How to set up Gmail on your BlackBerry 10 device using IMAP, CalDav and CardDav

By Adam Zeis on 18 Oct 2013 02:05 pm EDT

Unfortunately Gmail no longer supports Exchange ActiveSync for free users, so some may be having issues getting their accounts setup properly on BlackBerry 10. Gmail has turned to using IMAP, CalDav and CardDav for email, calendar and contacts instead.

Setting these up isn't too much of a chore, just a bit of extra effort as you'll need to do each one individually instead of using the regular email setup to grab all three. Not to worry though because we'll show you how it's done - keep reading to get started.

How To Setup Email Using IMAP

To setup your Gmail account, go to Settings > Accounts. Tap Add Account (on the bottom) then Advanced.

Here choose Gmail.

BlackBerry 10 makes the email portion of the setup easy for Gmail accounts and has most of the info filled in already, so you'll just need to enter the following:

  • Description: Whatever you want to call the account
  • Display Name: Your name
  • Username: Your Gmail address
  • Email Address: Your Gmail address

On the bottom of the page you can choose your sync settings for email as well. 

Tap Next. You'll then be brought to Gmail to sign into your account. Enter your email address and password then tap Sign In.

On the next page tap Accept to allow the permissions. If everything was entered correctly your Gmail address will be added to your device.


How To Setup Calendar Using CalDAV

Go to Settings > Accounts. Tap Add Account then Advanced

Choose CalDAV

Enter the following information:

  • Description: Name for your calendar
  • Username: Your Gmail address
  • Email Address: Your Gmail Address
  • Password: Your Gmail password
  • Server Address:

Change the sync interval as you wish, then tap Done.

If all of your information was entered correctly your calendar will be added to your device.


How To Setup Contacts Using CardDAV

Go to Settings > Accounts. Tap Add Account then Advanced

Choose CardDAV

Enter the following information:

  • Description: Name for your contacts
  • Username: Your Gmail address
  • Email Address: Your Gmail address
  • Password: Your Gmail password
  • Server Address:

Change the sync interval if you so desire, then tap Done. If all of your info was entered correctly your contacts will be added to the device.


Keep in mind that your contacts and calendar may take a bit to sync up for the first time, and in the future they'll also only sync after the specified interval that you chose.

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Reader comments

How to set up Gmail on your BlackBerry 10 device using IMAP, CalDav and CardDav


I have luckily never had any issues with Gmail and my Z10. Contacts, email and calendar sync without issue. And I have 2 Gmail accounts. One personal and the other business.

Posted via CB10

I have 3 yahoo accts and all's fine with mine. All the junk mail comes through without a hiccup ;-)

Posted via CB10

I've had issues with Gmail. It would never synchronise correctly, and folder support sucks because of Gmail's "labels" instead of actual folders. And I hate their web client interface and how there are so many adverts it's irritating.

So I dumped Gmail and moved to It uses EAS so setup is simple and it supports true push, plus when I need to use their web interface I actually like it. Much simpler, and there's only one column of non-customised generic ads (mostly for other Microsoft services) along the side of the inbox, but nowhere else. Anything from Gmail gets forwarded to my address.

Oh, and I got like 300 spam messages daily with Gmail (don't ask me why. I went years without getting anything, then suddenly they just started). Nothing with

Posted via CB10

I completely agree with the spam comments regarding Gmail. Tons of crap in my spam folder, and some garbage gets through too. Outlook/Hotmail seems much better. Plus there seems to be lot more hacking attempts with Gmail.

Posted via CB10

Agreed but you have to remember not everyone is at the same level technologically speaking.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the last two comments. Fortunately I've not had any issues with it but there are some that do. And like you've said not everyone has a high level of experience as some here on CB.
Some just need or want their phone to connect to email properly so they can do what they need to do. Work or socially. Without the challenge of searching through pages of forum posts trying to figure out what's wrong.

Articles like this can be quite helpful. Thanks to Adam for taking the time to write it.

Posted via CB10

U don't need to be a tech geek to set up email. Especially when it's designed in a very easy way. If you need help go buy a phone for dummies like the iPhone or whatever. BlackBerry is for smart intelligent users. It's quite simple really. Let's not write articles for the sake of it. This kind of article in my opinion is basically suggesting bb users are dummies. This is not a dummies are us phone. Simple. That said. Setting up a BlackBerry 10 is simple enough. If you haven't figured it out call your mobile service provider to whom you pay your service dollars to. They all have proper tech departments to help you out. Escalate to a level 3 if need be but articles like this only tell the world BlackBerry users are just as idiotic and stupid as iPhone or Android users. We aren't!

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Or.....just go to a site called to get useful information on how to set up and get the most of your BlackBerry device.....seems to me that I know more about my BlackBerry than almost everyone I've spoken with at my service provider, all from reading articles like this and reading people's "stupid question posts" that "waste people's time when they can just search the forums to get answers" on this site. You know, the fan site called the articles or post are of no interest to a particular person, at a particular time, guess what? They can just skip it instead of posting ridiculous negative comments in order to get their post count up....

WOW!?! What an ignorant prick. Everyone is allowed to use a Blackberry if they so choose. We want new and novice users on the platform; that's how it grows..Dolt. If you don't like the contents of the article then do not read it, but to chastise people for liking the article and/or finding the information therein helpful is really some moronic, uninformed, nonsensical garbage. We really don't need people such as yourself "helping" or contributing if you're only adding negativety and not being helpful or constructive. Move on and be an asshole elsewhere.

Posted using the one-finger-flick on my BlackBerry Zed10

So what happens to us that already have gmail setup with exchange? Will it continue to work or will we have to set everything up? Everything works for me at the moment, but will there be something that indicates it no longer works?

I think it continues to work for that device only. My PlayBook still uses EAS but my Z10 is stuck with IMAP. Too bad, because Gmail's IMAP is very slow to sync read and delete changes between mobile and desktop.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

For Google Apps legacy email (setup via either Gmail wizard i.e. google authorised accounts or IMAP ), I tried deleting emails after turning off auto-expunge (and 'move to trash' option) and unchecking 'All mail' and 'important' from showing on IMAP. The emails are still archiving. The same is true for accounts with 2-step verification enabled as well as disabled.

However, for regular Gmail (setup via either Gmail wizard i.e. google authorised accounts or IMAP ), I tried deleting emails after turning off auto-expunge (and 'move to trash' option) and unchecking 'All mail' and 'important' from showing on IMAP. The emails are deleting perfectly when deleted from server as well as the same. The same is true for accounts with 2-step verification enabled as well as disabled.

So the problem still lies with Google Apps legacy account mailboxes.

On my side it pulled everything automatically. Only issue is, that it sometimes looses the connection and contacts get duplicated during sync.

Posted via CB10

This would have been useful when I was banging away during my initial set up! Good article though as a refresher.

Posted via q10.2 pin:2B052FFE

A couple of tips for those new to Gmail (IMAP) on BB 10:

If the calendar won't set up using as the server address, use<emailaddress>/events.

By default, items deleted on device are moved to "archived" in Gmail. To make them move to the "Trash" folder in Gmail, see post # 4 in this thread for the settings ( [Credit to kleinhev] Note that all the settings have to be like this for it to work.


Seems like my z10 set them up like that automatically. Haven't noticed any problems except flagging an email doesn't seem to make it starred - unless it just takes the sync delay interval to do it. I'll have to test properly.

Question, I set all three up the automated way, does this mean I'm missing functionality? If so, what am I missing. Contacts and calendar seem to sync just fine and email is never really a problem. Z10

Thanks kindly in advance

Posted using the one-finger-flick on my BlackBerry Zed10

The golden parachute that Mr. Heins will receive if there is a change of control at BlackBerry

There was little incentive for the executives at BlacKberry to have allowed OS 10 to succeed, I predicted this on this Blog in another post. Just like Leo Apotheker, who destroyed the WebOS launch for HP, Heins has had little incentive to watch OS 10 succeed. I am sure he has tried, but in the face of the steep challenges, is he/has he loosing/lost his resolve? Let’s look at a previous** analysis:

For a while now on 10.1.4181 every time I try adding a new email account I an unexpected error please try again

But wow as business is picking up for me I actually adorn my z10 it keeps up with everything as well Ive been using slick tasks which brings it to a whole new level. The way I can multi task is breathtaking, this is a real " get err done" phone

Posted via CB10

For those who think everything is all hunky dory Gmail calender has NEVER worked for me and continues to NOT work for me. I needed these instructions to try and make it work but alas still not working.

I don't know why it's not working and wish someone could help me get it working!

I keep getting an error that my login info is incorrect but I've verified the info and it is correct just not the one 'it' thinks I should have which has left me just plain confused.

Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

I have an issue where I can't access the spam mail folder. Any one have that problem as well?

Posted via CB10

I'm confused. When I setup my gmail accounts, it gives me the option to turn on and sync calendar and contacts in the initial setup. Why the need to add the contacts and calendar account separately?

Posted via CB10 on

I did that too but my gmail works but google calender does not-no idea why?

Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

Great tip! Thank you... finally, configuring manually like described on my new Z30, I had an opportunity to make my Gmail account to download all my mails(had an opportunity to chooses from menu!!) enstead of only standard 10 days as it happens if I set up mail automatically. Thank you again.

Posted via CB10

I tried it the complicated way on my first Q10 and it was extra work. All you have to do is add each gmail account and then just click on "sync contacts" "sync calendar". It is so easy. My online research shows that the "defualt" bb10 options in the Settings is ALREADY Cardav and Caldav. No need to add separately. Unless you have a gazillion calendars?

Posted via CB10

Does this method keep Gmail calendar entries on your BlackBerry 10 device for longer than just 3 months in the past? Really irritating problem for me.

Posted via CB10

Me too. I tried with different leaked, but the result has not changed. The same problem I have with iCloud. Maybe it's a problem with the BB?? I have a Q10 sw10.2.1767
Sorry for my poor english.

When you add your calendar with Gmail, does it sync all of your calendars associated with the account?

Posted via CB10

I learned something cool about my Q10 and Z10 device today!!!!

If you have items stored on the cloud through BOX or DROPBOX, you can "PIN" them to the device for offline access.

So if you don't have a way to connect to the cloud over cellular data or wifi, you can still access the "Pinned" cloud items.

Posted via CB10

same here
my own domain for personal business and a with my first name :)

for work we use gmail business account so activesync there as well.

Great write up and very informational. As an American (Z10) I can't understand for the life of me why people use Gmail. The rest of the world is racing with all haste to develop infrastructure so as to "try" to avoid NSA snooping. And Google (Gmail) freely admits is scans all emails, business or private, for its own purposes.
I will admit I use outlook cloud services for contacts and calendar, but do not use it for email purposes.

Hey Adam

Question for ya. Is there two-three different versions of Blackberry World? I have a a Z10 and Z30. I can't find adobe reader for the Z30, nor NFL Mobile, or Real Racing 3.

Not cool. Any word on how to make that work?

Also, i have been able to side load any apps since getting it yesterday. Has that changed too?

Thank you Adam for the fine instructions. I will certainly use them to reset my Q10 of I need to. I don't have all the settings committed to memory so your instructions are invaluable. =)

Posted via CB10

My blackberry z10 mobile network button isn't working how can I fix it someone plzzzz help. :(

Posted via CB10

I have no problem with Gmail account with my Z30. But I have issue with my pop email using gmail as a outgoing smtp server. Sometimes, I cannot send out email. The mails stay in my mail box without sending action. It happened two three times, then I have to delete the email account and add again my account. I cannot figure out the reason.

Posted via CB10 by Z30

A shame BlackBerry 10 doesn't support tasks over CalDav. It's very useful to connect to various services...

Neither my Z10 or Q10 have ever had a problem with Gmail and they seem to be working fine now. They are set up out of the box through the initial Hub/Add Accounts screen. I was recently disconnected and when I went to put my password back in it took me to a Google sign page. I re-entered my password. Was that like a forced push into Advance Setup? I'm not up on all the tech language so I don't mind if you break it down to me like 3rd grader. No offense taken. Thanks.

Posted with my Z10 or my Q10 on Verizon from Philly

A noop question but is it because of the ActiveSync unsupport that recently Z10 Gmail setup has brought me to the Gmail login page? I just faced this few days ago when I setup my new (another) Z10 device. The old one got no problem with auto setup (Gmail + Contacs + Calendar information is filled automatically).

One more thing is with this method of logging in using Gmail login page, it's not possible (for me) to use the Application-specific password (means you use 2-step authentication for your Google account). That forced me to manually add Gmail + Contacts + Calendar separately because at least it allows me to use the app-specific password.

I tried to setup Gmail on my new Z30. I can receive emails but I cannot send any emails? Any suggestions? Pls help. Thanks.

Question, when i accept the permissions after signing into Gmail will it sync my calender and contacts? I only want my Gmail to sync with the emails only. Way to many threads to read on Gmail sorry if it is a repeat.

When setting up a gmail account, it's requiring me to enter a there any way to bypass to click 'Next' and get to the Gmail login as shown in the third screenshot?

I just lost all my gmail contacts, which has happened before. Since I can't remember how to fix this every time this happens, I'm consulting this webpage again. However, the CardDav settings from this post don't work. Can we have an update?
Error msg: Your login information for account (...) has changed or is incorrect. Update your login information and try again.

With the latest Crackberry software release v. 10.2.1 you cannot just update your Google password like the other accounts. When you update the OS none of your account passwords are ported over. You have no choice but to update your passwords.

AOL and Comcast accounts look the same as they did before...put your password in the password field and you're done. When you go to re-input your Google p/w you are faced with a Google sign in screen. Put your password in and the next screen you see is:
"This app would like to:"
View and manage your mail,
Manage your calendars, and
View and manage your contacts using the CarDAV protocol

You can either Accept or Cancel.

I'd like not to have Google calendar or contacts do any synching with my Crackberry Z10. It seems like the only options you have are Accept or Cancel

If you cancel you cannot send or receive gmail emails from your Crackberry. Simple as that.

Obviously I selected Cancel, then it took me to a screen with the option to Delete.

I tried re inputting the gmail account but for the life of me cannot get just my emails. It keeps taking me to the Gmail sign in screen and then back to the "Google, (This app would like to) manage all of the above)...or nothing.

What's the deal?

New Passport. Can't connect up with my Gmail account. I go through the motions and after entering my password I end up at the screen where Blackberry would like to: view & manage mail, manage calendars, etc... BUT I can't click ACCEPT. It won't go. It dies here.

I followed everything shown above and set up my gmail, contacts and calendar. The problem is that whilst e mails are arriving neither the contacts nor the calendar are syncing. (I tried both ways, to/from the Q10 bu neither worked. When I go to "settings" it shows my gmail account with "email, Calendar, Contacts"
Would appreciate any suggestions

setup the GMAIL account using auto mode from setup account, and restart the phone. it will start syncing all the account configured.


I am getting an error message from google when I try and set up my blackberry calender to sync:

"your login information for CalDAV server.....has changed or is incorrect. Please .......... etc.

The login details are not incorrect. I deleted the account on my fine and reinstalled it but with no impact.

What is happening? It has been working fine for 2 years and this week it has gone tits up.

It maybe that google have changed the security settings and that despite them appearing to allow you to keep the "simple" login settings you actually have to use the two-step login system if you want ot use apps etc.

I have tried this - and I will post again after a few days if it works/does not.