How to set the lock screen message on your BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 13 Oct 2011 02:01 pm EDT

BlackBerry Lock Screen Message

Locking your BlackBerry is very important to the security of the device. We all know that BlackBerry is a secure as they come as far as smartphones go, but if you don't use a password to lock your device then it really defeats the purpose. Setting a lock screen message can be a helpful tool should your device ever be lost or stolen as it will give whoever finds it (or worst case, stole it) important information as to who you are and how to get a hold of you. I have my lock screen message set to display my name and phone number, that way if my device is found I can be contacted easily. Now you obviously don't want to use the same number that is on the device, but instead use an office number, home number or even your spouses number. This could also be an email address or some other way you can be reached. Keep reading and we'll check out the quick steps to get your lock screen message setup.

Setting up a lock screen message on your BlackBerry

From the Options screen, choose Display

Select Message on Lock Screen

Lock Screen Message


Here you can enter your name (or anything really) as well as your contact info or other information.

Lock Screen Message


Press the Menu key, then Save

Locked and loaded!

The details you entered will be shown when you're device is locked using the password lock (for more on using passwords see our post here). That's all there is to it! Now you can feel safe knowing your information is out there should your device be lost so it can be more easily returned to you. 

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How to set the lock screen message on your BlackBerry


I too would would welcome that feature on PlayBook. Let's hope that with QNX SuperPhones on horizon, that it will eventually come.

I just figured a work around. Take any picture you want to use for your wallpaper and edit it (used my pc for that) by inserting Text box with owner information. Then save it on playbook and select it for your wallpaper.

Mine says if found please contact ....

Is there anyway to setup a swipe unlock? I hate having to type in the password. It would be nice if I could tap or swipe to unlock. I have the torch, BTW.

Yes, there is an app for that. It is called Lock Now. I saw someone with an android and thought it was kind of cool to quickly unlock my phone.

However, I would use this in conjunction with a 8-12 character password. You can set the actual password to 1 hour of non-use so you don't have to keep using it and you get to use the easier swipe PW to get it quick but the security of your Lock Now would take a hacker about 20 minutes to figure out.
If you use a UC/LC and number combination of at least 8 characters then it would take a hacker about 3 years to hack into your phone.

BlackBerry automatically wipes your info if someone has tried to access your phone 10x but software hackers can put your phone under more subtle hack attacks. For most people this does not matter but it does to some of us.

I have a Torch 2, and I use SliderLock. it gives you several options, I have mine set to lock when I slide the device shut, and open when I slide it open. I can also swipe it to open it while closed. A very easy to use app, and I never have to worry about pocket dialing.

Waiting for RIM's new system
I guess this only works on the new Blackberries, my 9700 doesn't have these options.

If i'm not mistaken you can do this on OS5 BB's as well. I believe you first have to 'Set Owner Info' (can't remember how to navigate there) and in the Lock Phone options there should be something along the lines of 'Display Owner Info on Lock'

I can not find this app anywhere. Where did you purchase it? I can't find it in App World and I also tried several different Google searches for it with no luck.

Can you share where you found it please?

TMO 9900 on has odd behavior - when you do battery pull on phone, the box to enter password comes up and will not leave until you enter the correct password. This defeats the purpose of the message since people can't see the whole thing unless they know your password. Locking the phone regularly once in use, the entire lock message appears and the password box comes and goes as expected, but not when restarting and that's a concern since you figure the battery may be dead by the time someone finds it and plugs it in. Hopefully next software will fix this so I'm not complaining too much about it.

Is there a way to disable or turn off the Emergency Call feature on the lock screen? I have an S2 and keep it locked. I also carry my BB in my pocket. The other day at work I got a call from the police department (911) saying i called 911 from my phone and was wondering if everything was OK. I would like to turn off that function.

Adam ... Blackberry Protect does a much better job of this "if" you have it installed on your phone. Log in to the website and you can lock your phone from any where, set messages on the screen, or even go to the extent of wiping your phone. :)

This is true and BB actually has this built into the OS7 devices for free. However, if you lose your phone and don't know it yet, some good samaritan may call you with no action required from you.
I would have both set-up.

Ok I follow the instructions but when I lock it and I press end it tells me that the screen is locked and to press the lock button to unlock. I'm not sure where I went wrong. Btw I have the 9930 bold

On the "Message on Lock Screen" menu, there are two text boxes. The "Display Owner Name" box can be changed, but the "Display Information" box is stuck on what the previous owner put in! Big problem since it displays on my lock screen. I can't find a solution to this - anyone who can help?? I have everything else on the phone switched over but this.