z10 a few tries in store before making a decision to choose a different platform. The phone has its shortcomings, but it really is a great device.

Thanks for the polite comment. Can you tell me anything about the bridge with PB or syncing with Outlook?

Two-way sync with Outlook is coming (Outlook --> Z10 is available now for contacts).
Bridge - useless at the moment. They eliminated almost all of the functionality (why is a mystery to me)

As for memo pad, you just need to copy all of your memo pad items to an Evernote account. Once you do, set up the Evernote account on the Z10 and all of your notes will appear in Remember.

Since I don't own a PlayBook I'll let someone else comment on it. Syncing is an issue. Straight up. I ended up having to export my contacts from Outlook via csv file (Excel) then upload the file to my Gmail account and then sync it all. I recommend adding the Gmail account to the Z10 after the file is uploaded to your Gmail account. Not all of your contacts will transfer. That's at least one caveat. Note that this issue is not strictly a BlackBerry thing since other people have had issues changing devices. Back up everything first... twice. Do any of this at your own peril or "they're all gonna laugh at you".

Thank you so much. I just came from Verizon iPhone 4 by receiving a Verizon Z10 White. I still hate that Verizon's ugly logos, though. I transferred all my contacts, photos, and videos, except the dang calendar (calendar and voice calendar). After the calendar, it'll be all set. There are 3-5 apps that I use very often in the iPhone, but I'm hoping that those will flood into the BB world sooner. A bit tough, but I can wait till then. No disrespect to iPhone and Android, but BB10 is freaking awesome!!!

Samsung pager > Samsung anycall > Motorolla ??? > Motorolla ??? > iPhone 4 > BB10

If the same apps you are looking for are available for Android devices you could try to port those apps to your Z10. I just got my Netflix working, although I have to figure out how to get the US version on my phone.

Thank you so much for your response, but I don't trust Android apps. I wouldn't sideload apps at all. I jailbroke my former iPhone and always felt unsecure. I'd rather wait.

just so you know joumon, you dont have to jailbreak the z10 in the same sort of way to sideload... the great thing about the bb10/qnx platform is that every app is essentially sandboxed in its own space, so an app that doesnt work wont effect the rest of the phone, and sideloading doesnt effect the security of the phone! it was made as a way to test android apps before they were officially ported n submitted to bbworld, but using it lets us fill in some of the app gaps before the developers get around to doing that for us! Ive had my z10 up here in Vancouver since teh beginning of feb, and have had little to know problems with the sideloaded apps, making my z10 experience that much fuller! hope you enjoy your new device, and welcome to the BB family! 

for help with sideloading and lots of tested apps, check these links in the Crackberry forums!
There are instructions in the first link

List of working side loaded apps

"Lendos list of tested android apps" 

Posted via CB10

BB10 email format is HTML. Something is going on between device and iCloud mail server, as all my emails sent from BB10 via icloud get extra characters that break HTML. :( Text looks weird.

Posted via CB10

yep. while we wait for the BB fix, if you really need to use those icloud accts to send out, i suggest using an alternative SMTP in the meantime.

Great gives iOS users the BlackBerry experience without completely jumping on board...the first hooks

Posted via CB10

Now can We get BlackBerry to figure out how to get BlackBerry Protect working as it used to so that migrating contact information from "Legacy " OSes works as it should? BlackBerry Link surely doesn't do the job.

Why doesn't BB have their own Cloud services? I think it would have been a good selling feature with their new OS especially since they are know for their 1st class security. Android has Google Drive, Apple has iCloud, etc. Sometimes I think BB doesn't know what's good for them. Or maybe they were expecting you to port Google Drive and iCloud.

I agree and I'm sure this will be welcome by all blackberry users. I'm sure there's something in the works at the very least being thought about by bkackberry. Walt Mosberg on his review of the z10 said the same thing. Apple, Google, Microsoft have these integrated services some free and some are revenue generating.

I look forward to that day.

this is one i think only the crackberry team will know... love my phone but my text r not reaching the recipient. verizon shows them being sent but says its putting 111 in front of every txt and thats why no one is receiving it told me it was a settings issue,,, can anyone help please

I have setup the account and it's showing the emails in my inbox. I have also created folders to sort emails. I see the folders but the emails in them are not showing. Am I missing something?

Posted via CB10

Didn't BBRY buy Tungle, it was shut down last year some time, it would be nice to see that get brought back to pick, with an email client that is cloud based and built by BlackBerry, it may not happen until the user base for the phone hits a critical mass of some kind. I would dearly love to have a good unified solution for me and my family to be able to keep track of what is going on and when. I will keep looking after for something, then the concern is whether it would be to complicated to switch later on should BlackBerry deliver such a solution. Anyone know or have heard anything about this kind of service being reintroduced by blackberry?

Posted via CB10

I'm also waiting for a blackberry cloud service. I would definitely pay money for it. My imagination is: BlackBerry email like or something, full crypted storage and a browser client with all accounts you configured on your device.

Posted via CB10

I can't seem to add caldav icloud account. Keeps saying my account changed. All the settings are accurate. Strange.

Posted via CB10

I had to stop using my iCloud on the Z10 because my emails were being received malformed - every email I sent from my iCloud account via the Z10 hits recipients' phones or computers all mumbled up. One time, someone replied me telling me that an email I sent from iCloud via Z10 made zero sense.

In response to this, I had to stop sending emails from my iCloud account via the Z10, using another email provider instead. In addition to the 'Android port' malarkey and the unbelievable lack of apps, this iCloud issue elevated my doubts about the Z10 even more.

I switched from a iPhone 4s to Z10 last month. The guides on "How To" from ios device have been helpful.

Posted via CB10

Switching to gmail SMTP server helped to solve corrupted text in outgoing mail. Thanks theclipart for the tip. I'm getting two items in sent messages now on BB10, but I can live with that. I think option to switch to plain text vs HTML in message will solve this issue. Hoping for 10.1...

Posted via CB10

I keep getting an error message, "The server for your account is not responding. Please check your settings and try again." Anyone else have this error and if so, how did you fix it?

Thanks so much for the guide Adam. Easy method worked immediately, done in 1 minute! Have some thoughts on tzgeorge comments about helping out other platform. I doubt people are buying iPhones to use iCloud. As a Mac computing platform user, iCloud is the best native mail application, with the Yahoo and Gmail ones being inconsistent and buggy. Its a really cool bone to throw to us Blackberry users to patch a hole we have had for the last year and enable our phones to access all of our email accounts. Who better than the king of email, Blackberry, to unite all email platforms.

This fix actually dramatically increases the odds for a mac computer user to switch to Z10, removing the barrier of not being able to get mobile access to one of our most elegant native mail apps. Now the mac user has one less excuse for not switching to Blackberry. Remember this is 10% - 15% of the U.S. computing world. So a Mac user who also fits the profile of "Blackberry People" will be further enabled. We will see more gains for the Z10 than losses with this capability. Now I have much less reason to consider needing an iPhone to integrate my hand computing and desktop/laptop computing lives.

it's a simple setup.... but how come my gmail contacts always show up in duplicates ! it's sooo annoying, I made sure all other contact toggles are off except for my only one gmail account. Yet they display in duplicates. Was this already discussed somewhere and I cant find the answer?? or am I the only one?

Adam, thanks so much for this tip. I didn't even know that the iCloud supported caldav and carddav. Google is dropping support for standard caldav soon and their current implementation doesn't play well with iCal on my Mac. So, I was using Google for contacts and Yahoo! for calendar. Completely ridiculous I know but the Yahoo! carddav wasn't syncing to my Z10 or my Mac.

Tonight, after reading your article, I set up an iCloud account for the first time (been a Mac owner for over three years...I know!) and setup each account (email, caldav, and carddav) separately on my Z10. On the Mac, everything was automatic.

Now, everything works and syncs perfectly. Damn, that was cool. I spent so many hours working out other solutions. I wish I would have known about this first!

I followed the directions twice both times I was unable to download my iCloud calendar, only my email. Please help!

Posted via CB10

After upgrading my z10 to 10.1 the iCloud sync is no longer working. Any tips on how to correct this issue? (seems others are having this issue on other forums).

Posted via CB10

Hi, Adam and everybody on CrackBerry!

I got a problem with iCal synch with my BB Q10 via iCloud. Contacts are synchronized perfectly, but calendar not. I've tried both approaches from the article - "easy" and through CalDAV. From the first approach my address book was synchronized without problem but calendar - no. When I tried CalDAV way I got a reply from iCloud that some my settings wrong. Please, help me to find a way to synchronize my BB Q10 with Mac and PC (Outlook). Memotoo gives only contacts synch for BB Q10. All my hopes on iCloud. Without cloud synch BB is just a toy!

Having used my Q10 for about 2 weeks and "connecting" it to iCloud services, I can say that it doesn't work that well. Here are some pretty big bugs I've found.

- Calendars and Reminder lists on iCloud all come through as Calendars for example if you have a "Reminder" list called "Personal" and a "Calendar" called "Personal" under the calendar app you'll see 2 calendars labeled "Personal" but really ONE of them is the real calendar the other is the reminder list.

- Contacts not all of my contact come through and I can't figure out why, none of the images come through. Contact Groups on iCloud come through as just blank contacts. Customs fields do NOT come over for example lets say you have a phone number field labeled "iPhone" because you want to know that that person has an iPhone so iMessage will work with that number which also doubles as their mobile number. Blackberry will just ignore all of that, it won't ask you to remap or even warn you that it's dropping fields.

- Mail you can't remap folders so lets say your iOS and OS X puts your deleted emails in a folder called "Deleted Messages" and Blackberry puts deleted messages in a folder called "Trash" you end up with 2 folders 1 called Deleted Messages which iOS and OS X use and the other called "Trash" which Blackberry uses. This also applies to sent messages, drafts etc... Also changes to your mailbox are NOT updated instantly for example, lets say you "read" a message on your Blackberry the changes are not instantly pushed to the imap server they are pushed over an interval of like 5-10 minutes this applies to all changes, delete as well.

All of these problems have been posted on Crackberry Forums if you search for them I'm not the first to experience them. It's extremely disappointing, so far iOS has the best actual Carddav and Caldav support and I'm saying this from experience because I use both carddav and caldav to access any of my Google contacts/calendars.